ok i havent seen this at all on tumblr

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I'm looking to thirst follow some folks (I have a problem I know) so could you name a few Hot™ yoi blogs?

ok well first of all, u should be following me so jot that down

ghskdgjkdsf im kidding but all my mutuals are gorgeous!! i haven’t been on tumblr very long so i havent seen the selfies of very many people but off the top of my head, @otayuriism, @daddybek, @otabaeee@crescendotayuri, and @severeminx are incredibly beautiful and so you should check them out bc not only are they beautiful they are also all extremely talented and lovely people :’’’’)

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are antis lost??? all I have seen is larries running promo stuff and posting about streaming lmao meanwhile antis only care about stunt mentions in interviews and ignore all larrie run projects

yeah i have no idea…they make posts like “larries are boycotting louis its ok he doesnt need them and they cant claim to be better fans for promoting him and making projects this time” and im??? the sponsorships and radio promo tumblrs are ran by larries….i know like 4 UAs on twitter with a fair amount of followers ran by larries (louist91updates is a mix but still mostly larries and louis is constantly tweeting them lol???)

i havent seen anyone claiming they were ‘boycotting him’

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Does anyone have any ACTUAL proof that Ian JQ is into lolicon / had lolicon in his Tumblr likes? Because until I see otherwise, this just comes across as a really baseless accusation. I've been seeing this rumor a LOT around Tumblr and I'd like some clarification. I've also heard this same accusation thrown at Raven Molisee.

No idea about the lolicon stuff tbh, all I know is about the weird transmisogynistic porn that he liked. If someone could provide a link for roof of the lolicon stuff then I’ll put it here, but I havent seen that myself.

uno http://xxxubbles.tumblr.com/post/123607240167/ok-ian-jq-liked-my-jaspis-smut

dos (NSFW its the actual drawing that he liked) http://xxxubbles.tumblr.com/post/123600524997/chille-tid

No clue if the links will work, the only way I could see them was when someone sent them to me via the chat thingy, I have no idea why they’re so janky, but those are the links.


Us The Duo-No Matter Where You Are

Ok Tumblr, I havent seen this around yet, but I think you should all watch and get them more known than they already are, and why is that you ask?

1. This is a boss ass song.

2. Which was featured in The Book of Life

3. Which is an amazing film that you should go see immediately.

4. Look at these cuties!!

5. Who are totally married, and gosh darn adorable and make music together!!!

6. Were basically discovered because of vine, how cool is that?!?!

7. This song is freaking amazing.