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REQUESTED - Not Enough

Request:  Heeeey, I saw you had your requests open, and I also read your Familiarity fic AND GURL KILLED IT! Well, I’m shy and this is a weird request so… Yeah. Well, I was wondering, could you do a Peter Parker X Reader with angst? Like. ANGST. STUFF THAT FIC WITH PURE TEENAGE ANGST OR SOMETHING AND THEN IT ENDS WITH SOME FLUFF? Thank you! - Anon

Pairing: Peter Parker X Plus size!Reader

Word Count: 3,440

Warning: Cursing, Self- deprication(The one thing I’m good at), some angst, Peter being a cairing, sugary FLUFF boyfriend

(A/N): Ok, this have been on my request list from before Valentine’s day, I AM SO SORRY, PERSON THAT REQUESTED THIS. I JUST HAVE THIS HUGE BLOCK WRITER AND IT’S PISSING ME OFF AAAAAAA. *inhales* Well,I’ve been wanting to write a plus size!Reader for some time, by now an I do intend on doing one, but with Bucky, so… Yeah. Hope you enjoy this and sorry for any grammar mistakes!


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“And I know that it wasn’t your fault that you had to cancel our last date, so I was thinking, would you like to pass at my place today?” When you didn’t get an answer, you mumbled, noticing that he wasn’t listening to you “Peter?”

Your heart seemed to sink in your chest when you followed his gaze and saw that he was staring at Lis. Ned frowned his brows when you stopped talking, since he was actually listening to what you were saying.

The sigh came out of you as you turned on your heels, hugging yourself when you saw he continue to walk, too focused on her to miss your heat.

“Dude!” Snapping his eyes back to an angry Ned, he looked around, finally noticing that you weren’t there anymore.

“Where is Y/N?” His best friend’s bitter chuckle made Peter frown his brows in confusion.

“She left after saying that it wasn’t your fault that you missed your last date. Oh, sorry, I mean: She left after she caught you staring that Lis and ignoring her being the best and most supportive girlfriend you’ll ever have.”

“Damn it.” Peter humbled, massaging the bridge of his nose when he got his focus back to you, hearing you sigh, and he knew that sigh. You would make it every time you were in front of the mirror, looking at your body after trying a new dress, shirt, pants, whatever clothing.

If I was skinnier.” He knew you had a problem accepting your body shape and believing that he loved it and loved you, especially after him having a “thing” with Lis, the “Hot, Amazing, Skinny, Model”, as you would refer her as.

“Seriously, Peter. You really think she doesn’t notice you twisting your neck to look at your ex? You really think that she won’t start to imagine that you’re turning her down because you’re having a thing with Lis? Do you even imagine how she must feel?”

“I don’t have a ‘thing’ with Lis! Not anymore!” Ned huffed at his answer, denying with his head and walking to his class

“Is not to me you should say that to.”

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But You’re the Bad Guy - Theo Raeken Imagine Series

based loosely on this imagine credits to owner for this idea 

Warnings: steamy make out sesh,swearing that’s all i guess

I walked into my class as I normally did not looking up afraid to make eye contact with my peers they thought I was weird. Somehow it felt different today, I couldn’t understand why my heart was racing but just then it hit me Theo my one and only weakness. I looked up big mistake there he was looking directly at me smirking dammit he was seated behind me great. I took my seat just as my teacher came in “class today we’ll be talking about psychology” he spoke.

I felt his eyes burning into the back of my head “y/n” he leaned in and whispered “you’re heart is racing like crazy” I could hear his smirk from here “you nervous or something?” Theo went on. “Mr.Raeken do you have something to add to why serial killers are the way they are?” Mr.Thompson asked raising a brow at Theo “no sir I was just asking Y/n for notes guess she doesn’t have any” Theo’s tone was cold I brushed it off.

I knew it was horrible to not talk to him but I couldn’t he’s the pack’s worst enemy and to have me be seen with Theo or communicating with him was bad news. I wouldn’t risk my friendship with the pack for anyone,Theo especially. He was an asshole he wants to over throw Scott and I’m not going to be the one who helps him accomplish that. But I do admit I have a terrible crush on the power crazed chimera sadly, I knew he couldn’t feel the same so I’ll just say quiet till class was over.

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The Bet - Part 2

Daryl Dixon x Reader

Warnings: Pure smut. Not even trying to hide it. Language, NSFW (ALSO - some Beth hate. Deal with it or don’t read it.) 

Plot: Circa Season 4 - the reader is friends with Maggie and likes Daryl. Maggie and reader make a bet about the archer.

Words: 8710

A very long winded part 2 to The Bet. Sorry so long, oh well… Enjoy!

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Daryl’s kiss lingered on your lips even after he finally pulled back from you. The idea that you were starting to feel something scared the shit out of you, and it wasn’t something you could deal with. You decided to just enjoy this moment and deal with that crap later.

“Thank you,” you said to him before he turned towards the door.

“For what?” Daryl asked picking up his crossbow.

“For getting me out of a month of garden duty,” you said with a wink and walked past him out of the cabin to head back home.

The hike back from the cabin was quiet as Daryl led you back through the trail towards the prison. Before you revealed yourselves from the tree line, you lightly touched his arm to get his attention.

“Daryl,” you said coming to a halt, fingers lingering on his bicep. “Before we go back in there…”

Daryl smirked and looked at the ground, face slightly flushed and red. You couldn’t tell if it was from the heat outside or the heat from what happened in the cabin.

“Um, I just don’t want things to be weird between us. I mean, it was just sex, right? We don’t gotta make a big thing about it.”

“Yeah,” he said finally meeting your eyes. “Just a quick roll in the hay, right?”

“Exactly,” you said and offered him a relieved smile. “I just hope we’re good.”

“Nah, we’re good,” he said and walked back towards the prison. He paused after a few steps, turned to face you again and leaned in closer. “But, anytime you wanna go hunt…” he cocked his head towards the woods, “just come find me.”

His incredibly close proximity caused your whole body to flush hot and yet, despite the heat, it made your skin break out in goosebumps. Daryl noticed the reaction you had and raised an eyebrow at you.

“And,” he said squaring up to you, taking your chin between his fingers, “remember what I said, you don’t need to lure me out there for the other stuff…” his kiss took you off guard, and your loins had an immediate response to the sensation of his tongue lightly grazing against yours, “…you can come find me for that too.”

When he released you from the kiss, you told yourself that that would be the last time. As much as you had wanted him, and still do…

GOD do I want him again already you thought as he turned and walked back to the prison, that would have to be the last time you let Daryl Dixon touch you, much less kiss you.

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anonymous asked:

stiles loves babies ok, he is the baby whisperer and his dream is to be a stay-at-home dad with a huge brood and he's not ashamed okay. Who mocks him, who supports him, who makes his dreams come true?


hopeless–heart said:Hey! I was wondering if you guys had a tag for where Stiles and Derek have kids?


Anonymous said:Are there any kidfics where Sterek’s kids have anxiety and Stiles or Derek helps them out?

Hey first anon, this sounds like a fic prompt or maybe a meta request which we don’t do on Eyebrows. So maybe this list of kid fics will supply the answers you’re looking for. And @hopeless-heart we do have a tag here. But it’s been a while since we made a list so here’s more! And second anon I couldn’t find any like that but here’s some other kid fics to make up for it! (all Sterek)

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What To Expect When You Find Out You Are Expecting What You’ve Always Wanted, But Couldn’t Hope For: Part I by truelyesoteric

(1/1 I 1,951 I Mature)

Derek finds out he’s going to be a dad.

Basically a [redacted for spoilers] times that Derek found out and one time he didn’t.

(This is the first. Others to come as the story unfolds)

animal skins by gasmsinc

(1/1 I 2,276 I General)

The first time Stiles dresses Caleb up in a ridiculous outfit, Derek thinks it’s a joke. He comes home from work one day and is greeted by the sight of their newborn pup in a zebra onesie complete with ears and tail.

Layover by dr_girlfriend

(1/1 I 3,641 I General)

Big, serious brown eyes were staring right into his from only a few inches away. The child had clambered half over the arm of Derek’s chair to study him at close range, her little rosebud mouth pursed in concentration.

“Uh.” Derek couldn’t look away as the girl reached out one pudgy hand and patted him gently on the cheek. Her scent was soft and sweet and somehow a bit familiar, just enough to keep Derek from shying away. Derek didn’t know too much about kids but he guessed this one was probably three years old or so, head still oversized in proportion to the short limbs and round little belly.

She seemed fascinated with Derek’s beard, eyes widening further under incredibly thick lashes as she petted Derek’s cheek some more, smoothing down the short stubble. Finally she grinned widely. “Good wuff.”

