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You feel like heaven

Request for themadcaitlin!

Imagine : Lately you’ve been spending a lot of time with Rick . You two were just good friends , but it seemed like a certain someone didn’t see it that way . Extra fluffiness ahead.

The sun peaked through the small net design of your tent , causing a sigh to leave your lips. The nights never seemed long enough to you and the days only seemed to drag on to your luck , but you ignored the irratiton of sleep deprivation that came as a side affect of this new world and got up to face the day. You did your usual morning routine after , you brushed through your mess of so called hair ( the unforgivable heat of Georgia is the one to thank ) , changed into a clean pair of clothes , shoved on your shoes and left to go give your dirty clothes to the girls .

As of late though , your days had been off of routine . Usually throughout the day you did chores for Hershel , helped look for Sofia with Daryl , or just spend time with carol seeing as she needed all the company right now , but ever since about a week ago Rick snatched you up to do whatever he needed to get done . You were his partner in crime as of late with Shane being injured . And sure you didn’t mind spending all this time with rick , you two got along great , but you had to admit you missed spending time with Daryl.

Daryl was funny and smart and brave and any time you got to go do something with him you always looked forward to it . He made everything seem a little less hopeless. But you weren’t one to complain , especially when a little girl needed to be found . As you stepped out of your tent you saw Rick waiting for you over by Lori and Carol who were currently doing laundry .

You smiled kindly as Rick waved you over , kind smile of his own surfacing , and you almost slug like walked your way over . “ Morning Y/N ” Rick said and you told him the same . You then handed your dirty clothes to Lori and she some what smiled at you . You raized your eyebrow as to why she barely even tried to smile your way , considering you two were always nice to each other , but blew it off.

She was being a little moody lately anyways so you just moved on. “ I’m just gonna go get some breakfast and then we can head out for one of your patrols officer Grimes! ” you joked with a saulte , trying to lighten up the mood. Carol and rick smiled and laughed at you , but Lori just rolled her eyes and threw the shirt she was wringing out into the basket where other dirty clothes were piled up ready to be washed and hanged .

She then stormed off to her tent . Rick sighed at the sight of his wife and ran a hand through his hair “ I don’t know what that was even about ”. He then walked after her into the tent to probably calm her down . As soon as he entered the tent you heard nothing but Lori yelling . Carol only sighed “ You’d figure with her child being alive and her husband coming back from the dead she’d be more grateful then to yell at him ” . You nodded in return “ Some people just have bad moments Carol , they loose sight of what’s in front of them and let their stress get to them . I mean who knows what she’s going through ” .

Carol nodded “ I know , I know . She just seems so ungrateful . Even so that she slept with Shane ” . Your eyes widened , you didn’t know she had a affair with Shane . Maybe that’s why Rick wanted you to go along with him instead of Shane . You honestly just believed it was cause of Shane’s injury . “ Did you not know ? ” Carol asked as she saw the look on your face .

You blew off her question and just said “ Like I said you never know what’s going on ”. You then left from Carol to find Glenn . He always had fruits with him , ever since he got in good favors with Maggie, and you planned on snatching a orange or two from him. Plus you could use some of his cheerfulness right now . You walked around in search of the former pizza boy , only to come up with nothing . Your stomach growled in return of finding nothing , only for a chuckle to sound from behind you .

You turned on your heels as you recognized that laugh “ Don’t you laugh at me Daryl! My stomach is not someone to fuck with ! ” . He laughed even harder at your statement , his blue eyes tearing up from the reference to your stomach not only being a person , but something not to fuck with . You laughed some yourself , but walked over to dig in his pack .

You always took snacks from him and he didn’t ever seem to mind . all though he often referred to you as a chipmunk cause of how often you did take his things , but that always resulted in you jumping him . “ There’s some berries in there if you want ‘em . Picked 'em just now .. Figured you might like 'em ” he said as he scratched the back of his head almost shy like . You ’ oooo’d ’ at him and took the small cloth that wrapped the berries out .

You plopped down in the grass in front of him and he followed in suit , you both sitting Indian style across from each other . “ Wanna play a game ? ” You said as you popped a berry in your mouth . He raised a eyebrow at you like always when you suggested to do something out of his comfort zone , but you just threw a berry at him “ Lighten up Daryl ” . He chuckled at you and ate the berry you threw .

