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who're some of your fave writers on here ? i'm looking for more multifandom writers haha so if you have recs that'll be cool ! :)

ok so here we go. (again? i cant remember if i got smth like this before)

@dimplecoups - lovelovelove their work tbh

@svt-husbands - they good asf 👌

@sebuntease - theyre cute!!

@svt-can-fvck-me - yessssssssssssssssssssssssssss

@caliboyjaeffrey - #callboyqueen

@tales-of-nct - asdfghjkl

@nctreactions - *aggressively slams fist on table* cute

i love all the persons i’ve mentioned <3 - louna

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“I truly love you…”

We know Dog Bird carries around his dice everywhere he goes. Because to him life is all about luck and we know he’s been lucky so far. To place this beside Ah Ro, he is putting all his luck on her survival, giving it all to her…like a silent prayer to a higher power to please just please let her be alright…

Quick practice drawing.

So, I finally set up my cintiq after who knows how long and I decided to draw with it. I have to get used to it again but it’s not that bad(my drawings might look a bit different because of this but you might not notice lol)

Anyway, it’s good to have my old set up back ( ´ ∀ ` ) 

Cursed Child was dumb and here are some reasons why

(warning: spoilers. this probably won’t make sense unless you’ve read the script. far be it from me to recommend this kneazle-vomit of a play, though, so if you haven’t read it, good)

  • the plot is messy, strange, and childish. there’s only one time-turner left!! how will the characters cope when said time-turner is lost? oh lol they’ll just use this other convenient time-turner. for convenient plot points, see also: harry can suddenly speak parseltongue again, because well he just kind of needs to be able to do that
  • Harry cursing “oh dumbledore” without a hint of irony. like really? really
  • the characterisation was a pile of dragon dung and we all freaking know it. let’s break it down into individual characters here because fuck if I can stop at one bullet point for this
  • Hermione: the brightest witch of her age, the constant crusader for the unloved and the unrepresented, whose successful career and capacity for kindness apparently rest in the hands of her romance with Ron Weasley. oh… but wait. it sounds a little familiar, this story. hear me out. let’s see now, a highly intelligent person who falls in love but doesn’t have that love reciprocated, and who then becomes a really fucking mean teacher at Hogwarts through bitterness. sound like anyone we know? fam, they tried to parallel Hermione and Snape. Hermione and Snape. this being the same Snape who sneered in Hermione’s face when she’d been visibly hexed, and made her cry; the same Snape who bullied Neville Longbottom for years, while Hermione muttered instructions under her breath to help him. if you want to tell me that Hermione would ever allow herself to become a Snape parallel then I will kindly invite you to shove a dirigible plum where there’s no lumos solem
  • Harry: when Harry was at his angriest in OOTP, and he’s yelling at Ron and Hermione, there’s one thing we notice. everything he yells is true. he means it. he’s bitter about it and he’s loud and furious, but he doesn’t have the kind of anger that just says anything to cause hurt, that speaks without thinking, not even at this crisis point in his life. are you really going to tell me that the boy who knows down to his bones what it’s like to feel rejected, and misunderstood, and alone, would ever say - even in anger - that he wishes Albus wasn’t his son? I am going to snap wands over this
  • Cedric. and this one burns. because Cedric was brave and he was true, and he had a sense of justice that led him to telling Harry about the way the golden egg worked, and led him to sharing the winning of the triwizard tournament with Harry. he died, he was murdered at the age of seventeen, embodying a sense of justice so strong, an innocence, a goodness. Cedric Diggory - the boy who believed in fairness with an integrity that is astounding - becoming party to the indiscriminate killing and casual torture of the Death Eaters just because he had his head engorged one time… is about as likely as Hagrid stomping on a dragon egg. it’s an insult to who he was and I am going to engorge the entire bodies of the writers of this fucking play so that hopefully they’ll just float away too, with all the grace and likeability of Aunt Marge
  • Voldemort: can we all agree now that Voldemort would not father a child. the idea of him experiencing lust seems out of character; the idea of him giving into a base urge seems more so. it’s too human, too vulgar, too physical; it would associate him with the common and the mainstream in a way that I contend he would find repulsive. Tom Riddle Sr. was trapped by Merope into sex and romance; to have sex would be to bring himself closer to his parents, down to the level of a Muggle and a witch who lacked power and craved love, two things Voldemort could never, ever stand. no. he wouldn’t have sex just because he wanted to; he’d be repelled by the idea. what other reason could there be for him to do the nasty with Bellatrix? to ensure the continuation of his line? that makes even less sense. achieving immortality for Voldemort was always a question of magic, a personal quest. he wouldn’t go for a messy, physical back-up plan. he always thought that he would win. if anything, he would see a child as a future threat, not a security. another being in the world with the promise of his power? he wouldn’t risk it.
  • what the fuck was that trolley witch scene though
  • “for voldemort and valour” are you serious. is there a Gryffindor spy in the Voldemort camp laughing their ass off because they actually managed to get that one through. and are they ten years old
  • overall, the message of the play infuriated me. Delphi was the child of Voldemort, so she was evil. Albus was the child of Harry, so he was good. Scorpius was the son of Draco, so he should have been evil, but Draco’s actually kind of good now and his mother was nice, so he can be good too. where is the complexity? was five hours of drama not enough to find some shades of morality? where is the hope, where is the resonance, in a story that says that good begets good and evil begets evil, and nothing can really change? the Harry Potter book series was about a boy who grew up with something inside him that was utterly evil, and who rejected it, fought against it, changed the path that fate seemed to wish him to walk. not slytherin, not slytherin. we had Regulus Black and Sirius Black, who rejected their pasts, whose heritage and whose House stood for nothing against their principles, their eventual and separate forms of bravery. we had Remus Lupin, who transformed into a monster but never became one, not even after years of rejection and pain. we had the word mudblood, and we watched Hermione fight it, we knew it was ridiculous to label someone based on their blood. and now… we have the Cursed Child. a play which is flat, and stupid, and tells us that your parentage inevitably dictates your character - and that how you’re treated is how you’ll treat others. dear writers, in the words of Albus Dumbledore, you fail to recognise that it matters not what someone is born, but what they grow to be. you fucks.
Group Project: Part 1

