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The Day After Tomorrow

Summary:  A weather catastrophe sends Sam and Dean out on a rescue mission.

Characters: Dean x Reader, Sam, Jody, Claire, Alex

Word Count:  1348

Warnings: fluff, slightly annoyed Dean

A/N:  This is for @supernatural-jackles SPN Birthday Challenge My prompt was the film “The Day After Tomorrow” and I wondered what Sam and Dean would do in a naturally occurring weather catastrophe.  This ended up going in a totally different direction than I originally planned.  I blame the Wayward Sisters announcement.  I hope you like it Jen!  Happy Birthday!

And thank you to the always lovely and wonderful MastaBeta @wheresthekillswitch for checking it over!

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“Babe, I still don’t like you going off to Jody’s alone.”  Dean looks up at you as you enter the library.

“Dean, I’ll be fine,” you say, dropping your bag at his feet.  “Besides, I need a girl’s night.  I’ve been spending too much time here with you and Sam.  It’s testosterone overload.”

“Call me as soon as you get there.”  He stands scooping up your bag.

“I will,” you say over your shoulder as you lead the way to the garage.

“Don’t text and drive.”

“I won’t.”

“Make sure you check the tires when you stop for gas.  Which will be often since the Jeep gets terrible gas mileage,” he says, stepping in line with you.

“Pot,” you sass.  “Indy is worth the extra gas.”

“Baby is too, but she’s all essentials.  Indy’s full of useless crap, not to mention those ridiculous tires.  Your mileage would be so much better if you got rid of all that.”

“Excuse me?  Indy is not full of useless crap.”

“When will you ever need a winch?”

“You never know… And those tires never get stuck.  I can’t believe you’d talk about Indy like that, he’s a good Jeep.”  You bump his hip with yours as you enter the garage.

“Well, just be careful and no talking to strangers.”  He stops next to your Jeep.

You stop too, giving him a hard look.  “Seriously?  You do realize I can take care of myself, right?”

He laughs.

“Just making sure you’re paying attention.  Gotta make sure my girl stays safe.”  He wraps his arms around you, pulling you close.  “I only have one of you.”  His lips capture yours and you can’t help sighing into this kiss.  This man was made to kiss, among other things.

You finally break away, “Ok, I gotta go.”

“Y/N,” he hesitates.

You look up into his peridot eyes and it seems like he’s holding something back.

“Tell Jody I said hi.”

“I will.  Bye, Dean.”

“Bye, Y/N.”

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Legion Sentence Starters Part 1

Quotes all from the fox TV series Legion

  • “ I can’t stay here.  “
  • “ Careful, I bite. “
  • “ I’m just trying to help you see the truth.”
  • “ You feel feel isolated by the world. “
  • “  Everyone loves dogs. “
  • “  You were adopted. “
  •  “ It’s time for your meds. “
  • “ Who teaches us to be normal when we’re one of a kind? “
  • “ So much power. “
  • “  Be careful, it wears a human face. “
  • “  What does that mean? “
  • “ It’s rewriting their memories. “
  • “  My whole life is a lie. “
  • “  It will be fun. Kick some ass. Save the girl. Get a snack. “
  • “  I think I know what I am. “
  • “  We share. “
  • “ Everyone here says I’m sane. What if they’re wrong? “
  • “ You’re supposed to be my friend. “
  • “ What do you mean? Why are you doing this? “
  • “ No-I’m not sick. I have abilities. “
  • “ I’m not alone anymore. “
  • “  And what’s the good news? “
  • “  Why am I so important? “
  • “ You want to fix them so you can use them? “
  • “  We’re at war, and we’re losing. “
  • “ They think they can save you. “
  • “ It’s sweet, really. “
  • “  That bitch’s secrets have secrets. “
  • “ Could you, maybe, not break everything this time? “
  • “  No one knows for sure if it exists, but I have proof. “
  • “  Control may be an overstatement. “
  • “  I have to know. Are you real? “
  • “  We’re having a romance of the mind. “
  • “ I gotta say, not cool, man. “
  • “  Don’t give a newbie a bazooka and then be surprised when they blows shit up. “
  • “  They’re coming and they’re gonna kill you. “
  • “  Don’t worry about me. It’s you that’s got problems. “
  • “ I didn’t do - it was they power - I think. “
  • “  How do you feel now? “
  • “  Why are all the hots ones so crazy? “
  • “ OK. Find me at dinner. “
  • “  Do you think I did this? “
  • “  You’ve got what the kids these days call moxie. “
  • “ I’m fine, I’m fine. I’m calm. I just had a bad dream. “
  • “ Something new needs to happen - soon. “
  • “ There’s pie, at  lunch.”
  • “ You’re afraid of me. “
  • “ I’m insane, you idiot. “
  • “ I like to think i’m a time traveler. “
  • “  It’s okay. I got you.”
  • “ I knew your father “
  • “ I have to know. Is this… is this real? “
  • “ Are you happy, here? “

anonymous asked:

