ok i blame this on tonight's steven universe


Despite my excitement for the recent events of Cartoon Network releasing the entire Stevenbomb that was originally supposed to air on the 30th early on their official app, I am literally freaking the FUCK out.

Holy shit that was amazing and I can’t wait for these episodes to release on television. Ijust couldn’t help myself tonight. Can you blame me? My favorite cartoon releases new episodes that I have the opportunity to watch and they haven’t even aired yet? Of course I’m gonna watch the hell out of them. 

And I can see why some people are upset and why some people are okay with this. First let me just say that this wasn’t the work of some amateur who found the files for the episodes and released them under the network’s noses. No.

The channel itself did this. Probably because we deserved a treat for being such patient and good viewers. We’ve been without a good amount of episodes since the late summer. I honestly forgot about new episodes for a while and I know some of you have too. And the network noticed that probably. So when they released news of new episodes coming later on this month, the hype became real as fuck. Everyone just couldn’t wait any longer to find out what the Palanquin meant and what was in store for the Crystal Gems this time.

Well Cartoon Network had our backs and gave us something amazing. 

And yes, this can be kind of bad for those who are faithful to the television releases. Trust me I am too. This might not look good on CN’s part but what can you do? They are a multi-million dollar empire that provide cartoons and series that gain millions of views from around the world. They can do whatever the hell they want to at this point. And I can tell you that releasing five episodes of a popular cartoon a little earlier in the schedule won’t lose their viewers. It will probably gain more. 

This is what they do. Cartoon Network’s job is to gain more viewers for their shows and this is just another way to do it. 

I’m okay with this. This is fine. It won’t kill me. Actually, this made me feel even better and started my year off rather well! So please don’t be angry with them. There is always a reason for something. They are doing the best they can to please all of us! 

Please support CN in all of their decisions because without them, we probably wouldn’t even have SU!