Running Title: Group Project. 
Part 1
Part 2: Here
This will be a short sequel series to my previous story Shelter. Please read that before you tackle this, otherwise it may be confusing. 

Summary: Allen Walker once told Howard Link that he wanted five children, while Kanda Yuu demonstrates that his memory is selective, but at least he knows that Alma likes cupcakes. 

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Sunday. A day of rest. A day of contemplation. A day to ones self before the weekday grind started again. At least, for most people it was. Scarlett, in some fit of madness, had actually volunteered her afternoon at the local children’s asylum. Wherever she got that idea, no one was quite sure of.

As she lighted up the steps of the old building, her gaze fell upon one in the distance. Still physically connected to this one but abandoned. Broken windows, a caving ceiling, it looked like an empty husk swallowing itself up. It gave her chills but she looked at it every time she visited, as if unable not to.

Hefting her basket to her left arm, Scarlett signed in and took the volunteer badge from the guard. She was only allowed in the community room for the tamest of patients; mostly children whose parents thought their behavioral issues were more than drugs could fix and a few older kids who had been in trouble with the law but couldn’t be sent to juvenile detention.

They had stopped escorting her long ago, her visits once a week like clockwork and her rapport with the staff gave her the small freedom. Though, as soft, black flats tapped quietly down the much too white hall, Hazel eyes wandered yet again, to the doors that led to the more extreme patients. It’s bright yellow sign reading ‘EMPLOYEES ONLY’. Oh how curiosity was her downfall.

As she entered the community room, Scarlett handed her basket of goodies to one of the orderlies to divvy out before greeting the faces that looked forward to her visits. Though the days of candy stripers were over, she’d always had an affinity for the look and wore a striped red and white skirt, and blouse of long sleeved red above. Her nails painted in a similar fashion of black and red stripes; she had to show herself through a little.

As she made her rounds, the young woman came across an isolated figure, tucked away in the back corner of the room. He was so still she almost wondered if he continued to breathe. His skin was ghastly pale against the shock of midnight black hair, she wondered how’d she missed him before. Her fingers were mere inches from his when a large orderly grabbed her wrist and jerked it back. “Not this one Miss Scarlett. That’s a no contact patient. Supposedly out on 'good behavior’.” The man snorted in response to the title.

A frown perpetrated her dark painted lips as she pulled her arm away, rubbing her wrist from the much too tight grip. “You mean he?” She cocked her head to the still unmoving boy in the chair. “Regardless of how you feel, /he’s/ still a person. So long as I’m present, I’d prefer you to refer to /him/ as such.” She’d had enough of that kind of attitude towards her own self. She hated it when someone else was treated with such disregard.

As the guard led her back to the center of the room, Scarlett glanced back, unable to help herself. Something about him drew her. And though his body remained unmoved, his posture still the same, eyes of utter blackness watched her instead of whatever lay beyond the windows outside.