Cisco and len start a YouTube channel where Cisco gives len a few random items and he then can use only those items to "allegedly" break into a places with a gopro on

cisco: HEYYYYY YOUTUBE WHATS UP, ok so today we have a rubber duck, a toothpick, a rubber band, and some gently used toenail clippers and captain cold’s gotta macgyver his way into this old closed down dennys
leonard: i thought you said it was going to be the first national bank
cisco: listen im the one with the camera here right now. were going to dennys

Mission Distract Connor- Connor McDavid

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I honestly can’t even tell you the last time I played a video game cause I SUCK at them. Trust me, we even tried Minecraft. So I’ve never played CoD nor have I seen anyone play it, so if it’s wrong, let me know! Thanks guys! Enjoy!

Warning: cussing, lap dance

Anon Request: Hey can you do a Connor McDavid or Auston Matthews one where he is sitting at home playing cod with the guys on the team and you come and want his attention and to make him lose so you decide to tease him so you give him a lap dance or something (up to you) and he has to hide his moans but the guys figure out what is going on so they tease/act disgusted. Thanks your blog is literally my fave ❤️❤️


              You dropped your purse by the door and kicked off your shoes, wiggling your toes.

              You still weren’t sure how Kelly Talbot talked you into pole dancing classes.

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Hugging Astro from behind

Masterlist: x


It was thirty minutes before one of Astro’s biggest stages. I mean, of course they have performed before, but never for an audience of 30,000+ people. Jinwoo’s nerves were clearly getting the best of him as he was pacing around, muttering his rap in Clap Clap. You being the great girlfriend you are, decided to come up behind him and hug him!

“What was that for?! And, can I have another one?!”

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  • Tnrawn: OK, Sabine. Let's just move onto the marble.
  • Sabine: First, an artist must concentrate and visualize her concept.
  • Thrawn: Now you've got it.
  • Sabine: I've gotta embrace the marble!
  • Thrawn: Right.
  • Sabine: I've gotta sniff the marble!
  • Thrawn: Well, uh, ok.
  • Sabine: I've gotta lick the marble!
  • Thrawn: Uhh...
  • Sabine: [washes the marble in a washing machine] I've gotta wash the marble! I've gotta date the marble! [expands herself so that she's the same size as the marble] I've gotta be the marble! I've got it! I have seen the sculpture within.
  • Thrawn: Here you go, buddy. [hands her sculpting tools]
  • Sabine: With this tool, I shall give birth to art.
  • Thrawn: Oh, boy. [Sabine taps the marble once with her tool and it breaks into pieces]
  • Sabine: But, one more thing. [she places a likeness of Thrawn's nose onto the rubble] There. Now it's art.
Episode 13 in a nutshell

Emilia: “Ok, despite everyone being racist to me, I gotta win this speech, don’t do anything dumb Subaru”

Subaru: “Time to break into this closed ceremony, humiliate Emilia, insult everyone in the room who’s not Emilia and beat up everyone who speaks up

Emilia: “Subaru, No!”

Subaru: “Subaru YES!”

Julius proceeds to give Subaru the assbeating he deserves.

Baby Blues

Sebastian Stan x Evans! Reader
Imagine: You are Chris Evans little sister. You are pregnant with Sebastian Stan’s baby but hide who the father is from Chris because you think He’ll be angry because of an age gap.

A/n: the family tension, y'all
Genre: Romance
Rated: Everyone
Warning: Swearing, pregnant reader
Author: Chris-Evans-Imagines
You were sitting on the couch with your big brother Chris, his protective arm around you while you snuggled into his side. It was a family cuddle and you loved it. You two were watching a TV show, though you were more thinking than watching. An painful movement in your swollen tummy caught you off guard and you put the hand that was wrapped around Chris’s midsection over your 6 month pregnant belly and grunted a bit. Chris asked, rubbing your shoulder and arm.
“Are you alright?”
You looked up at him and nodded.
“He or she is really active today.”
You laid your head on his chest and asked.
“Hey Chris?”
You took a silent deep breath and asked, taking the plunge.
“Remember when I told you that the father of my child walked out when we found out?”
Chris hugged you to him tightly, saying into your hair.
“Yes I do. Fucking bastard is lucky I never meet him.”
You chuckled at the big brother nature in him and said, playing with loose thread on his shirt.
“Well….I, uh…I lied.”
“What do you mean?”
You reared back, tears pricking your eyes.
“You promise not to get mad.”
Chris gave you a stern look and asked, kind of low.
“(Y/n), what did you lie about?”
“The father of my kid didn’t really walk out. He’s been with me since…”
Chris licked his lips, gave you another look and asked.
“Who’s the father, really?”
You answered, looking down and twiddling with your fingers.
“It’s Sebby…”
You cried silently. Chris ran a hand through his hair and asked.
“Why didn’t-why did you-ok. Why did you hide this from me?”
“I was scared you would get mad at me because of the slight age gap…”
Chris sighed and cupped your face.
“Never be scared to tell me anything. You’re my little sister, I’m your big brother. We gotta look out for each other.”
You looked into his eyes.
“So…you’re not angry?”
He hugged you close, kissing your temple and replied.
“Sweetheart, no. I could never be mad at you….all the time.”
You chuckled and Chris reared back, serious again.
“But I am gonna give him the “Hurt-my-little-sister-i-break-your-face talk though.”
You both giggled and you whispered, cuddling him again.
“Ok. Don’t send him to a hospital though. I kind of need him.”
“I’ll only slap him around a bit. Maybe break an nose or something. Nothing serious. You got me.”
“Don’t you dare.”
“Well SOMEONE gotta do something!”



