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Pairing: Loki Laufeyson x Reader

Warnings: Bit of fluf, a lot of smut and cursing.

Hi :) can you write Loki x Reader one -shot? She’s a new Avenger and she must watch Loki. He’s so charming and loving for her. She have her first time with him. (Heavy smut ❤) With a happy ending :) Thank you :*

A/N: Ok so I kinda changed the plot a tiny bit, because I didn’t want to make the reader have her first time. Just didn’t seem right. I am a sucker for feedback 

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“So I have to take care of who now?” you asked. The instructions you were given were actually clear and you didn’t need more confirmation, but saying that the news came as a surprise was a major understatement.

“Loki, (Y/N)” Steve repeated, “Although I wouldn’t call it ‘taking care’” he pointed out and shook his head to both sides, “think of it as… Keeping an eye on him”

“Have you thought of the possibility of being mindfucked by him?” you cocked an eyebrow.

“Language, please” he huffed, “and yes, we already thought of that, but then we realized about certain powers you have” he got you. He fucking got you. Of course energy shields were more than enough to stop mind-trickery and to stop almost anything; you knew that perfectly and you hated to admit it: Steve fucking Rogers was fucking right again. “We’re all going on missions (Y/N), and we can’t leave him alone. Please?”

“A ‘please’ won’t be enough, Rogers” you rolled your eyes in exasperation and folded your arms over your chest. You were looking away, but you lost your focus one second, one fucking second, and Steve was giving you the puppy eyes. “Puppy eyes won’t work either” you looked away again, but he had won the fight, again. “You owe me a big one” you muttered in between teeth.

“Think of this as a mission of your own and you initiation ceremony” he smiled innocently, “and thank you. He’s more or less pacified now so he shouldn’t be a problem” you took a dramatic deep breath and got out of the sort of meeting room; you were not needed anymore.

You had your mind set on going to your bedroom. That was your first aim; your only one, but you found yourself walking to the sort of prison at the Avengers’ facility. You accessed the hallway that led to the set of cells, to personally meet your ward. He had been given normal clothes, a bed and an endless pile of magazines taken from Tony Stark’s collection; you’d probably be dead by now if you were given that treatment.

He was lying on the most uncomfortable-looking bed the Avengers could get, in his hands, a National Geographic magazine and stacked next to the bed, a pile of more of those magazines. You knocked the glass twice to call his attention, and the effect was immediate. He left the paper aside and walked to the glass to face you. You had heard a few times how people described Loki Laufeyson, but they were all completely wrong. The man was incredibly gorgeous and his features were perfectly sculpted by the gods –what a terrible joke that was–; he was tall, probably a head taller than you or more; his slim figure easily tricked anyone, but you’d seen him in battle. He was strong and so fucking graceful it hurt. He looked at you with disdain; as if you were no more than a rat, but you couldn’t stand small. You were the authority there and he could might as well fuck himself.

“Enjoying NatGeo?” you asked, nodding at the magazine, “Jesus, I’d rather die than to be confined to read those things until the team decides if to free my ass, huge if we’re talking here.” Loki was rather impressed at your vocabulary; he had only seen Natasha and Thor’s girlfriend, Jane, before, and they were not inclined in using such words, so he was definitely not used to women pronouncing things he had heard from the male avengers. “So yeah, thing is that I’ll be in charge of you now, so that means you’ll obey me, are we-?”

“I really don’t mean to be rude, but can you please shut up?” Loki chimed in, sighing heavily and pinching the bridge of his nose. You were taken aback by his question, and this made the second surprise in a day. You were not having it. “You are rather unbearable, and that is a lot to say considering I have Thor as my brother and he’s friends with Volstagg.” He sighed.

“Oh, poor you” you took your hand to your hear and pouted, “anyway as I was saying. I have to keep an eye on you and that’s the last thing I wanted to do as the new recruit, but here we are” you pursed your lips and shrugged opening your arms, eliciting something that looked like a smile from him, “so you be good and I’ll be even better, do you get it?”

“Yes, I do” he grinned wickedly; you knew he was trying to trick you but what he didn’t know was that you were bulletproof. He blinked in disbelief. You smiled again, feeling proud of yourself and your powers. “Enhanced?”

“Surprised?” you tried your best to keep your smile as soft as possible; he shrugged a response “so was I after I woke up from the experiments. Oh, Laufeyson… We’re gonna be good friends”

What was said as something ironic, in a matter of weeks did turn out to be actually truth. You had an undiscovered soft spot for bad guys who wanted to redeem themselves. But he was really nice if he put some effort to it, and once you relieved from his sentence to be bored to death with some books and some music, he even became nicer to the rest. Getting him to confess was one thing, and with your methods, he even gave away some names none of you had in mind. Apparently, being a demi-god opened a lot of doors in the Midgardian black market.