“ Alrigh’ whats the game chipmunk ” . You handed him the cloth of berries . “ Ok so you’re gonna throw the Berry’s at my mouth and I’m gonna attempt to eat them ! ” you mused and he smirked at you . “ You are such a kid Y/N ” . You shrugged “ You love me don’t deny it ” . He rolled his eyes at you and tossed a berry at you . You attempted to eat it , but it hit your nose instead .

Your face scrunched up and Daryl laughed “ C'mon girl ” . You rolled your neck until it popped , playfuly acting to get ready , and then war began . berries were thrown at you left and right , and while you weren’t catching many , you didnt mind because you were just having fun with Daryl . It had been awhile since you two could hang out like this , But then of course the sheriff had to come ruin the fun .

“ Y/N ? ” Rick smirked down at you . You looked up at the staturing figure and sighed “ Come here to bust our party officer ? ” . Rick signed playfully at your never ending cop jokes and nodded “ Afraid so , sorry im gonna have to steal her from you Daryl ” . Daryl glared at rick and stood up from the ground “ You ain’t stealin’ nothin’ from me ” . He then walked off leaving you with once again , a confused face .

Later that day , you and rick had come up with nothing on Sofia . The day was spent mostly with stories from the past and random jokes to fill the silence , but you didn’t need the jokes or stories to fill the silence like he did. That’s why you and Daryl always worked so well together . You two seemingly bonded through the silence .

But all in all it was a good day until you two walked your way back to the car you two took out here . You were just about to get in when rick stopped you “ I wanna apologize for the way Lori was acting earlier .. She thought something was going on between us ” . You could barf at the statement . “ Your wife is delusional Rick ” . You stared at the man and he sighed “ I know , I know . She just thought since I keep spending time with you out here alone instead of any others at random that we were ya know ” .

“ I’m not one to sleep with a married man ” . He nods . You two then got in the car and Rick started the engine . “ I also told her she’s out of her mind if she didn’t see that you had eyes for someone else anyways ” Rick smirked , keeping his eyes on the road . You rolled your eyes “ And who would that be ”. Rick started laughing and pulled out onto the road “ Do you think no one notices how you and Daryl act around each other ? ” .

A shy blush crept its way onto your face and you quickly hid it . “ You’re full of it ” . Rick looked over at you and gave you the ’ oh really ’ look . “ So you’re telling me that you don’t have feelings for Daryl? ” He asked . You avoided the question “ Why is this any of your business ? You trying to play match maker rick ? ” .

He shrugged “ I just know the way that the way he looks at you ? That’s something I ain’t ever seen before ” . You wanted to smile , but you wouldn’t give Mr.match maker any ammunition . So you just looked out the window . “ I’m surprised you haven’t noticed it . Everyone else does ” Rick continued his attempt to make you announce your feelings .You just rolled your eyes with a smirk “ You’re not ever gonna stop are you ? ”.

“Not a chance ” He smiled back at you .

The sun was setting in the distance when you finnaly got back to Hershel’s farm . The bugs were singing their songs and everyone seemed to be around the small fire . Rick and yourself stepped out of the small car and he was instantly was greeted with a happy Carl . You smiled at the boy as he held his father close . It was heart warming to see family love these days .

You then walked away from the scene of the two and joined the group of people around the fire . You looked around for Daryl , seeing as when anyone started a camp fire you two usually sat together . As you looked around you heard a laugh . You narrowed your eyes at a certain blonde “ He’s in his tent ” . You scoffed at Andrea playfully and stood up to go find him .

It was a some what long walk since he moved his tent away , but you managed . He was sat facing you in front of a fire of his own . He looked you up and down as he spinned a arrow around . “ You find anythin’ ” Daryl asked . You shook your head no “ We looked everywhere ” . He scoffed at you in disbelief . You raised a eyebrow “ What ” .

He suddenly stood up and pointed the arrow in his hands at you “ You got sum’ nerve girl . usin’ finding Sofia as a excuse to screw rick ” . You looked at him in disbelief “ What are you even talking about ! ” . Daryl strided up to you till he was in your face “ You heard me ” . You rolled your eyes at him and went to turn away but he grabbed your wrist “ Wait ” .

You turned to look back at him “ What . Gonna assume I’m a home wrecker some more ” . He sighed and took his hand off you to scratch the back of his head. Something he did when he was nervous . “ Im sorry I said that . I’m - I’m just .. ” He couldn’t seem to make out the words . You sighed “ Look I know everyone else believes that I’m sleeping with Rick , but not you . I thought you would at least believe that , but maybe I was wrong . Sorry to come and bother you . Won’t happen again .. Trust me ” .