yes good exactly. 10/10. angus ends up living mostly with magnus, i think? or maybe its like most of the time he lives in the ipre crew’s massive house (they all live together ok i dont make the rules) and when he needs a break from his Many parents he goes to his Other Parents house and hangs out with carey and killian - i bet this happens a ton while he’s a teenager, lol. 

he starts going to school again even though he’s smarter than the other kids cause magnus is like “hes gotta make friends and stuff!” and so he’s at school most days but also lucretia tutors him on stuff thats way above his classmates level. Taako gives him magic lessons and lup teaches him how to cook, and when he’s a bit older, killian and magnus team up to teach him how to fight. ango ends up with the weirdest set of skills ever. and…its good. he’s happy. it’s a little weird for him, having all these adults invested in his life and paying attention but at the same time….its nice. its really nice. 

bonus: all of them come to parents day and its a Disaster. 


(some ask titles are shortened or summarized)

this is a referable ask masterlist, for the asks we get often

seungcheol / s.coups

@Cheol how do you put up with the rest of Seventeen’s crap?

how much seungcheol does for seventeen like someone give him a break or bj

s.coups why are you so attractive, i tried not to fall for you but it was impossible


im not a seungcheol stan but i gotta say i love him so much

i love choi seungcheol

Seungcheol: Since you bit him the other day, does Jisoo taste as sweet as he looks?

seungcheol: a visual

ok but here’s the real question: Seungcheol whose baby are you???

Seungcheol, do you prefer to be called Seungcheol, S Coups or Daddy Coups??

 Seungcheol why do you want to choke everyone

Cheol’s smile literally makes me weak like ???


Am I allowed to ask Jeonghan on a date??

How did you meet Seungcheol?

Jeonghannie, I’m having a very hard month… Would you cuddle me, please?

jeonghan will always be 100x prettier than ill ever be

Hey, Jeonghan, real talk: how do you get to sleep after long nights?

if jeonghan has a kid, who will be his aegi

jeonghan whos mother are you

I’m sorry Jeonghan

i love yoon jeonghan

Jeonghan very serious question, woozi or coups

jeonghan i love you a lot

jeonghan nugu aegi

jeonghan joshua or seungcheol

jeonghan is forever alone

joshua / jisoo

What if people !!!! didn’t hate on Joshua for anything!!!!!!!!!!

joshua :((( the college life is making me so tried and i just want attention from you

joshua sometimes i wish we went to the same school so i can just have you around,,,i miss see you

joshua i hope you had all her meals today and rested well

joshua is the most beautiful man i have ever seen

i love hong Joshua

I had a dream we went on a date

joshua i really like you and i love your beautiful smile

joshua i love you so much but i suddenly wanna cuddle with soonyoung

Joshua why your eyes so cute

yo yo hey Josh

Joshua we all know you aren’t as innocent as you make yourself out to be…(͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

jun / junhui

jun i challenge to you a flirt off ;)

jun my eyes have been blessed by your beauty

jun is the most handsome

jun is my moon  

thank you for making my heart flutter

will you still love me if i cant come to your concert

i love wen junhui

but jun is the real mom of svt?

Junhui-hui~ do you like marshmallows?

Junnie~, whose baby are you?

hoshi / soonyoung

naega hoshi why are you so adorable your what i need in my life



i love hoshi with all my heart

i love kwon soonyoung

What time is it now? 10:10


wonwoo please recommend some really good books

jeon wonwoo scrunching up his nose and laughing

Wonwoo please sing me a song, I’m feeling sad :(

i love jeon wonwoo

i am weak for wonwoo i am as red as a tomato every day

wonwoo you dont seem as tall as mingyu

WONWOO DAY ASKS (mini masterlist)



woozi / jihoon

fun fact. im a whole four inches smaller than woozy

hey jihoon how was your day

what if i just suck woozi’s dick like…

jihoon, hoonie, homeslice, baby cakes, honey grahams, how have you been? 