Derek jerked upright, hands clenching on the edge of his seat. Did she just say?…

“CJ!” The child was suddenly gone, lifted up by a strong, tattooed forearm around her little potbelly. “You scared the he— heck out of me! What have I told you about wandering — Derek?”

Don’t Be Anything But Okay by skoosiepants

(1/1 I 4,828 I Teen)

“Oh my god.”

Ben pops open the car door and says, “Please don’t embarrass me, Dad.”

Stiles flaps a hand, still staring at the magnificent sight before him. There are glistening arm muscles and a sweaty tank top and then the vision bends over and holy god. He has to look away; it’s too much to take in all at once, he might swoon.


Stiles has a teenager and Derek has a plant nursery.

Trust In This (Even If You’re Scared Stiff) by otter

(3/3 I 10,472 I Teen)

Stiles’ kid has a tendency to get into fights and possibly has bad taste in friends. Or enemies. Stiles isn’t sure yet, but he’s pretty sure the other kid’s dad is too hot to be human.

You’ll Grow Into Your Skin by crossroadswrite

(1/1 I 11,847 I Teen)

“So funny story,” Stiles winces, “Remember when I joked you couldn’t get me pregnant?”

Derek nods his head. He remembers pretty much everything from that day.

“Right,” Stiles bobs his head, stops himself and does a little ta-da gesture towards Jacy, “Surprise?”

ladybugs by thepsychicclam

(1/1 I 20,273 I Explicit)

It’s Saturday night, and Derek Hale is at Toys R Us. Shopping for Leapfrog games. If asked, it wasn’t exactly how he pictured his life. Or his Saturday nights.

In which Derek and Stiles have been married for ten years, have two kids, and are planning their five year old’s birthday party.

DILF by twentysomething

(1/1 I 30,871 I Explicit)

“Today is Scott’s first day of kindergarten and Derek is terrified.”

our lives are changing lanes by grimm

(1/1 I 47,537 I Explicit)

There’s a lot of screaming going on inside the first house Stiles visits. He isn’t really worried, because it sounds like kids, but then the door opens and hi, says his dick, because the dude in front of him is gorgeous, built like a god with a face like thunder. Stiles wants to lick that solid jaw line. Hold the fuck on, says his cop brain, because the dude’s got kids hanging all over him; one’s on his back, skinny legs looped around his waist, and another two hanging off one arm, toes barely brushing the ground. There’s a tubby toddler clinging to his leg like a koala, and he’s got a baby tucked into the crook of the one arm that doesn’t have kids hanging off it. Stiles’ mouth drops open.

“How many of those kids did you kidnap?” he asks before he can wrangle his brain into submission.

The man gives him a look that says what the fuck is wrong with you and snaps, “You think I’d subject myself to this on purpose?”

“Oooh,” says one of the kids hanging off his arm. “I’m telling Mom.”

I Know Where Babies Come From, Derek by DiscontentedWinter

(15/15 I 51,937 I Mature)

Stiles finds a baby on the porch.

It looks exactly like him.

Well, this is awkward.

Tiny Houses by ohmyjetsabel

(7/7 I 77,138 I Explicit I Rape)

“So this is what Stiles does. He lies in Scott’s bed and waits for Melissa to say she’s found someone to get it out of him, to cure him of the wrongness and the bad, and he dreams.

God, he dreams.

He dreams of fire and swollen bellies and that scene in Alien, of giving birth to jackals through his urethra, the whole horrific nine yards. His head is a terrible place to be, he can’t imagine his stomach is much better, why anyone would want to put a thing inside of it.”

Didn’t See That Coming by knittersrevolt

(43/43 I 83,838 I Explicit)

Stiles leaves Beacon Hills in the dust after he catches his husband cheating on him.He finds his way to New York where he starts working for the Hale House Nursery, accidentally adopts a werewolf baby (through no fault of his own thank-you-very-much), and somehow starts training to be an Exorcist Emissary. So, in general, life was going good.Then he hears that demons have found their way into his hometown. Can he face his inner demons and go back to save the day?

You’ll Be Mine and I’ll Be Yours by tearsandholdme

(18/18 I 87,383 I Mature)

“Oh my god!” Stiles hissed, his back colliding with the door. “Oh my god! I slept with my boss, oh my god. I’m a walking cliché!”

It was supposed to be a one night stand. No complications, no feelings, no baggage. But then a missed doctor’s appointment in his childhood comes back to haunt him and Stiles is left with a lot more than one very good nig

Do You Know by betp

(25/? I 101,539 I Not Rated)

In which Derek is a hundred percent sure his parents never mentioned this, but then again, he never did pay much attention to stupid shit. An ongoing series.

Stiles’s Story Time by trilliath for Saucery

(16/16 I 125,851 I Explicit)

Where Stiles is a librarian who is in charge of the kids’ reading hour and such. And Derek is 6-year-old Scott’s adoptive dad. And Stiles has his own take on Stories and Scott loves wolves and Derek tries not to admit that he likes the way Stiles’s face looks in those glasses.
Or something like that.

BTS Reaction To You Wanting To Break Up With Them

Namjoon: “I know I did wrong. I don’t know what I was thinking. (Y/N) please listen to me,”he begged you as he cried watching you pack up your things. “You cheated on me and then come back home telling me you love me? No Namjoon I don’t need to hear anymore of your lies. It’s over,”you said as you zipped up your suitcase. As you tried walking the door he would pull you back holding on to you as he begged you one last time to not leave.

Taehyung: “I never thought you would have cheated on me. All the ‘I love you’s’ were just a l-,”you said as you started to tear up. “(Y/N) I was drunk I didn’t. I couldn’t think straight. I knew I shouldn’t have been drinking that night,”he said hiding his face with his hands. “I don’t want to be the dumb girl taking back their cheating boyfriend. I’m done,”you said as you walked towards the door. He called and texted you how much he regrets cheating on you and begged you to talk to him.

Hoseok: “Just don’t try to make everything seem better. You cheated on me Hoseok and you expect me to hear all the lies you have to say? I saw you flirting with her and then start kissing her,”you said getting angry,”I’m not stupid I saw everything.” “Yes I was flirting with her but she was the one kissing me. I was taken a back and couldn’t pull away,”he said defending himself. “But if the roles were reversed you would have told me much horrible things. Hoseok this relationship isn’t working out. It’s best if we go our separate ways,”you said grabbing your car keys,”I’m picking up my stuff tomorrow morning.” Hoseok would tell you that he wouldn’t do it ever again because he loves you way to much and also appear at your apartment with many gifts to try and win you back.

Jin: “I never thought I would have to deal with this with you. You always showed me respect and it has never crossed my mind that you would cheat on me Seokjin,”you said as you cried,”I’m trying so hard to find a way to still stay with you but if it happened once it can happen again.” “(Y/N)-ah I won’t do it again,”he said as he reached for your hand but you pulled away shaking your head. “No. Jin it’s over,”as soon as those words came out of your mouth you started to full on cry as Jin stared at you with a miserable look on his face. “I should be the one leaving this home. I’ll go pack my things,”he said as he walked upstairs. He didn’t bother you knowing that what he did was unforgettable and he cursed himself every day for being foolish enough to cheat on you.

Jungkook: “So do feel better now that you have two girls to play with? Is she younger wait let me guess she’s older isn’t she?”you said shaking your head as you dropped the shirt with the red lipstick stain. “You overreact over a little lipstick stain if anyone should be mad it should be me because your accusing me of something that I didn’t do,”he said as he raised his voice. As you both argued the phone rang and you quickly answered it and before you could say hello a female voice answered in a seductive tone,”Jungkook I can’t stop thinking about what happened last night.” “Who is this?”you asked as you gripped on the phone. “Why do you have Jungkook’s phone?”the female asked. “I don’t know ask him yourself,”you said as you threw his phone at him. You ran upstairs as you quickly packed your stuff. You were about to head out when Jungkook blocked the exit. “Get out,”you said not staring at him. “Babe listen-,”he started but you slapped him. “I don’t want to listen to your bullshit,”you yelled as you pushed him out the way. After that he tried calling you and texting you leaving a lot of voicemails begging you to take him back again telling you that his life has been hell without you.

