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So I wrote a thing- Its a Langst thing.

It isnt finished and its just in the ‘summarize’ stage but… I dont know if I should expand on it?

Read it under the cut if you wantttt

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two things in 12x10 that don't get enough acknowlegment: 1. the way Cas reacts when Sam calls benjamin's vessel his "friend", acting shifty and glancing towards dean. 2. Dean trying to call Cas but only waiting for two rings (Dean generally being impatient when Cas could be in danger) while Cas feels the need to search for his phone right afterwards.. perhaps sensing some longing? Also, i know Cas uses the phone to be more human but i do miss Dean's emotional prayers lol.

Tbh there has been so much Destiel this season… some parts that in the past might have been meta-d over for weeks just kinda were like “oh yeah, #married, as usual”!

“She’s not just his vessel, she’s more than that” “She’s his…friend” “Yeah…”

And all this #married nonsense while Dean is berating Cas for not being as careful as he reckons Benjamin was, putting himself in needless danger:

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How Dean starts out pissy because Cas put himself in danger in order to save him, how Cas isn’t having ANY of his shit, and Dean just can’t help himself worrying straight back about Cas the moment he is out his line of sight…

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Cue: acting like actual husbands so much so that the bad guy susses it out in 5 seconds flat and proceeds to use it against them BOTH.

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And Sam knows ok?

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Sorry, yeah, this episode gives me all the Destiel feels.

I’m not even sure what this episode even is if not a massive “LOOK AT HOW ROMANTICALLY WE ARE WRITING THESE TWO JFC HAVE YOU LATCHED ON YET?!” from the writers to the general audience…

But yeah, they still have a ways to go to hammer it home, you know, cos they’re just bros and Dean is apparently straight, lol, I’m not gonna even go there on this post. As if 11 years of them doing this over and over again isn’t enough they have to actually spell it out, but I imagine that is what they’ll do in season 13, once we have seen Dean grieving like a widow much more blatantly than ever before, they kinda have to at this point or all this ‘relatively’ subtle stuff is for nothing. I say relatively cos for us it is blatant but eh, apparently not to everyone.

Jason’s telling the Bellarke story, and it’s romantic.

*I’ve never written meta or spec or anything like that before, I am a known shitposter, but I had a lot on my mind so just stay with me while I attempt this.

Ok guys, I know the finale has us all drowning in our tears and the looming hellatus has us quivering in our boots, but I am here to offer a bit of Blarke hope.

Jason is writing romantic Bellarke. It’s in the story, and after the finale and his recent interviews I am more confident than ever. He might hate us, and want to torture us, and stretch this slow burn out as long as humanly possible, but he’s telling the a story and Bellarke is at the center of it. 

Now to my “evidence” or whatever:

The Writing

Let’s take a look at our most iconic Bellarke episodes over the last couple of years and also look at who wrote those episodes, focusing on two writers in particular: the show runner, and the man he was ready to hand over the reigns to.

  • 2x16: the iconic “together” moment, and the entire good-bye scene (Jason)
  • 3x02: Bellamy losing his shit, going after Clarke, the cave scene, “WE CANT LOSE CLARKE” (Aaron and Wade)
  • 3x15: “I trust you”, “You’re not the only one trying to save someone you care about.” “START WITH BELLAMY BLAKE” (Aaron and Wade)
  • 4x01: oh boy, “Thanks for keeping me alive”, Bellamy losing his shit both times Echo threatens Clarke’s life, the very intentional cut to Bellamy’s face when Clarke talks about /exa, the return of “princess” (Jason)
  • 4x12: roadtrip flirting, worried Bellamy as Clarke takes off her helmet, the blarke of it all (Aaron and Wade)
  • 4x13: the hug, the face caress that haunts my dreams, the entire head and the heart discussion, “I’ve got you for that”, “I left her behind”, Clarke radioing Bellamy every single day for 2199 days (Jason)
    • *yes I know other moments like the s2 reunion hug, the s3 beach hug, and the list episode were by other writers, but that’s not my focus

Are you seeing the pattern here? Either Jason or Aaron/Wade write the most important Bellarke scenes of each season. We have the biggest known Blarke writer on staff (imo) and the actual show runner responsible for these treasures. 