Hoonie, babe, your short gf (aka me) loves ya😘

woozi whos baby are you

woozi, why i love you?

a concept; woozi takes frequent breaks and stays healthy

jihoon i love you

i love lee jihoon, psa by me

jihoon im shorter than you!

the only reason i like talking so much about jihoon is bc i like seeing the cute gifs

jihoon ill actually fight you if you keep being cute like this

i stayed up way too late thinking about jihoon

can we be best friends?

Can you go shopping with me?

im one inch shorter than you

i love lee jihoon

im 5′9 am i too tall for you woozi

how strong is woozi

woozi is the sexiest

 dk / seokmin

Seokmin!!! I think you’re as amazing as ‘Lilo and Stitch,’ and you’re as cute as Stitch

dokyeom i really like your smile

i bias dokyeom but lately dino has been killing me with his cuteness

I can’t stop listening to Seokmin’s She didn’t love me.

Lee Seokmin, who’s sunshine are you???


HOLY SHIT can you believe mingyu is a whole ass snack

yaay my man mingyu is back i missed you

Mingyu do you mind if i call you oppa

let me just confess. i love you a lot

can i get a hella sexy gif of mingyu by confessing my love to him

*pulls mingyu down and kisses him*

how can i sleep if when i close my eyes mingyu comes to my dreams

mingyu you got anything on your mind i could help you with;)


mingyu you have the most beautiful eyes in the world

everyone trying to steal wonwoo from Mingyu, but I’m trying to steal Wonwoo

mingyu is so tall n so handsome i wanna hold his hand 😍

Could you tell me a little about Mingyu

mingyu, who’s puppy are you?💓💕

minghao / the8

xu minghao. zooming how.

minghao baby boo take care of yourself

i would die for minghao

minghao you deserve all the love in the world


minghao is so handsome

dabhao! its midterms can you please dab for my grades

hey minghao wassup? my friend wants to know if you wanna date me

stan talent stan xu minghao

Minghao isn’t even that high on my bias list. HOWEVER…

Minghao, who’s sunflower are you????


do you ever just wanna pinch seungkwan’s cheeks

i hope lots of people tell you this, seungkwan you are beautiful

seungkwanie!! how would you feel if i said i wanted to cuddle

kwannie i love you

please love me seungkwannie

pls rap for me rap god seungkwan

seungkwan being on top of a visual ranking

seungkwan nugu aegi

boo seungkwan i need you to know

seungkwan is the cutest person alive

i love boo seungkwan

boo seungkwan im coming for you throne i will out sass you, you have been warned 


seungkwan why you gotta go stealing my man

can i request aegyo from kwannie

seungkwan should stay in his lane

Seungkwan: Vernon or Hansol?

Seungkwan who’s diva are you

vernon / hansol

can you believe my friend doesn’t think vernon can rap?

vernon im pretty sure your actually my soulmate

Vernon…. buddy…. if ur out there…. I love you so much

vernon can you wish me happy birthday

vernon, ily

i love hansol vernon chwe

Vernon I’m upset

vernon is the softest soft and i love him

i honestly really love vernon and i have a lot of respect for him

vernon im 5′0 am i too short for you?

i agree with vernon being soft but it should be freaking illegal to be that hot

eatvernon, if someone visits your country, what food would you recommend they should try

to vernon: bro… I have a crush on you

Vernon: your life or Seungkwan?

Vernon my friends call me The Meme Queen. We are meant to be :))

Hansol is your actual name?

Does Vernon prefer vernon or hansol?

dino / chan


dino whos baby are you? jk will you marry me part 2

dino i love you our soft bunny

dino you are now my baby not jeonghans. sorry i didnt make the rules

i love lee chan



What if… The hip hop unit did a collab with Got7, that would be pretty cool…or the vocal unit with Winner!!

I’m on a dance team and I show them my choreography,but they never like it and it always gets to my head

Hi~ I notice that the vocal unit seems to often forget about joshua

Can the Hip Hop Unit chill and let me live???

Dear Performance Unit… I just wanted to apologize for killing your amazing choreographs

I bias all of hip hop unit. Sorry but I can’t choose between you four. I ❤️you all


Is woozi gay for jeonghoon

Jihoon be honest seokmin or jeonghan

Woozi and dk do you know what seokhoon is

Woozi is dk really your everything

 Lets be honest here. Junshua is cute.

is cheolsoo real

Vernon choose. Your life or Seungkwan

I’m more of a Junshua shipper

To wonwoo his much do you love mingyu on a scale from 1-10?

jihan and verkwan are the most loyal

Is Jeongcheol real

im more into jisol than verkwan

Verkwan is my otp. In seventeen.


Can I ship chankwan

What’s all the shipping in this fandom?

Sorry but vermin is real!! (Vernon and seokmin)

is verkwan real

I ship Chansol, I’m very sorry kwan

I think I love cheolsoo too much 😂

Is soonsoo real

Jeonghan I will fite you for joshuji

Seungcheol gives every member heart eyes and honestly I’m very confused (ship all the ships!!!)