Yoongi: “This is the fifth time you come late and you still smell like that same women perfume. Yoongi are you cheating on me?”you asked as you stared at your hands hoping you were just delusional. “I am,”he said as he stared at your with a blank expression on his face. You nodded as you tried to hold back the tears,”Ok. I’m leaving for California soon. It’s better to end this now,”you said as you took a deep breath,”I never loved you anyways so it doesn’t matter to me.” He looked up at you with pain in his eyes,”I know that your lying.” “I don’t love you,”you lied as you stared him in the eyes hoping you wouldn’t break down,”It seems like you don’t love me either. No hard feelings.” “I cheated on you today not the other four days that I’ve been coming home late.We only kissed but it felt wrong. It didn’t go any further than that. I’m disgusted in myself and it’s,”he started but then he started to tear up taking you by surprise,”it’s so out of character of me to do things like this. And now you’re telling me that everything we’ve been through means nothing to you?” You nodded as you got up from your chair,”I’m heading home. I have a flight to catch on Monday.” He tried calling you and even went to the airport to stop you from boarding the plane. As much as you wanted to run back to him but you knew the relationship wouldn’t be the same anymore.

Jimin: “Was she good in bed?”you asked him as you gave him a cold stare. “What are you-,”he started but noticed that you had his phone. “Answer me Jimin. These texts are pretty erotic I wouldn’t be surprised if you fucked her more than once,”you said as you throw the phone across the living room. He stared at you in silence not even saying a word as you went up to him and slapped him,”I’m not a stupid fucking toy but you can play around with the rest of your bitches.” He grabbed his face as tears started to form in his eyes,”(Y/N).” But you didn’t turn back as you walked out of his apartment. He went over to your apartment multiple times but you ignored him as you cursed at yourself for loving him still even after finding out he cheated on you.


As the smooth sounds of Avant filled the air I heard my alarm go off indicating somebody was coming through my front door. It was almost eleven o'clock and everyone was gone for the night. Seeing as though I had set the alarm I assumed it was one of my stylist or receptionist coming back because they forgot something. I was on my last client for the night and I was so damn ready to get off my feet and spend the night in my bathtub with the jets on high. Not to mention Gummy Bear been on one heavy today.

As I was clipping the last clip into my clients hair I heard somebody making their way up the stairs.

What did you forget?!

I called out.

Girl I don’t work here! 

I didn’t have to look up to tell who it was and if I wasn’t so physically tired I would have bust out laughing but I let out a laugh mentally instead. She took a seat as I finished with my client. Five minutes later I was done and seeing my client out. 

Now you wanna tell me way you here so damn late?

Damn is that the hi you give your bestie?! I haven’t seen your ass in two days.

I don’t wanna hear it bish! I been calling your trifling ass for two days and even texted you. So yes that’s the hi your ass get.

She bust out laughing at me.

I’m sorry boo, you forgive me right?


She continued to laugh.

But I brought you gummy bears.

You can give me my damn gummy bears but I still don’t forgive you.

Bear your momma is a grouch today ain’t she.

I rolled my eyes.


She started to laugh once again.

No forreal I am sorry. I just need some space to clear my head boo.

To clear your head?

I gave her a raised eyebrow. I knew something must of happened for her to say this.

I don’t know what the fuck is up with Jayhirad. Like since he got his studio up and running along with him working with the guys on the club he hasn’t  been around really the past few weeks. So the other day I got tired of the shit. Like damn at least try to be home at a decent hour one day out the week you know. So I headed over to his studio to pay him a visit and take him his dinner. When I go there it was hella quiet and I didn’t see him so I thought maybe he went with one of his friends somewhere and left his car there. So while I’m pondering my thoughts I hear a females voice but was like I think my ass is tripping because when I listened again I didn’t hear anything. Something told me to go to his office, before I opened the door I heard the elevator. When I opened the door he looked shocked as hell to see me. Not only that this stank ass perfume scent was just lingering in the air. So when I asked him did I interrupt something and why he looked so shock to see me. He tells me he didn’t hear me come in and he was finishing up a meeting. Shit just didn’t feel right and not to mention he seemed so out of it. Like I knew what he was saying was bullshit, just like I felt when he lied about that Kimani shit. The scent was even in his damn shirt.

Wait a minute Bee, in his shirt? The bitch was that close to him that the shit was in his shirt?!

Yes NaNa.

What the fuck, did the room smell like they had sex or something?

No not at all, if it did I wouldn’t have been able to keep from jumping on his ass. Girl I would have completely lost it. He didn’t look like he had redress or anything either.

Humm, did you ask him about it?

I asked him was there something he wanted to tell me, of course he told me no. I told him cool, I didn’t want to see him around the house anymore so pack his shit. He can move into the guess house outside or move completely but I don’t give a fuck anymore.

Oh my gosh Bee you put his ass out.

I couldn’t help but laugh somewhat because her ass was hella quick on shit.

Girl yes, fuck outta here.

Girl you know you are my sister but I don’t know about this one Bee. Maybe some bitch was trying to come on to him.

Ok but NaNa why the fuck wouldn’t he just tell me that?

Girl he a fucking man, you know they start being dumb as fuck when it comes to shit like this. I have no idea what they be thinking because them telling the truth about the shit is always the way to go verses them fucking lying about it. I mean look at the Kimani shit.

You’re right you do have a point but still why would he think it was ok for him to lie about some shit like that after that Kimani shit. I’m so fucking done with him Natalia if I find the fuck out he lied to me about this bitch again. I was so serious with him when I told his ass he has no more fuck ups left.

Well for his own sake I hope he didn’t lie about the shit but it is hella fishy. I know he probably flipped when you told him to pack his shit.

Girl you know he did, he refuses to move. He’s been staying at a hotel since that night.

Has he tried calling you?

Girl yah, he started blowing my ass up the next day so I put him on the block list.

I fell out laughing.

Your ass is a fucking trip Bee. Where is Nina?

Girl probably at work somewhere, I swear she lives there. I’m just so happy to finally see her blossoming back into her old self before she met Troy. She keeps trying to move out on me every week and I act like I’m made at her each time, I’m not ready for her to leave me yet.

We both started laughing.

We talked for another hour along with us promising to meet up tomorrow before we called it a night and headed our separate ways home.


I felt around the bed for my phone with my eyes still closed trying to shut of my alarm. Tired was an understatement. My body felt like dead ass weight and all I wanted to do was sink deeper into the covers and continue to catch z’s. I sat up in bed as I tried to pull myself together.

Today was the day that my father would be coming home. If I wasn’t so damn tired I would be bubbling over from excitement. My sister and I have been counting down this day for 2 months and I could kick my own ass for working so late last night. I was going to make a mental notice to really look in to expanding my staff because I worked more hours now than I did before I owned my own shit. I finally peeled out of bed and did my everyday morning routine.

As I was putting my shoes on I heard a knock on the door. 

I knew it was my sister seeing if I was ready.

Come in.

I called out. When she came in I noticed we were kind of dressed similar.

Oh my gosh again Bee!

Twin minds think alike!

I started laughing.

Clearly. Girl you driving because my ass is gonna tip over before we make it to the car.

So you just gonna leave me hanging and go to sleep on this two hour ride.

Even if I wanted to my eyes are not gonna stay open.

You are the worst riding partner I tell you.

She said laughing.

Well I know what riding I am good at.

I said winking at her.

NINA OH MY GOSH! You are so fucking nasty, it’s too early in the morning for this shit!

I couldn’t help but die laughing at her. Whenever I would say something sexual out my mouth it was like my sister would turn into the littlest fly and be ready to fly the fuck out of dodge. The shit was so funny to me every time. I grabbed my bag and we headed to leave. In another two hours I would be seeing my father after nine years, it still didn’t seem real.  

                                               *Two Hours Later*

I felt Lyyn nudge me which caused me to open my eyes. I blinked a couple of times to adjust my eyes to the sunlight as I looked around.

I already went in, dad should be coming out in a few minutes.

Why didn’t you wake me up?

Bish you were hella snoring.

I started to laugh as we got out the car.

I was not!

Yes you were, mouth hella open and shit.

She started to illustrate while trying to keep from laughing which made me laugh harder.

As we continued to goof around we heard someone clear their voice making us stop immediately and look in their direction. Silence took over for what seemed like minutes instead of seconds.  

So y'all just going to stand there and stare at your old man?!

A smile spread across his face as we embraced him. He kissed the top of our heads as he hugged us tight.

I missed you girls so much!

We missed you to dad!

Lyyn and I both said in unison. It was crazy how he still looked the same as I remembered after all these years, he hadn’t changed a bit.

You ready to go dad?

Yes, let’s get the fuck from here. If I have to look at this place any longer imma fucking start to itch.

Lyyn and I started to laugh as we made our way to the car.

Lyyn this you baby girl! Look at you!

He was checking out her car. My father always since I could remember has been our number one fan. If nobody in this world wanted us to succeed my father did. We could bring home a brown paper bag covered in macaroni noodles and glitter that we decorated, he would make us feel like that shit belonged in the museum of fine arts.

Oh my gosh dad stop!

Hell nah, don’t make me start yelling like I use to do at your dance meets.

I couldn’t hold my laughter in anymore.