His face fell quickly as you turned around again . He felt horrible for accusing you of sleeping with Rick , but he didn’t know what to say. He didn’t know the right way to tell you why he accused you of it and he didn’t know how to tell you how he really felt . He was never really good at talking about his feelings so all he could do was watch you walk away .

The next morning you did your best to avoid everyone. You were beyond pissed. You could deal with everyone believing you and rick had something going on , but not Daryl . You thought he knew you good enough to know you wouldn’t do that . But obviously you were wrong . You huffed at the thought , tossing your clothes into a basket for the girls to clean .

You ignored the looks Lori gave you as you did so . She held a guilty look and you just didn’t have time to fake a smile and accept her apology . You then walked over to where Glenn was sitting with T-dog and took a peach out of his basket . You usually would sit around with them , but you were in no mood so you just walked off to be alone . You sat against a tree and tried your best to ignore everyone.

But of course no one can have a smige of privacy these days . “ Y/N ? ” Lori asked quietly from behind you . You didn’t look away from where you were staring , but said “ What now ”. She paused for a moment . Probably trying to think of the best way to go about this . “ Rick told me that he talked to you about the way I’ve been acting .. ” She started . You tossed the peach to the side , it no longer held any interest , and stood up “ You know what save it . I’ve had it with all of y'all . You must have some nerve to accuse me of sleeping with your husband Lori . When you slept with Shane ? ” .

She looked away for a moment and you took that pause to walk away . “ You people make me wanna drink ” You announced as you walked away . You didn’t do anything with rick that day , instead you found company with Beth . You two did chores for the most of the day , mostly laughing over her fails at guys over the years , and it honestly made you feel better .

“ So what about you huh ? Got an guy out there ? ” She asked . “ Haven’t you heard ? I slept with sherrif ” You told her . She only rolled her eyes at you “ Oh come on ! I don’t care about fake gossip ! Only the real thing now tell me ! ”. You laughed at her “ Alright alright ! I surrender ” . You held up your hands in a fake surrender and she once again rolled her eyes . You took that as it was time to talk .
“ Well I thought there was one guy ”, You started , “ We got along so well . Like we had known each other our whole lives . He makes me laugh and is such a good listener Beth . He made this whole apocalypse worth while . He makes me feel safe and thats hard to come by . And along the way .. ” You stopped to look away from her , the ground somehow becoming the most interesting thing .

“ You caught feelings for him huh ? ” . You slowly nodded as you drew in the dirt with your finger . She placed her arm around your shoulders “ Then what happened ? ” . You shrugged “ Honestly I don’t know . Well I guess I do actually . People like to gossip even at the end of the world and even though were not together and even though he’s never made a move on me .. He believed the things they said ” . You sniffled slightly , your eyes burning all of the sudden .

You wanted to blame the sudden urge to cry on allergies , but you knew better . It felt like the other half of you had been suddenly ripped out . Sure you spent all day pissed at him , but the truth was you were just hurt that he didn’t come after you . Because if he would’ve chased after you .. Maybe what rick said would’ve been true . And you wanted that to be true .

“ Hey ” . You looked over at Beth and met her eyes . “ What it sounds like to me is that this guy ? Got jealous ” . You shook your head no “ Daryl isn’t the type to get jealous . Sure mad and pissy , but not jealous ” . She smacked your shoulder “ Oh open those eyes of yours already ! He got jealous ! ” . You parted your lips to try and poke any whole you could in her logic , but found not one . Realization hit you like a brick .

“ You know for a girl with two eyes that work , you sure are blind ” She giggled . You ignored her joke and off you went . You didn’t know what you were actually running off to do , but your feet went in the direction Daryl would surely be . You ran till your eyes met the sight of him and he stood up as soon as he saw you . “ Y/N ? ” . He looked to be in disbelief that you were actually coming to see him , let alone running .

You doubled over and stretched your finger out at him in a 'one second’ motion . You let yourself catch your breath and you then stood up straightly . “ What are ya- ” , you quickly interrupted him on a whim , “ You’re jealous ” . He looked your face over , no denial even found in his expression . “ Wow ” You said mostly to yourself in astonishment .

