ok here this should work now

for weeks, genji puts up with watching mccree trying and failing to flirt with hanzo. partially because it’s entertaining, partially because he’s too lazy to help. but then he gets tired of it and pulls mccree aside to talk to him

genji: if you want to charm my brother you have to appeal to his interests

mccree: like what

genji: ok for starters he’s a huge furry

mccree: he’s… he’s a what now

genji: nevermind what a furry is

genji: here come into my room

genji: ok take this set of ears and tail

mccree: pardner -

genji: now put them on

mccree: genji -

genji: then when you see him

genji: do this with your hands like a cat and say ‘nya’

mccree: why… do you own these

genji: hey stay in your fucking lane i’m trying to help you here


genji: well what the fuck are you waiting for snap snap brotherfucker get fucking going

dangerscully  asked:

19, 27, and/or 29 for the cuddling prompts, depending on how much you wanna make me cry!

Ok, first of all: thanks for these! I’ll do 19. at some point, but somehow 27. AND 29. spoke to me just now so here you go. I’m sorry. (And I really should be working and not writing fanfiction) 

!Warning: Character Death!

27. + 29. First and last cuddle

“Hmm, you smell good, Scully”

“Oh shhh, Mulder.” She coos, cuddling closer to Mulder’s weak, slight frame. Her hand is on his chest, making sure it still raises and falls, raises and falls in a steady rhythm. It hasn’t been steady for a while, she reminds herself; the sad reality constricts her throat as her hand caresses him.

“Hm, but you do. I can’t really… see you…but I can still smell you.” He takes a deep breath, causing Scully’s own to hitch in fear of the inevitable, and then chuckles softly. Soft puffs of air tickle her cheek. His eye sight deteriorated last week and as much as he still smiles about it, Scully knows that he is now almost completely blind. Last night, when she could no longer hold her tears at bay, watching him from the doorway just laying there unmoving, his gaze on hers, that’s when she knew. His eyes were on hers, as always, but they were no longer seeing her. Maybe in memory, or maybe in his dreams; she can only hope.

“Should have done this… more often.” Mulder murmurs against her. His voice is so raw, so weak. She’d tell him to be quiet, but she’s also selfish; before the silence takes him, and buries her, she wants to listen to him like she used to do for the last decades. Soon, way too soon, there will be only silence to listen to.

“You’re right. We didn’t do this nearly enough,” Scully closes her eyes, buries her face in his chest; still raising, still falling. Ever so gently, but still there. Still holding on. He’s always held on, always refused to let go. She’s the same, she knows. When her hand tightens around him, afraid to let go too soon, she feels his ribs poke her; there’s not much left of him, now. The disease eating away at him, continuously. “Do you remember the first time we did this?”


“Do you remember, Mulder? The first time we cuddled.” Her eyes still closed, Scully wishes herself back; both of them so young, still wary of what had always been between them.

“Tell me, Scully. Please tell me.” His hand is on her back; there’s no pressure, just a reminder that he’s still there. It feels clammy, foreign almost; and Scully presses her eyes shut, to stop the flood of tears, and to keep reality far away. She’s never been one for nostalgia, that’s Mulder’s forte, but now…

“It was after Donnie Pfaster,” she begins with a soft voice, not unlike the gentle words she used once, so long ago, when she told their baby boy about his miracle conception, “After the first time we crossed paths with him. I was shaking so much. You kept your arm around me. Even when the police came to question me, you never once left my side no matter how often I told you I was fine. You knew I wasn’t. You always knew it. There was no way we were going home that night and so we went to a hotel. Remember, Mulder?” He doesn’t answer and Scully goes on, trying to conjure up the moment again, and tries to hang on to it.

“I told you again ‘I’m fine, Mulder’ and I expected you to huff, or say anything, but that’s not what you did. You know what you did, Mulder? You took me into your arms. You just held me while I cried. I don’t remember… you always remembered the little details better than I did, Mulder. I’m sure you could tell me exactly what I was wearing, how my face looked, things you and I said that night. I don’t. That’s not what this was about. You let me have the bed, of course, and I told you I didn’t want to be alone. When you held me that night, Mulder, for the very first time… I felt so safe. You always made me feel safe, Mulder. No matter what we were… I was always safe when I was with you. I wish… oh Mulder, I wish you’d remember that night.”

His chest under her face, still now, no longer raising, no longer falling. Still now, like his heart, the memory is all that’s left. Now.