My girls are grown ass woman man, I don’t know how to deal. My girls are out here balling, I am so proud of y'all. I don’t care how old you guys are I will still be that embarrassing extra ass father cheering y'all on.

We know dad.

Just making sure y'all didn’t forget that, now let’s go because I have been dreaming about steak and string beans for nine damn years.

We bust out laughing as we got in the car, my father was still a fool.

Dad do you need to stop anywhere before we go to my house.

No but we are going to my house.

Lyyn and I looked over at him.

Your house?

Yes, my house.

He told her the address as she typed it into her GPS. When we arrived my sister and I was in awe. The outside alone was beautiful, I couldn’t imagine the inside.

No dad seriously, who’s house is this.

He chuckled a little.

It’s mine NiNi.

But how? When you went away you and mom lived together, we were a family.

Didn’t I always teach you never to put all your cookies in one jar?


This was me not putting all mines in one jar NiNi. Yes we were a family but I knew what I was doing. I knew it was a chance that shit could go south and I knew deep down that your mother eventually wouldn’t be there if shit happened. I don’t blame her for not holding me down because she begged me time and time again to leave shit alone but I wouldn’t. It wasn’t about the money anymore, we had more than we could spend in a lifetime. I just got to a point where I was comfortable and that’s when I should have cut shit. I’m still set for the rest of my life but I would give all this shit up to get back the years I missed with you guys.


Yes Lyyn?

Do you think y'all will get back together?

Honestly that’s a question that’s way in the water right now. Like I said, I don’t blame your mother for not being there for me. Now everything else she did sets me on fire. Rell has told me bits and pieces of shit but I know it’s way more to it. On top of her keeping y'all away from me, I don’t know what type of shit your mother is on but I do know I don’t want someone in my life like that.

We sat in silence for a few minutes before Lyyn broke it.

Well I’m ready to see your house dad!

Shit so am I, I barely remember it.

We got out laughing. Before we could get to the front door it opened, there stood a maid.

Welcome home Mr. Howard.

She said once we made it to the door.

Thank you Grace.

She smiled before she disappeared in the house.

Dad you have a damn maid, how and when?!

Lyyn started laughing at me.

Since yesterday.

He said winking before he walked inside. We explored this huge ass house until we made it back around to the kitchen where Grace was cooking.

My father excused himself to go take a shower and change. I looked at the food that Grace was preparing and frowned.

That shit didn’t look good or done at all. I looked over to Lyyn and she was obviously thinking the same. I nicely excused Grace and told her she was finished for the day. I could tell she wanted to protest but decided it was best for her to not try me. She gathered her things and made her way out the door.

What the fuck is this?!

Lyyn was holding up a piece of chicken that Grace considered done and I couldn’t help but to die laugh.  

Bish that shit is sick as fuck!

We doubled over in laughter.

Dad is gonna need to find another maid because this shit is fucking horrible yo. Who the fuck she thought was gonna eat this shit! I don’t even see a hint of seasoning any where.

My fucking stomach hurt I was laughing so hard. We gathered up what we needed from the refrigerator to fix dinner and got started.

Another two hours later we were almost finished when my father came back down.

It smells good in here! Y'all ran Grace the fuck away?

Dad she was going to fuck your ass up!

I pointed to the chicken on the plate that she had considered cooked and he died laughing.

Y'all so got damn mean! Why y'all ain’t help her ass out?

Dad I’m not helping no damn maid cook! You paying her ass all this money and you think imma help her learn how to cook? That’s part of her damn job!

He continued to laugh at us and shake his head.  

Dad we gonna hire you somebody else because Grace ain’t making the cut.

You girls are so damn mean………..

Before he could say anything else the door bell rang. He went to get it and came back with my brother in tow.

Oh gosh it just had to be you Ty'Rell!

Don’t y'all start your shit today!

Whatever! Make yourself useful and help take some of this stuff to the dining room.

You see this dad? I haven’t even been here five minutes and they already bossing me around!

Whelp, sucks for you son!

I stuck my tongue out at him and he mean mugged me but started grabbing shit like I told him.

That’s why I hope your big headed ass trip and fall NiNi!

You’re so damn evil Ty'rell!

My father chuckled as he listened at us going back and forth just like old times. When I came back into the kitchen I heard my phone ringing.

I didn’t bother to look nor answer because I already knew who it was from the ringtone. That reminded me I needed to hurry and get everything I needed straighten out so I could change my number.

You’re not gonna get that? This is the third time it has rang in the last two minutes.

I had blocked Troy’s number but that wasn’t enough for him. He now calls my phone from a private number.

It’s nobody dad.

I tried to slip back out the kitchen but he wasn’t having it.

Nina they are calling from private so it’s somebody. I know I don’t know shit about what’s been going on in your life and that’s a conversation we can save for another day but what I do know is I don’t have a problem fucking somebody up for you, your sister, or your brother. I give no fucks when it comes to you guys and you know that. I won’t press you right now but I know you been through some major shit with whoever is blowing you up. If that fucking phone rings one more time I am telling you I am going to answer it and make sure I find this motherfucker who can’t get the picture. From here on out if a nigga is fucking with you or some shit happens you come and tell me. I don’t care when, where or what time of day it is. Do you understand me?

Yes dad I understand.

With that he walked out of the kitchen. I hurried and grabbed my phone to turn it off.

I didn’t want any drama or bullshit to pop off because off Troy’s bitch ass and ruin this happy day for my family. I headed to the dining room to join them and took a seat. We laughed, joked, and brought up old memories the entire time through out dinner.

Afterwards we headed to the theater to watch some movies. 

I couldn’t have asked for a better day with my family. After nine long years our dad was home and it felt like the missing chip was put back for all of us.


Here I sat on a Saturday night stuffing my face with slices of pizza as I continued to watch the movie Get Out. I just couldn’t understand this dude, why the hell did he continue to stick around. My ass would have been ghost as fuck soon as that bitch momma said she hypnotize people. She be trying to read your brain and see your memories in your sleep, no ma'am. Whatever happens to his ass is on him. He gonna act like shit wasn’t alarming when he seen that dude running in the middle of the damn night, ninja that was your sign to get the fuck out! I was pulled out of my thoughts by the ringing of my phone.

I didn’t bother to see who it was before I answered, by the ringtone I knew it was Nice.


Oh no “Hey baby” today?

I rolled my eye like he could see me as I continued to watch the movie.

So your mean ass ain’t gonna say shit?

I continued to ignore him which made him bust out laughing.

Ain’t shit funny Nazar.

He laughed even harder which annoyed me more.

Damn you calling me my whole shit now, you that mad at me Na?

Whatever Nazar.

He chuckled.

Look you can be mad at me all your mean ass want but I don’t care. I am making sure your hard headed ass does what your doctor tells you.

But it was just one damn day Nazar.

I know Na but I’m not taking no chances, besides you get off bedrest on Monday.

I sucked my teeth.

I missed my babes game today Nazar. I haven’t missed a game since he started and you make me miss his last one.

“I missed my babes game”.  

He said marking me.

You get on my damn nerves Nazar. You just mad because I’m not calling your ass my baby.

He once again started laughing.

That’s why Major’s ass so damn spoiled yo, you always babying him. I recorded it for your mean ass.

Whatever you know that’s my baby and I can’t wait to see it.

I bet.

He sounded hella jealous, now it was my turn to laugh.

I know your ass is not jealous Nazar?

When he didn’t answer I continued to laugh.

Your ass is ridiculous.

Whatever him and Jaz always blocking trynna hold you all to themselves.

Although I was laughing I found it cute he didn’t like to share me.

Aww baby stop it.

On the real though, is your ass in bed?

I’m on the couch Nazar.

Your ass is supposed to be in the bed Natalia not on the damn couch.

Oh my gosh come on Nazar I am sitting the hell down. Y'all gonna stop acting like I can’t do shit because I’m pregnant. I wanted to sit up I can’t lay in that bed all damn day.

Your ass so damn hard headed NaNa.

Ok your ass try being 5 months pregnant and feeling like you carrying two babies instead of one. Every time you lay down your ass can’t get comfortable.

I’m not trying to stress you, I’m sorry Na.

That’s what the fuck I thought.

I just want you two to be fine.

Baby we are fine, I would never do something to hurt our baby you know that.

I know Natalia. Did your mom leave for the night?

Yah, my grandmother needed her so I told her to go ahead I’d be fine.

Ok, I should be home in another hour or so. You know this damn bus take forever like shit.

I chuckled a little, he always complained about having to take the bus with the other parents and kids.


I love you and my little mans.

There you go, you gonna stop calling my baby your mans.

I don’t know how many times we gotta go through this, it’s a boy.

You don’t know that Nazar.

I do so he’s my little mans.

