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1. Last beverage: Summer fruits juice

2. Last phone call: College.

3. Last text message: my mother.

4. Last song you listened to: hometown by rayzor.

5. Last time you cried: about 2 or 3 months ago 


6. Dated someone twice: No.

7. Been cheated on: yeah -_-.

8. Kissed someone and regretted it: yes.

9. Lost someone special: Yes, more than once.

10. Been depressed: Yes

11. Been drunk and threw up: Every weekend.


sky Blue, Black and Space grey 


15. Made a new friend: Yes, like 3

16. Fallen out of love: No.

17. Laughed until you cried: I do that all the time, so yes.

18. Met someone who changed you: No

19. Found out who your true friends are: I don’t have a lot of friends so i guess so.

20. Found out someone was talking about you: probably.

21. Kissed anyone on your FB friend’s list: yes.


22. How many people on your FB friends list do you know in real life: i dont even know how many friends i have on facebook… but i know nearly all of them.

24. Do you have any pets: Yes a dogie called millie, and 2 cats called shadow and chocolate.

25. Do you want to change your name: yes please omg. Zhai like what kind of second name is that…… 

26. do for your last birthday: i was away with the army for 2 weeks.

27. What time did you wake up today: Just after 7am for college

28. What were you doing at midnight last night: sleeping?

29. Name something you CANNOT wait for: to be rich 

30. Last time you saw your Mother: just then.

31. What is one thing you wish you could change about your life?: put more effort in school

32. What are you listening to right now: Nothing atm.

33. Have you ever talked to a person named Tom?: yeah but hes so fucking annoying 

34. What’s getting on your nerves right now?: my dad.

35. Most visited webpage: Youtube, facebook, Tumblr.and youjizz

36. Blood type: idk.

37. Nickname: Chinks, Chinky, Fuck nugget, Deano, Dean da bean da sex machine :D dont ask..

38. Relationship Status: in a relationship.

39. Zodiac sign: Leo.

40. Pronouns: ?.

41. Elementary: Primary school Castle veiw.

42. High School: The grange.

43. College: wish i hadn’t .

44. Hair color: black.

45. Long or short: Long-ish.

46. Height: 6 foot 3 

47. Do you have a crush on someone?: No.

48. What do you like about yourself?: I guess my humour? I mean even if people don’t laugh at my jokes and stuff, I still manage to make myself cry in laughter a lot. sames.

(49 got lost, or what? I guess a random fact, then?): im cool

50. Tattoos: nope.

51 Lefty or Righty?: Righty.

52. First surgery: jesus mine was litrally the day i was born.

53. First piercing: nope, unless piercing a microwave meal counts then ive done that about 1 or 5000 times .

54. First best friend: wayne but now we dont speak :(

55. First sport you joined: tug of war.

56. First vacation: Shanghai China when i was about 3.

58. First pair of trainers: probably some fila 

59. Eating? nothing but im so hungry

60. Drinking: Water.

61. I’m about to: play some CoD.

62. Listening to: Wasn’t this asked a few qs ago? Nothing atm.

63. Waiting for: a miracle 

64. Want kids?: yes 

65. Get Married?: yes 

66. Career?: nurse 


67. Lips or eyes: Eyes

68. Hugs or kisses: Hugs

69. Shorter or taller: smaller.

70. Older or Younger: Depends on age difference.

71. Romantic or spontaneous: Romantic, I guess.

72. Nice stomach or nice arms: ermm i dont know?

73. Sensitive or loud: How about just ‘not loud’.

74. Hook-up or relationship: Whichever works.

75. Trouble maker or hesitant: Preferably ‘not boring or abrasive’.


76. Kissed a stranger: yes.

77. Drank hard liquor: Yes.

78. Lost glasses/contacts: No.

79. Sex on first date: yes.

80. Broke someone’s heart: yeah

81. Had your heart broken: yeah.

82. Been arrested: yeah.

83. Turned someone down: Yes.

84. Cried when someone died: kinda 

85. Fallen for a friend: Omg to fucking hard.


86. Yourself: Hell no.

87. Miracles: No, I would like to, though.

88. Love at first sight: No.

89. Heaven: No, even though I would like to.

90. Santa Claus: No.

91. Kiss on the first date: yes.


























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what’s your name?: ennie marie (people just call me “ennie” tho)

nicknames?: wennie the pooh, lucy/lucifer

where are you from?: so cal~

what’s your favorite color?: blue or yellow

write something in all caps: I AM IN LOVE WITH PRINCE NAVEEN

favorite artist/band: oh gosh ok um fall out boy, bastille, florence and the machine, banks, melanie martinez, lana del rey, p!atd, WALK THE MOON HOLY FRICK and more~

reasons to smile: i am loved, i love, paintings, cute and kind people, smiling! hehe, the sunlight and moonlight, when animals lick you, the sound and feel of nature, laughing with someone and realizing how much you enjoy their existence

tag 10 people you want to know better:

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Ok so my dearest friend is in a really unfortunate situation, as you know if you’ve seen the previous reblogs I’ve made. If not, her family got an eviction notice and need help. So in order to boost her I want you guys to reblog this post: http://kirikai.tumblr.com/post/123115930075 

You can also find the Donate button on her blog if you wish to do so it would mean a lot to her. Thank you for your time and please spread her post if you can ; w ;

It never made sense to me why brown girls embracing their culture receives dirty looks and rude comments, but white girls stealing our culture gets praise and recognition.  Growing up I felt like I needed to erase my brown skin, hide my salwars, and never eat my mother’s cooking.  The same girls that made fun of me when I was younger for being who I am are now getting tans, trying to sport saaris, and raving about how they tried curry that one time.

It is not fair for my culture to be gross on me but fabulous on you.

Our First Trip Together: D.C. and NY || Ryan and Avery

Ryan woke up the next morning before Avery. He quietly got out of bed, so he didn’t wake her up and went to the kitchen to make them both some coffee. He figured after everything that happened the night before, it was the least he could do. He went back to the bedroom with both mugs in hand and placed one of them on the nightstand next to Avery’s side of the bed. He drank some of his before taking a quick shower. Once he was done, he got dressed, then went over and woke Avery up with a sweet kiss. “Morning sleepy head. I made coffee,” he said as he sat of the foot of the bed and put on his sneakers.  

Downton Abbey; Season 1 Episode 1