Decided to learn how to draw proper chibis today, so I made a draw the squad thing. Hope I did ok. If you use it I’d love to be tagged in it so I can see your awesome work!~ 

3, 2, and 1 chibi versions under the cut! all are transparent! feel free to cut my sig out, just please don’t claim ownership of the drawing. reblogs > reposts, of the base alone I mean.

Go to town ^~^

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Urata’s Twitter Accounts suspended

Just to let you know, he’s not planning to make a new account -the whole thing should be sorted out soon so watch out for accounts imitating him! Also the USSS_info account is down too??????

Urata’s LINE message:

Urata: From now on I have to send messages from here!

For some reason my Twitter and Sub accounts have been completely suspended 。゚(゚ノД`゚)゚。

However, I’m OK so everyone please don’t worry about me! (*゚∀゚*)

Urata: I guess, it’s probably because I tweeted “po”..


Urata: (photo of ‘soil’ ice cream)

Urata: Yesterday I ate soil.. Today will the soil stop..

Urata: It seems that there are accounts imitating me so please be careful okay?

If I make a new account, and my friends don’t say anything and I don’t announce it on LINE@, then you know that something’s up!

Urata: Everyone, Impersonation is something really bad, but harassing the person behind the account is also bad!

I don’t like that kind of behaviour, it’s just like what an anti would do!

For now let’s just stay silent and block their spam

I’m glad that so many people are thinking of me, but I hope you do not fill everyone’s timelines with nasty things

Urata: If you’re going to tweet, tweet about something fun you did today, or something funny, which I think is even better!

Urata: Right now my stomach hurts (overate)

Urata: Good night-tanuki!!!!!

also the other utaite’s reactions to this are so funny ww uratas gonna kill you guys when he comes back

Sakata: I’ll never forget you, Urataniki

Mafumafu: Urata’s Twitter (main and sub) seems to have been suspended, and right now we’re looking for a way to recover. The person himself was rolling around the slide and dryly laughing and saying ‘just joke about it~!!!’ in desparation and desolation. I’m very worried about him, so for the time being I’ll protect him.

Amatsuki: Uratan will continue to live in our hearts

Thank you, Uratan

See you soon, Uratan

Recently I’ve been feeling especially cold, so please take care of yourself, Urata-san

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I understand clearly why Stan was reluctant to help Ford in Weirdmageddon. He spent a lot trying to save Ford to at least receive a thank you and did a lot of things for him, when you don't receive appreciation for monumental efforts, you'll end "OK! From here to now I'm not gonna to bother in helping anybody, if nobody thanks me!"

Yeah but that line of thinking works in like

an office setting

this was literally “hey Ford’s the only guy who knows anything about how to defeat the guy who wants to murder everything maybe we should prevent him from dying” and Stan saying “let’s stay here where we know we’ll die eventually but wearing this sash makes me feel less bad about myself” which doesn’t mean that Stan’s a bad person just


christ I can’t believe I’m saying this but I agree with fucking Gideon on this one, there’s a fucking time and place for shit like that and the apocalypse is not one of them.

and fuck if either of them had just fucking sat down and talked about their fucking issues none of that would have even happened.

Cause like

Stan’s only mad at Ford because Ford didn’t thank him after NWHS and by extension validate his own existence because Stanley places an unhealthily high amount of his self-worth in Ford’s opinion of him. 

Ford was only mad at Stan after NWHS because Stan reopened the portal and stopped Ford from murdering Bill and put the entire universe in danger, thus undoing 30 years worth of wandering the Multiverse trying to defeat Cipher. 

Ford was only wandering the Multiverse because Stan pushed him in. 

Stan only pushed Ford in because he was mad at Ford for burning him, and retaliated, accidentally pushing Ford into the Portal’s gravity field. 

Ford only burned Stan because he was trying to stop Stan from burning his research/personal diary and, thanks to his lackluster upper body strength, had to resort to kicking Stan square in the chest with his Thighs™. 

Stan was only trying to burn Ford’s research/personal diary because he was mad at Ford for calling him for the first time in over ten years only to send him away immediately

Ford only sent Stan away immediately because he was trying to defeat Bill

Ford was only trying to defeat Bill because he was mad at Stan and never asked him to come to Gravity Falls. Ford never asked Stan to come to Gravity Falls because Stan broke his science project.