Junshua and jeonghao are my otps

directed at all members

i love my meme children so much

How did you guys survive high school?

what are your guys ideal types

i smol and i love you all

If you all could say something to S. Coups

Who likes stormy weather?

Just found out my crush likes someone else

do you guys like banana? because I find y'all apeeling (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°

Are you guys all single?

How strong ate you all each

do you guys fart in front of other members?

Who’s the most extra in SVT?

yo SVT when y'all gonna stop slaying us with yo V I S U A L S

who has never dated before

whats your favorite foods

do any of  you guys curse lol

who is the shyest in the group

Who loves gaming? And Who loves watching tv?

i know its a long way till halloween but i know what you guys should be. mine. ;)

why do we even bother choosing a bias

do any of  you guys curse lol

who is the shyest in the group

whos a cat person and whos a dog person

who would be the worst at baby sitting

To seventeen who wants to be a dad and when?

would seventeen be mad if I kiss their hands at fansigning event :/

Who do you all predict will be the first to have kids?

Do any of you guys snore?

If you could who would you all switch places with for a day

You guys prefer pretty legs or pretty eyes 👀

Apples or oranges?

Whose the most athletic?



how i see svt 

the 95 line as emojis

96 line as emojis

😊jun,💃hoshi, 😑wonwoo, 😡🐨woozy

😋😲diva boo or 😄🎤seungkwa, 😛💸vernon, 👶😃Chan

😆seokmin, 💪mingyu, 😎thughao or 😀minghao



not member specified/ random

I’m fat

Jeonghan we all know you give jihoon a love potion to make him clingy to you atmit it

why can’t i choose between jihoon and jeonghan

is it really that fun to make fun of short people? 

what if woozi and dk switch personalities

Yo im feelin hella insecure about my chubby tummy, can you cheer me up?

i have decided, in 2020, to run for president- kanye west

what do you call cheese that isnt yours

Most likely to wear the pants in a relationship?

I drew something (I might tag you guys

I’m a carat in the making (how to tell Jun and Joshua apart)

admin stuff

does it ever get tiring having to come up with a different way to answer all these love confessions?

Hi admins, do I need to have a name here?

@ admins do you have a favorite person to answer for

please continue the soulmate stories!!! your writing is amazing

Yours is the only blog i have my notifications on, but i dont get any notifications :“’(( Whattt do i dooo

I really love ur blog

this blog is gold!!! how many admins do u guys have? do u have personal blogs too?

ok everyone let’s talk about sinja: the drama CD

can i just mention how expertly sin pulls off getting ja’far to come with him? the generals have already decided ja’far needs a break so they hold a banquet. now u gotta think that sin knows this banquet is to give ja’far a breather, but sin interjects with basically ‘you guys have good intentions but u don’t know ja’far at all- he won’t just drink and be pacifiedhe needs adventure, he needs to go on vacation’. but it isn’t just any kind of vacation- it’s a vacation that expressly involves protecting sin, ja’far’s fave pasttime. anyway sin totally uses the kindness of the generals to get ja’far to come with him- b/c he definitely still would have picked ja’far anyway- and then got ja’far to look past work and pride and acknowledge their efforts despite them failing to cheer him up b/c sin is still the only one that can really cheer him up… && then he lets ja’far take out all of his pent up anger and frustrations out on him without getting mad or dismissing him he’s just like “i’m taking care of u ja’far, just relax” && sin remembered to bring ja’far’s fave child masrur (who he also probably would have picked anyway because masrur is ja’far’s favourite) just in case he couldn’t pacify him- all i’m saying is that sin is an EXPERT ja’far tamer, like ja’far thinks to himself ‘why am i even here, sin has like enchanted me wtf’ because that’s exactly what’s happened. he can read you like a book- he’s got you completely pegged && WHIPPED, ja’far, but u love it so it’s fine.

Lelouch livetweets a day out with Suzaku and Kallen

As requested by alternaterealityself 

I’m not sure whether this was the exact request, but I hope it’s along the lines- if not, sorry! 

Suzaku and Kallen have decided they need a time out from war to just hang out for a day. Lelouch is naturally keeping a record of everything that occurs, via Twitter. What would they get up to?

-So, Suzaku and Kallen have invited me on a trip to the city.

#there are 567 possibilities as to what this could be #i hope it’s gambling #or terrorism 

-They’re mourning at Tokyo.

#wow real fun trip guys #more depression is just what I needed 

-Question: Is it insensitive to tweet while you’re mourning? 

#they’re glaring at me #nunnally turned out to be fine so whatever

-Now they’re arguing about the best means to bring about change. 

#they’re both wrong of course #my time to shine 

-This must be why we don’t have days like this more often 

#i didn’t die for this shit 

-Ok, so I’ve persuaded them to go gambling. 

#going to see if I can get Kallen to wear the bunny suit #for nostalgia’s sake of course 

-Kallen slapped me. 


-Suzaku is giving me evil eyes. 

