ok i got excited

highlight of my favorite things namjoon said on the vlive:

  • i love mexico i love taco
  • im staying healthy so don’t worry
  • it’s purple but it’s pink doe
  • itz your grape grape mon
  • huulololol
  • pizza sucks without you ♪ ~
  • “don’t drink too much coffee” OHH I’ll take a decaf
  • i tried taco and burrito 
  • i love you
  • “you’re the love of my life” thanksss you are 😏
  • im just on the bed
  • eat a lot of vegetables and omega 3
  • i love you guys and yeah, have a good day
  • always stay healthy, and drink a lot of water, yanno what i mean right?

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also disclaimer: so many of the stream concepts were REAL hard to see so I had to improvise ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

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(Warning: sin sin sin sin) listen I've seen so many gifs and pictures of hoseok with his tongue out lately that now all I can think about is how much he'd love going down on you. Like if you're hoseoks S/O you're constantly getting oral. Always. Nonstop. 24/7. And he'd be so chill about it too like you're just sitting with him watching a movie or smth and all of the sudden his head is betweet your thighs and you're like oh????

oMG YES YES YES YES!!!!!! gdhgshfjgdhj h elp!!!!!!! im like?????? tfw????? i kNOW! i can imagine it (oh god forgive me ;-;) but he’s hot af!!! T_T

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also his tong is???? so long??????????

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ok but serious talk, i personally think hoseok would be a very hot bf like???? he looks cute and adorable in the outside, but in the privacy he would be the most savage man (suuuuuper good) in bed, incredibly sexual (have you ever seen the way he moves his hips?? he know he does it well!!!)

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aaaaaaaaaahh i want to cry hes so rude ;-;

                                                                MAFIA AU.

      viktor nikiforov, a name whispered upon the lips of the damned.  winter had sunk into his bones, made his heart cold as war itsself. he was no plain criminal — no. he was more. he was groomed for leadership, groomed for the weight of being the most dangerous man in the world. 


I’m an hour late but happy nacional coming out day!!! I wanted to draw them having this conversation because 1) I headcanon them as bisexual and 2) that’s pretty much how me and my best friend came out as bi to each other 

i’m not kidding, after spending almost two years being afraid to tell her, she just comes and tells me first, like, i was so relieved!! we got rid of a really big weight that day

oh and i guess this is also the day i come out to you guys? so yaaaay!!

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Gentle reminder that not everyone HAS blacklist, including anyone on mobile. I was happy for you too until the fifteenth post about your damn ring made me sick of it. Try warning people *before* posting dozens of "ZOMG CONGRATS" posts all over their dashes. A little restraint keeps happiness from becoming obnoxious. And publicly posting complaints so your followers attack them is childish. Happiness is not an excuse for dick moves.

ok thats nice. look i got engaged and I am excited and someone shitting on my fiance when they reblog it from here isn’t gonna fly with me, because I’m a human being and I love him, and people were already going after this person for their nasty comment way before I addressed it, so it’s not like I personally stood at my tower window shrieking about how I was gonna unleash the flying monkeys 

also, YET AGAIN, I’ve been queueing anon asks for over an hour and privately replying to like 75% of non-anon asks, IN ADDITION TO tagging everything i DO post for blacklisting. The asks are actually dying down like right now as I type this there’s only like 2 in my inbox including this one instead of the 100+ before

again. if you’re upset you’re more than welcome to unfollow whenever you like. It’s not like this is going to happen every day of my life so I think people can maybe suck it up and deal with excited asks about someone else getting engaged for a few hours here on tumblr dot com in between drunk texts from tony stark and steve rogers

Stars Upon Thars

OK SO I JUST GOT REAL EXCITE (watching ‘you’re welcome’ for the upteenth time and finally noticing this detail)

OK Y’ALL SO, DID YOU KNOW that the group of stars moana follows to find maui’s island are ACTUALLY the constellation Scorpio? known as ‘Maui’s Fishhook’ in that part of the world? yeah, ok, thats cool, but so what

WELL ASIDE FROM IT BEING SUPER COOL good job maui yet one more parallel with hercules    also maui is totally a scorpio rising with aries sun  and maybe some leo moon for good measure ask me more i dare you


and guess what? those stars dont stay the same all movie. nope. they change it up when maui gets his new tattoo (spoiler warning)

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(Victory Tour vs. Brazil, 10/25/15) PHOTOCRED: @home–town !!!!!

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ok this headcannon popped into my head and i got excited but none of my friends watch tgd so i have no one to share it with. in the late 70s, when rocky horror blows up with a cult following, thor starts playing rocky in those stage shows and dizzee comes to a show to support him and thinks its all wild as hell, and later he lands the role of dr. frank n furter and starts to sneak out to do midnight runs on the weekends with thor ???

this… is the best prompt ive read so far and i really want to write this but it’d probably take forever so somebody with time and skill PLEASE bless us

I’m so dying because like… it was totally Mikaels idea to start a youtube channel for the squad! I can totally imagine him being so excited because after all he loves making videos and has so many ideas to the point where he feels he had to tell them about it and trying to convince them to make a channel with him because he’s too scared to be in front of the camera by himself!! (I believe after all he’s more comfortable filming rather than being filmed.) So first they’re a bit hesitant when he asks but then they agree because they’re so supportive of each other and like can see the fun of doing it!!

Janitor’s Closet- Anze Kopitar

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Ok so for some reason I was really excited when I got this request but then I got to writing it and… idk.. let me know what you guys think! Enjoy! PS- Sorry about posting my night one early last night to make you wait longer for this one! I’m really tired and stressed and pressed the wrong button!

Warning: heavy make out

Anon Request: Anze Kopitar imagine where things are getting really heated between you two (if you get what I mean) but one of his teammates walks in?


              This was most certainly not the way you wanted to meet Anze’s new goalie, Ben Bishop.

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