ok i adore her

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THE STORY ABOUT UR CAT HELPING WITH UR ASTHMA IS SO CUTE AND I DIED. MY DOG DOES THIS TO MY SISTER KIND OF BUT HE LICKS HER AND SHE'LL BE ABLE TO SLEEP (my sister does have asthma but she also has a bone disorder and she constantly aches) and my dog will just lick her leg and her leg will start feeling better. animals are great. but the reason i came to ur blog is cause i wanna know why u named ur girl cat simon?

Ok, that is ADORABLE!!! I’m sorry for her bone disorder, and the asthma. :( But I’m glad puppo can help!

As for Simon… confession time: the thing is, I didn’t name her, though I wish I could take credit for that.

She was my stepmom’s cat originally. She just showed up in her house one day when the door was open. This cat walked in the open door, jumped up on the counter, and started nibbling on a pizza that was going to be dinner. Didn’t even give a bother when the people came back in and started freaking out cuz who is this cat and DUDE MY PIZZA.

She had no collar, but was obviously people friendly and very hungry, so they kept the kitty. They couldn’t tell if it was a neutered male or a female, because Simon has lots of skin rolls and fluff, but the way ol’ kitty just walked in like she owned the place, they thought of “Simon Says.” (That pretty much describes how Simon acts; Simon Says, so you do it or face the wrath! And by wrath, I mean this hilariously pathetic squeaking sound, because I’m pretty sure Simon’s really old. It’s been almost 7 years since she showed up, and she wasn’t a kitten then by any means.)

They just kinda guessed it was a boy and moved on, but when my dad and stepmom got married, and Simon came to our house, my dad discovered she was a girl. But she never responded to anything else, and it had been a while since they named her, so Simon stuck. Plus the “I’m the boss” attitude and her “Simon says” way of running things just fit really well, and I love the look on peoples faces when the realize I said “she” and “Simon” to refer to the same creature. :P

audreyesparza ITS HIS BIRTHDAY!! Happy happy birthday @brocolirobbrown we love you so much!!

ok but the first time we see patty she’s so so good and so pure. she’s working a shitty job at the mta probably making minimum wage, is ignored by the flow of people bustling past her trying to make their trains, probably surrounded by creeps like rowan on a daily basis. but she isn’t complaining, she’s smiling, she’s wishing people a good day, she’s just sitting behind her booth being cute and happy with an enormous smile on her face you just know is genuine. patty is so good and happy and I adore her

ok, this is my courier, whom i adore with my entire being

i’ve been tweaking her like non stop lmao and i think i’m getting where i want her to be??