Steve patted your shoulder every once in a while, with his heart full of pride and joy. You were his new recruit and he always felt responsible for you, especially after all that had happened to you and how you were basically another lab-rat for the government, just as he was. You felt like he was more a friend than just your boss, so it was not weird for either of you to have heart-to-heart talks every once in a while, but regarding one topic only: Loki. He could see right through the things you didn’t want to admit.

It was foolish to deny the fact that you both had grown fonder of each other. It all began with the books and music, and you knew you were walking behind enemy lines with this, but the way he was with you now changed everything. He wasn’t just nice, he even became interested whenever your face seemed different to him, and he could even notice the changes in your voice. Each time you went to see him, he welcomed you with a wide smile. A genuine one.

“I’m glad to find you in a good mood, trickster man,” you cheered, “because I have awesome news for you”

“I’m all ears.” He smiled back at you.

“The benevolent Captain America has decided to set you free on probation.” Loki stared at you. “I made the suggestion and the team agreed with it…” The trickster cocked an eyebrow, not understanding quite well what you had just said. “This means you’ll be set free… under somebody’s watch.”

“That means that I will have a babysitter?” He asked flatly; making a great effort in not thinking of it as the cruelest mean of torture.

“Two, actually.” You shrugged. “But hey! At least one of them is me.” You smiled again, but his expression didn’t seem to change much, if anything, it got even more exasperated. “You’re being offensive right now.”

“You are most certainly not the problem.” He soothed you with a light smile; your heart skipped a beat just seeing him doing that. “It’s just that I’m guessing who my other guardian is. I’m glad to know it’s you.” He nodded once, smiling widely.

Loki decided to stay on Earth a bit longer than his brother, but he was not very welcomed at the Avengers facilities, so when you offered him to stay with you for a while, he didn’t hesitate to accept your helping hand. He was great roommate and an even better friend with benefits. Because if going to his new home, holding your hand and constantly kissing it is not a way of expressing his love for you, then I’ll be damned. I know nothing about love.

Making out with Loki had become a daily activity that you two enjoyed almost sinfully. You couldn’t agree more with the name of “God of Mischief”; it suited him perfectly. One day, as you were having your daily dose of his lips, you feel a hand that’s going a bit further than usual. You were a bit to blame, if we’re being completely honest; you were on the couch, straddling him and grinding your hips a little. You grab his wrist and place it again on your waist; he kissed down your jawline to your neck, making you throw your head back and moan softly as his lips found a place to suck in.

You tangled your fingers in his long locks of ebony hair and allowed him full access to your skin. His cold hands were a great relief for the increasing temperature of your skin. You were starting to lose control of your own mind, so you pulled away from him.

“Ok, so I have a condition if we’re gonna keep doing… whatever this is…” you managed to articulate once you were away enough from him to be able to think straight. Loki looked up at you and attentively listened to every word you said, “I want you, to promise me that you won’t try to trick me…” You bit your bottom lip.

“Since we met, I never tried it again” he assured you, cupping your face in his icy hands, “today is not the occasion to try that again”

He made you lean in again, this time gentler than before; as if he really wanted to discover inch by inch the skin of your lips. Your hands took their position on his hair again while his long fingers massaged the nap of your neck as his tongue swirled with yours. One of his hands slowly crept down your side, resting dangerously low on the small of your back and threating with going even lower.

Roaming your hands down his shoulders, you held on for dear life to him and gave him all the signals that he had the green light to do with you as he pleased. Fortunately, he was quick to get the hints, and with both hands he grabbed your ass and effortlessly stood up.

In just a matter of seconds, Loki carefully placed you on the bed you shared once in a while. It had never gone further than spooning or any other form of cuddling; you needed to be completely sure that this wasn’t just a way of getting some kind of mortal relief from him. All deities had a sex drive; it was just a matter of reading the stories about Zeus and having a room next to Thor’s to find that out; your mind was filled with those thoughts enough time for Loki to notice you were not completely into it.

“Something wrong?” He looked down at you. He supported himself with both hands on the sides of your head; concern tainted his words. “Do you want to stop?”

“I just need to know if what we’re getting into will mean something to you…” you admitted, looking away.

“(Y/N), I have never done something more real than this,” he assured you, curling his lips into a soft smile. “Do you trust me?” You nodded before you could think of a true answer, “look at me, (Y/N).” You obliged, “Let me change the question: are you willing to trust me?” you doubted for one second, and one second only, but you knew damn well what the answer was.

“I am,” you smiled faintly as your voice came out high pitched, “I really am.” A wider smile spread on the trickster’s lips and it was you who pulled him to your lips again.

