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Listen, My Hero Academia Smash is amazing.

I hadn't watched the ILY/coffin scene in weeks and I just rewatched it again...and practically gave myself a heart attack

I’m not gonna restate what’s we’ve all said a bazillion times, but what I will say is that I am at least as blown away now as I was when watching and rewatching it a couple months back. I just…

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Heeeeeey. I was wondering if you could find some shortish fics, preferably less than seven thousand or somewhere around there. Super smutty or super fluffy is fine. But pleeeeeeeeease 😍😍😍 ok I'm done thanks

I am taking this as a challenge, they’ll have to be LESS than 7k! Many shorties seem to fall into the ~8k range so this should be fun. (Also, for more short-ish fics of 25k or less, I’d like to refer to my rec lists here and here.)

Drarry fic recs, less than 7k

Feel You In These Walls by alpha_exodus (6.8k)
Just this once, Harry thinks. Just this once, they’ll kiss, they’ll have sex, and then it’ll be over.Draco hadn’t expected more than that either. But then it happens again, again, and neither of them had anticipated having feelings involved - but they’ve never been able to keep anything casual, have they?
(Lovely sweet Drarry, beautifully written, lots of personality for a shortie!)

Let Me Go on Loving You by firethesound (6.6k)
Harry has learned that the perils of living with a potion master include, among many other things, the occasional exploding cauldron. At least this accident involves a lot of orgasms, so. Could be worse.
(I LOVE THIS FIC SO MUCHHH. The Drarry is amazing, I love the way Harry thinks about Draco and how he doesn’t. want. to. stop. kissing. himmm.)

Two Gentlemen by hidingfromsomeone (3.7k)
This is sweet sweet fluffy established relationship Drarry in which they live together and cook for each other and just can’t keep their hands away.

Crystal Clear by ICMezzo (6.7k)
Harry customizes a snow globe. Draco listens to centaur weather reports. Ron investigates the height of Pansy’s boots. And Hermione knows even more than everything, as usual. (No one signs up for the class for lactating witches.)
(I feel like I rec this fic every day but it can’t be recced enough! Draco and Harry’s relationship in this is my fave, they’re adorkable and so so sweet.) 

Falling Stars, Catching Lightning by daftfear (6.6k)
Draco’s talent and skill as a tattoo artist are without equal, but when Potter comes in asking for a custom piece that’ll take several sessions to complete, Draco finds his abilities and professionalism tested.
(Excellent fic, the sexual tension is on point, and the tattoos, so much YES.)

Muggle ‘Drug Store Items’ by loveglowsinthedark (4.2k)
Malfoy’s interest is caught by a certain Muggle drug store item. (Hint: Flavoured Condoms)
(Probably the funniest and hottest thing I’ve read in a good while.)

Choices that are made in the moonlight by Teatrolley (4.4k)
“Harry never imagined that he’d someday know the feeling of Draco’s smiling lips against his own, or be able to replicate the exact tone of his during-sex laughter in his mind. Even then, he especially never imagined that, were he to ever know those things, he were also to be without them again.”
(I cried a waterfall reading this one, it hurt so bad, my poor poor heart.)

Wascally by dysonrules (6.7k)
Draco finds an ickle wounded birdy in the forest.
(This fic is hilarious and absolutely adorable, Draco is so sassy I can’t.)

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So, apparently you are the keeper of all of the best crack-y Star Wars AUs that feature Obi-Wan. After the Anakin/Obi-Wan comic, Anakin does decied to leave the order, and so Obi-Wan says "Ok," they pack up there earth tone suitcase, and head straight towards the outer rim. Anakin is really confused the entire way, and they stop at Mandalore of all places, and Obi-Wan just walks into the palace, smiles at the duchess and is all "Honey, I'm home, and I brought us a son."


1. I am deeply proud to be considered a leading purveyor of fine Star Wars Crack. As I say in my tumblr description, I take not taking Star Wars seriously very seriously. 

2. Obi-Wan and Satine raising Anakin is amazing?? And hilarious?? I mean OK I would assume that if Anakin actually had left, he’d probably want to go back to his mother but WHATEVER, this is an AU where for whatever reason that’s not an option. Can you even imagine the look on Satine’s face when Obi-Wan shows up there with 12-year-old Anakin? What if this is the version of this AU where Satine and Obi-Wan also had a secret kid before, so Anakin gets a baby brother? Does this make Anakin the son of the Duke of Mandalore???? 

At some point Obi-Wan and Satine retire/abdicate for some reason, leaving Anakin Skywalker The Jedi Chosen One to rule Mandalore. GOD HELP THE GALAXY. 

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youre so unthankful for your followers on here and the asks you get wait until the day youre irrelevant and no one cares abt your blog youll miss getting 100 messages/day. you lit complain abt ppl giving u attention. ppl go out of their way to send you well thought out asks and you still only answer like 30%? we will get tired of you only answering witty asks that make you sound funny. i wonder how it feels having everyone's saying this behind ur back and hoping you'll finally get wht u deserve

oh don’t worry i get loads of what i deserve in real life

Big Bang reaction to their gf always smiles when she's about to cry like she wants to hide it

Big Bang reaction to their gf always smiles when she’s about to cry like she wants to hide it 🙈

For ANON.!!

Hope you like it


Gifts aren’t mine

It has been a rough day.

You couldn’t sleep properly, it was or too hot or too cold and you kept moving in bed trying to find the perfect position (it never happened).

On your way to work, an old man in front of you was driving so slow you started to curse him in your mind.. and you arrived late.