I tell you he gets on my damn nerves.

Whatever, I love………..

Before I could finish what I was saying I heard a loud noise like glass had been shattered.

NaNa what the fuck was that?

I don’t know but the shit sounded close as hell like it was one of the windows. I’m getting ready to see what the fuck it was, hold on.

I took the phone away from my ear but kept it in my hand as I got up.

I could hear Nice now calling my name through the phone. As I walked into the sitting room I noticed one of the windows had been completely shattered and there was glass all over the floor.

What the fuck!

Instantly my blood started to boil. This was nobody’s doing but Taysha’s fucking ass. I am so fucking sick of this bitch ass hoe. It was like because she knew she couldn’t whoop my ass she started to do dumb shit to try to fuck with me. I guess she got tired of getting her ass beat. Before I could answer Nice back a man appeared out of nowhere scaring the shit out of my ass making me scream and drop my phone.

When he saw me start backing away he came at me full speed. Before I knew it I felt an excruciating pain rip through my abdomen.

It took for me to see the knife to fully register that he was stabbing me. I couldn’t scream or talk. I could barely breathe as I dropped to my knees and he took off running.

I started to crawl to reach my phone but with ever move I could feel the blood gushing from my stomach.

Tears started rolling down my face because I knew I was losing my baby. I knew he or she wasn’t going to make it and it was a strong possibility I wasn’t either. The harder I cried the more I couldn’t breathe. Before I knew it my body started to completely shut down and I couldn’t do anything.


brat || henry bowers

a Henry bowers imagine

word count: 1387

ok this is on Wattpad so if you’ve seen it from my Wattpad I apologize. Submit a request!!


I stood in the hallway with Richie, Eddie and Bill talking about a science project we were assigned.

“You g-guys wanna come to my h-house after school? ” Bill asked because we had to create an experiment with directions and all that scientific bullshit. We all nodded.

“Yo where’s your girlfriend Bill?” Eddie teased shoving him and Bill shot him a dirty look. They never told me this type of stuff.

“Who’s his girlfriend? Beverly? ” I asked with a smirk.

“S-shut up Y/n.” He said, his face turning bright red.

I laughed then glanced down the hallway to see Henry Bowers, Vic, Belch, and Patrick walking down the hallway, picking on kids as the passed. Patrick made eye contact and whispered something to Belch and started coming our way.

“Ew what the fuck do they want?” Richie asked rolling his eyes.

“Maybe we should just pretend they’re not there?” Eddie tried to reason and we all shot him a look.

“That is one of the worst ideas I have ever heard from you. Yeah we pretend they’re not there? Then they beat the shit out of us.” Richie said with an attitude, like always. I let out a chuckle and Eddie flipped off Richie in the process.

Then Billy got shoved into the lockers, very harshly may I add, by Patrick.

“Hey loser.” Patrick laughed as Billy picked up all the books he dropped.

“Look who it is, the nastiest who from Whoville. I loved you in the Grinch!” I teased Patrick based on his appearance. I heard Richie and Eddie stifle a laugh. (a/n I really think Patrick does look like he’s from a dr. Seuss movie ok next )

“Shut the fuck up slut.” Patrick said looking down on me. He was pushed right up against me. Henry was staring at me with a blank expression on his face. Henry typically was the one to pick on me and all my friends but for some reason he was all quiet today.

I cringed at the feeling of Patrick leaning up against me.

“Back off , you perv.” I said using all my strength to shove him off of me, which he stumbled into Henry.

“Who the fuck does this bitch think she is? I do whatever the fuck I want, when I want, with who I want.” Patrick said to his friends, including Henry who stood there staring at me.

“Want me to fuck her up?” Victor asked with a smirk.

My friends stood paralyzed with fear. Eddie took out his inhaler and started using it vigorously.

“Nah, Bowers I’m letting you do this one. You seem pretty sad maybe this will cheer you up.” Patrick said patting his friend Henry on the back. I gulped as Henry began walking toward me.

“Fuck off Henry. Don’t fucking touch me.” I said as he came closer.

He still didn’t say anything. He grabbed my waist and shoved me against the locker. He looked super hesitant and was doing this all very slow. He raised his fist and went to punch me but then Richie , Eddie, and Bill threw their books at his head.

“Oh now you wanna fucking do something? I’ll beat your asses.” Henry threatened chasing after my best friends as they sprinted down the hall. I gotta make sure I thank them later for that.

“Damn, what was taking him so long? I’ll just do the job myself.” Patrick paused before raising his fist and punching me in the eye. My head throbbed as it fell back against the locker. I had never been in so much pain.

“Lemme jump in.” Belch said as he kicked me in the stomach, adding a punch to my nose.

I put my hand over my nose and looked down to see my hand covered in blood.

“Our work is done here, let’s go find Henry.” Patrick said leading his friends away. I felt a tear escape my eye, I didn’t even realize I was crying. I had never been in so much pain before. Wishing Eddie was here to clean me up and tell me it was going to be okay, were the only thoughts going through my mind. Unfortunately he or any of my friends were no where to be found.

I felt like I was gonna pass out, so I closed my eyes hoping someone would find me soon. I had little strength to even get up from the floor so I just sat there. Hoping someone would stumble across me , school had ended 20 minutes ago so basically no one was still here.

“You look terrible.” A voice said from above me. I pried open my eyes to see Henry standing  above me.

“Please don’t hurt me.” I said covering my face, hoping I wouldn’t get punched again.

“I’m not gonna touch you. What happened?” He said sitting next to me. I had never had a real conversation with him, the only ones I ever had consisted of insults and curses.

“Your prick friends beat me up, Patrick did the most damage.” I truthfully said as I wiped blood off of my nose.

“Yeah you look like the shit was beat out of you.” He said in his normal asshole voice.

“Wow, you’re so observant. If you’re here to insult me or throw me in the dumpster behind school, can you just get to it? I’m sick of you wasting my time.” I replied with a very snippy attitude.

“Listen, I-I uh I wanted to tell you something.” He began but I rolled my eyes.

“What Henry? If this is that ‘I totally feel bad about bullying you’ bullshit I don’t wanna fucking hear it. You’re just trying to make me vulnerable just before you do something completely cruel.” I was not taking any of his lies.

“No…that’s not the case. I-I want to apologize for being such a dick. I know what I’ve done to you is pretty bad-” he began but I quickly cut him off.

“Pretty bad? You and your friends fucking locked me in a locker for the whole school day, you broke the window to my room, you vandalized my locker with 'slut’ and that’s only just a few of the evil things you’ve done. Save your lies.” I sharply responded.

He sighed and stood up. Thinking he was leaving, I closed my eyes and sighed, leaning against the lockers to rest. But within seconds I felt him grab my waist and throw me over his shoulder.

“Put me the fuck down.” I whined while trying to pull myself out of his grip.

“I’m taking you to the bathroom to clean you up.” He stayed as he walked into the boys’ bathroom with me and put me on the sink.

He began cleaning up the blood off my face and I stared into his eyes. He was attractive. His messy blonde hair and his piercing eyes complimented him so nicely. I guess I had always had a slight crush on him, but it was masked by his nasty demeanor. I know, how could you like someone so scary? I asked myself the same question all the time.

“Stop staring at me.” He said with a smirk and I felt my face heat up.

“Where the fuck am I supposed to look? You’re literally standing right in front of m-” I complained but was quickly cut off with his lips on mine. I immediately kissed back, grabbing his hair. I felt him stand in between my legs and put his hands on my waist. I felt his hands start to go up my shirt when the bathroom door opened.

“WHAT THE FUCK!?” Richie screamed, his eyes wide with Billy and Eddie mimicking his actions.

“Uhhh I-…” I stuttered for an explanation but I quickly hopped of the sink.

“Are you okay? Why were you kissing him? that’s disgusting.” Eddie said making a grossed out face but looked at me with concern.

“Yeah what Y/n. E-explain.” Bill said crossing his arms and giving me a confused look.

I sighed and pushed the three of them out of the bathroom, ready to explain what happened. Before leaving I glanced over my shoulder and looked at Henry. He sent me a wink and I quickly turned around, blushing like crazy.

“See you later brat!” He yelled after me as I rushed away, thinking about what just happened.

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Do you mind if it’s in the form of a headcannon? ~

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  • Mingyu has an irresistible urge to experiment with the things he finds around him. 
  • But when he first saw you, he didn’t realize that his heart, brain and every single organ in his body was going to experiment with his feelings and emotions. 
  • Boy did he curse his heart for literally thumping out of his rib cage when you were with him. 
  • You’d often find him muttering something when you’re too close him. But don’t be confused anymore, it was him telling his stomach to not get so many goddamned butterflies flying around cause of your very presence. 
  • He tends be very original in his ways and even has the ability to lead the way in producing good original ideas and material. 
  • Lmao, guess this tendency stopped occurring inside him cause he’d just blurt out really horrible pick up lines like ‘Hey, are you a secret? Because I want to keep it’. 
  • Or sometimes even cheesy ones like 'Are you chapsticks? Cause you’re the balm’. 

