ok i have no idea what im doing

oomg when i was editing my blog the other day i was like ok but what is so and so sees it and thinks it means such and such and i was like, alright but this persons thoughts have literally no relevance or impact to your life??

and then i was like OMG i just successfully detected and redirected an instance of doing stuff bc im worried about what someone might think that doesn’t even matter

so… what can i say im a late bloomer… but i love these moments bc its like, ok finally i have a clearer idea of what it feels like when i do that and how i can do something else? so i can keep practicing more intentionally (until i forget again…)


ok so i did all the frames yesterday and slapped them together in movie maker to judge the timing and figure out what to put where? and i thought that maybe i could figure out how to put the finished thing together by today, but that is definitely not happening at this rate because im a complete animation scrub who has no idea what she’s doing, so uh have this wip for now lmao

edit: I finished it!


Aight I don’t think I can bare to take any more pictures of myself for the time being (I’m allergic to being serious in photos), but uhm, have more shitty selfies??

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Also fuck u guys I’m already a damned redhead, now I’m a red-face too. I just need to put on my iron-man shirt and I’m a bonefied tomato.

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ok but also.. a lot of things that people have "started" have actually already been started? like the heart in mouth thing? my sister used to do that in her drawings when she was lil (she's 23) & she got it from a friend. same thing with the hickies as hearts? i thought i started it, but there's older pics of ppl doing the same thing. what im saying is that a lot of original ideas arent?? and its pretty shitty that ppl attack ppl for copying you when these things have existed for a long time.

haha let’s pretend there wasn’t more than two months between this and the last page.  (Courfeyrac is like ok this is fun guys but i think i have a job to do BYE) 

(really while this was happening what were the others doing????) 

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i love how sangwoo is all “if you do this, then we can truly be together forever” blah blah blah. and bum isnt even thinking about that he’s just motivated by jieun reminding him of a girl he use to have a crush on and sangwoo has no idea.

RFA ; cutesy dates with Mc

yayayaya first post ☆=(ゝω・)/ going on pretty dates with pretty fictional people <3 these are pretty long coz i obviously have no idea what im doing :>


  • You were cleaning up in your apartment when you get a text from Yoosung. 
  • Your phone ringtone scared the shit out of you
  • You thought someone was out to get you
  • You check the text, he was inviting you out to dinner since he aced his exam you helped him study for.
  • You get all excited, reply in an instant and get ready.
  • Another text came from him
  • Wear something fancy, we’ll eat somewhere expensive (:” 
  • wow ok
  • You search your closet for that really pretty cream cocktail dress you bought the other day, and start getting ready.
  • A knock on the door, right after you finish. It was your sweet boyfriend, wearing a black suit, which looked 100 on him.
  • You open the door and his eyes grow wide, his jaw drops. He had fallen in love with the most beautiful girl. He thought to himself Jesus, I am the luckiest man alive today. You smiled shyly, and he took you by the hand.
  • He opens the door for you, seeing you guys have arrived at this really fancy place. And you both order the same thing. You look around the area, but felt his eyes plant on you. You were basically melting from his stare. His eyes were sparkling. You look at him, and he looks away immediately, face flushing red.
  • He smiles at you. “I love you.” You tell him
  • His eyes grow big at your sudden statement. He looks down, quite embarrassed.
  • HOW
  • Yoosung pays for the bill and you guys leave.
  • He parks the car and walks you to your door. You unlock the lock on the door and open the entrance to your apartment. You invite him to stay the night, but he says no. You make a grumpy face, and he makes that you’re so fucking cute smile. He promises he’ll drop by tomorrow as he kisses you, the kind of kiss that makes your heart tingle.


  • she finally found time to spend with you, after week of leaving early and coming home late, you barely saw her anymore. You invite her out to watch a movie you’ve been wanting to see, but when you two get there, it’s sold out. 
  • You try to hide how much that made you sad.
  • But baby is a psychic.
  • Jaehee stops you, cups your cheeks and tells you “Hey, its okay. Why don’t we just get some cake at that cafe you love so much”, looking straight into your eyes, your heart melts.
  • She intertwines her hands with yours as you walk down the street to a small cafe around the corner
  • She looks perfect
  • She is perfect.
  • You couldn’t stop staring at her.
  • It was nice to see her in something else other than a suit
  • Like seeing her in her underwear
  • oops
  • i am a demon
  • She holds the door for you as you guys enter. Standing in front of the menu, she asks you what you want. But before you could answer, she stops you. “I know what you want”. woah ok ok
  • You look for a table, and seats.
  • She approaches the table with a tray. On the tray was a plate of your favorite cake, (*insert favorite cake), and an iced coffee.
  • You fed her spoons of your cake while you sneakily took sips from her coffee.
  • You had a gr8 day
  • You were happy. You saw that smile again.
  • You held her hand as you two made your way back home.