#really Suzaku #you’re willing to hang out with me after I kill millions of people but gambling is the last straw? 

-I won. Yay.

#gotta say I’ve gotten used to a higher level of opponent #i wonder if schneizel’s free? 

-Everything seems to be going fine. I feel uneasy.

#shouldn’t Knightmares be breaking in and start shooting at me? #ah the good old days #well not really 

-Suzaku and Kallen are playing chess without me. It’s a two-player game but still. 

#they know I’m too good 

-They got bored because “it’s not realistic”. 

#srsly #not everything can have swords and laser wings 

-So now they’re going to go window-shopping for knightmares.

#they’re okay I guess #how do knightmares even fit in a window?

-They don’t seem all too satisfied with Sutherlands. 

#you were piloting PROTOTYPES idjuts #as in only one 

-Apparently you can give them a test drive. I guess I’ll give it a shot too. 

#kallen made them find a red one #also she sits in it really weirdly 





-I couldn’t hold them off. 

#i’m good at other things 

-The proprietors broke up the fight and booted us out. 

#old habits die hard I guess 

 -Now they want to go watch a movie. 

#I want to go back home and tend to my wounds #but it doesn’t matter what I want 

-Oh. “Lelouch the Demon Emperor”. Classy. 

#better keep my hood up #or I could say I’m cosplaying? 

-The actor playing me is such a ham. 

#i don’t wave my arms around like that 


-She’s assuring me that it’s an artistic liberty.

#not that I care or anything #totally fine #yep #definitely 

-This actress doesn’t nearly match the perfect radiance of Nunnally. 

#her voice needs to be like ten octaves higher 

-They cut Nunnally grieving for me? 

#not cool Hollywood #not cool 

-Shit! I’ve been discovered! 

-Oh, no, they genuinely do think I’m a cosplayer. 

#they can’t believe the fabulousness is real 

-A little girl wants a photo with me pretending to abduct her. 

#okay so i did a lot of bad things #but kidnapping children wasn’t one of them 

-For the last time, Tianzi was a special case! 

-Heading back now. I think I’ve had enough judgement for one day.

#i hope no-one actually reads these tweets #otherwise zero requiem is fucked

Everyday Lives 11: Disney Palace

Summary: The gang works at Disney World as our favorite Disney characters. Working with kids all day is tough, can their character counterpart help ease the pain?

You can read all of my Every Lives fics here !!

“And thank you for coming to the Magic Kingdom! We hope you enjoyed your visit! And we hope to see you again sometime!” A short man dressed as Mickey Mouse said as the visitors left the grand park for the day.

“I’m getting too old for this..” the short man said as he walked down the stairs, taking his mouse ears off as he went.

“Master Makarov!” the said man stopped when he heard the security guard, Warren, yell and run towards him.


“Sorry sir, I know it’s time for you to go home, but I have some bad news..”

“Oh, what have they done now?!”

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Summary: Monsters don’t get sick, there’s no real way for viruses to take hold in bone and scales, they more or less slide off with little more than a cough or a sniffle. Sans knows better, though.

Characters: Sans, Papyrus

Word Count: 1797

A/N: Just a shorter little thing I whipped up during a study break, based on that idea that the skelebro’s magic changes color when they aren’t feeling too great. (I believe this awesome idea belongs to @bedsafely , correct me if I’m wrong!) I kinda took it in a strange direction, maybe one day I’ll fix this up idk

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KBTBB: Ota x Mc (Part 4)

Yoo~ Part 4 here. Honestly, i didn’t expect i’d receive many asks about this series. Apparently, most of them say they want mc to be with Eisuke in the end. Some want her with Baba while some want her and Ota to get back together. Oh and even Soryu. Lol~ Idk but…how about i write endings for all the guys that got suggested? Btw, this part is not the end yet…probably. And since a new week is starting soon, i might get busy again. Therefore the endings might not come soon. I’m sowwy.

Plot: Ota cheats on Mc.

Warning: angst, violent, nsfw…and harem. Idk, somehow it just turns into harem toward the end of this part. Lol~

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3


*3rd PoV

Ota walked to where Eisuke was, then they started to talk briefly about the scandal. Meanwhile, Hiyori was standing just a few meters away from them, scanning the situation to choose when to talk. Little did they know, a woman, or to be specific, it was that woman - the actress who announced the engagement shamelessly as if it was the truth, she was hiding in the shadow the whole time looking at the commotion. When she saw Ota protected Hiyori with all his mind, the flame of jealousy start burning up stronger. She whispered

“..It’s you…if it’s not for you, I and Ota would be happy together forever. You..you need to disappear from this world completely…”

then she pulled out a kitchen knife and dashed toward Hiyori from behind. Sadly, Soryu was talking to Inui and Samejima, while Eisuke was still talking with Ota. Only, Baba, who had just exited the hotel had the full view of the scene, noticed something was going wrong.


