ok i havent seen this at all on tumblr

You are my:
[] Acquaintance 
[x] Friend (all mutual a are my friends 😅)
[] Stranger
[] Boyfriend/Girlfriend
[] Love Interest
[] Best Friend
[] Enemy
[] Nemesis
[] Other
I think you’re:
[] Ugly
[] Ok
[] Pretty
[] Beautiful
[] Gorgeous
[] Sexy
[] Hot
[x]havent seen you
We should:
[] Fight
[] Fuck
[] Kiss
[] Make love 
[x] Text or tumblr message!
[] Watch films
[] Like You
[] Hate You
[] Love You
[x] Think you’re … pretty rad from what I’ve seen on your blog
I secretly:
[] Hate You
[] Love You
[] Like You
[x] Dislike You because your blog is way better than mines
[] Think You’re …
Should you reblog this?
[x] Yes
[] No

bpdun replied to your post: bpdun replied to your post: dunpling r…

yeah thats why i said i dont know his mind so ((i saw that i was like wow luci thought we were mutuals r00d but thats ok ilu

yeah me either thats probably part of all the fighting, everyone views it from their perspective and if it clashes with others perspectives its not just like respected and left alone 

tumblr does that to me a lot ill be like ‘wow i havent seen that person on my dash in awhile did they change their url’ but nope its just like suddenly im not following them ilu i wouldnt unfollow ever