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Sherlolly Appreciation Week, Day 4- First Sleepover

I’m pretty late with this! For most of you it’s probably Day 5 already lol. But I really wanted to give this one a try. This is how I imagine things, and I guess it doesn’t really directly conflict with canon, despite the fact that this theme doesn’t have to be canon compliant. Idk, hope you guys enjoy it…gonna go do laundry now lol!

He Needs The Space

Molly peered over the edge of her bed, looking down into the sea green eyes that stared back at her.

“Honestly, it’s fine. I’d actually feel better if you just came up here,” she stated sincerely. 

It wasn’t a lie. She did hate to think of him sleeping on the hard floor.

Sherlock had turned up at her door a couple hours before, dripping wet and looking like a stray dog in need of some loving care. Molly didn’t hesitate to invite him in. True, she’d only known him a couple of months, but Mike Stamford had known him longer. She’d heard nothing but good things. Well, perhaps not everything was good. But she’d heard enough to know he wasn’t a man to distrust or fear. And besides…she could just tell. 

It was painful for her to think of him bouncing around from place to place since his move to the city some weeks before. Apparently there was no family or friends he cared to stay with. She hated to think of him in the streets or God knows where else. Molly couldn’t say for sure what had motivated him to descend on her flat that night, but she was awfully glad he did. 

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hM i’m getting a bi vibe around here…. O WAIT it’s me hello!! 🌈

The Reveal

She sat patiently in the dark waiting. Not really thinking, unsure of herself. She didn’t know if she wanted to kick his ass or cry. She wanted both. She wanted to burn their house to the ground and dance on the ashes of her once happy life. She wanted to tear the pictures off the walls and break everything he ever touched. She drank until her eyes watered and her throat burned. She prayed until her knees were raw. She cried until there was no water left in her body. So she sat. She sat and waited.

At 4:31 am the door opened, and like clockwork, Bryson stumbled in making every effort he can to be quiet. The light turns on and he nearly trips over a pair of shoes on the ground.

“Lani? What are you doing up?”

“What perfume does she wear?”

Puzzled he looked at her face and knew that she knew.

“Baby what are you ta…”

“I went into Lush today, just to look around, and a sales lady came up to me pushing a perfume trying to make a sale. She told me that I would love this one perfume and she held the test strip up to my nose and I wept. Japanese Cherryblossom. That’s the smell that reeks through your clothes when you stumble in at night and lay side me. It’s in everything in the house. It’s in your clothes, it’s in mine. It’s in the furniture. I smell it when I walk down the street. I smell it when I turn around every corner, it’s everywhere.”

“Honey I swear I have no idea what you’re talking about”

“Do you think I’m stupid Bryson?” her voiced strains as she tries to control her rage, her Barbadian accent growing stronger with frustration.

“Your boss said that you are working extra hours but even then you’d be off by 10:00. Before you can make up some ‘rational’ excuses about hanging with the boys, John, Stef, Ray, and Scott haven’t seen you in weeks.”

He raised his voice as a diversion, hoping to guilt her out of her wild, yet true, accusations.

“So you’re out here calling my boss and my friends?!? You’re CRAZY!!”

Quietly she got up and threw a pair of lace underwear, that didn’t belong to her, on the table and walked upstairs.


‘Okay, Dan and Phil, you’ve never written a song before, how is it that you tell us your idea for what the song should be about, and then I can get a friend of mine who composes for Broadway and he can come up with some lyrics for you?’

And we’re like… Eh… Okay, well…

part 1 // part 2

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The Dan and Phil volleyball AU nobody asked for 

the uniform is red bc Youttube

EDIT: @ everyone asking if this is a haikyuu!! thing: yes

0-scorch-the-earth-0  asked:

If the ninja were in an avengers AU, who do you think each ninja would be? (Based off of personality or looks or powers or whatever)

Yes!! I’ve been waiting for someone to ask me this!! This is actually an idea I’ve thought of for a while now. I was actually writing a really long thing a few days ago about this but my computer died before I could save it. Haha yeah I love creating Ninjago Aus and I’m happy to talk about them any time. (Just ask me about a Ninjago One Punch Man AU and it will shock you how many ideas I have.) Anyway, here we go.

