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Okay to start. I made this new blog for Lila around summer of last her and I never thought I’d reach this many followers tbqh, but saying that I am so, so thankful for all of the people who’ve chosen to follow & continue to follow Lila & her story along with me. I’ve made so many lovely friends on here & ya’ll basically keep me sane, so thank you. But I don’t want this intro to be long ‘cause everything else will be too. Dis a follow forever, if ur on here, imma follow u, forever, if ur not & I follow you it’s probably ‘cause I don’t have room for 250+ urls on here & Im lazy, but I STILL LOVE U TO DEATH & COME HMU. Ok, ok *peter pan voice* here we gooo…

TOP TITS ( an immature header but tru, yall the top & I luv u to bits & u kno this & I will always luf u to bits <3 )


😍😍😍😍 oh myogdo i love u, like in love, like I really don’t know how I was doin’ life without you ‘cause you have grown to mean so much to me like *breathes* okay I need to form real sentences. Really, honestly, rlly, sweetie, ok imma do the sentences now. So idk when I started following you, or anything ‘cause I suck at remembering things but over last year & stuff we started talking more & honestly it was the best decision of my life ‘cause you’ve been & continue to be one of the best things that’s happened in my life & I’m so thankful & glad that I know you & our ships our some of my favorite ones & your writing makes me so happy every time I read is so really ur like my favorite women in the world. Like ever, I love you so so much.


My daughter. (even if ur older idc) My luv. You are legit one of the people whom I’ve clicked with SO well that I could cry about it. Like we are so lucky to be alive at the same time, here at the same time & im so so lucky??? to know you??? Our muses ???? always seem to fit together perfectly & I feel so at ease when we write ‘cause I know you love how I write & I love how you write & I feel comfortable going all out or just being really simple with my replies ( even tho they never are lmao ) I’m just always always happy when I see you on my dash & always always proud of you for being YOU cause you’re lovely & I love u like hella okay? okay. *lays on u like a cat*

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AYE I feel like we’ve been followin’ each other for a long time? yeh, but u make me SO HAPPY every time I see you on my dash & u & ur pets are hella cute & we need to write more !! but I’m so so happy ur in my life & I just like talking to u & ur always a shiny bright light to me ok ok <3


STARTED FROM THE BOTTOM NOW WERE HERE no you’ve been with me 5 ever & even tho we don’t talk daily or anything FAM you just brighten my day & ur support I can feel it  and I love you for that & I just love Rapunzel & you & UGH I’m just constantly overjoyed when I see you on my dash ok okay bless up <3


MAH BAE, MAH SIS, MY CUTIE. I luh you so very much, we’ve been bestie soulmates forever & I will never ever not loVE U TO DEATH OKAY


YO yo we haven’t spoken much i don’t think but yo, yo, i love you & ur muse to death & Imma just follow you forever okay olay oka y. <3

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{ Break Me || Save Me } Naoya / Haru

“Heeeey, hurry up! You slowpoke ~ !” A childish laugh sounded from him as he skipped on ahead. He had spent nearly the whole day bugging Naoya to go somewhere with him, to which the younger ( but more mature ) man finally agreed. And perhaps that was one of the reasons why he couldn’t contain his excitement.

It’s not that he had trouble getting him to listen to him, but to be able to pry him away from spending time with that brother of his was quite a feat to be proud of. The day was like any other day whenever the two would hang out together, with Naoya being silent as always, Haru doing most of the talking while constantly clinging to him, teasing him, and of course asking him to buy him stuff.

Now the two were just getting done from a full day of shopping — the “shopping” that consisted mainly of throwing request after request out, so it was no wonder Haru was now a satisfied ball of boundless energy. Or perhaps it was from all the intake sugar. Twirling around on his heels, he clasped his hands behind his back, but was still skipping backwards as he decided to speak again. “Naoya, I’m curious. What would you do if I left you behind? Would you start crying ~ ?” He giggled innocently.