THEN, you add the fact that Jason was ready to let Aaron take over, if his other pilot got picked up. He trusted Aaron, a known Blarke stan, to continue the story he was telling. Isn’t that suspicious? 

But just think, our 2 biggest Bellarke episodes were written by Jason.


So we’re all aware that Jason says he knows where he wants the show to go for about 6 seasons - even if I still think 3a was a mess and not the original storyline for reasons. He has planned out how this show ends and he’s had that ending since he started. 

He wouldn’t be responsible for writing such iconic (romantic) Bellarke moments and interweaving that into the plot if it didn’t go anywhere. The man is trash and I wouldn’t trust him to buy my groceries, but he knows what he’s doing and he knows how to tell a story, even if he gets it twisted sometimes. He knows where to starts and how to end - which is why he writes the first and last episode of every season.

Their Story

“First of all, Bellamy and Clarke have always been at the center of this show. It has always been the story of — on some level — Clarke and her relationship to Bellamy. […]” -Jason Rothenberg

I think we’ve all learned to take Jason’s interviews with a grain of salt, but he knows what story he’s telling.

The show is about them. He is writing their story, and he has been from the beginning. Which is all especially evident when you look at the S1 script leaks that blessed us this year, and what was cut out, aka DAY TRIP. 

It’s been them from the start and it’s been romantic from day one. 

Anyway, This was my first shitty attempt at meta or spec or whatever and probably my last, but I think it’s just important to realize what’s going on despite how shitty Jroth is, he’s telling a certain story. 

But add on to this if you want. Thanks!

i bet yall think its a coincidence that youtube and tumblr, two of the most popular platforms, have started censoring all lgbt content. i bet you think its nothing but a bad programming error. come on guys. you know what this is.

Okay I finished this- I coulda made different refs for each of them but eh this was easier, nothin here for Papy bc he’s already got a ref, but I wanted them all here ok-

Sans, he’s the oldest and protective oooof them all. He can use magic but uses it only for cccrazy situations.

Papyrus, he’s the most protective. don’t even friggen thiiink about hurting his family or he’ll kick your butttttt

And lil BB, he and Papy are both cinnamon rolls, this lil kiddo just wants a cookieeee-

“Find the bad guy push ‘em aside,
then move on forward with your friend at your side
It’s a two player game, so when they make an attack, you know you got a brother gonna have your back.
Then you stay on track, and I remain on course
If they give you a smack, you gotta use your force
And if you leave your brother behind its lame-”

I fiNaLLY LISTENED TO BMC and i can confirm this song is definitely Toby and Jim in a nutshell ;;;D Thank you so much to the anon that suggested this broadway/trollhunters crossovers are my jam

In a life vs death situation
  • <p> <b>Gryffindors:</b> Look, despite what people think, we don't have a death wish. But some things are worth dying for.<p/><b>Slytherins:</b> Ok yeah the mission is really important and all that but it's as if you aren't even trying to save yourself. There are ways to beat them that aren't suicide missions!<p/><b>Hufflepuffs :</b> Yeah but those include sacrificing innocent people. Not everyone on the dark side is bad you know. We can't just kill them because they are deatheater. It's not fair.<p/><b>
  • Slytherins: Guys no one has to di--
  • Gryffindors: ...Whatever, but those people didnt ask for it. If anyone is going to die in this plan, its got to be voluntary. Its got to be us.
  • Slytherins: OMFG. I dont kbow how to break it to you but YOU CAN MAKE A FREAKING PLAN WHICH DOESNT INVILVE DYING. Do you people want to die? Cuz that can be arranged bedore the mission starts.
  • Hufflepuff: why can't we all just be happy?
  • Ravenclaws: </b> shut up everyone, slytherin has a plan.<p/></p>
OK, but hear me out: What if the Avengers had YouTube Channels?

Clint has a channel where he tries to recreate Pinterest and BuzzFeed DIY’s. You know that type of videos: chaos, DIY’s gone really, really wrong and a lot of (unnecessary) cursing.

“Today we’re going to try to make this sprinkle-shooting arrow. Look at how pretty this sh*t is!”