Stan only broke Ford’s science project because he was upset that Ford was leaving for a fancy college, and Stanley places an unhealthily high amount of his self-worth in Ford’s opinion of him, and cannot process or handle the idea of Ford no longer thinking he’s a worthwhile human being, and thus accidentally destroyed a project that was incredibly important to Ford.

Ford only placed so much importance on the project because he feels that if he is not a perfect human being he is literally worthless and has growing Identity Issues due to the fact that he’s an identical twin, so when Stanley broke the project Ford felt as if Stan had ruined any chance Ford had of ever being anything other than A Freak.

And the only reason any of that mattered is because when they were on the beach in fucking 1969 the day before Ford’s presentation they didn’t fucking talk about their goddamn issues

Well that was fun.
Last night joshs mum dumped joshs sister on us. So she slept in the spare room over night. Usually I really wouldnt care but my mental health is not ok.
Even though I hate being alone I wished I was all day.
Koby was so upset for majority of the day. Josh is at work and angry.
I dropped emily home at 3pm.
And then I started having an anxiety attack. So I drove around for an hour an a half.
Its now 4.3pm and Josh just told me hes on his way home he should be here between 5.30-6pm.
My breathing has calmed down but I still have that anxious pit in my stomach.
Im so tired but Ill never be able to sleep.
And I want to cry but I cant.
I need to do the dishes and wash kobys bottles out. But instead im curled up on the couch trying not to vomit.
Ive been thinking so much about everything.
And its messing with my head.
Im falling apart.


58/100 days of productivity

Started a “new” topic in chem todayyy (the whole course this yr was p much revision from last yr). My note taking method is called “nice-ish title, messy notes”. aka i can’t be bothered to make an effort in handwriting for the rest

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carceconduit  asked:

📝 am i too late for THIS

Send me📝 and my muse will reveal their thoughts about your muse.

Their first impression: A cellmate.? (oh god, he’s trapped here, how long has this one been trapped here? He looks worn down to bruises.) It’s hard talking to people but this man seems ok. At least having someone to tell him how things work, he won’t be alone.  Is that good? Is that better or worse, to be trapped with someone else?  

Their Second impression: WHAT HAPPENED, what did he do wrong? He–he.. used him.  THIS FILTHY FUCKING LIAR. 

Their current impression:  Tobias is his person. Possessiveness. Concern that cuts too deep, even though he should be used to it all by now. Despite the awkwardness that still lingers when speaking to Tobias, or the sometimes tense distance, Vincent has a serious fixation on him.

Things can tend to be out of sight out of mind for Vincent lately, but worries over Tobias are very much interspersed among his far too busy thoughts. 

He’d go to, and has gone to the far lengths of his morality just to protect this tiny man. He’d kill to keep him alive. He’d cut his own fingers off to keep him safe and if it came to choosing between Tobias’s safety and smashing up a stash of his plant children, he would choose him. Untrustworthy, dangerous little man that Tobias is, the sacrifices Vincent would make for him would still run deep. And in the end, it all feeds the martyr complex. 

What they like the most about your muse:  Less of the things he likes about Tobias, and more about the experiences. Tobias is at least as much a coping mechanism for Vince as he is an independent human being. The time they spent in near isolation together left a strong impact on how Vince feels about him, and has fed both a profound frustration and a profound attachment to the grimy little twig. 

There’s a reliable intimacy that Tobias offers, and a familiarity that’s there that Vince lacks with most people.  The occasional offers to share drinks or drugs or ‘I’m sorry’ gifts are sweet in a fucked up way.  That goofy shitty little smile is pretty good too.

What they dislike the most about your muse:  Tobias is a compulsive liar, and above many things, Vincent cannot stand to be lied to, at least in the ways he doesn’t want to be. Not to mention that the number of times those lies have backfired must run into the hundreds.

Tobias is near impossible to goad into physical violence. For the guilt and martyr complex, that’s a problem. Any bad turn where Vince impulsively tried to get Tobias to turn against him is more likely to be met with whimpering and lies, and that sure doesn’t placate things.

Graye. Tobias runs back to Graye. Defends him. Serves him.

That entire situation is a pitfall trap that’s not only liable to cause everyone involved serious physical harm, but the mental ramifications are unfortunate to say the least. Dealing with Graye having so much control over the both of them chips away not just at Vince’s emotional health, but it scrapes away at his already fragile mental health. 