  • You really missed spending time with Zen. He always came home either really late or really tired. You decide to surprise him. 
  • sooooo
  • You wait outside the studio for about 30 minutes. 
  • You were melting waiting for him.
  • And finally, all his co-workers were out. But Zen was nowhere to be found.
  • You really wanted some ice cream.
  • After about 200 years
  • 20 mins
  • He finally walks out the doors.
  • His hair was ties up in a bun.
  • Sexy bun sexy zen
  • You smile and wave at him. His eyes grow big after seeing you. 
  • o.o
  • was i not supposed to be here? you thought to yourself.
  • “MC? What are you doing here?” He asked.
  • prolly not
  • “I wanted to surprise you!” You say, rather exhausted from the standing  in the heat part of your day. 
  • “Why didn’t you go inside? You could’ve gotten a heatstroke at this temperature.” He says, worried. 
  • You shake your head, telling him you’re fine.
  • He read your mind. 
  • “Ice cream?” He smiled, asking you.
  • You smile at him. And he already knows that smile
  • You intertwine your fingers with his as you walk to your favorite ice cream parlor.
  • You had (insert your fav ice cream flavor*). Zen stared at you. 
  • angel he said to himself.
  • your ice cream was melting send hELP


  • You arrange this super cute date to the aquarium but Jumin suddenly had an urgent meeting he needed to go to. 
  • Trust me he felt super bad that he had to cancel.
  • He wanted to make it up to you. He wanted to make time for you. He waited until you had absolutely nothing planned. 
  • “MC?”
  • “Yeah?”
  • “I need you to come with me.”
  • “Where?”
  • “Meeting up with a friend.”
  • “Okay. Specific attire?”
  • “No.”
  • “Aight.”
  • You put on your favorite clothes, paired with your favorite shoes. 
  • Jumin looked like he was in a hurry.
  • Probably was.
  • Driver Kim drops us off at a big dome.
  • Looks abandoned 
  • Shit.
  • Hope its not haunted.
  • You held his hand tight as you walk inside. 
  • It was a really pretty old observatory. The ceiling was a galaxy painted with glow in the dark paint. It was beautiful.
  • Jumin was beautiful
  • In the middle of the dome, was a table for two. 
  • You look back at him, he had that cheeky smile. 
  • “Jumin?” You call out his attention. 
  • “Yes, kitten?”
  • “Did you plan this all by yourself?”
  • “Of course. Why?”
  • “Just curious.” 
  • Both of you were just standing, his arms wrapped around you, your head buried in his chest. There wasn’t any music. Just you, humming to your favorite slow-dance song.
  • Jumin was looking down at you. 
  • It was perfect.
  • He proposes
  • just kidding
  • You two had dinner, then watched the stars for the rest of the night.


  • It was movie night at your place with the rest of the RFA, but Seven asked them all to bail tonight so it would be just the two of you.
  • They all bailed.
  • You had everything ready.
  • Popcorn
  • Chips
  • Dip
  • Soda
  • And wine and cheese for Jumin.
  • It was getting late and no one was arriving.
  • You felt your heart hanging on a thread. 
  • Until the doorbell rang. 
  • It was Seven. 
  • “Hey!” You open the door, inviting him inside.
  • “Hiya” He says, giving you an unexpected peck on the cheek, making you turn a little pink.
  • “Are the others coming?” You ask
  • “I think they’re all busy.” He says, shrugging his shoulders.
  • You didn’t really want to watch a movie without them
  • Which you admitted to Seven.
  • “What do you want to do then?” He asks.
  • “I don’t know.” You say with a grumpy face.
  • “Aww. Its okay” He lightly kisses you.
  • Then
  • His face fills with
  • A smirk of lust
  • A grin of idea
  • “Do you wanna.. Build a snowman? maybe head to the diner?”
  • You smile, and agree.
  • You two hopped into his car and he drove to this diner near the pier. 
  • You two bought milkshakes and french fries.
  • “MC. I’ve fallen inlove with the most amazing person in the world.” Seven says, proceeding to drink his milkshake.
  • “Who may that be?” You ask.
  • “You.” He says.
  • You were already expecting that. Yet you still fell for it, making your face heat up.
  • It was a great night. Milkshakes. Fries. Boyfriend. All you ever need in long nights. 
  • He eventually got really tired and crashed at your place, sleeping on your bed, arms around you, your head on his chest and well

yaayy how was it :> pls give feedback i am a noob :3 

also send in requests :3 luh u


people wanted some more of that chat!nath au sooo heres a sorta continuation to my other comic 

*do not repost

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Could you do the “I forgot my gym shirt and no one is letting me borrow theirs so can I have yours, even though it’s several sizes too large? Thanks, but you can stop telling me I look really cute in your clothing because I can’t stop blushing.” AU from School Prompts for connor/evan (if you haven't already done so) please?? thank you:) love your writing!!