“It’s on fire! ITS ON FU*KING FIRE!

“OK, that fu*ked up pretty bad”

(Clint Barton in a nutshell)

Caption: “Oh, did that explode? Yeah, it exploded. Sh*t, man. Laura’s gonna kill me.”

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Thor had to do vlogs. Like, have you seen him? This six feet guy, all beefy and worked out, walking around New York being all like “I shall buy the midgardian drink known as coffee this splendorous morning.” 

And then Jane takes him shopping and he just freaks out about the things we invent… And then movie night (am I the only one who thinks it would be hilarious to get Thor to watch a horror movie??). 

He is front line in any protest or march, even if he is not entirely sure of what’s happening. A treasure everyone should protect.

Caption: That one blog, that one time.

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Don’t tell me Tony and Bruce don’t have a collaboration channel where they do experiments and essentially blow things up, because you’re wrong. 

Tony is the one who keeps saying there aren’t enough explosives yet (Really, Bruce. You don’t see it? If we don’t put more TNT in there, it won’t work) and Bruce is he more sensible one (Tony, there’s three kilograms of dynamite in there. DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH IS THAT?). 

And all their videos end up with stuff either blowing up in their faces or melting through tables. But people still love them, because they are hilarious.

Caption: “Hello guys. Today we are going to do a thermonuclear… Tony, NO. LEAVE THAT ALONE.”

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The kind of multi content uploader is Natasha. She has a series dedicated completely to self-defense, specially aimed to women, where Steve is a regular guest. 

But she also makes beauty videos like 15 Beauty Hacks the Government Doesn’t Want you to Know How to Die Your Hair Red Like the Blood of Your Enemies” “Deadly Beauty: The Secret to Russian Spies’ flawless skin. or Three Winter Outfits You Can Totally Kill Someone With.

Caption: “Here I am, being better than everyone, as usual”

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And last, but not least, Steve Rogers. He does deep reflections every Friday and uploads motivational videos once a month. One of his videos and you are sure to feel strong enough to conquer the world. 

His motivational speeches have moved armies to win battles, and they’re sure to move you to get outta the sofa. But the question remains: Did he write that down or made it up from the top of his head?

Caption: I would say something, but it would be rubbish compared to what Captain America has to say, so I’ll just won’t.

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BTS as jealous boyfriends
  • Jungkook: the competitive and prideful one, doesn’t want to admit that he’s jealous. Texts u too much when ur out with ur friends nd tries to disguise it as protectiveness “who u with?”, gets rly jealous nd uptight nd tries to hide it like an idiot and then when he bursts hes just like FINE IM JEALOUS ur MINE
  • Jin: the mature and reasonable one, tries to keep himself from nagging u if he doesn’t feel like he SHOULD b jealous, but definitely still feels jealous a lot – holds it in like a motherfucker, elegantly tries to woo u with dinner and roses and accidentally slips a “yeah not like ____ would do that for u” “wait are you jealous” “n-no”
  • Jimin: the loud and sad one, admits that he’s jealous and whines about it!!!! “fine if u love him just go IM KIDDING DON’T GO PLEASE” “jimin i don’t love him”, rly wants to tell u not to hangout with the person but lacks authority af “I don’t want u seeing him” “what?” “i mean if u don’t mind…”, cuddles u nd tells u ur so pretty he has to beat a lot of guys up but u know he’s too fluffy
  • Hoseok: the offended and silent one, the guy to HATE the person he’s jealous of so much, he’ll talk so much shit about him “but its not because of Y/N, I always hated him” and he’ll just b so uptight about it, getting real mad when u go see him but he aint gonna admit to it “I just think he’s bad company did u know he killed a bird once”
  • Namjoon: the quiet and sad one, honestly making namjoon jealous makes my heart break because namjoon will be HURT ok he wont be mad or annoyed he’ll want to OFF HIMSELF or well maybe not off himself but he’ll start thinkin bout the worst things nd he’ll get so frustrated nd sad nd self conscious and u’d have to tell him something before he’d exhale and be like “whoa damn thanks for loving me”
  • Yoongi: the mad one, this guy would just get straight up angry if he got jealous and he’d be so protective. He’d kinda tell u what to do and he’d tell the guy to back off and he rly wouldn’t spend too much time sinkin into sadness: he’d notice that there’s a problem and he’d fix it for himself. Angry sex nd talkin shit about the guy would be #1
  • Taehyung: either team oblivious or team mixed feelings. he would either be so far from jealous he’d be surprised when he finally felt jealous or he’d be so awkward about it, like what does he do?? Does he tell u to stop hanging out with the guy? Does he talk to the guy? He’d try a few angry handshakes with the guy and being pissy but he’d always forget that he’s jealous when u finally gave him attention

