ok here you go impatient anon

You get a lip piercing (requested) - Preference #58

// To the anon: Here you go! I hope you feel better, and the only thing that's important is if you like it, everyone else’s opinion shouldn't matter! //


Dan - 

“Are you sure you want to get the piercing?” Dan asked as you bounce impatiently in the chair. “Yes, Dan. I’m positive.” you replied, kicking your feet back and forth. “OK, OK, it’s just now when I kiss you now there’s going to be something stabbing me.” Dan teased. “Well, you’ll just have to get used to it.” You say back, beginning to get worried about the needle. “You’re not scared, are you?” He asked, grabbing your hand. You smile at him and give his hand a reassuring squeeze. “A little.” You admit, just as the guy returns with his equipment. Once he’s finished you couldn’t believe, how painless it felt. “How is it?” You ask, feeling a bit uncomfortable. “You look amazing.” Dan said, while leaning in for a kiss. Pulling back he laughed a bit, “It’s even better kissing you like that.”


Phil - 

You slink into your apartment stealthily, trying to make the least amount of noise as possible. You were just out with your friends and, by a stroke of absolute stupidity or youth, you had gotten a lip piercing. Not your smartest decision, but hey, it’s done with, and you were slowly beginning to love the metal loop through your lip. You just weren’t sure how Phil would take it. “Your home?” You heard his voice drift through the empty living room and you berated yourself for thinking he would be asleep at this hour. “Yeah.” You called, waiting for him to walk in. “How was your-you have a lip piercing.” He widened his eyes when the light of the living room hit your lip. “…Yeah.” You said sheepishly, staring at your feet. He walked over and tilted your head to get a better look. “I like it.” He admitted, poking at your lip. You smiled at yourself and wrapped your arms around his chest nuzzling the soft fabric of his t-shirt.