ok haha!

uh haha ok uhhd i cfound a car for some shade i shooed away the snakes aso im basically great now!!! im fine by yself

i can run this bolg again finally submit some funny gravity falls posts and picutes!!!!!!

Anyways haha I’m looking up laws and shit and guess what y'all???

In England the aoc is 16 but a person in a position of trust (a teacher, care workers, etc.) cannot have sex with that child

Aka shi0 with HLK is still illegal seeing as he wears an instructors uniform at the galaxy garrison making him a teacher aka ‘a person in a position of trust’

So like….

hey y’all, i’m lina and i’m 19 & currently reside in the CST timezone. i actually haven’t rp’d in quite sometime since i started uni, however, i am highly experienced~ i’m really excited for this bc i’m a little rusty, but i’ve been longing to rp again. 

** also, don’t be afraid to hmu anytime bc i’m hella nice and love to plot. ok i’ll stop rambling now haha.

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bonding moments w/ my bby boi lance <333

a breathtaking duet staring victuuri