I learnt this morning a friend of mine irl is moving to a different school, and I know wolves are their favourite animal so I made them this as a leaving gift - do you guys think it’s ok? >.<


Ok ok ok… So here are two Oikawa + “Swedish” outfits. (I just picked two guys at random from my school year catalogue and drew their outfits) that anon requested. I really don’t know what is fashionable here… So I just did this instead, I hope it’s okay! One thing I noticed was that almost all guys are wearing blue jeans that’re cuffed + a random long sleeved shirt…. Yeah! 

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Hiiii love you blog! I was wondering if you knew of any fics where Stiles knows how to defend himself (with a gun/knife or has some awesome magic skills) and everyone in the pack is shocked? And Derek thinks it's super hot?

i know there are a bunch but I’m so bad at recc’ing stuff omg but check out @theofficialstereklibrary​ they have a giant list of tags and if not you can ask them if they know fics about a certain trope/topic BUT I’m gonna try my hand at this and write a little thing i hope its ok and doesn’t totally suck hope you like this my friend 

also on ao3: http://archiveofourown.org/works/10558532

Derek was half-asleep when his phone rang.

“Hello?” he croaked out.

“Sorry to disturb your beauty-sleep big guy but we got a situation,” Stiles’ voice came through the phone, and he sounded about as awake as Derek was.

“Where do I need to be?” he asked as he rolled out of bed, rummaging through his closet for some clean clothes.

“The tree with that creepy marking right at the edge of the town.”

“Ok. Do you need me to pick you up?” he asked.

“No I’m already on my way there.”

Derek hung up, deciding running there would be faster before he closed his front door and took off running.

He arrived at the same time as the rest of the pack, most of them still trying to shake away the sleep.

Stiles arrived moments later, jumping out of the car and running towards the rest of the pack.

“Large witch coven- half a mile from here – gotta catch them now,” he panted out.

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  • Kara: Hey Lena, so I was at home last night, you know surfing the internet and I found this trending tag on Tumblr...
  • Lena: Uhm ok
  • Kara: About you.
  • Lena: About me?
  • Kara: Yeah, apparently the world thinks you need a hug * Kara Laughs*
  • * Lena starts to Cry*
  • Lena: I need a hug
  • Kara: 0.o Oh Rao, it's ok sweety. Who's the big C.E.O, who made that stupid investor cry yesterday * Says hugging Lena*
  • Lena: I'm a bad person, I made that poor guy cry just because I was moody. I really am a Luthor * Lena Cries more*
  • Kara: Ok, I will never disagree with Tumblr again
  • Kara: Hey Lena, do you want to go on a date with me?
GOT7 reaction to their  S/O being a self made multimillionaire

Anonymous said to reactionsthatigot-7:

Got7 reaction to their s/o being a self made multimillionaire at the age of 21/22. By working, and making her own business, successful writer (Non idol). Thank you :-)

Anonymous said to reactionsthatigot-7:

Got7 reaction to their s/o being a self made multimillionaire and living in an non luxury place, donation a lot of the money to charity and so on. Thank you :-)

ok i feel bad that not all the gifs are sourced, but i can’t find the oringal source for the ones that i think match better, the gif search thing is crappy!
if you want me to credit gifs, let me know and ill pop it in ^_^ 
anyway thanks got the request guys :) i hope you like it 
~ahgase Omma 

he’s so impressed, not in the money but that youve worked hard to get to where you are, he finds that to be sexy on its own.

talk about your rich power couple! he’s so amazed by your your attitude being so different to a spoilt rich kid! damn all those to be beautiful rich Tuan babies

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damn girl! we all know he love driven girls and this just proves that you are, maybe even more so than him

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he's totally into it, he helps out with the charity work as much as possible, he’s just floored by your sweet nature. sweet and high work ethics, it couldn’t get better!