Whenever I see people interpreting the Ninja as the Avengers, a lot of the time it’s not quite as impressive as I wish it would be. Most of the time it’s just “Zane is Iron Man cause get it, robotics.” Or “Jay is Thor cause haha lightning.” And while I guess those are… passable. As someone who’s read a lot of comics and have seen every Marvel movie in the theater on opening day, I’d like to give what I think the ninja are most like. (I might give multiple options for some of them, just for fanart ideas for other people.)

Ok. Here we go. My Ninjago Marvel AU for anyone to see! Let’s start out with the big heros!

Zane / Steve Rogers

I stand strong that Zane and Steve are the perfect match.

- Made by non human advancements. (Robotics and Science)

- Strong moral compass

- Does everything he can to help people

- No family

- Grew up in a different time and learned different things

- Not human like body

- Dead girlfriend

- Is kind of awkward

- Similar hair

- Doesn’t really know how to talk to people in normal situations

- Ice. Do I dare say more?

- Really good with projectile weapons (Shurikens and Shields)

- Wide eyed golden retriever

Vision also works just as well

Jay / Tony Stark

- Both are Inventors

- Rich and famous parents

- Looooves to brag

- Hide mental issues under sass

- Family issues

- Friendship issues

- Just want’s to do the right thing

- Sarcasm

- Hot headed girlfriend

- Like to brag about themselves

- Both have a specialty with electricity

- Would do anything for his friends and loved ones

- Even if it meant getting himself killed because of it

Scott Lang (AntMan) would also work

Cole / Bucky Barnes

Other than I love Glaciershipping. These things:

- Ghost boi

- Always confused

- Supportive best friend

- Needs protection

- Super strength

- Friendship issues with Jay/Tony

- That hair though

- No family

- Wants to fight a lot

- Just trying to get personal things sorted out

- 110% not straight

Even though I prefer this, Rhodey (War Machine) would also be good

Kai / Clint Barton

This might be weird but honestly, it’s probably the best choice.

- The sass king

- No one really pays attention to him

- Works very well with weapons

- Has a love/hate relationship with everyone in his life

- Acts as everyone’s big brother

- Doesn’t shy away from standing up for his opinions

- Good advice

- “We haven’t met before. I’m Clint.” “I don’t care.”

- Friends mostly consist of women

- Is always chill af

Peter Quill (Starlord) would also work fine with this. Sam Wilson (Falcon) would also be a good choice if you want some Plasmashipping

Nya / Natasha Romanoff

Oh boy this one would be really cool

- Could kick everyone’s ass

- Friends with everyone

- Brother sister relationship with Kai/Clint

- Does what’s best for the team

- Super super smart though

- Has to make sure the others don’t get themselves killed

- Has secrets

- Knows everyone’s secrets


Wanda Maximoff (Scarlet Witch) would work too. At least they both have powers

Lloyd / Peter Parker

Do I really need to say anything to justify this?

- Everything in Homecoming pretty much sums up Lloyd

- Father issues

- Everyone has to parent him

- Nerdy

- Doesn’t have a lot of friends

- Has a lot of potential though

- Young

- Causes a lot of trouble

- Is just doing his best

- The fandom favorite

T’challa (Black Panther) would work too.

Thank you for being curious! If you want to see more or want to do something with it just tell me and it would most definitely make my day! Again, thank you so much!

Challenge #8
from @thewoychallenge: In a fit of boredom, Lord Hater demands entertainment and the loyal Watchdogs are there to provide it!

“Sir, half of this stuff doesn’t even apply to you”
“Yeah but he’s got a flashlight, Peepers.”

‘Tis the season and all that.