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On the ninth day of christmas my true love gave to me

nine volleyhomos

eight crows and kittiesseven ushiwakas, (a) six foot tall russian, five volleyballs, four seijou darlings, three ugly sweaters, two stupid volleybirbs & the greatest brotp


an older design for thuringwethil Ive now moved on from but still; as well as a sketch of Mairon as I see them in the very early times aka “just moved into angband”. i feel sauron would take full advantage of trying out all kinds of forms and appearance (while it was still possible :)) …). also, that awkard moment when “hey thuringwethil can I see your boobs for reference”; then copying gothmogs hairstyle (horn-style?)

read all avaiable chapters of watercast by fishwrites yesterday, ugly sobbed in the office bATHROOM, came home and immediately got to my tablet and this is only a crop of the full drawing bc i’ve decided TO KILL MYSELF and put EVERYTHING into this piece holy shit

but honestly, thank you @fishwrites for this fic. i’ve been struggling with horrible HORRIBLE artblock for the past few months, feeling sooo miserable everytime i forced myself to draw and this was the first time in MONTHS i had fun sketching and planing out a drawing and AGH i’m just so happy i came across this fic!!! THANK YOU!


the ice skating anime has claimed me, i am so, so sorry

yuri plisetsky and his fashion choices must be protected at all cost. this kid is a treasure


Followup to this

Aether employees Vic and Kate!

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Kristoff and Anna are friends at college and he knows that Anna is having an impossibly difficult week so he talks her into going out with him on Friday night, as friends "Hey that new restaurant you wanted to try just opened up, lets go. My treat." And she just looks at him kind of confused, "that place is crazy expensive". And he tells her not to worry about it and she's like "If you're taking me out to a really nice restaurant and you're paying for everything isn't it a date?" (1/2)

And he’s like “Oh no” all blushing “just as friends”. And she agreed. Then when they’re there and they’re both all dressed up and the atmosphere is like tangibly romantic, he gets all embarrassed and apologizes “okay this might be a date, I’m sorry”. And Anna is just sort of dying laughing and the rest of the people in the restaurant are just sort of staring at her as she leans across the table to kiss his cheek. “Best not date date ever, we should do this again soon.”

You’re a mess, Ren.

I’m on a spiral slide right into hell with this art school AU tbh