Originally posted by umma-jy

yes he's giggling, but its more of a nervous/impressed laugh, he’s not shocked because he knew you want a strong enthusiastic person, but wow! he didn’t realise it was to this degree.

Originally posted by got7ish

completely surprised, sure he found it amazing that you manage to keep up with his expensive taste in clothes, and now it makes sense to him, he can't believe he didn’t see it sooner, all the signs were there before

Originally posted by younggjaebum

it takes a second to sink in the millions is a lot of money! youve probably made more than he has by that age, but he’s more impressed that youve done it competing against adults, rather than him being just as determined but in a fairly young industry.

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Gifs are not my own

I don’t usually cry

Request: You should do a Peter Parker/ reader fic where the reader is also a new avenger and they’re training together, but the girl is super dark and mysterious. idk she could have some dark secret or something, whatever you think is good.

Warnings: None

“Woah” I said as I stepped into the giant avengers tower.  It was much bigger than the tiny one person apartment I used to live in on my own. The black widow- Natasha, had one and recruited me from my very own apartment. Something about signing some papers.. I don’t know I wasn’t really paying attention, but the avengers are having some sort of battle, and I guess they wanted me because I’m one of the most highly trained assassins at HYDRA.. Or, I used to be. I’m only seventeen so I had my advantages at HYDRA for also being one of the youngest.

Third person POV.

We entered the room to see tony and vision sitting on the couch.

“guys this is Y/N, she used to work for Hydra-” Natasha stopped speaking when you looked up at her face sadly.“-She’s.. On our side” Natasha smiled at you.

you pulled your hair further in from of your face. You liked your hair, it made you feel hidden, more powerful as if nobody knew who you really where. If that makes any sense.
“Natasha why don’t you show Y/N, the training room”

“Good idea” Natasha showed you the Training room and you loved it. She even let you fight her a couple times. Of course, she wasn’t trying as hard as she could, but she had to admit, you were really good.

It wasn’t long after that, that tony entered the room with a boy around your age. You were trying to figure out who he was, until you saw him shooting a spiderweb out of his wrist.. Or at least, that was what it looked like.
“You’re spider-boy!” you shouted excitedly in his direction.

“Spider-man actually” he half mumbled quietly. You laughed at his need to correct you on that.

Peter looked at you for a good ten seconds, you where beautiful. Not that he could see your face that well through your hair, he suddenly felt a compulsive need to know everything about you, where did you come from? What was your power? Heck, he didn’t even know your name.
“This is Y/N Peter” tony pointed in your direction.

“Oh h-hi” he gave you a hopefully smile.

“Hi” you said so quietly that you didn’t even think anyone heard. But Peter smiled at you, so maybe he did.

The next morning you decided to go and train on your own, so you woke up early and headed toward the training room. When you entered the room you heard the sound of fists hitting a punching bag, and saw it was Peter.

“Oh hi Peter” you looked down. “Do you mind if train in here with you?”

“N-no not at all” He smiled and shoved his stuff over so you could out your bag down.

After a long awkward while you had decided to just fight each other. So you had a little conversation while you did so.

“So, Y/N, what school do you go to?”

“I don’t go to school” you dodged his punch.

“So.. Where do you live?“  he shot out a web towards you and you dodged it again.

"y'know, around”
Peter turned his head to the side and stopped for a moment, but then continued fighting. He’d never met anyone so mysterious… Secretive. But he was incredibly Intrigued.

The next morning, Peter came into the avengers kitchen to see Tony already there drinking coffee and looking deep In thought.

“Mr stark?” Peter cleared his throat. Tony jumped a little bit and then turned around.

“Oh, underoos what’s up?”

“Well, I wanted to ask you about y/n”

“Ah, nice kid… Considering her background and all”

“Background?” Peter was lost.

“Yeah Y'know, the whole ‘Working for HYDRA’ -Tony made quote marks with his hands- thing.”