(eek sorry this is so late, i have been busy and ugh)

Thank you!! Gah this is so cute im already dying just thinking about it

Important: my school does not have P.E or gym or whatever? So changing into gym clothes is an actual thing that people do? what???? Ok while reading this keep in mind i literally have no idea what a changing room or gym stuff is like.


Evan stared at his locker for a few moments in disbelief. He stared at his empty locker. There was nothing in it. This was his gym locker, there should be his gym clothes in it, but there was nothing. All there was in the locker was a small pile of fabric. Pulling it out, Evan saw that it was gym shorts- not his, and a size too big, but it would have to do.

But there was no shirt. Evan looked frantically in the locker some more, but that was useless seeing how there were not hidden doors or anything that would hide stuff in the locker.

Evan continued staring into the locker though- maybe it was the shame of probably having to wear his button up shirt during gym. The other boys around him laughed and talked to each other, all changing into their clothes. Usually, Evan was in one of the bathroom stalls by now, changing into his own gym clothes. He hated changing in front of the other fit and toned boys.

Who would have taken his clothes? The only person that came to mind was Jared- fucking Jared. God, he probably wanted to start some prank war or something. Evan himself hated pranks, he always worried that something would go wrong and they would get in trouble or the inflicted person would get angry. In a short burst of anger, Evan slammed his locker shut.

People had begun to leave already, so not many noticed Evan’s little outburst. It wasn’t like he could straight up ask people for a spare shirt, god that would be mortifying. Evan’s face was burning, and he could really start to feel the panic begin.

“H-hey,” Someone spoke next to him. The sudden voice startled Evan, and he jerked his head in the direction. “Evan, are you okay?” It was Connor Murphy.

Jesus, this day kept getting better and better, didn’t it? Of course Evan’s crush would be here to witness Evan breaking down. How wonderful. Evan shrugged. He briefly considered being sarcastic, but he realized that he was on the verge of tears so humor was not going to happen.

“Peachy. My friend stole my gym shirt.” Evan did all that he could to keep his voice from cracking. This was mortifying. Connor didn’t say anything for a few moments, but then stepped back.

“Here. Take my shirt.” Connor leaned into his already open locker and pulled out a spare shirt. Evan stared at it with wide eyes. “Take it,” Connor insisted after a few moments of silence.

Evan took it. He didn’t know what else to do, class would be starting in like 5 minutes, he had no other option!

“I- uh- I’m just gonna go- um- change,” Evan said awkwardly. Connor smiled a little, and nodded. “Thank you.” Evan practically ran to the bathroom stalls.

After he slipped the shirt on, he noticed the biggest problem.

Connor was a very different size than Evan. The shirt hung down halfway down his thighs. When he looked in the mirror, he had to stifle a giggle. The arm holes were two times too big. Everything seemed to just hang loosely on Evan’s body. It did smell like Connor though.

No, Evan stop that. That is creepy. Evan mentally chided himself.

Evan made his way back into the locker room, expecting Connor to be long gone.

But he wasn’t. Connor was leaning up against the lockers, on his phone. He looked up when he heard Evan approaching.

“Damn, Hansen. You look adorable in that.”

That was the last thing Evan expected him to say. His cheeks went pink, no, red, and he couldn’t bring himself to even look at Connor.

“I should tell Jared to take your clothes more, so you would wear my shirt again.” Evan’s ears went red as well.

“Stop,” He mumbled. Connor laughed, and stood up straight.

“Fine. Ready to go?” Connor paused, thinking. “Or, we could just skip, and go out on a date?”

what do you guys think of having a seungchuchu (+leoji) network w like,,a group chat and stuff like this post if you think its a good idea???? like i guess for us to find friends all with common interest in seungchuchu so we can, scream about it at each other idk???

so if you care to find me
look to the western sky
as someone told me lately
everyone deserves the chance to fly

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How do u make gifs!!! I love them!!

hiii i use photoshop buddy!!!  im so bad at everything especially explaining things but heres a lil tutorial how i do my squiggly-drawing-on-pic gifs. if u want some professional info pls go to https://helpx.adobe.com/photoshop/how-to/make-animated-gif.html

heres my dummy dum tutorial i guess u should have some basic photoshop knowledge for this???????? WHO KNOWS i dont

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THE 100 II Season one - Graphic Book

“Survival isn’t who you are. It’s who you become.”


ok so these are the shirt design ideas to raise $$ for orlando … what do ppl think !! qvq i can make small changes

(just the squares are the shirt art, not the text under it!)