What your muse is for them ( Friend, lover, rival ecc.): Tobias is a friend, lover, traitor. A responsibility for sure. At times almost a pet, in some awful way? Tobias is incredibly good at getting into dangerous situations, tactless as he is, and Vince has attempted to be a protector. Above all else, He’s devoted to Tobias in a way that he can’t step back from, even if he wants, and even when Tobias uses him.

A general opinion of their relationship: Vince @ Tobias is just *Counting Bodies Like Sheep Voice* GO BACK TO SLEEP. sajhfk

I just generally love these two and the depth of history they have together. It’s definitely one of my favorite things from rp in general. I’m also very very concerned for them. They need ….help….

If applicable, something they wish to reveal: He could just grab Tobias by the sides of the head and ramble off every single reason that they shouldn’t even look in eachother’s direction. It would be easy to just open his mouth and start admitting things, and keep spilling it all out. But It might not do any good, even if he did. There is no sense of self preservation in that man. 

On the College Essay

Well, first some life updates:

  • I own a chocolate fountain. I got it at my grad party because my dad and I were setting up for it and we found it in our attic. I’ve actually owned it for a while now but I realized I never put it on my blog and I felt like it should be here.
  • Also I’m working on that database at work (and trust me, it’s keeping me pretty busy) and this week I was so mad at the code I anger quacked at it the other day. Then MIT Student Life retweeted it: 
  • So if the combination of my angry quacking and chocolate fountain doesn’t get me a date first semester, I’m going to be disappointed.
  • Also Nate Ruess’s new album is kind of my life right now and I think it’s a work of art and everyone is sick of listening to me talk about it and my boss is also tired of it and my remixes I’ve been making during my lunch breaks and it sounds amazing in my computer and makes me want to film so many things and I should be doing physics and…I’m even listening to it right now. ART!!!

But this entry actually isn’t about my quacking or chocolate fountains! It’s about the college essay!

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        It literally SHAKES me to my motherfucking core when people tell me they don’t know Harry Potter, or haven’t read the books or seen the movies. Harry Potter was my actual childhood, and legit carried me into the adult years and it’s juST SO STARTLING TO ME. I know it shouldn’t be but…. THERE WASN’T A MUGGLE WHO DIDN’T KNOW HIM AT ANY GIVEN POINT OKAY

        Now the norm is not knowing him and it just, I could weep. The books are everything to me and everyone should, if they have not, read the books. Who gives a flying fuck about the movies ok, the books.


           I’m sorry this is really a callout post for @gonesomeday, but also everyone else who hasn’t read the books. Fam get them into your life, love yourself. I’ll be here for the rest of the night, but I’m working on commissions and mourning for those without love in their life.

Mending Hearts Chapter 4 Sneak Peek

I’m currently working on chapter 4 right now and decided to drop a little preview since it’s been more than a month since I last posted an update. The new chapter should be up soon, depending on whether I’m distracted or not. Ok. Here’s the preview :)

“You look like you’ve had an interesting day,” Donna commented with a smile.

Clara beamed and adjusted the books she was carrying in her arms. “I did actually – bumped into the Doctor again and he apologised for his rude behaviour,” she explained, waiting for the landlady to unlock the front door.

“The Doctor actually said more than two words? That’s new.”

“But that wasn’t the best part – he was wearing plaid trousers.”

Donna shot Clara an amused look. “See, I told you. The man’s a Martian.”

This lady got upset with me today….because I was helping her. I didn’t now where the item she wanted was so o went to ask.
I hear her say to her friend “ this is why I can’t shop here. No one don’t know where anything is. These people don’t know ANYTHING!”

Ok. So now I don’t know anything, help yourself and take my time looking. And if she still happens to be waiting so be it.

I didn’t see her anymore so I tell my coworker what happened and her this chick come out of the woodwork.

“I should tell your manager that he lost a sale because of you. You work here you should know where everything is!”

The look on her face when i invited her to come with me to tell the manager personally was everything. It gave me so much life, it cleared my skin everything!

She was clearly making an empty threat and I called the hell out of her bluff.

She must hAve realized how utter ridiculous she was being( which I told her she was) and got embarrassed.