“Y/N worked for HYDRA?” Peter was very surprised. He had always imagined everyone from HYDRA being completely evil, sure you had been kinda mysterious, but he never would have pegged you for one of the bad guys. Peter was lost in thought until someone cleared their throat.
He saw you sitting on the couch behind him. He haven’t noticed you before.You had a tear running down your cheek and your lip quivered when you made eye contact with him.

He walked over and sat down next to you, you put your head in his chest and started to cry.

“I’m sorry” You said between sniffles.

“Hey.. It’s OK. You’re different now” Peter smiled down at you.

“I know, it’s just…. I don’t usually cry”

HEYYYYY! I hope you liked it! I don’t know if its quite what you wanted but.. I think it was okay :)

I’m Currently only working on “Mystery girl Part four”.

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uhhhhh hi i noticed u know a lot abt bugs nd like telling bug facts so if u still want to, do you know any cool facts abt moths?? theyre my favorite!! if not thats ok, have a nice day

I LOVE MOTHS AA YES you guys can aLWAYS ask me about bugs i will always provide cool bug facts

alright! moths.. hmm 

did you know this BEAUTIFUL moth right here:

Called the regal moth (look how regal and beautiful she is~) comes from this terrifying caterpillar? 

its been named the ‘hickory horned devil’ due to its barbed horns all over it. Its absolutely terrifying. 

another cool thing (thats scary) is the Giant Silkworm Moth.

While it may look beautiful, its caterpillar, 

is extremely poisonous! its one of the only caterpillars (that i know of) thats sting is so bad it can cause death.

another thing is, did you know moths are extremely good at mimicking other animals? 

Theres the hornet moth which looks like this!:

its basically a giant fluffy friendly hornet! but its evolved to look like one in hopes things do not eat it. Which is a good idea, since if one of those flew near me i’d shriek. 

another cool fact, 

some moths dont have mouths! the luna moth

for example, has no mouth at all and its adult life expediency is only about a week. 

another interesting thing, is when they’re in their cocoon, they completely liquify and reform! which a lot of people know, but did you know they keep their memories? 

Scientists did an experiment where they released scents to caterpillars and sort of ‘trained’ them to react to them. Then let them build cocoons and when the moth emerged, they released the scents. and the moth reacted exactly how the caterpillar was trained too!

you can read more about that study here! (but be warned, they’re quite cruel to the poor caterpillars so tw for that)

and lastly, one more cool moth to show you, is the death-head moth! 

this terrifying moth with black and orange/red markings has a visible skull on its thorax and while moth moths are quiet, this moth makes angry squeaks when irritated! which can be heard here

everything i've learned about newsies in the past day
  • overture: some pretty sick jams
  • santa fe: fuck new york, i've got the next best thing
  • carrying the banner: everyone is happy and it's all chill, there's also that one kid that says personality and something to do with butter
  • the bottom line: bad guy does bad guy things and everything is going to go to shit
  • that's rich: she's got money
  • i never planned on you: love interest??????
  • the world will know: the kids are outraged
  • watch what happens: the kid got writers block and she apparently slept with someone
  • seize the day: the kids go on strike and it's really overwhelming
  • santa fe: fuck new york i'm sad
  • king of new york: the hopes and dreams of the kids who where outraged and it's really fucking exciting
  • watch what happens 2.0: the kids have hope because one kid uses a rattlesnake as an analogy
  • bottom line 2.0: the bad guy is an ass again
  • brooklyn's here: it's ok guys help is here and it's got some sick jams with it too
  • something to believe in: oh the love interest is having a conversation about life
  • once and for all: the kids are taking control and times are changing and they're on the front page, good job kids
  • finale: should i stay or should i go. i think love interest got a kiss, i'm not so sure all i can hear is cheering.
For The Money- Mikael Granlund

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Ok people can be very rude online and so of course that’s where a lot of problems stem. Sometimes family is just as bad so its angsty! BUT YALL HAVE BEEN HOLDING OUT JASON ZUCKER ON ME?!?!? I cry he and his family are adorable. Anyway… Enjoy!