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New Beginnings - Part 2 (Bucky x Reader)

single dad bucky x single mom reader

word count: 1.8k

Part 1


You looked down at your watch, relieved that just like your son you were going to make it to work on time. Bucky really relieved your worries when he offered to drive you to work, him saying that it was better since he wanted to get to know the mother of his daughter’s best friend. As you were telling him the directions, you were surprised he would turn in the right direction before you even go the chance to finish your directions.  

“You know Brooke mentions that she wants to invite Isaac over,” eyes fixed on the road, “and was wondering if you don’t mind setting something up, Brooke would be ecstatic,” his smile growing just thinking about how happy his little girl will be.

“Yea I don’t see why not, Isaac practically jumps at any chance to play,” agreeing with him, already knowing how he’s going to be jumping with joy when you would mention it.

“Great hopefully we can get a date sorted soon,” Bucky quickly glanced over at you with a smile.

Your face slightly warmed up, since his words for some reason being misinterpreted in that your children’s playdate would be a single date with him. Reminding you that you it has been a long time since you have even been on a date, because your free time was usually devoted to your son.

Not sure what to say, you just focused back on the road, noticing that you were almost at your workplace, “uh, you’re going to make a left at that stop sign,” pointing at said stop sign.

You hummed to the beat of the music, Bucky smiling to himself as you were so comfortable around him. You were ready for him to turn left; however he quickly turned right, already parking his car, not expecting that at all. .

“Uhh, I know that this sounds weird, but left is the other way,” pointing to the side of the street you should have been on, “but if you want to drop me off here its ok, thank you so much for the ride,” already getting ready to hop out of his car, and hoping that maybe what you said came off as a bit rude.  

“I know, it’s just I need to park, before my spot gets taken, I’ll walk you to your work though,” he said as he turned off the car and reaching into the backseat to pull out a blue sleeved shirt to go over his black tee.

You eyed him curiously not understanding what he meant, but none the less he was doing you the huge favor for even giving you a ride to begin with. He quickly downed on his blue work shirt, his name ‘James’ embroidered on the side, as he told you to stay put. You gathered your things, as Bucky opened your door, bright smile on his face.

“Thanks, Bucky, I would have still been on the bus if it wasn’t for you,” you admitted as you brushed your hair out of your face, feeling so small as he almost towered over you.

“I don’t mind driving you, I mean we work near each other to begin with,” he said with a smile.

“We do?” you questioned.

“Yea, you see that garage shop over there,” he said pointing to a car repair shop just down the block.

You nodded as you both started walking heading to the cross light.

“I work there,” he continued as he pushed the button for you both to cross, “that’s why I didn’t mind taking you, now let’s get you to work before your late,” he said as he gestured you to walk as walking man sign turned on.

“You don’t have to Bucky, I mean I don’t want to make you late either, you’ve already been a big help,” not wanting to take too much of his time, always in your nature to put others ahead of yourself.

Bucky chuckled, “I own the place, and no one can get mad at me, besides it’s just me working in the morning today. And I’m pretty sure no one is going to be there right at the start of the day, I can afford to be a few minutes late,” his hand landing on your back to tell you that you weren’t going to talk him out of dropping you off at work, “unless you don’t want me too, I’ll understand if you do.”

“No, that’s not it!” taking a step forward, giving into him and really hoping you weren’t coming off as rude, “it’s really cool that you own your own shop.”

“Yea, it was hard to start, but it’s doing well so far, get a good flow of customers. Plus its nice not having anyone breathing down your back, I’m my own boss,” his voice really showcasing how proud he was of his shop, “may not be a doctor or lawyer, but pays the bills. Don’t hesitate to come on by if you ever have car troubles, I’ll make sure to give you a family discount,” smiling over at you, making you really admire how handsome he really was.  

“Is this some sort of sales pitch?” you teased, “because hate to break it to you, but I already sent my car to repair to another repair shop,” you finished.

“Just saying,” his shoulders scrunching up, “you should best mechanic in this part of town,” he said with confidence.

“Says who?” smirk on your face, and slowing down your pace, not wanting to stop talking to him at all and judging by how he matched your pace…neither did he.

“Says myself,” his tone just as playful as yours, “but seriously though stop by sometime, don’t be afraid to ask for help or a repair,” being very sincere to you.

“Yea, I’ll keep that in mind if anything happens, but I hope it doesn’t don’t think my wallet would afford constant car troubles,” you laughed.

“Guess not,” laughing along with you. You stopped in front of your job, Bucky stopping as well, looking up at the name of your shop, “figured you work in a bookstore,” smile growing on his face as his blue gaze met your eyes, somewhat entrancing you, trying to keep yourself from getting lost in them.

“And what is that supposed to mean?” placing your hands on your sides, your eyebrows furrowing wondering if he was trying compliment your or insult you.

“it’s nothing bad, just…,” trying to find the best way to correct his wrong, his mouth opening and closing unsure of what to say. He was worried that if he did say what he planned to, it may upset you, “nothing never mind,” his hand scratching the back of his head, his cheeks gaining a pink color.

“Ok,” forgetting about what just happened, mainly because you were too bust enjoying the view of this big strong man being so bashful over a simple question.

You looked at the watering can by the door, sign that your coworkers already assigned you to water the flowers outside the shop, but then again you were the one that suggested it and even picked out your favorite flowers to plant. You picked up the can, sighing as you realized that it was empty, thinking that the least they could do was at least fill it up to save you the time.  

“Watering duty?” pointing at the can.

“Yep, but I don’t mind, I mean I sort of was the one that nursed all these flowers to begin with,” pointing at the flowers that lined the store.

“Really?” his blue eyes slightly widening, “I can barely keep a plant alive for more than a week, what kind of flowers are they?”

“the white ones on the bush are gardenias, the red and magenta flowers are peonies,” pointing out which ones they were, glad that they were in full bloom, so he could really appreciate them, the morning air slightly tinted with the scent of the gardenias, “they’re my favorite flowers,” you quietly said but by the way Bucky lifted his eyebrows, you blushed knowing that he heard it.

“They’re really pretty,” he said softly, as his left hand reached out to touch the soft velvet petals of the gardenia. He was careful, treating them as if any sudden or wrong movement would cause all the petals to fall off. However this this allowed you a good opportunity to see the beautiful tattoos that were inked across his skin, hints of gears, stars, trees, and more scattered across his arms, all coming together to form an intricate monochrome piece.

Bucky’s arms were beautiful, firm muscles all across his arms and basically his whole body, giving away how fit he was. His muscles were so prominent throughout his body, it wasn’t that you were interested in him, but you couldn’t help but stare at an attractive man, especially when his tattoos basically screamed to be looked and appreciated. You trailed up his arm, seeing how each one was so unique, reaching to the hem of his sleeve, wondering what more lied underneath. But before you could let your imagination begin to wonder, your eyes met with his crystal blue ones with a smirk very present on his face.

“I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to stare,” your face starting to heat up, “I mean, I know I did, but,” groaning because you were just making things worse.

He chuckled, making your face heat up even more in embarrassment, “its fine, I mean I guess my tattoos are just as much for my eyes as for anyone else’s,” looking down at his tattooed arm.

“They’re beautiful though,” not even caring that your cheeks were on fire.

“Thanks,” his smile ever present with the pink tint still on his cheeks, “so I was asking if you want I could give you a ride to pick up our kids,” he asked his voice losing that playful tone replaced with a soft tone.

“Sure, do I meet you here or at your shop?”

“I’ll swing by and pick you up, now hate to cut our conversation, but I think it’s time for you to go, before you’re actually late,” the bright smile back, his head gesturing to the door.

You looked down at your watch and he was right, you had to go inside and clock in. You thanked him and dashed inside, already feeling the curious stares of your coworkers, knowing that they were going to ask who you were speaking to…but you didn’t stop at all. As you were clocking in you couldn’t shake the heat off your cheeks, feeling that it skyrocket, when he said ‘our kids’. You brought your hands up to your face, letting out a sigh, you were an adult and yet here you were swooning over Bucky like a schoolgirl. You shook your head, wanting to forget those feeling, labeling them as a sign that you needed to go back on the dating scene soon…and preferably not with him.


