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Good boys are bad boys

Pairing: Luke + Reader

Warning: Smut

Word Count: 1993

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Lucas Hemmings was the first name that came to your head if someone said good. The boy always listened to his parents, got all straight A’s, was never late to class, and always the teacher’s pet. It disgusted you. You were the complete opposite. You smoked weed, did crack, skipped classes, cheated on tests and yet still you only got caught doing something bad twice. You did think Lucas was cute in a way, but not your type. I mean he was really tall, taller than you but his hair was slicked back, had glasses and was always dressed like an idiot. If he lost all that shit you would see more potential.

It was now Chemistry class, one of the only classes you half enjoyed because you were actually kind of good at it.

     “Today class, I have a partnership assignment and no you can’t chose your partners.” The teacher said and everyone groaned. He picked up a clipboard to see the partnership he wrote down on it.

     “Kelsey and Jane.” He started the both of them squealed because they were best friends. Ugh they’re so annoying.

     “Matthew and Eva. Charlie and Morgan. Lucy and Jordan.” He continued. “Lucas and Y/N” You froze.

     “Shit.” You said under your breath. You seriously didn’t want to be put with him; he’d be the one who only talks about the work with you and nothing else. The teacher continued the list.

     “Mia and Eleanor. Now everybody find you partner and sit at a desk, the desk you choose will be your desk for the next quarter of the year.” Of course Lucas stays at his front desk waiting for you but you wave him over to the middle desks. He didn’t want to argue with you so he just came to you.

     “Hi.” You said to him.

     “Hi.” He said back. He was a nerd, but he wasn’t the lowest of the low, so he still had the courage to talk to people.

     “So how are we gonna do this, you free today after school or something?” You asked wanting to kind of get this over with.

     “My parents are gone for the week you can come over today, if you want.”

     “Do you drive?” You asked

     “Yeah, I can give you a ride to my house, if you want.”

     “Kay I’ll meet you at the front of the school after school ends.” You said. With that the bell rung and you left class, headed to lunch with your friends. The day went by pretty fast, probably because you slept in English. The bell rung after class finally letting you out of this hell. You saw Lucas standing there, on his phone, waiting for you.

     “Ready to go Lucas?” His head snapped up to the sound of your voice.

     “What, Yeah.” He said quickly then walked towards his car. It was just a normal white Honda, wasn’t too nerdy. The car ride was pretty silent except for the radio in the background. You got out of the car waiting for Lucas to go ahead of you and open the front door. He opened the door and waved you in, it wasn’t anything fancy, it was like your house just a bit bigger. You followed him upstairs to his room, which was filled with band posters, and he had two guitars, the complete opposite of what you thought it would be.

     “Gimme a sec.” He said and went into the bathroom. You sat on his bed and just noticed your surroundings. Who’s bedroom am I even sitting in you thought to yourself. He came out of the bathroom with no glasses, quiffed hair, black skinny jeans and a shirt that had L.A. on the back.

     “Going anywhere?” You joked a little turned on by this different Lucas.

     “I’d just rather be in my normal clothes than that shit.” He said.

     “I thought that was your normal clothes though.” You said a little confused now.

     “Let’s just say who I am at school is not who I am everywhere else. Now are you good at chemistry cause I don’t feel like doing this shit right now.” Lucas said as he sat down on his rolley chair making his way to you.

     “Woah, woah wait Lucas-“

     “Luke.” He corrected.

     “Luke, can you explain please.” You asked impatiently.

     “Ok so before I moved here I was kicked out of my last school cause I was caught doing crack in the bathroom. I’ve been expelled from three schools now and so my mom said if I get expelled from this one too I’m going to military school. So I had to brush up and fake it this time and god dammit it’s hard. I haven’t fucked a girl in over six months.” He explained. You didn’t know what to say, all you knew is that you were fucking turned on by him.

     “Um ok, why were you kicked out of the other two schools?” You asked.

     “The first one I was caught too many times making out with girls at school and the second time they caught me cheating on a test and they were like super strict about that shit at that school.”

     “Do you play or…?” You asked staring at his guitars.

     “Well no shit, they’re in my room for a reason.” He noticed you were a bit tense around him, clenching onto the bed sheets. “Why are you so nervous around me.”

     “Well I don’t know, maybe it’s cause a few minutes ago you were a fucking nerd and now you’re a hot guitar player who happens to do all the things I do.”

     “You think I’m hot?” He asks getting closer to you.

     “Well any girl in the right mind would.” You admit. He was now inches away from you, sitting in between your legs. Your eyes flickered between his eyes and lips.