His hands didn’t waste any time in sliding under your loose shirt. The day had been ridiculously hot, and if it wasn’t for your underwear, that shirt would have been the only thing you wore that day.  He found the shirt quite uncomfortable, so he gently took it off from your body; his upper clothing followed little after.

You lifted your torso to comfortably take off your bra; Loki looked at you in a bit of bewilderment. His mouth was slightly open; it took him a few seconds to completely admire your figure. Your hands carelessly drew every line that his sculpted torso offered; even though his skin felt colder than yours, it only made it more refreshing. Loki crawled away from you, just to position himself in between your spread legs. He kissed his way on your leg and to your innermost thigh, tugging his teeth on your skin.

He pulled your panties to the side, revealing your already wet folds. He took no time teasing you; instead, he went straight to lock his lips against your bud and sucked on it; eliciting loud sounds from you. His fingers joined the party little after. He teased your entrance enough to easily slide a digit in you; not like you needed much stimulation; rocking your hips on him did quite the job. His fingers were not as thick as they were long; he could reach places you thought dormant, and saying you enjoyed it was a major understatement.

For a while, he kept you on the verge of coming undone; your loudness and lose tongue when it came to profanities amazed him to the point that he thought of tricking you to make you think you were never going to come, but he made the promise of being true to you. You pulled the covers in an attempt of grasping something real, but you released them and grabbed them again because you couldn’t think straight anymore. He was so good that he didn’t give you time to say you were about to come.

He unmade the button of his jeans and kicked them away. The man was a god, no fucking doubt about that. And he knew how to use what his daddy gave him. You came again under him; then on top of him and as if it wasn’t enough, he had you and all fours, shaking and pleading for more. You came that way too.

When you were too tied to carry on, you threw yourself onto the messed up covers, panting for some much needed air. Loki laid next to you, brushing away some rebel locks of hair away from your face. He looked at you with an inerasable smile taking over his expression.

“What?” you asked, “do I have something?”

“I love you, (Y/N),” he admitted, reaching out his hand to hold yours, “I really, really do”

Am I the only one, who thinks that everything they did with ships in the last episode was a fucking attempt to please everyone?
We kinda had Moriarty back and there was a tiny bit of action between Sherlock and Moriarty (the reaction and shit, you know).
We got the ‘You had sex’ and the text message 'You know where to find me’, which leads us to one and only Irene Adler.
We got the Molly and Sherlock phone call, which shippers can easily interpret in 'that’ way. Plus, we saw Molly coming over to 221B, so she is fine with everything that happened and, again, shippers can see something huge for them in the future.
And Johnlock. Dear Johnlock, of course! The whole episode (as fucking always) was Johnlocky with choosing John over Mycroft, the whole soldier thing, 'Are you okay?’, 'It is what it is’ appeared again, the John Locke thingy, the ending, where shippers (such as myself) can interpret Mary’s words as: 'You’ve always been a couple’, seeing them building 221B together again, raising a child together. I mean, come on, lots of Johnlock, even though all of it can still be interpret as platonic and shit.
And, of course, some can deny everything I mentioned before and think that Sherlock is alone, which is also a possible variant.
And, like, honestly - WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK? You can’t just fucking do that. You can’t try to please everyone. You talked about Sherlock in love, you gave us high hopes and then just gave us five bones, told us to pick one and when we did, you said that we can sniff it, but we can’t eat it.
YOU BLOODY COWARDS! Pick finally. You can’t just run away like that leaving everything like that. Grow some fucking balls and decide finally. Seriously, it’s not just fucking queerbating. It’s everything. They do it with every ship. They tease EVERYONE. And they don’t give ANYTHING to us at the end. Because they are too scared to be hated by certain part of audience.
Well, look what you’ve done there. Now most of audience hates you. And, I honestly want to say that you didn’t deserve it, but I must not lie.

Ok…I am a TINY BIT LATE…but I could not come up with a Law I liked!

Inktober/ BDAY LAW day 6! (Obviously not in “ink” XD)

I will “attempt” to draw Trafalgar Law in a similar style to that artist!

I HOPE THAT’S OK!!!!! If not please let me know and I will remove the art~!

Usually the art is in black and white but…Mew-ya is ALL COLOR BABY.


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Wait, Mr. Graves - were you a Pukwudgie? You mention the House an awful lot. Which isn't a bad thing - I myself am I Pukwudgie.


Listen. Listen. Fellow Pukwudgie or not I will take you down if you decide to pigeonhole us into - into - froofy headed bleeding hearts or whatever the fuck the stereotype is these days.