Okay so I have a habit of posting remakes, here’s another one. This is 2007 vs 2015 (oh dear, Friendster days lol). I couldn’t wait for 10 years, so I had to do it :’)

Something I learned while doing this: maybe sometimes we feel like our work is never enough, or we’re underappreciated, but we have to realize the accomplishments we’ve achieved since we started. Yes, it’s important that we always strive to improve, but we shouldn’t forget to give ourselves a pat on the back every now and then. The best encouragement will always come from ourselves. 

Maybe I should remake this again after 10 years! <3 

anonymous asked:

Hello! Wanna ask u if u could tell me some clexa fanfics? I havent read any :( +if they can be with pics or au?

Allo there :)

Ooh ok, I answered an Ask like this not too long ago. Here is the link to my reply, which had a whole bunch of my faves (some aren’t complete yet, but those you should totally bookmark and go back to!): http://man-met-ego.tumblr.com/post/156806211893/you-seem-to-know-what-ur-doing-sogood-clexa

Tbh, if you’ve not read ANY at all (and I am SO envious of you right now!) then I would just go to archiveoftheirown.org and just work your way through them. 

Probably very obvious, but what I did when i first started was only read the completed fics. I basically went into the Filter, selected ‘Clarke & Lexa’ and ‘Clarke/Lexa’, sorted by Kudos, checked completed only. Boom. Worked my way down the list. 

Man, you have so many good fics ahead of you. Enjoy!

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I Forgot What Hating Myself Felt Like

Ok so I’ve been working on a collection of different Quintis fics to deal with the hiatus, and I just finished this one, and I kinda like it. I didn’t know if I should post it or not b/c I wasn’t really sure about it because this is my first fanfic thing and I’ve read tons of fics that are soooo much better, but I wanted the rest of the Cyclone to see it so here it is. Please, any and all feedback to help me with my writing ok thanks. (I don’t own any of the characters in this so)

This is based of a post that I saw a while ago but can’t find now sorry :(

“Bullshit!” Happy looked up from the piece of metal she was working on at the sound of Toby’s outburst. She had heard him enter her apartment almost a half an hour ago, and except for the sink running as filled a glass of water, she had not heard him since. It was not uncommon for him to randomly show up at her apartment, as she had given him a key a few weeks ago, but usually the first thing he did was find her and present her with some gooey confession of love, which usually annoyed her, but she liked it too.  She glanced at her clock, and blinked in surprise when she realized i was nearly two in the morning. Why was Toby at her apartment at this time of night, and why was he shouting about seemingly nothing. Slowly, she peered out from her converted workroom and made her way to her little living area.

There, she found Toby pacing in front of the couch, hands over his face like when he was stressed or upset to the point of breaking, a documentary paused on the tv behind him. A bottle of vodka was on the table next to him, and it looked like he had only taken maybe one shot. So he wasn’t drunk, maybe, not yet.

“Hey, Doc, what’s up?” She asked, startling him out of his stupor. He looked at her, his expression so broken, so full of panic and desperation, that she started to worry. She didn’t need to be a world class shrink to know something was up. “Toby? Is there something wrong?” The expression on his face caused her to go into a bit of panic mode as well. She crossed the room and went to him, worried by his uncharacteristic silence. Even on his worse days he would have at least noted her choice in clothing, a tight, almost see through white tank top and black jean shorts, and cracked a joke followed with an ‘I love you Happy Quinn,’ but not tonight.

Once she reached him, she had barely opened her mouth to ask again what wrong before he had wrapped her tightly in his arms and his lips crashed down onto hers. It was a surprise, although not an unwelcomed one, so after a moment of hesitation she wrapped her arms around his waist and stood on her tiptoes to kiss him better. At this, he picked her up and spun her around in the way she secretly loved, and moved his lips down her neck. She groaned softly into his ear, but then paused. “Toby…” Abruptly, he stopped, blinking down at her in confusion and, she thought, a little bit of hurt.

“What is it?” He asked, his voice completely and utterly broken. “What did I do?”

Happy blinked at him, thinking about how his lips had tasted of vodka, and of something stronger. He had been out, apparently.

“Nothing, Toby, it’s just…”

“Then what, Happy?” He blurted. Happy looked at him in surprise. He seemed fully sober, but he was acting completely out of the ordinary.

“Toby, what’s gotten into you? Why were you yelling at the tv?” Happy asked, glaring at her ridiculous boyfriend with a mixture of concern and exasperation. He could be so thick sometimes.

