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Welcome to the City of London || Rob & Kristen

Amazingly, Kristen and Rob had seemed to blend in with the ongoing madness of the city of London so easily since their arrivals a few days ago, with no bother whatsoever. That morning, they had both witnessed a row of CityBikes as they had just hopped off the Tube, causing a twinkle to emerge in Kristen’s eyes. With that, they eventually took off on two of the bikes, cycling through London, hoods up as the rain seemed to lash down, making it more fun as they fought with the fresh, musky breeze that the rain brought along with it. She had never felt so free, as she either followed Rob a long the way, taking in the sounds, the sights and the feeling of the city in general for herself as they rode through. Now and again when she was feeling on “edge”, she began to push her pedals faster and race Rob down a number of streets that were relatively quiet, which caused her laugh to chime as she seemed to be loving it. 

However after that moment of fun, they now found themselves walking hand in hand in the city centre, blending in with the masses of people either rushing to work, tourists being mesmerized by the landmarks like herself, snapping pictures at every possibility, small families merely taking a leisurely stroll, older citizens taking a historic venture out and even teenagers out and about together on their weekly shopping trip. It was as if they weren’t two of the biggest celebrities in the world at the moment, but just a regular couple having a holiday. And she did love that. Beanie on, shades intact, Kristen ensured her small hand was interlocked with his as they walked over the bridge near Westminister.

“So…” She breathed as she looked up towards him with a smile, “What do you wanna do now?” Kristen questioned as she gently stroked her thumb across his knuckles, her hazel eyes moving from his gaze as she watched the River Thames flow through London solemnly beneath them, taking a number of boats along with it. London was beautiful, and she knew Rob was certainly lucky to have been brought up here. 


LMAO, Jaime’s ass is probably jealous of the amount of attention this fandom has given to his penis… XD And this is what I love about hidden symbols and messages between the lines. Call me crazy and judge me, but in my opinion not only is he giving her his ‘sword’, he’s also giving her an armor which completely 'embraces’ her body. That’s clear message for 'I just wanna hold you in my arms while we make sweet sweet love’ or 'This is me screaming your name and looking into your blue eyes while we have some steamy rough sex’. (You can choose whatever you like…) XD

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Hunt with me

“Aim for the next,” Celegorm whispered next to her—his warm breath brushed against her ears— sending chill down her spine as she aimed at the deer in front of them. Her body was tingled from the rush of the excitement of the moment. Beads of sweat formed on her forehead as she strung the bow back, waiting for him to say when. Celegorm had agreed to take her with him on his hunting trip with Huan since she often bothering him of not spending enough time wither her since their marriage. She didn’t expect him to say yes at all, so she was quite grateful.

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ok but imagine Thorin and Bilbo living a very simple life in Bag End, in their own little world. They spend their days gardening and helping out neighbors. At night they lay in bed, Thorin traces patterns on Bilbo’s skin in the moonlight. It’s everything they could have ever wanted. They don’t think their love is anything grand or worthy of a story. Years later they visit Erebor to discover whispers from everyone as they pass. 

“Why is everyone looking at us?” Bilbo whispers to Thorin.

“There may have been a few stories told about how Erebor was reclaimed.” Bofur says with a smile.

“What sort of stories?” Thorin asks slowly as he turns to Bofur.

“You know, the usual. Nothing really. Just a few small tid bits here and there.” Bofur waves a hand in front of his face.

“I don’t think retelling the quest in excruciating detail is a few tid bits.” Dwalin interjects as he walks by.

“The whole quest?” Bilbo asks looking between everyone.

“His favorite part is describing the blush on Thorin’s face when he said you looked more like a grocer than a burglar!” Kili slaps his hands on Thorin and Bilbo’s backs as they both stand there in horror.

“I was not blushing.”

“I believe that you were.” Fili says as he tries to fight the smile on his face.

“I think you’re all remembering things vastly different than how they happened.” Thorin tries to play it off but keeps his jaw set firmly.

“King’s word. I swear it, which means it happened.” Fili is grinning now and Kili is standing behind him out of safe range from their uncle.

“That’s it! I’m going to write down everything that happened, that way there are no embellishments or commentary from third parties!” Bilbo throws his hands in the air as he storms off towards the royal guest chambers with Thorin following quickly behind.

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Outside of MBTI and law school, what do you do, out of curiosity?

I’m mostly at home gaming, working on my book, reading, learning cool things, playing various instruments or hanging out with my boyfriend. Sometimes I go outside to meet friends, visit the library or go to my Korean class.

But I do hang out on tumblr quite a lot from time to time, and socialize with people online. Also, I may or may not spend copious amounts of time just scanning the internet for useless information/read weird online theories/watch countless youtube videos until late at night. Two nights ago I basically combed through the Five Nights at Freddy’s wiki page until I was too afraid to move. It took several hours and ended with me staring at the bedroom door for two hours straight afterwards. Fun times.

BE SOMEBODY. [ Sophie & Cal ]
I’m just the boy inside the man, not exactly who you think I am.
Trying to trace my steps back here again so many times.
I’m just a speck inside your hand. You came and made me who I am.
I remember where it all began so clearly.

