ok i havent seen this at all on tumblr


Us The Duo-No Matter Where You Are

Ok Tumblr, I havent seen this around yet, but I think you should all watch and get them more known than they already are, and why is that you ask?

1. This is a boss ass song.

2. Which was featured in The Book of Life

3. Which is an amazing film that you should go see immediately.

4. Look at these cuties!!

5. Who are totally married, and gosh darn adorable and make music together!!!

6. Were basically discovered because of vine, how cool is that?!?!

7. This song is freaking amazing.


anonymous asked:

Yes, what suho did was bad, but It happened awhile ago and people are now just bringing it up. I'm not defending him but it's making me :(((( i really wish it wasn't all over Tumblr

why havent i seen this akjsdf;df ok ok mayb bc i was took a 3 hr nap but :((