ok i have no idea what im doing

The last Jedi quick summary

Luke : I’m too old for this shit

Leia : poe no

Poe : poe yes

Rey : I have currently no idea of what I am doing


Rose : no.

Kylo ren : I’m angry and sad but mostly angry

Hux : I need a fucking nap

Leader snoke : I should have stayed an holo

Phasma : scum scum scum everywhere

Bonus :

Me: what the fuck just happened

me: get over helion you whack noodle

me @ me: think about the way he crosses his ankle over his thigh 


ok so i did all the frames yesterday and slapped them together in movie maker to judge the timing and figure out what to put where? and i thought that maybe i could figure out how to put the finished thing together by today, but that is definitely not happening at this rate because im a complete animation scrub who has no idea what she’s doing, so uh have this wip for now lmao

edit: I finished it!


Aight I don’t think I can bare to take any more pictures of myself for the time being (I’m allergic to being serious in photos), but uhm, have more shitty selfies??

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Also fuck u guys I’m already a damned redhead, now I’m a red-face too. I just need to put on my iron-man shirt and I’m a bonefied tomato.

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"What is it this week?" Christophe asks, and he purposefully eyes Victor's boner. // Victor adjusts his suit pants and glares at him. "He's wearing the Jeans(tm) again." // "He is?" Christophe asks, and glances around. "I'm surprised you're still alive."

When Victor arrives at his apartment later that night, he’s just managed to toe off his Salvatore Ferragamo oxfords when a hand tugs his tie and yanks him forward, pushes him against the wall.

“Careful, that’s Italian silk,” Victor chides. He clicks his tongue but angles his face to the side, lets Yuuri press kisses to his neck.

“Mm. Sorry,” Yuuri murmurs, not sounding sorry at all. “Couldn’t help myself.” He licks a stripe up to Victor’s jaw, then pulls away and looks up at him. “You tortured me all day,” he says accusingly, thumbing at the lapel of Victor’s sports jacket.

Victor shoots him a look of disbelief. Wraps his arms around his boyfriend’s waist and slips a hand into one of his back pockets, applying just the faintest amount of pressure to make Yuuri squirm. “Me torture you? You know what those jeans do to me, gorgeous.” 

Yuuri gives a small smile at that, a light blush spreading over his face that Victor finds irresistible. He ducks down and kisses him, licks into his mouth until Yuuri’s gasping and tugging again at his clothes, and Victor can’t even bring himself to care about the wrinkle damage that’ll leave.

ok so theres no new rvb content out and its driving me crazy so:

that au where everyone has two names tattoos from like when their born or whatever and one is their soulmate and the other is their arch enemy BUT nothing about the canon actually changes

so like wash has [insert agent maine’s real name] and also lavernius tucker, and for the longest time he is convinced that maine is his soulmate, this also stems from another headcanon of mine that maine and wash are like the only people who know the full real name of the other. when he first meets tucker, it just adds to another reason for hating and being angry at the blues, bc he still thinks that maine is still sane enough to be in love with him, but he realizes the second that the meta turns against him that he was wrong all along. (i also always wondered when wash learned tucker’s first name, which he uses when theyre arguing, especially since church never even picked up on his name and they had known each other for a while, and this gives an explanation for that!!)

(on the other hand, maine has the names of wash and sigma, wash as his soulmate and sigma as his enemy)

and tucker! hes got wash written on him too! but he spends sooo long thinking that wash is his enemy and it leads to sooo much sadness on wash’s part (“All I wanna do is stand around and talk to my friend. But he’s gone now and all I have is you!” “What?”) and hes just waiting and waiting to meet the other guy that he’s got tattooed on him until all of a sudden he realizes that wash isn’t his enemy and never has been and they’ve been bonding and holy shit im in love with him. he never does figure out who isaac gates is but if he’s worse than felix, then he never wants to meet him

and felix!! ok holy shit i love the idea of him having samuel ortez and lavernius tucker and he NEVER FIGURES OUT WHICH IS WHICH since he is like suuuuch a dickbag to both bc he hates emotions and shit but hes leaning p much toward tucker being his enemy right up until the moment that locus betrays him and he dies not knowing 

tex and church (and all the other ai) don’t have marks but church likes to joke that tex is both for him

the director has allison church (not her maiden name bc the person that he was rly in love with was the one that died and he never saw again) and also himself! he always thought it was the alpha, especially after he started calling himself church which was why he felt no remorse in torturing him to get the ai fragments, but he realizes when carolina comes to him that it wasn’t anyone else after all

anyway, the conclusion is i think too  much about rvb and have dumb headcanons that i have to share with tumblr bc i have no friends who watch 

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Do people outside of Norway know where the name Sanasol comes from? Because in Norway there is an orange-flavoured liquid vitamin supplement with a cute smiley kid on the bottle called Sanasol, and many of us had to take it as kids which was ok because it's one of those rarities that both taste good AND are good for you. But I have no idea if it exists elsewhere and it seems like might not know about it? Do you have it in Denmark?

WHAT i thought it was just sana + sol (sun in norwegian) wefrgfrege smh this whole time isak has been nicknaming her after some orange flavoured liquid vitamin supplement wtf im screaMING IS THIS WHY THE ONLY LIGHT COLOR SHE WEARS IS ORANGE

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My favorite head canon for the Taaco twins is that they just... didn’t have a last name? They spent so much time bouncing between houses and caravans and things and just never had one? And so when Lucretia voidfished Taako he just made up a last name for his cooking show? And then After The Hunger when Taako is setting up his Brand, Lup sees him write his name as Taako Taaco and is just like WTF?!?!?! (IDK, I just got wanted to share this idea with you)

tbh i usually give em the last name “taaco” just cause i dont want to deal with the logistics of a world that doesnt have last names, and i dont feel like doing that worldbuilding, but also 

haha i LOVE this. like taako just being like….last name……taaco. that feels….right. lucretia later being like “what the fucc. what the flying fucc.” 

later lup is like, “you named yourself….taako TAACO? that’s just your name twice???” 

taako is like “ok so it was maybe not the most creative idea but listen. im taako.” 

lup: “ok well my name is lup taaco now, im stealing your name.” 

taako: “hEY” 

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hi! i really love your art and its a big inspiration to me and i just wanted to ask you: is it a good idea to try and not bother with stylization until im more satisfied with how good i am at realistic drawing? im kinda scared that if i stick mostly to realist/semi-realist drawings im not gonna be able to develop a unique style later on. sorry to bother, hope you have a nice day!! ❤️

that’s a fair fear but mostly untrue! no matter what you do your own personal style will develop through your studies, it’s totally ok, and actually really good to double down on studying realistic stuff to learn proportions and color theory. when you learn the more solid stuff like that it becomes A LOT funner to explore playing with your style, making it more cartoony and stylized etc. I found tht the more you study a realist/semi-realist style the easier it is to simplify and play with the complicated stuff you’ve learned.

i personally always wanted a nice semi-realistic style, there was a time when i was stuck drawing some really ugly things bc i didn’t study more of the important stuff like proportions and stuff. 

i personally did a lot of portraits to learn how to render faces + color nuances better like 3 or 4 yrs ago?

no matter what you study your style will develop regardless of what you do :) if you’re scared of being stuck in a style you can always try drawing different styles of cartoons or whatever it is you’re interested in. those are studies too in a different way !