“ Yeah well so what if I’m jealous! I can’t help the way I feel about ya ! ” He suddenly yelled and turned his back to you . Your eyebrows furrowed “ You feel something for me ? ” . Your voice seemed tiny as a mouse at the moment , but he somehow heard you . Because he spun around so quick the impact of the dust could’ve knocked you down . He didn’t look to be mad . He honestly just looked hurt in a way .

“ Yeah Y/N .. I like ya’ . Ever since the moment rick paired us up together . You smiled so kindly at me like I was actually a person and no body my whole life had ever done tha’ . Ya’ made me feel like I was actually someone who mattered and not just some dumb good for nuthin’ redneck ” He awnsered . “ Daryl you are mor- ” He now interrupted you . “ Let me say this woman or I’ll never have the nerve to again ”.

You nodded in response . “ I started realizin’ I really like ya’. And at first all I wanted was to get away from ya’ . ta’ put the feelins’ away , but you kept drawin’ me in . And damn I know I sound like a bitch , but I want ya to know that I think yer’ beautiful ” he spat out . You blushed deeply at his words “ You do ? ” . He nods “ And I don’t just mean ya’ pretty Lil’ outside either . I mean on tha’ inside too . Yer’ so … I don’t have words ta’ explain ya’ ” .

You smiled widely at him and he smiled back. He then got the courage to come closer to you . He came about a person length away from you and looked you over “ Ya’ make my life worth livin’ Y/N . I wanna be a better man for ya’ and you’re not even my girl . I got jealous when I saw rick always taking ya’ away cause I thought he’d take you away from me for good ” , he then paused for a moment and you could see his insecurity surface , “ And I don’t deserve someone like you . So good and kind .. I’m the complete opposite ” .

You shook your head and closed the gap between you two . You lightly lifted up his chin so he would look up at you “ Daryl you deserve more then me . You’ve told me about your past and how you were treated and you did not deserve that ok . You deserve to be happy . To be loved as much as you love them. To be protected from all the dark things out there because you’re too good to even be touched by it ” .

His eyes searches yours as if he was searching for anything but the truth “ Ya.. Ya think so ? ” . You nodded “ I know so Daryl ” . He then surprised you . He wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you till your chest was against his . He didn’t kiss you just yet , he wanted to take the time to appreciate what he thought was heaven itself . He softly cupped your cheek in your hand and even though his hands were rough and callused , they felt smooth against your skin.

His blue eyes burned into yours and for the first time you saw true happiness in his eyes . His hand then left your cheek and moved to your hair , where he softly ran his fingers through it , and whispered “ ya’ don’t know how many times I dreamed about this moment ”. Your heart seemed to melt at his words . “ Just tell me I won’t wake up from this Y/N ” He almost begged. You softly smiled “ You never will ” . And with that his lips slowly found yours.

He held you so tightly as if to show the world you were his and his alone .

Later you found yourself laying next to Daryl in his tent . He had his arms surrounding you as he placed light kisses on your cheek . You didn’t know Daryl could be this affectionate , but you had brought it out in him . He wanted to treat you like nothing else would. “ Yer’ so beautiful ” he told you . You ran your hand up his cheek and into his hair “ I’m yours ” . He nodded and pulled you even more into him “ Mine ”.

You played with his hair softly “ And no one can take me away , not now not ever ok ? Especially rick ” . He nodded “ I can’t say that I’ll always be nice and that my temper will never get bad , but I can say that I’ll never let it happen around ya’ . I’m gonna treat ya’ like you treat me . And ya’ treat me like I’m special and irreplaceable ” . You smiled at his promise “ That’s cause you are ” . He then again placed his lips on yours . He was so gentle with you that it made the kiss that more amazing .

It lasted for a moment and when it ended he kissed your nose “ I’m sorry I accused you of sleepin’ with Rick ” . You shook your head “ Don’t apologize , look what came out of it ” . He smiled down at you so big “ I can’t get 'nough of ya’ ”. You blushed “ And I you darlin’ ” . He then peppered your face with kisses . You giggled endlessly . “ You’re laugh is so adorable ” He cooed .

“ I don’t think I’ve ever really enjoyed the sound of my laugh , but now that you’re the reason for it - ” Daryl about jumped you with another kiss . He leaned over you this time , but stopped himself from kissing you . “ You feel like heaven ta’ be around Y/N . Yer’ my beautiful angel ” . You shook your head “ Stop it your making me blush ” . He only shook his head back at you “ My flawless little angel ” .

He placed a soft kiss on your cheek and then whispered “ And I’ll never let no man ever take you away from me ” .