Warning: cursing

Anon Request: Loved the andre imagine!! Could you do one with mikael granlund where everyone knows you for dating so many rich guys and then thinks you’re dating him for the money?


              You weren’t going to cry over words.

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Would he? - Kai Parker

Kai x reader

Warnings: pregnant reader,

Word count: 881

Requested: Could you write a fic where Kai finds out that you are pregnant with his kid after a one night stand!!! Please and thank you!

Summary: you ignore kai, he comes to find out why.(wrap it before you tap it, unless you actaully both wnt a baby) (I’m sorry it took so long and im sorry its short, well at least short to what i normally write)


It was no doubt one of the best nights of your life, even though it was with who your friends considered the ‘enemy’. Yes, it was probably not a good idea to get really drunk. Probably also not a good idea to go home with Kai drunk but we all make mistakes, right.  But see the problem was drunk plus flirting plus kai ended up equalling one nightstand. But now the thing is Kai has been trying to get your attention and you have been missing him but the thing is …  you did a pregnancy test and it was positive. In all honesty  you wanted Kai and him chasing after you was something you loved but being pregnant with his baby well you didn’t know how to tell him. How do i tell him i’m pregnant with his baby? After a one nightstand? Would he want it? Would he get mad? Hate me? All the thoughts running through my head were hurting my head. I had been trying to stay away from Kai cause i know i can’t ignore him but if i  don’t see him then i can. If i see him i know i won’t be able to ignore him. As crazy as it sounds i do love Kai and thats why im so scared of what he will do if or when he finds out i’m pregnant with his baby.


It had been awhile  since you had seen Kai he had been calling and trying to get ahold of you but you lately kept your phone off so it went straight to voicemail.

As I was sitting at home watching Netflix on the couch. I paused “Arrow” and walked over to the kitchen to get some tea from the fridge. That’s when i heard a knock on the door, as i walked over to it once i opened it. I was shocked to say the least.

“Kai, I-” I was not expecting him to show up.

“You have been ignoring me. I want to know why. Also why can’t i reach you over the phone?” he asked while pushing me to the side a little walking in.

“I, ummm turned it off.” I said moving to the couch.

“And the ignoring me part?” he asked again crossing his arms.

“I don’t want-” I started

“Didn’t” he corrected with a smirk.

“-Want to. It’s just something happened and-” I said before he cut me off, again.

“What happened? Are you sick, did your friends say somethings again to make you change your mind about me.” he sounded concerned.

“Nothing more than the usual “he’s the bad guy” that’s what they say all the time.

“Well are you sick?” he asked again.

“Of a sort” I muttered.

“Wha-what do you mean?” he asked so intently.

“Kai i’m-  … Its nothing ok just leave, please..”

“What? No! I’m not gonna leave, we both agreed that it was one of the best nights of our lives! So why  all of a sudden avoid me?!” he yelled.

“I’m pregnant … I’m pregnant Kai. That’s why-” I said almost inaudible, but I know he heard me.

“You’ve been avoiding me and not answering my texts or calls.” he paused.

“But why? Why not tell me?” he asked looking kinda lost at me with this like kinda lost look on his face.

“Because kai, it was a one-nightstand. I didn’t think you would want the baby.”

“I want to be with you y/n-” he started but i cut him off.

“Just because you want to be with me Kai doesn’t mean you want a baby or to help me raise one at that.” I almost shouted at him.

“I will admit y/n, I didn’t expect to ever have a kid. It will also be different and it will work. But i would love to have a kid a baby with you, no one else just you. And i would happily have a baby with you, and raise him or her with you. Not just any baby, our baby, our kid.” he said, then picked me up spinning me around.

I’m so happy, not only did Kai want to be with me but he wanted to have the baby with me, and raise the baby. The fact that he is happy means the world to me. I know he’s worried about not be a good father. I mean he has the right he didn’t have a very good role model. But he’s not like his father, and he’s not all bad people don’t see the side I do.

“I’m really happy you want to, you’re gonna be a good dad.” I told him smiling as he sat down on the couch with me straddling him.

“I’m happy I found out. I love you” he said smiling and moving hair out of my face.

“I love you to” I said back smiling just as big, if that’s possible.