He ran at full speed to stop to woman, he cursed as he wished he came down here from the penthouse sooner. He screamed

“Ota! Soryu! Catch her! Catch the woman!!”

but…it was too late. The moment they heard Baba’s voice, they all, Hiyori included turned to see what was the problem but a high pitch wicked laugh rang loudly as if it could even cut the air, and came after was a dull sound of Hiyori’s body hit the ground. She didn’t even have a chance to scream in pain. She clutched her stomach as blood started gushing out, dying the ground beneath her with red. Her breathes ragged as she tried to get more oxygen into her lungs. Ota was so shocked he couldn’t even get a word out at first but it only lasted for a few seconds. He rushed to Hiyori right away and gently gathered her into his arms.

“Hiyori! Hiyori please! Stay awake! Don’t close your eyes please!! I..I haven’t even showed you the surprise that i promised yet!”

Hiyori’s eyes were watering up as she reached a hand up to his cheek. She stroked it with her thumb and whisper Ota’s name as if to tell him that everything would be fine. Meanwhile, Soryu screamed orders at Inui and Samejima, his hands caught the actress wrists and he pressed the woman on the ground, no mercy at all. At the same time, Eisuke was calling an ambulance and Mamoru, who was at the police station at the moment. After he was done with the phone calls, he crouched down beside Hiyori and grabbed her other hand.

“Be strong ok? They will be here soon.”

Ota, who had been calling Hiyori’s name nonstop now let his tears fall freely.

“Please Hiyori! Don’t leave me alone…I..How am i supposed to live without you? We..we still haven’t made enough good memories together. I haven’t even met your parents. I haven’t even sealed our love with a ring. Please…”

He kept crying as Hiyori closed her eyes slowly

“I..i’m cold Ota…”
“Hey…Hey Hiyori!! Keep your eyes open! That’s an order! Remember three rules i taught you? Please! Don’t you dare break just one rule!! No!”

*A few hours later - At Luke’s place.

“How is she Luke?”
“Sexy is not completely ok yet. She sure is a strong woman but…she lost a lot of blood. I need someone to donate some in order to save Sexy. We gotta be quick.”

Their faces turned pale, only Ota spoke up hurriedly.

“Take mine please. We have same blood type.”
“…Is that ok Ota?”
“Yes it is. I would give her my life as long as she can live.”

He said firmly, there wasn’t a bit of doubt or hesitation in his voice or his eyes. Seeing his determination, Luke agreed and told Ota to follow him and get ready. After they’re done, Luke walked out to inform everything to the guys. Ota was left alone with Hiyori. He touched her cheeks and stroked it gently, every stroke fulled with love and adoration. A short while later, he leaned down and pressed his forehead against hers, his hands never left her cheeks.

“Please wake up soon Hiyori. I know it’s too late but if…if you let me, i swear i will show you the surprise that i promised…”

*At night

Everyone had gone back to the hotel. All of them were very worried but they thought they should give Ota some time alone with Hiyori, in case she woke up. Back to the hotel, Eisuke suddenly became more arrogant and cold as if he was pissed. Well, he was actually. He paced back and forth in his office worrying about Hiyori. He wouldn’t let anyone see this side of him.

“Damn it! If only i wasn’t on the phone. If only i kept my eyes on her the whole time…”


He threw his coffee cup to the wall and it shattered into pieces. Simply because it wasn’t the coffee he loved which made by Hiyori.

“I would never put you in danger if you were with me. I am sure that with what i’ve got, especially my feelings, i can keep you safe always.”

Soryu, back at his own place, was running his hand through his hair in the bath. His eyes focused on the ceiling. He blamed himself partly for not being able to protect a girl when she was right there near him. Somehow, he felt a strong urge to protect this small girl. After the bath, he went to his study room and start reading a book when Samejima knocked on the door, then came in after Soryu gave him permission.

“Sir, you haven’t had dinner. Would you like t-”
“Can’t you see that i’m busy?”
“Yes sir. I understand.”

Then he left quickly, hiding the fact that Soryu was holding a book up-side-down. He was obviously worried about the precious girl.

“But…would she be safe with me…a mobster boss?”

He closed the book and his eyes caught on the cover. He heaved a sigh

“…I just showed someone a pathetic side of me which i shouldn’t…”

He let out another side as he stood near the window, looking out into space.

Baba was the one who felt guilty the most (after Ota tho). If he was a bit faster, if he didn’t linger in the penthouse for a few more minutes, he could have stopped the actress. Hiyori had always been different from those women who Baba flirted with. That’s why, he felt attached to her, he felt that she was so special to him that he wouldn’t want to spend much time away from her. Lately, he even tried to stop by Tres Spades as much as possible just so he could see her smiling face. He didn’t talk much when Ota confessed his cheating act, but actually, deep inside, he wanted to give Ota a good punch, he wanted go to Hiyori side right away to comfort her. Not because he was Ota’s best friend, well, it was part of the reason, but mainly, it was because he felt butterflies in his stomach everytime he saw her face, and he wanted to believe it was…something special..like…love.

