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Поздравляю, Yurio.

Viktor and Yuri got to celebrate together, I think Yurio deserves to celebrate with someone too.

me most of the time: the concept of this show is so brilliant! a main character for each season! we get so much insight and we feel so much closer to them! this is honestly great! i love it! 

me right now: ok but this means we can’t see even when he’s not with isak we can’t know how he’s doing we can’t get a shot of his face as he receives isak’s texts and reads it honestly who said this was a good idea 

unpopular opinion but self-diagnosed people aren’t required to justify why they self-diagnose. They have their reasons and they have every right to share as many or as few of those reasons with you as they want.

Even if they choose to not provide you with a single reason, because you’re literally not entitled to it, their assessment of themself is still valid.

I hadn't watched the ILY/coffin scene in weeks and I just rewatched it again...and practically gave myself a heart attack

I’m not gonna restate what’s we’ve all said a bazillion times, but what I will say is that I am at least as blown away now as I was when watching and rewatching it a couple months back. I just…

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Listen, My Hero Academia Smash is amazing.



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I am ok :) I am fine :) I didn’t just completely destroy myself by making this :) It’s not like my ultimate bias is Yoongi or anything :) I’m not in pain I swear :( I hope you all enjoy this bc I can’t…this is hurting my heart 💔😭 💔  Admin K(-hope) made the texts…ty for making them with the intention of ending my life💜

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dan, about his hair: sometimes i feel like i prefer it to being straight ‘cause its kind of hard to control when it’s straight because my hair doesn’t want to be straight — insert joke
me, putting my glasses on to read into things: hm

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Who seems super scary but actually isn't

Mogar is a name known across the board, synonymous with violence, with bloody knuckles and missing teeth, with quick temper and relentless brutality. Mogar is a brawler, an explosives expert, a connoisseur of heavy weaponry. Mogar is quick and loud and messy, is frank honesty and unrefined talent, infuriating back-chat and unshakable loyalty. Mogar is a weapon, a soldier, a wrecking-ball and, above all, it is unanimously agreed, Mogar is a threat.

The thing is, Mogar is a reputation; a rumour, a stage-name, an escalation. Mogar was born from word-of-mouth and has only grown with every showing, no effort made to stem increasingly exaggerated tales of his exploits; there is, after all, safety in that kind of notoriety.

Which isn’t to say he doesn’t exist at all; Michael is Mogar, doesn’t kid himself with distance in the way Ryan separates the actions of the Vagabond, has no disconnect like Geoff’s transformation into Ramsey, no fallacy like Gavin’s carefully constructed Golden Boy.

He is Mogar, is the violence, the temper, the reckless strength and morbid humour. But where Mogar is threat, Michael is guardian. Has been a defender far longer than it has been in his job description, plays  guard dog more out of personal inclination than in response to inherent ferocity. Michael is furious blood-lust, yes, but only when provoked.

For all his unadulterated rage Michael has never raised a hand against his family, never taken a swing at someone who couldn’t handle it, at someone who hadn’t pushed him into it. And sure, he enjoys a fight, likes the spike in adrenaline, the smack-talk and cocky confidence in his own abilities, but it’s only a fight if both parties are somewhat equal participants; Michael doesn’t hit first, and his responses tend to be more rationally proportionate than his image of a dangerous loose-canon would have you believe. Unless, of course, you’ve come for his people. A strike against a Fake is taken as the first blow and Michael will not rest until he’s sure it was your last.

When they say Mogar is upfront they mean he isn’t cruel, doesn’t play mind-games, doesn’t like torture or drawing things out. Michael is Mogar but he is also mercy. He is clean shots and quick ends, is clear rules and predictable punishments; he’s a self-admitted asshole but he isn’t a monster.

Michael is childish pranks and snorted laughter, is endless exasperated rants and spending long nights awake with sleepless crew-mates. He is dumb jokes and lopsided birthday cakes, frantic first-aid and cranky affection. Michael is a forehead bump with Lindsay before running into the fray, a drink and a careless arm around the shoulder of brooding Geoff, is abrasive affection when Ryan is too quiet and a series of not-so-reluctant bear hugs when Gavin gets frenetic. He is played up affront when Jeremy second-guesses himself, a calm shadow when Jack is fuming, is silent midnight cigarettes on the roof with Ray and delivery-boy of apologetic meals when the support crew work overtime cleaning up their messes.

He is a world of little acts of thoughtfulness and surprisingly sweet kindness beyond the initial appearance of loud-mouthed fighter, but in Mogar there is threat, there is safety, and Michael is, above all else, a protector.

under the cut are #80 gifs of kiana ledé aka zoe from scream because there aren’t enough at all and i’m mad about it. all of these were made by me and they probably gave me a migraine so it would be super cool if you liked this if you use them. the colouring is kind of weird on some and i didn’t actually make any from the show (yet?) but… yup. 

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Dating Alex Summers Would Include

•Him being very over protective of you all the time
-He always has to have a hand somewhere on you all the time. On your shoulder, waist, holding your hand anywhere.
-Never wanting you to go out on your own
-always checking up on you
•He can get very jealous
-“What’s wrong?” You’d ask “He’s been staring at you all night!” He’d sulk trying to hold his anger “Calm down you know how Peter can be.” “I don’t like him looking at what’s mine.” “Yes I am yours now relax ok?” “Fine”
- his jealously can only be calmed by you pulling him on top of you and running your hands through his hair humming softly till he falls asleep on you.
•He can be scared of hurting you with his powers
-always cuddle you very softy
-giving you forehead kisses while hugging you
-always gives you butterfly and Eskimo kisses
•He has cute nicknames for you that melt you instantly
-pretty girl
-baby girl
-doll face
-little one
•He has the biggest daddy kink he’s the ultimate daddy Dom
-“come here princess sit on daddy’s lap for a while.”
-“ what did I say little one? Do you want daddy to punish?”
-“ don’t you look beautiful baby girl.” “All for you daddy.” You’d say and he’d let out a low moan that sounded almost like a growl. “That’s right kitten.”
-during sex he does his hip swivel that leaves you a moaning/screaming mess In general he loves you unconditionally and that’s all that matters to you.