“Happy, I…” he recognised her aggravated, defensive stance and closed the distance between them and pulled her into a tight hug. “I love you, Happy,” he murmured into her ear. “I love you so fucking much.” He was shaking and close to tears, something she rarely saw in him, and it scared her a little.

Before she could say anything, she felt his lips brush her forehead and he continued. “The documentary said you can’t love someone without loving yourself first. That’s bullshit.” He took a shaky breath. “That’s bullshit. I have… I have never loved myself. But you, oh god I love you so much, I forget what hating myself feels like. I just—” She broke him off by pulling him down and kissing him so fiercely that he gasped against her mouth before responding with more passion than she had ever felt, picking her up and pushing her roughly against the wall. She wrapped her legs around his waist and circled her arms around his neck, curling her finger is his hair as she kissed him, refusing to let go.

He kissed her with all his pent up pain and desperation, loving the feel of her under his lips. He groaned as she wrapped her legs around him, kissing him back just as fiercely as he supported her against the wall. He moved his lips down her jaw to her neck, causing her to moan his name softly. After a minute, he wrapped his arms around her and swung her around, causing her to gasp in surprise, before gently laying her on the couch, his lips never leaving her. After she was on the couch, he laughed against her lips as she pulled him down on top of her, and, not wanting to crush her tiny frame, he straddled her hips and braced his arms so he wasn’t completely on top of her. she slid her hands up under his shirt, and he felt her delicate touch graze over every inch of his stomach and chest, wrapping around to his back, pushing his shirt up. Without even a moment’s hesitation he slid the shirt over his head, tossing it off to the side, and Happy did the same with her tank top, which, he thought, she looked hot as all hell in. Although, to be fair, he thought she looked fucking amazing in anything, especially the black bra and blacker cutoff shorts she was in now. He sighed against her neck as she traced his body with her fingers. They stayed like that for a long time, him nuzzling her neck and cupping her hips, her tracing patterns on his back, in perfect silence. He kissed her deeply one last time, his hands lingering on her hips, before rolling over so they were spooned together.

She snuggled into him, and he sighed and wrapped his arms around her, keeping her secured against his chest. “Movie?” He asked, knowing she’d be asleep within the next few minutes anyway. She nodded her head and handed him the remote, and he clicked through the channels until Iron Man came on.

“So many mechanical inaccuracies,” she muttered. “But a good movie.” He laughed at her comment. and they watched in comfortable silence for a while.

“Toby?” Toby startled from his thoughts at the sound of his name from Happy’s mouth.


“I love you,” she whispered quietly, on the verge of sleep. “I love more than anything.”

“Happy,” He murmured into her hair. “Oh, Hap, you know I love you too.”

“Good,” she sighed, and drifted into dreams. He pressed his lips to her head, tightening his grip on her so they wouldn’t fall.

He stared at the TV as the end credits of the movie finished scrolling, then clicked it off, shifting so he could stand. Once his legs woke up a little, he carefully lifted his sleeping girlfriend into his arms. She looked so peaceful as she slept, completely at peace, the ice she kept up to push people away completely gone. His beautiful, badass mechanic. He carried her to her bedroom, pushing the door closed behind him with his foot. He made his way to her messy, unmade bed, and collapsed with her on top of the covers, wrapping her in his arms as she shivered.

“I love you so fucking much,” he whispered against her before drifting off into a comfortable sleep.

Ok so I’m hoping to make this a multi-chapter thing so they can maybe talk it out, so if you like it or have suggestions, please let me know 

*Customer walks up to register with a stack of games that he wants my opinion on.*

Customer: Ok of these two which do you prefer? *holds up NBA 2k15 and NBA Live 15*

Me: I haven’t played either of those games but I heard NBA Live was bad.

Customer: Ok, well how is that new UFC game? Or should I get WWE 2k15?

Me: I don’t play UFC games and they haven’t made a new one, so your best bet would be WWE 2k15. You can pre-order NBA 2k16 or Madden 16 now if you like.

Customer: What games do you play?

Me: I don’t enjoy sports games too much I normally play JRPGs, Adventure games, Visual Novels and things along those lines.

Customer: Wow why are you working here? I could do your job better than you, all you’re supposed to do is know about games people care about.

Me: *in my head* I would like you to work here and hold a conversation with me about Persona 5, Xenoblade Chronicles X or Hyperdimension Neptunia 

Me: Right so would you like to pre-order Madden or NBA?