“Hiyori…would you choose me if you decide to leave Ota after?”

His whisper came out as light and gentle as a touch of a feather. He asked that question as if to himself, because no one gave him an answer. He let it be carried away by the wind as he looked up to the sky fulled of stars.

“Is it silly to make a wish to the star?”

*Midnight - Ota’s PoV

I had felt asleep without realizing when suddenly, i felt a small squeeze on my hand which was holding Hiyori’s and it sent a signal to my brain. I jolted up noticing it was totally dark inside the room. Then I heard a voice, a sweet gently voice that I missed so much even though I just heard it a day ago.

“Is that y-you Ota?”
“Yes yes Hiyori! It’s me. Do you want me to turn on the light?”
“No..it’s fine.”

Hiyori called my name! Sh-she’s ok! I then went to opened the window, letting the moonlight fill the room with its cool and silver light. My eyes adjust to the darkness after a moment, and with the help of the moonlight, I could see Hiyori’s pale face, i didn’t even know if it was because of the moon? Or..another specific reason? Or maybe both?

“How are you feeling Hiyori?”
“..I’m ok now Ota. The wound still hurts though. But..i’m alive aren’t i?”
“Hiyori…is now a good time?”

Hiyori seemed to understand what i mean so she gave a nodded lightly. Her hands clapped together. I took a deep breath then started to explain everything from the very beginning. Repeating the story again just made my whole body ached in pain. My voice started to tremble when i was almost done telling her the story.

“…and that’s the reason i cheated on you and made you feel insecure. But Hiyori, you have to know that my whole heart, body and soul belong only to you.”
“…You have no idea just how scared i was when i saw you covered in blood. I though I lo-lost you for sure. I was ready to end my life as well but..thank god. You’re here, talking with me now. That’s all i need for now.”

I looked her straight in the eyes and continued.

“You…don’t need to give me tell me right now, about what your choice is. I will wait for as long as it takes so…think about it thoroughly ok? Even if you decide to leave me, I..i’m ok with that. As long as you’re happy. I’m happy. So please Hiyori, just for tonight, let me be here with you.”

My tears started falling again even though i was trying so hard to hold it back. Great, now i looked like a total loser.

“There’s one more thing, will you hear me out Hiyori?”
“…of course Ota.”

God she accepted to hear me out. This simple thing made me so happy i could burst in more tears than i already had.

“…it’s that…when you get better and your wound heal completely, will you let me show you the surprise that i promised you that day? I mean…almost two days ago..i felt like it was so long ago huh? Haha…”

I faked a dry laugh as Hiyori smiled gently at me. It was so beautiful. The moonlight just made her look even more gorgeous. It was like…she was sparkling.

“…I understand Ota. Tonight, I will think about the whole thing, the whole story and what i should do from now on, and i will answer you as soon as possible.”
“…Ok. Thank you Hiyori.”

Then i sat on a chair near her bed and hold her hand, she didn’t pulled back. Which i considered as a good sign. It’s ok. I was satisfied with just that for now. Then she turned to look at me, looking a bit tired.

“Hey Ota…even though i haven’t decided on what i’ll do yet, you..you don’t need to suffer ok? I believe what you told me was the truth, and i don’t want to see you be in pain anymore. So…at least, smile for me.”

Gosh how could this girl be so generous and nice to me? I…I didn’t even deserve to hold her hand, to touch her. But i couldn’t let go. I kept holding onto her hand and i gave her my best smile, not the angelic smile of Ota Kisaki the artist, but a genuine smile from the bottom of my heart.

“ Yes Hiyori. I will…I will always smile for you ok? Now go to sleep, it’s past midnight and morning’s not coming yet. Get as much rest as you can ok? I will be here.”

She nodded then closed her eyes. Her eyelashes cast a shadow on each of her cheeks. The curtain fluttered as the wind gently flew. I pulled the blanket up to her chest and then i gathered all my courage to lean down and gave her a small kiss on the forehead.

“Goodnight Hiyori. I love you…so much.”

This simple thing suddenly seemed hard for me to do even though it was a daily thing we used to do a lot.

Quietly, i let her sleep as i gazed at her the whole time that i couldn’t even get some sleep. I wished…things would keep being like this, so peaceful, forever.


And~ that’s part 4. It’s not the end yet. Next part will be the end and there’re 4 endings so…look forward to it? RIP Hiyori tho…T^T
Lol~ Jk. I’ll find the time to finish it during this week.  It will not be as fast as i posted these 4 parts this weekend so do forgive me. And thank you for following me and this series until now. I appreciate it.

Also, this part, i didn’t check after finished at all. Hope it’s alright and man…the grammar thing always kill me.

Anyways, hope you enjoyed this part. Now i gotta sleep, class starts early tomorrow. T^T (WHY? I hate school)

Much love~