After all the lights go down, I’m just the words. You are the sound.
A strange type of chemistry, how you’ve become a part of me.
And when I sit alone at night, your thoughts burn through me like a fire.
You’re the only one who knows who I really am.

- scaredmouse & The Nightmare

                                                                What we dream and what we have nightmares about have a good part in reflection of what’s going on our very selves. In our lives or in our hearts in some way, shape, or form in the manifestation into a reality or story in our sleep – if that’s how it goes, then what was playing in Cal’s mind wasn’t something pretty. For in the middle of this godforsaken hour with the moon and stars about in the sky was him asleep on his bed. His body laid there on top of the covers of his queen bed, all in a matching neutrals and fire color scheme in accordance to his room. However, it wasn’t still at all in this state of slumber. In reflection of the nightmare he was having, the man was tossing and turning so much. The notion of mumbling and making other sleep noises due to unpleasant dreams was going into full effect here since he seemed to be doing ever so often. These actions seemed to go on throughout the majority of the night ever since the story of his sleep unfolded in his mind. The further it progressed, the worse it got until to this moment. For now as the restless movement and sounds of distress seemed to be a high, it got to the point where things in the world Calvin was in were too depressing. It’s at where he was having a few tears rolling down his face. That itself is something that doesn’t happen given this is the Spitfire that we’re talking about. Sentimental moods weren’t his thing at all so sadness wasn’t something that existed with him…or at least, he thought. Anyways, not just an ordinary ones were being spilled here since his body being held together by cosmic fire. His were more like faint starlight pooling from the corners of his eyes. A soft glow falling down, it was kinda pretty for someone who has never dealt with sorrow to look this way.

                                                                                                        However just like how any nightmare ends, it all comes to an end. Since it always comes to this, doesn’t it? The sudden awakening from the horrible grasps of a nightmare at its worst moment that one is quickly bolted up right on the bed? In maybe cold sweat — or in this case, hotter overall body temperature and a terrible expression like panic or fear across their features? Oh, that was all totally Cal as his gaze is fluttered open at the brink of it all. His entire self soon then found sitting upright while he breathes heavily from what he just went through. His orbs were widen slightly from the bad dream, of course. Yet they ease up though while his attention is soon turned towards the alarm clock in his room. A wondering of what time is it, it only read in red digits —

                                                                                                          3:12 – no, wait. 3:13 AM.

                                                                                                                                That was enough for him to sigh heavily as his fingers went to rub his eyes. Out of the stress from it was only that far into the night – and to also wipe his starry droplets from them which was a complete surprise to him, it got him thinking what he was happening prior to this moment. How he was having a nightmare about basically all he and Howl have secretly put with it with effects of the demonic force manipulation power and ‘the Witch’ and how they couldn’t basically protect Sophie – how he couldn’t take care of her and keep her safe to point that she died from their life decisions, it got him thinking so hard. His thoughts were so plagued by something that wasn’t real and didn’t happened. From it all, he was sure that he wasn’t going to be able to go to sleep after that. So, suppose it was a good thing that it seemed like Starlight didn’t wake up or even witness any of that in any one of the senses.

                                                                Because Fireheart still had a very light amount of his starlight tears across his face without him realizing it.


Admittedly he spent far too much time both on his own and lurking down the tall shelves of books in the library. If he wasn’t teaching, in his room, there was a high probability he was somewhere with a book. After unsuccessfully trying the entire socialization thing he decided it was better to remain fickle with people- the demigods he had met were either headaches, blunt, or mildly insulting. In rare but aggravating cases they were all three. But not all were but the large majority of people he had met were shuffled to the blacklist in his mind. He hadn’t really interacted with many gods or goddesses and the ones he had were not too bad or Egyptian. Despite his accepting and rather open personality, he was a bit picky with the people he stuck around.  And it wasn’t like many were lining up to talk to the awkward god. So he doesn’t really expect to be ambushed from behind and his eyes covered with a small ‘guess who’ type of thing. Because who would be greeting him in such a way? He wasn’t on any familiar terms with many of the people he had met so there are only a few there he could think of to guess. “Bastet?” He asks at first though he instinctively knows that isn’t the case… He pauses as he ponders everyone he has met so far. It doesn’t make sense to guess them but he does so anyway. “Aphrodite? Hyeri? Miah? Anna? Amaterasu?” He’s dwindling down as his hand goes to cover the smaller one that is covering his eyes because he honestly doesn’t know who it is though he should. None of his guesses make sense and had he been somewhat prepared for it, he’s certain he would have known. But the soft hand covering his eyes is pulled down and Thoth is turning. 

Bright eyes, he thinks. The only eyes that have ever really shaken him to the core. Warm like the sun and sincerity in the gloss of them. His hands really can’t contain themselves as they move forward just to brush and see if she’s really there or if she’s going to crumble under his touch into a mere hallucination. Her face is sweet and soft as he remembers, his hand moving and pushing back her hand gently cupping the curve of her neck as if she is actually fragile.