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Relax (M)

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Requested by: Anon – my apologies if it took a while (I was so busy with work), but here you go, I hope you enjoy it!

Characters: Park Jinyoung (Junior, GOT7) x You (OC/Reader) x GOT7 members

Genre: Angst, Smut

Length: 2,410 words

Warning/s: Dom!Jinyoung, Hardcore Sex, Spanking, Blowjob, Masturbation, Squirting, etc. (etc. meaning every single thing that would make me meet Satan and stay with him for the rest of my life)

Plot:   Long day at practice, promotions here and there, new album preparations, and concerts / fan meetings are starting to take its toll on the GOT7 boys; especially with Jinyoung.  So, how is he going to release all of the stress that he has endured for all those times?



“1 2 3 4, then jump… 1 2 3 then twist-“ Jaebum stopped his tracks when he noticed that Jinyoung kept on creating mistakes.  He will just pause then catch up, or totally mess the choreography up. To his surprise, he is not normally like this; he even choreographed some of the dances for their new songs.  

“W-wait, let’s take a quick break everyone.”  Jaebum instructed and everyone almost fell to their feet because of exhaustion.  The rest began drinking water and teasing each other, just to relieve some of their stress.  Jinyoung sat on the corner of the practice room, knees touching his chest and hands in his hair.  Jaebum quickly approached him and patted his back.

“You okay man?”  He asked him while patting his back, showing him that he is just there if ever he needs someone to talk to.

“I-I don’t know, hyung.”  He mumbled while swallowing the lump on his throat.  Jinyoung just felt so tired and so worn out, but he knows that he needs to keep going because this is what he wants to do, to perform for the fans. However, he cannot help but feel the opposite.  He rarely gets some sleep, he cannot eat well because they are only given so little time to enjoy their food and, most of all, he misses you.

“You look so tired than everyone else; you wanted to talk about it?”  Jaebum further probes and Jinyoung straightened and leaned his head against the mirror.

“I miss __________-ah, hyung.  It has been 3 months since the last time that I saw her.  I can handle the stress of our schedules, but not being able to see her for that long; it’s breaking me into pieces.”  He closed his eyes in deep frustration.  Jaebum nodded, agreeing to what he is saying.  He knows how Jinyoung loves and cares about you, so it must have been really hard for the mother of the group to not even see you at this point in his life.

“You go see her.”  He whispered at him and Jinyoung’s eyes glittered as he looks at his leader’s serious eyes.

“W-wait, what about-“

“Don’t worry about him; I’ll take care of it.  You look shit, Jinyoung.  Now, go see her and stay with her for the rest of the week, okay?”  Jaebum wrapped his arms around the younger, patting his head.

“Thank you hyung, oh God thank you so much.”  His smile is genuine this time as he stood up from the floor and immediately running towards the locker room to change and make his way towards your place as soon as possible.

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Needed an exercise before getting back to work.

Weed seemed like a logical choice. Something serine.

I really wish Yoshihiro would do call backs to the fact that Weed was named after weeds so that he’d always have friends at his side if he felt alone.

You might see another one of these in the future but under more dire circumstances. 8′)


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hii! i just wanted to say, i love how people are sending you kpop recommendations!! do you have any songs you recommend us?? x

hello! i love it too! especially i don’t know a single thing about kpop but let’s keep it a secret! i might get into it (kpop) ♡(ŐωŐ人)

now! i listen to classical music, soundtracks to movies/animes or few polish bands most of the time with breaks for Beyonce etc. so my recommendations may be all over the place! sorry for that!

♡ Solange - Cranes in the sky ♡ Keaton Henson - You ♡ Minx - Love shake ♡ Lucy Rose - Shiver ♡ ABRA - Fruit ♡ Lion Babe - Treat me like fire ♡ OK Go - Here it goes again and I won’t let you down ♡ Judy Garland - I don’t care ♡ Caravan Palace - Lone digger ♡ alt-J - Breezblocks ♡

sorry it’s not kpopy list if that’s what you were expecting but i really enjoyed answering this and like i’ve mentiond i don’t know much about it! sorry, fruity anon!! (♡ ὅ ◡ ὅ )ʃ♡ but i hope it’s not bad!

have a great day/night! (。・ω・。)ノ♡

xoxo julia

  • me: *thinks i'm supposed to apologize for an outburst*
  • me: *apologizes*
  • me: *is resentful because i know that the subject of my outburst is something that is worse for me than the person i said it to*
  • me: *is not sorry*
  • me: *is mad at self for not being sorry*
  • me: *thinks i'm supposed to apologize*
  • me: *apologizes*