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The Heart Wants What It Wants -Chapter 1

I’ve finally decided to start a long story about Jared and the reader. However, as you will see, the story will be personalized, so the reader and all the characters will have actual names, which I find more appropriate for this type of fiction. I haven’t been inspired much lately, so I stopped writing short Imagines, but this one idea crossed my mind a couple of times, so I thought it would be great to start writing about it.

I hope you like it and enjoy it as much as I did writing it.

I’m still open for requests, so if you have any, feel free to send them to me and I’ll try my best to write them.

Much love, Rhina

“Heeey, where is my beautiful little girl?” my mom asked with joy in her voice as she was sneaking into my dressing room. 

I was putting on my veil and doing some finishing touches before I could call my dad to take me down the aisle. You got that, it was my wedding day. The happiest day in a life of a woman. Or so they say it should be.

“Hi mom. Just touching up a bit, I’ll be ready in a minute” I looked her over my shoulder as I was adjusting the veil to my hair. 

“Here, let me help you. Don’t rush it, or you’ll ruin that gorgeous bun” my mom took the veil and pinned it in place letting it fall slowly down my back, and slightly touch my shoulders.

I was looking myself in the mirror while she took care of my hairstyle and veil and I couldn’t help but feel a huge pit in my stomach, which made me take a deep breath and cross my fingers with each other. 

“So, how are you feeling” my mom asked me as she patted my shoulders slightly, standing behind me and looking me in the mirror. It’s like she knew something was wrong. 

“Fine” I said, nodded and smiled slightly as I looked down at my wedding dress. It was a gorgeous lace wedding gown, with long sleeves. It had a v-neck and it was really long, since I was 5′8′’.  

“Fine? Nicole, it’s your wedding day, and you feel fine?” now my mom was worried. She pulled my arm so I would face her and I took another sigh.

“Yeah… well, you know… I feel good, it’s all normal I’m sure” I tried to convince her I was OK, but I could never lie to my mom. Lord knows I tried many times, for silly things of course, but she could always tell when I lied to her.

“No, it’s not normal to feel fine on your wedding day. You should be ecstatic, overwhelmed, excited, jumping off the ground… you know crazy happy” she took me by the hand and rubbed her thumb over the back of my hand “and you don’t feel nothing like that do you?”

I was silent for a while then I took a deep breath and finally spoke

No. I don’t. And it’s killing me inside, because I feel like I’ve been lying to everyone, especially myself. But on the other hand I didn’t really. I really loved Lucas I just…

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An Amazingphil Imagine
Phil discovers a new kink of his and wants to try it out. 1st person POV

*warnings*- smut, talk of birth control, impregnation kink, and impure Phil thoughts.

This is my first smut fic so please feel free to tell me that if I should continue writing it or not.    Word count: 3,162

Phil’s POV 

We never really have talked seriously about having kids before, only ever jokingly like what we would name our kid if we had one such as naming the baby Thor, Susan, or Pikachu. Then Y/N and I would laugh it off and never give it another thought.

That was until I saw Y/N holding her cousin’s new baby and how gentle and caring she seemed to hold her little nephew with such ease and how the baby had (y/c/e) just like hers and it really got me thinking about what our baby would look like.  

It started off simply with me just going to those websites where you can mash your picture with another person’s and seeing it that way and then going deeper into the search of pregnancy as a whole and being amazed and grossed out at the same time.

It really got me thinking about my life I mean I was thirty years old now and not getting any younger. Most of my old school mates and friends were married by now and some have even had kids or trying to have kids now.

Having a kid with Y/N would be great just having to imagine her all big and swollen with my kid and plus having to make the baby is the best part of it all. That’s when I noticed I started to get hard from thinking about knocking up my girlfriend.

The more and more I think about Y/N carrying my child, I can just close my eyes and imagine it now with her breasts getting bigger and me sucking the milk out of them.  Grabbing and squeezing my cock through my jeans and wanting to cum soo badly.

No. Phil stop.

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Random rambling

I don’t know if you’ve noticed it - I mean, probably every anti-(insert book/author/fandom/whatever) has noticed, but yeah - there is this trend in reviewing beloved books that doesn’t involve any criticism, although there is actually a lot to talk about.

Because I am a piece of shit, I’m going with Throne of Glass. 

DISCLAIMER: You might have guessed it already, but this is not about bashing the author or the book. This is an observation of mine and Throne of Glass is the most popular example of so-called “reviewers” to sugarcoat everything. And since I’ve read Throne of Glass myself, I chose this example, because it wouldn’t make any sense to go with popular books like “Red Queen” or whatever since I haven’t read them. Got it? Good.

So, Throne of Glass is a beloved book series, the fandom is huge and watching this hype from afar, I came to realize that one could think Throne of Glass is flawless. Or more like “There is like this tiny thing that doesn’t make sense, but OH MY GAAHWD ZIS BOOK IS STILL SOOOOO GOOD.” 

Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

You get what I mean.

Acknowledging that a book has flaws and pointing them out, whilst also pointing out the good things, sounds like a good thing to do in a review. And as long as it is done in a believable way, there is no problem with it.

What is a problem though is simply lying to your audience. 

Here comes the reason why I’ve chosen Throne of Glass as an example: Before I read the series, I’ve seen big YouTubers and trustful reviewers talking about the first book as if it was the cure for cancer. It was praised and obviously loved and I was like: “Hey, that sounds like a really good book! And I am in desperate need for a good book!”

So I went on to buy the book and I read it. I was underwhelmed. I was “Hm, okay, taste is subjective, so maybe this one was just not for me”, but then I realized this nasty tendency that every popular book was praised as a cure for cancer.

I can already smell the bullshit here.

Originally posted by multifandom-wonderland

Liking a book as a reviewer is one thing, but if you really want to review a book truthfully, you have to think critically. Ask yourself basic questions like “Does this plot make sense the way it is written? Are the characters believable? Why are certain things happening the way they happen? Where is a proper explanation for this or that phenomenon?”

Whilst reading Throne of Glass, I’ve asked myself these things and I couldn’t help but to feel that the story was weak, that gaping plot holes existed, that there was a lack of explanations in order to keep everything a secret, that some things didn’t make any sense, that the deus-ex-machina-card was played in an unnecessary way. And that’s only considering the plot.

Which is way, as I said, I was underwhelmed. You could say, I was disappointed, because the premise was just so promising. And if I hadn’t known any better, I would have thought that these Booktubers who praised the books just read the blurb and nothing more.

Listen, this is not about diversity or anything like that. As I’ve stated in a previous post, it is up to Sarah whether she wants her world to be a certain way or not and it is up to the publishers and editors to decide whether Sarah’s world fits their program or not.

This is about basic writing skills. If you are not able to write consistently, then I have to ask myself why the publisher or an editor hasn’t pointed out these obvious problems and inauthenticity. The thing with Throne of Glass - and this is my opinion, so don’t lynch me - is that it sounds like a roughly edited first draft. You could have easily edited out half of the content of the book and we’d still have a basic idea what the story is about.

So, why did big YouTubers praise it? Because that’s how criticism works today. You want to critique a beloved book? Well, better keep it to yourself, because your arguments are already invalid.

Originally posted by n-wordbelike


And I hate to see people getting all offended when you are trying to point out plotholes or inconsistencies and putting words in your mouth you never said.

an honest reviewer: So, the book was an ok-read, though there are some things about the plot –

Why. Just. Why.

Can we please stop that? Can we please to lying to people about books and their quality? This, guys, is part of the reason why inauthentic books are getting published day after day after day. Because reviewers don’t tell the truth, they rather animate their audience to by this popular book and whoever says bad things about it, is just a hater. 

With this book-buying-behavior we encourage publishers that the books they are publishing are good, that they are wanted, when in fact there are so many people who thought it was just not good and wasted potential. 

And that’s just said. We’ve created this devil’s circle and now it is nearly impossible to break it.

Great. That’s really motivating me to keep reading books! (not)

Chapter 27

A/N: I couldn’t wait to post this any longer! I hope you enjoy it! As always, feedback is appreciated! Enjoy!

“Will you let Luther have a look at it?” Harry stood beside Addy trying to convince her to have someone examine her hand. Luther knew the basics of medical care he had gained along with his training and it would be their best chance to see if Addy did need to get it checked out by a professional.

Addy shook her head crossing her arms defensively. “No. Not him.”

“Addy please. Do it for me…” Harry’s pleading voice caused her to glance up at the prince. Seeing the concern he held for her circling in his blue eyes made Addy reluctantly agreed.

“Ok…” Addy averted her gaze back to Luther giving him a slight nod of the head approving him to come assess her hand.

“May I?” Luther stuck his hand out asking for permission to take her hand.