     “You’re not too bad yourself.” He says and leans in to kiss you. It wasn’t one of those sweet kisses shit, it was a heated kiss, and you loved it. You had each other’s tongues down your throats in seconds. Luke was obviously hungry for you. He pushed you onto the bed, crawling on top of you, hovering you. He kissed down your neck and the valley of your boobs. He pulled up your shirt exposing your bra. You continued and completely took off your shirt and undid your bra. Lucas’ hands went straight to your boobs massaging them while sucking on your nipples. He moved fast, down to you stomach. He kissed down your stomach getting to the waistband of your pants. He looked up at you before unbuttoning your shorts, then continued. He pulled down your shorts leaving you in just your panties. He kissed your covered clit, teasing you. He looked back up at you again, this time smirking at how sexual frustrated you were.

     “Hurry up Luke.” You whined. He finally pulled off your panties so you were completely naked. You naturally spread your legs open a little further. Luke gave a long lick up your slit tasting you. With two fingers he collected you juices and then pressed on your clit pleasuring you. You let out a load moan in relief. Out of nowhere he pushes his fingers into you pumping at a pretty moderate pace.

     “Ohh Lukeee.” You moaned. He was sucking on your clit while pumping his fingers into you; there was so much pleasure you were in heaven. By now you were a moaning mess under his touch. He started pumping faster and moving his tongue faster, increasing the pleasure. Your hand immediately flew to his hair and you were basically riding his face. Luke curled his fingers up hitting your g-spot perfectly. He continuously kept curling his fingers getting you to your high faster.

     “Ahh Fucking hell Lucas.” You loudly moaned though out the house as you hit your high. You clenched around Luke’s fingers as you came. Once you came down from your high Luke pulled his fingers out and licked them clean, tasting all of you.

Now you were completely naked but Luke still had everything on and you needed to fix that. You walked over to him and started slowly pulling up his shirt while kissing him. His shirt was about half way up until he disconnected from you and pulled his shirt off from the back collar. You two reconnected while you fiddled with his belt buckle. You undid the button and zipper of his jeans and took his cock out. You stroked it slowly teasing him a little.

     “Show me what else your pretty mouth can do, suck it baby.” Luke said pulling away from you. You went onto your knees pulling his jeans down along with his briefs. You pumped him a few more times before taking him in your mouth. You started by kissing and sucking his tip. Luke grunted loudly.

     “If you don’t shove it down your throat I might have to.” Luke challenged you. You still continued to tease his tip, kind of wanting him to do what he threatened.

     “I warned you babe.” Luke said pulling your hair into a ponytail to steady your head. He thrusted into your mouth, trying not to go too deep. He pulled out.

     “Luke go deeper I can take it.” You put him back in your mouth for him to thrust into. He thrusted deeper making you gag a little, but you loved it.

     “Shit Y/N.” He panted getting close to his high. Luke let out a loud moan as he came in your mouth. You hollowed out your cheeks getting every last drop of him in your mouth. You swallowed as you came back up to Luke’s height.

     “Did you swallow babe.” Luke asked, so you opened your mouth to show there was nothing left.

     “You taste amazing Luke.” You said smirking.

     “So I’ve been told.” He smirked back. “Now get up against the wall, facing your back to me.” You did as he said and got up against the wall poking out your ass cheekily. Luke walked over to you slowly. He grabbed your ass massaging it a bit. You felt the tip of Luke’s cock run along your slit making you shudder. He pushed in with no warning making you moan loudly. You’ve never been fucked standing up, but it felt good. Your palms were against the wall to support yourself from falling. After a few minutes Luke pulled out. You whimpered from the lost of contact. Luke turned you around by your shoulders and kissed you again.

     “You’re so beautiful.” He said. “Now jump.” You jumped wrapping your legs around his torso. He guided himself into you. From there you bounced in my dick like there was no tomorrow, again you’ve never done this but it felt so good. Luke walked you into a wall so it could support you weight more while he thrust into you faster.

     “Fuck Lucas Hemmings, I’m gonna come.” You yelled loudly.

     “Look at me while you come baby.” Luke said. Soon enough you were clenching around him coming. You grabbed onto Luke’s neck and rested your forehead against his, trying your best to keep your eyes open as you came. He rode out your high then pulled out to pump himself to finished himself off. You quickly got on your knees waiting for him to cum on your face. You felt his white cum on your face as you opened your mouth, shortly after more came, then more. Luke let out a deep moan as he came on your face. The sight of you almost made him come again. You got up to clean yourself up and then got into bed with Luke.

     “Let me take you out sometime.” Luke said as you were in his arms.

     “That’s suppose to happen first Lucas.”

     “Shut up.”

     “Of course I’ll let you take me out Luke.” You said giggling into his chest. 

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