ok here's my idea


if you expected a serious fanart from me, im sorry


Aight I don’t think I can bare to take any more pictures of myself for the time being (I’m allergic to being serious in photos), but uhm, have more shitty selfies??

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Also fuck u guys I’m already a damned redhead, now I’m a red-face too. I just need to put on my iron-man shirt and I’m a bonefied tomato.


hM i’m getting a bi vibe around here…. O WAIT it’s me hello!! 🌈


Gotcha covered m8~


Ok, so here’s what I’m thinking they could (possibly) do, for a skit, or as a running joke, in “Chibi”:

Oscar’s hanging out with Ruby, or with one of our beloved characters. Ozpin starts talking to (who we think is just) Oscar (in his head), but the twist that, in chibi, EVERYONE can hear Ozpin’s disembodied voice.
Then as he’s talking, they look around, they spot a mirror, booth or whatever, and they look/open it and they see Ozpin talking to a microphone, and he just goes, “Pay no attention to the man inside your mirror/behind the curtain” or whatever


good night~

the hot metallic taste of blood on my
sore tongue from biting down too hard to keep
from telling you that you are like the sky,
and with your cover i can safely sleep;
the flavor of the words you hold too tight
that you still know in spite of all the years,
remembering the way you felt each night
when light had gone and left you with your fears;
the sweetness of a honeysuckle kiss
when every moment holds eternities –
what other reason can there be for this
than that our lips were meant to touch with ease?
i ask because your love has run me through:
what does falling in love taste like to you?


The Dan and Phil volleyball AU nobody asked for 

the uniform is red bc Youttube

EDIT: @ everyone asking if this is a haikyuu!! thing: yes

demonlucy-chan  asked:

I have a bit of a family dynamic headcanon. The team is split into the Mum squad, the children and the Uncles. The Mum squad is heavy sniper and spy (though spy will deny it) demo and Solly are probably the weird uncles and engine is most likely team Dad. The children are scout medic and pyro, many because of their inability to look out for themselves (like medics sleeping habits) The Mum squad spends most of the time making sure the children don't die.

Ok here is my idea.

Team Mum: Spy and Heavy

Team Dad: Sniper and Engi

Weird Uncle: Demo

Kids: Pyro, Solly, Scout and Medic.

Sniper and Spy are chill with the the team do. If you at least clean up the mess you made it’s all good with them. Also as long as you don’t kill yourself. Both men don’t give a shit, they care for the team but their kids need to learn responsibility.

Heavy and Engi are a power house together, they can heal wounds quite quick and are stern with what the team can and can not do. It’s impossible to say no to Heavy and Engi. It’s the worse feeling in the world when either one are lecturing you. If the team want something they will usual go to Sniper or Spy.

Medic, Scout, Solly and Pyro are 24/7 trying to kill themselves without even knowing it. Solly trying out new rocket launches and getting into fights with the random animals around base. Pyro forgetting to eat or drink and setting everything on fire. Scout playing chicken with the roads in town and Medic injecting random shit into his veins.

Demoman just sits back, what the hell can he do?? Except tell them scary stories. Still the kids of the team have much fun with Deom, having him tag along with the shit they get up to

It just hit me over the head how close to ending my last semester of school is???? Oh boy….

she changes her middle name after tinah drake dies this season to honor her fallen friend that she’s known after such a long time and was better than lauren in every possible way #byebyebirdie, and her last name after quentin adopts her because he misses having a daughter. the one and only true love of oliver queen every other woman in his life sucks and none of them are important to him in any way or shape whatsoever!!!!!!1 dctv >>>>> dceu and comics. also arrow >>>>> the flop flash. sorry not sorry. follow for more~


‘Okay, Dan and Phil, you’ve never written a song before, how is it that you tell us your idea for what the song should be about, and then I can get a friend of mine who composes for Broadway and he can come up with some lyrics for you?’

And we’re like… Eh… Okay, well…

part 1 // part 2

Challenge #8
from @thewoychallenge: In a fit of boredom, Lord Hater demands entertainment and the loyal Watchdogs are there to provide it!

“Sir, half of this stuff doesn’t even apply to you”
“Yeah but he’s got a flashlight, Peepers.”

‘Tis the season and all that.