At work, your boss just kept yelling at you because you couldn’t find the super important paper that had to be done today.

On lunch break, you stained your clothes with coffee.

At 7 pm on your way home and almost fell asleep at a traffic light, thank God you woke up before a huge queue was behind you.

But finally, you opened the door of your apartment ready to just have a shower and go to bed when you saw him

Your boyfriend finally was back from his tour

G Dragon

He was on the couch, flowers lying next to him.. he was looking at his phone and didn’t notice you were in.

You stayed there observing him for a couple of minutes, he was randomly watching some videos, laughing softly and caressing his soft hair.

It was enough for you to calm down, everything found back its balance the moment you saw him.

G Dragon was maybe the opposite of balance, but Jiyong was a different man. He thought before speaking and doing anything, he was supportive and positive.. Jiyong was an artist, producer, composer while G Dragon was a stubborn superstar.

And you loved both of them

Walking to him, he heard your steps and looked at you, smiling widely.

-Babe.. I missed you

-Me too

You hugged him tightly, hoping that all the stress of the day would vanish in the thin and cold air

-What’s going on?


-Are you sure babe?

He moved away from the hug to look at you in the eyes, you smiled trying to hide the tears that were forming in your eyes. You didn’t want to ruin the mood but all the stress made you so emotional, it was hard for you not to cry.

He looked at you confused..this was not your usual happy smile..

Lowering your head, you started sobbing. 

Jiyong knew that there was something wrong, it was not just him being back.. it happened before, but he could see you were crying because of something else.

He hugged you again, patting your head softly and kissing the top of it

-It’s fine Y/N.. it’s fine crying..let it all go

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You took off your jacket and immediately went to him

-Hei ba..

You didn’t even let him finish, kissing him  and sitting on his lap

You rested your forehead on his, looking him in the eyes while caressing his cheeks

-I need some wine

-You don’t drink babe..

-That shows you how bad my day was

-Wanna talk about it?



He cupped your face with his big strong hands and you were almost going to cry, so you faked a smile not to worry him

Senghyun was always really protective towards you.. he always made sure you were ok in any way; starting from always buying you random food to make sure you ate, to asking his connection if they knew your boss and how he was.

-I know that smile


-What happend?


You reached for his hands, trying removing them to go away while your tears was still not covering your cheeks, but Seunghyun didn’t move.

-Stay..don’t hide


-It’s ok if you don’t wanna talk about it..but don’t hide from me

You pouted your lips and looked at him, he smiled and laughed and kissed your temples

-How can you be so cute even when you cry?

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As soon as you saw him you just wanted to cry..you missed him so much!

And he noticed that

-Nooooooo don’t cry!!!!!

Daesung run to hug you and looked at you, moving your messy hair behind your ears.

-I am not crying!!

-I know that face,  you always pout your lips and do puppy eyes when you wanna cry

You tried to smile, hoping you could fool him with that..but let’s just say you weren’t the best actress.

-Noo please!! Look at me!!! What happend???

He cupped your face with his hands, he was seariously worried..

You didn’t cry a lot, you were always positive and happy but that day was really the worst day ever. He pouted his lips too, watching you and trying to make you laugh doing weird faces and mimicking a baby crying

-Noo if you cry i cry

-Daesung stop!! I am not in the mood

-I can see that

He suddenly returned serious.

He was always so happy and nice in his public life, you were surprised by this side of Daesung. 

You never thought he could be such a deep man, not that you thought he was stupid before you got to know him…just the image he showed to his audience was something different from his true self .

-Ohh i am in truble


-Now you look pretty even when you cry..

-Isn’t this a drama line? Like.. Fight for my way or something like that??

He grabbed you neck at put your face on his chest

-Sh..I was trying to be romantic

-You’re suffocating me Dae

He definetly was able to lift your mood up in 0.1 sec

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You smiled at him, he was in the kitche, probably cooking something..he was just so husband-material..

You hugged his back, placing your arms around his waist

-Babe..hei..let me hug you properly

You couldn’t answer, you didn’t want him to see you crying, but he grabbed your hands and faced you.

You smiled a bit and he understood imediatly something was wrong, he didn’t say anything tho..he just hugged you and kissed your temples

-Rough day eh?

The moments those words left his mouth you started sobbing and crying

-It’s fine.. I am here ok?  And I took some time to just stay with you, so you’re stuck with me

Tayenag was such a gentleman, he always knoew what to say and when.. He understand you like you knew each other for your entire life.

-I love you tae

-I love you too Y/N..wanna eat something?

-Yes..but i want to cuddle a bit more

-That’s for sure..

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He lift  his head the moment you walked throught the door, smiling at you and coming to help you with your stuff from work.

-Let me help you

-I’t fine Riri

-But i wanna help..

You and Seungri didn’t look like a couple in most people eyes, you both were really indipendents.. you never appeared together in public, and the rare occasions when you met the other members you avoided skinship.

Riri was really jelous of your private life, your intimate moments were just for you.. he didn’t like to share them except with the other members from time to time.

-I ordered some food for dinner

-You didn’t have too

You said , sitting on the couch next to him

-But i wanted to.. you look pale..

-Just a bit tired..how was the tour?

-Nice as usual..I missed you tho…

-Me too


You knew he knew..you lowered your head smiling, he was a busy man..you didn’t want to trouble him with your problems

-Whose ass do I have to kick?

Tears covered your cheeks, you weren’t able to face him.. he never saw you like that..

He moved your hair from your face and kissed you, lifting from your spot he place you on his laps not saying a word. 

-Calm down and you’ll explain to me later ok?

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