In fact, in fact, might I remind you that Pukwudgies handle the magical security at Ilvermorny? As in, the actual Pukwudgies like William not the students, and on the subject of William he’s a foul mouthed bastard with zero chill in life and I think he’s my actual hero. And Pukwudgies can set things on fire, are notoriously bad tempered and liable to turn into either a porcupine or a cougar if provoked? With poison arrows? House of the Healers fine, sure, but have you ever tried to escape the hospital before you’ve been officially released. Have you. Because it will not end well.

Isn’t a bad thing. Stand up for yourself. Set something on fire. Revel in the true cantankerous bastard nature of your house. Keh.


OK YOU KNOW WHAT, WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT VOID STILES OR NOGITSUNE OR WHATEVER YOU PERFER TO CALL HIM (for all intent and purposes I am going to call him ‘voidy’). Ok… i’ve calmed down. 

The resolution of Voidy was not handled well. We can all agree on that? Right? I mean it is so hard to believe that Stiles went back to 100% normal baby child after being possessed and killing his friends, ok? And I know that they finally revisited the whole Voidy thing in this last season, but it took the show 2 seasons to even acknowledge that something that intense even left a tiny bit of an effect on Stiles (Or that it even happened at all!!!). Being possessed was so traumatizing for Stiles in season 3, so why did he ‘all of a sudden’ get better? I know this may sound weird, but I wanted some RECOVERY. I wanted him to go through the struggles of trying to regain his sanity, and trying to become himself again. I wanted Stiles to have nightmares, to count his fingers every so often, to get scared in the dark, or to easily be scared. I just wanted them to show his recovery process! And obviously it is still effecting him, because they brought it up this last season!!! …. I know that Stiles is strong, and that is just who he is. He likes to be the anchor for his friends, and be the person that they can rely on when they need help, but dismissing Voidy as if it never happened made the whole thing feel so…. neglected. It left fans to go and scrounge the internet for fanfiction that gave a satisfying ending to Voidy! I love Teen Wolf, always had and always will, but I still resent them for this one thing. They took what could of been a GREAT overarching plot line and threw it in the trash, only to bring it up again once just to get us to shut up ( also ok like, how did Theo know about Voidy?? like whaaaaaaaaaa??? sorry, sidetracking). Anyway, I just needed to rant. I have felt this way for a while and I finaly needed to say it.

Peace *insert peace sign here*

so ok apparently sarah has said we’ll all hate her after empire of storms???
anyhow so this is what I’m thinking
a bunch of novellas already exist, and who are those about, except celaena? yes yes our little precious baby sam cortland

now we also know there will be an additional novella, about our other precious baby chaol westfall

the first novellas are about a now dead guy, sarah has said we’ll hate her after eos and she just told us there will be another novella. about chaol. i am a teeny tiny tad bit afraid.

I slept early I guess, can’t even remember falling asleep. My insomnias getting better! This is good! weird dreams but that’s ok. I like dreaming still. I feel really tired from them but trying to stay awake.

I’m meeting my mum this afternoon. I’m anxious. Trying to ignore it lol. I just need to wash and get there and everything will be okay. I am still looking forward to it.

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*rubs hands together* Okay, you asked for it. Pornstar au or Stripper au? Panky kink or aromantic characters? Dean/Cas or Dean/Cas/Jimmy?

Pornstar definitely. I seriously love me some strippers but I have a bigger weakness for pornstars.

How the fuck am I supposed to choose between aro characters and panties. Like ashgka;ksljdfsh why (ok I know why, you evil genius). But as much as panties are my number 1 kink I’ll ultimately have to go with aro characters. But it’s gotta be the good stuff, none of those “he’s aromantic so he loves no one and nothing”.

I gotta go with deancasjimmy. Like I love destiel with all my heart but I just love the deancasjimmy dynamic that tiny bit more. It is the best of everything. We got a great poly ship based on deep love, deancas, casjimmy, deanjimmy, and honestly just the most awesome people are into this ship so the community is so great.

ok i am a little, tiny, itsy-bitsy bit optimistic about Ouran getting a season 2 because for ONCE the source link to the announcement was NOT a Rickroll and I watched the video and Todd Haberkorn did specifically say on-stage that Ouran would be getting a season 2


There’s no official confirmation of anything, I have heard many, many voice actors say that they’re not supposed to reveal anything basically under threat of death, and if it hasn’t even been announced by a Japanese animation company how could a voice actor from America even know or have the right to announce it. So even though it’s super tempting, DON’T GET YOUR HOPES UP TOO HIGH. 

I know the SE fandom in particular fell for a Todd Haberkorn comment at a convention where he hinted at a much-anticipated remake (or was at least rumored to have done so, nobody ever sourced a video), and of course there hasn’t been a single word about it since. Especially don’t believe anywhere that gives a specific release date because they don’t exist yet. We only have Todd’s word on this, so wait for official confirmation before throwing a party.