Ma’at?” He asks because she had been in Egypt and not standing before him- but here she was in the flesh. It comes to his realization he hasn’t seen her in a long time- the longest they’ve been separated. How much he had missed her suddenly hits him like a stomach ache and of course how selfish he had been to leave- it wasn’t as though he hadn’t wanted to be by her side. They had different paths- but they would always lead back to each other. His elbows knock into books when he moves too quickly, tumbling them over and he can only curse under his breath but thankful for the discreetness of the shelves and somewhat thankful there seems to be not many lingering around to witness his surprise. “I missed you.” But his hands don’t drop from her, his free hand going to take her hand as somewhat of an anchor because he feels infinitely light– and it’s pleasantly dizzying.

I was tagged by the gorgeous thisisabrandnewme for this fun little thingy! :-)

1. Write your name using song titles:
D: down with the sickness - Disturbed
O: outshined - Soundgarden
U: uptown funk - mark ronson and Bruno Mars
G: get low - lil Jon

2. Why did you choose your URL?
Because I really do play tuba :-)

3. What’s your middle name?

4. If you could be a fictional pet, what would you be?
Dug, from the movie “Up”

5. Favorite colors?
Black, brown, blue

6. Favorite songs?
Hahahahahaha… Way too many to list!!!

7. Top 3 fandoms?
I think that’s a young thing :-)

8. Why do you like Tumblr?
Because I’ve made some awesome friends here. It’s very motivational and in formative… And sometimes very funny!!

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( * ! underprcssure. based on this.

        THIS HAS GOTTA be some kind of sick fucking joke, right ? she was finally learning how to cope with the break up on her own & now she has to find out that she’s PREGNANT. her mind is racing & she swears she’s gonna puke because she knows exactly who the father was — & she’d do anything for it to be somebody else. ANYONE. somehow the brunette finds it in her to calm herself down enough to dreadfully drag herself over to his house, but she knew that the second she got a glimpse of him there’d be no way that she’d be emotionally stable. maddie stands by the door for what feels like a goddamn CENTURY, finally finding it in her to pound on the door — the sound coming off louder than she imagined because she was just so damn angry i need to talk to you about something imp —  her words are cut off by the door opening, swallowing thickly as she prepares to face him once again but to her surprise, it isn’t who she was expecting. the female quickly wipes underneath her eyes and forces a warm smile onto her lips, sniffling before she speaks up once more.  hey, i uh… i just need to talk to your brother about something. is he home ? i can come back later, i..  a bitter laugh falls from her mouth as she shakes her head, gaining just an ounce of confidence.  you know, actually, i can’t come back later. this is incredibly important. i need him to listen to me. 

no, this couldn’t be happening. hyemin had rented this apartment with her cousin especially because their main merchandising was how the new owners would get the year with free cable tv signature, the signature that was sent from heavens above to make her smile through the long meeting with her parents for them to pay for the apartment, even if she was the worst youngest child a strict parent could wish for (only her cuteness had saved her to live through twenty and two years, she knew this well).

“unnie…” she is almost crying, hand sliding dramatically at the screen that was filled with static instead of the promo they always played before the real show starts. her cousin is nowhere to be seen – hyemin believes she’s far, far away by now, probably in a place when she can’t be killed by the younger – and the internet doesn’t work long enough the official page can load and that’s when the brunette knows this is it. this is the end and she’s left to die because it’s the damn season finale replay and the new season premiere and she has no way to watch it.

the salvation comes suddenly and surprisingly, as the female lies on the floor wondering what will be of her life without knowing the end of the plot twist of the year: the loud door snap of the flat upstairs almost sounds like music now. in a minute, hyemin has put herself together along with two packs of microwave popcorn and a box of juice and the decision of acting now, right away. no neighbor could be so bad when you had food and a smile stretching your pretty pink lips, right? that – and that her show hasn’t begin yet – is all the female thinks as she nods and knocks on the door to miss wang’s apartment.

& ; painisagod. )

 shoulders form in tired slump, leaning against the hastings kitchen table. they’d had yet to clean out melissa’s room, and quite frankly she was TOO TIRED to play twenty questions with her twin. as if the constant reporters outside   there house making it impossible for them to leave their home weren’t enough, it were as though were SUFFICATING . ❝ i don’t care! ❞ she threw her hands frustratedly up in the air -  voice echoing the room. ❝  i already  told mom that i’m not going back in her room.  

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  • Do I Follow Them?: Yes.
  • Why Did I Follow Them?: Because I’m thirsty— lmao I’m kidding. coughs. :~) To interact with ofc. 
  • Do We Role Play?: Yes.
  • Do I Want To Role Play With Them: Always.
  • An AU Idea For Our Muses: “I decided to flip a coin about every decision in my life for a week and that’s how we ended up on a date”
  • A Song For Our Muses: x x x x x x
  • Do I Ship Our Muses?: *slams fist down onto a table* YES.
  • What I Think About The Mun: I don’t know too much but they seem very sweet and just as adorkable as their muse.
  • Overall Opinion: Lazy pabo. Nerd. Dummy— But very cute. I enjoy everything about you, haha not to be biased oop— The chemistry we have is really good like wow, I swear it’s meant to be. Legit perfect.
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