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No offence but NCT is the big wave that will lead the 3rd generation with their unique style and capacity to put out original pieces. They literally can’t be named as “Second *insert group name*”. The unit system shows how the members, songs, choreographies and styles have to blend in well to form the concept itself. NCT is the revolutionary group that will take Kpop to its next level.

It never made sense to me why brown girls embracing their culture receives dirty looks and rude comments, but white girls stealing our culture gets praise and recognition.  Growing up I felt like I needed to erase my brown skin, hide my salwars, and never eat my mother’s cooking.  The same girls that made fun of me when I was younger for being who I am are now getting tans, trying to sport saaris, and raving about how they tried curry that one time.

It is not fair for my culture to be gross on me but fabulous on you.

Our First Trip Together: D.C. and NY || Ryan and Avery

Ryan woke up the next morning before Avery. He quietly got out of bed, so he didn’t wake her up and went to the kitchen to make them both some coffee. He figured after everything that happened the night before, it was the least he could do. He went back to the bedroom with both mugs in hand and placed one of them on the nightstand next to Avery’s side of the bed. He drank some of his before taking a quick shower. Once he was done, he got dressed, then went over and woke Avery up with a sweet kiss. “Morning sleepy head. I made coffee,” he said as he sat of the foot of the bed and put on his sneakers.  

Downton Abbey; Season 1 Episode 1


hey yall, I’m opening comissions!!! im in desperate need of $$$ for college tuition, and any amount helps! I can draw you fanart, OCs, whatever your heart desires. For more examples, check out my art blog. If you see something on there you like that’s not on this sheet, or you’re not sure about, ask me and we can work something out! Just note I may charge extra if you ask for something really complicated/detailed (armor, intense backgrounds,etc.)

Interested? Fill out the form below and e-mail it to me at saltymonday@yahoo.com! I’ll e-mail you back and send you an invoice thru paypal if I accept, and after you pay I’ll start workin!

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if you have any questions or comments, just e-mail me or send me an ask!

even if you can’t buy any, reblogs are greatly appreciated!