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Part 2 : Jeff Atkins

The bell had just rang while Hannah and I got up to leave.
“Hey after you have practice thing you wanna meet up at Monets ? On me of course”
“Yeah, sure”
We both walked towards the exit door of the class when she started giving me ‘the eyes’
“Hannah stop I know what you’re doing”
“Oh yeah what am I doing” she answered smirking at me.
“Stop or I won’t even show up”
“ you wouldn’t ”
“Try me baker” I smirked
“Okay” she walked away from me toward the door.
I was curious to why she rushed out when it hit me shit Jeffs last period was across from ours.
“Hannah no ” I said a little to late for she already makes it to him as all the other students poured out ready to leave. As I walked over I heard her say hi
“Hey n/n ” •nick name -Jeff smiled then looked over to me.
N/n I thought what’s that about?
Before I could answer Hannah spoke for me,
“You know what I don’t think I can walk you out to your puff thing, Jeff could you do me a favor and walk with her I mean you’re already going the same way right?”
Thank god he wasn’t looking at me because as she spoke because I was burning holes through her head.
“Yeah sure no problem ” he turned to me as I changed my expression, and smiled at me which to I smiled back.
“Ok good and thanks, so bye guys ” Hannah said turning to go but not before she sent a subtle wink my way clearly taunting me over the ‘you wouldn’t’.
“Alright ,Ok lets go” he said as we started walking with me right next to him.
'god this is awkward ’ I thought to my myself as we simply walked side to side without saying a word for a few solid minutes. If I was being completely honest I was thinking about our oblivious height difference
“So I’m taking a guess you’re not very talkative” he told me with a slight chuckle.
“Oh no it’s not that I was just thinking ”
“Hopefully not thinking I’m strange or anything”
“Why would I think that?”
“You know sometimes people think it’s strange if someone they aren’t really familiar with knows their name and well I said your name while you were signing up and I had this question almost questioning feeling from you,,, and now that I’m saying it out loud it sounds really funny”
I decided just to laugh it out since we where at the doors and I didn’t quite know how to respond.
“Well I guess I’m going over there with the rest of the girls to change out, bye and thanks for walking with me”

Jeffs POV ~
I couldn’t help but smile at Y/N as she walked away she certainly was something else. I slightly shook my head getting myself back to normality.
“Ok time to practice”

///after practice///

Normal POV
“God I’m going to die” I said to myself as I dressed back into my normal clothes sore as heck and by the time I walked out mostly everyone had left already but I honestly did take my sweet time and I had no rush, plus making Hannah wait was a type of pay back. Not to mention my soreness while walking.
I walked out of the school toward Monets.
I took out my phone to see a text from Hannah so my idea had worked
Chica Baker Cakes 🎂 💖: Hey you on your way yet? 🙄
Mini Y/L 👑✨: yeah 😘 on my way I just got out.
Chica Baker Cakes 🎂💖: practice ended like 20 mins ago I swear you take longer than any girl ever.
Mini Y/L 👑✨: ehh you still love me 🤗 well im on my way, don’t complain or I’ll walk slower.
Chica Baker Cakes 🎂💖: Ok, see you here . Read 3:45

I heard behind me making me jump. I turned to see who the hell had done that to me and to my surprise I saw no less and no other than Jeff.
“Sorry for scaring you”
“Well if it isn’t Atkins” I laughed “what are you doing still so close to the school?”
“I could ask you the same thing” he threw back
“I’m taking my time ”
“Same here, where you going?”
“Monets ”
“Really?, what a coincidence me too ”
“Yeah hey let me give you a ride at least, you know for scaring you ”
I smiled “are you sure you’re not trying to kidnap me Atkins I mean you already sneaked up on me” I joked making him laugh. God did he have such a nice laugh.
“I promise not to kidnap you today” he threw back making me laugh making me quote with my fingers as I spoke
“Yeah today come on get in ”
“Ok” I smiled and walked across the street to get into the passenger side. “Thanks ”
“Yeah no problem” he said smiling and put the car into drive.
“So what do you think about practice?,, or wait better question what do you think about liberty? You’ve been here for like four weeks now right?” He said glancing at me while still looking at the road .
“Four weeks yes, and practice it’s actually tiring I haven’t done anything athletic in two months, and it’s okay I guess it’s high school I don’t think it gets any better than okay there ” I said
“Mhh I see” he said driving toward Monets.
“So where you from?”
“Y/H” (your home town )
“Yeah, you?”
“I’ve been here since ever”
“I see nice ”
“Yeah ” he laughed turning the car off.
“So two months uh”
“Yup I took two months off to go with my aunt in the U.K. I came back and moved here so my parents could be closer to they’re companies so that meant no cheer for awhile ”
I said as he just stared at my face for what seemed like an eternity after we made it to monets

Jeffs POV
Dear holiness I couldn’t stop staring at Y/N as she spoke
“You’re so pretty ” I thought out loud without recognizing it. Shit I said it out loud,I could already feel the pink spreading across my face when Y/N’s phone went off

Normal POV

I sat there shocked now his cheeks were the lightest shade of pink,when my phone went off I checked down and saw Hannah calling so I picked up
“Y/L where are you I’m waiting and my hot chocolate is turning very unhot ”
“I’m here see you in a bit”
“Ok just hurry ”
“Ok bye girly ” I hung up.
Jeff had already gotten out While I was on the phone and went to my side to open the car door for me.
“Thank you ” I said as I stepped out.
“No problem ” he answered rubbing his neck somewhat nervously. He closed the door behind be as we both silently walked to the monets door which I opened for him. He smiled at me the pink already gone had he not gotten pink?. He got the door from above where I was holding.
“After you” he said breaking the quiet
“I held it first ”
“And now I’m holding it”
“I’m not going in until you do ”
“But I’m a gentleman ”
“But I’m a lady ”
“Exactly go in ” he laughed
“Nope you go ”
Jeff laughed as he walked in and turned to me , “Y/N Y\L , you my lady are something else” he joked as I walked in after him. We both saw Hannah and Clay together
“Swear I can’t wait to see them get together, you can easily see them together” I said more to myself than out loud.
“You see it too? I’ve been waiting forever so one of them to make a move”
“I bet ,but no I must wait for my parents to get together”
“Yeah Hannah and Clay always baby me since I’m the youngest so they’re my other parents ”
“Ohh , I see ” he smiled “Well lets go”
We walked over to them
“Humans!” I said making them turn to me
“Child!” Hannah replied as I pulled out a chair and sat down
“ Me and Clay ordered your drinks ” they said as they both held on to a cup of hot coco.
“A peach ice tea for Y/N” Hannah said sliding it across the table to me
“And a Carmel frappe for Jeff” clay said .
“Awwweee my beautiful parents finishing each others sentences ”
Hannah and Clay simply gave me “thee annoyed” look.
“Oh so I was actually checking with my parents and I can’t tutor you today my parents need me home so is it ok if I tutor you tomorrow with y/n?”
Jeff smiled and nodded, “hey totally man no problem I actually might have plans myself ”
'Plans?’ I thought to myself while sipping on my tea.
“Well since my precious munchkin y/n took so long I need to go help at the store”
“Ok mom” I said doing grabbing hands toward her as she stood up so she’d hug me.
“Bye guys” she said turning to them.
We turned to see clay gulping his drink down, “I actually should get going to, and ummm hey I can finally give you that bike ride” he said toward Hannah.
“Yeah sure helmet ”
Clay stood up and said his goodbyes and left with Hannah.
“Well that was shortly lived” I said making jeff chuckle
“Well thanks for the ride but I think I’m due a nice bath ” I smiled about to get up
“Yeah but-” he starting making me stop
“I was wondering if maybe you’d like to go hang out in the park if you want to of course later after your bath”
“I mean I would love to but what about your plans?”
He only looked at me panfaced when it hit me
“Yeah” he said smirking
“Ok yeah sure”
“Great … so umm…. could I drive you home right now?”
“Right, yeah” I said standing up while he did the same .
At the exit door he made sure to get to the door and open it before me and the same for the car door.
“Thank you Atkins ” I said smiling
“No problem “he said getting into the car as he took off.
"Ok so the address is y/a/n ” •your address name -
“Got it” he said, “hey you said you did cheer right?”
“Yeah funny story so um……..”
-time skip here with conversation-
We made it into my drive way
“Well thanks and I’ll see you at…?”
“Six work for you?”
“Yeah ok six”
I was going to reach for the door but he locked it making me laugh
“You said you wouldn’t kidnap me today”
“Maybe I lied ” he shrugged and got out to which I got the message
“Not on my watch Atkins” I said trying to open my own door again but he locked it and opened when he got there.
“I’ll get it one day” I said stepping out with my things.
“Thanks” I said when he Leaned in and gave me a hug .
((HA bet you thought I was gonna say kiss not on my watch ))
“See ya y/n”
“Bye” I said as he got back in and waited for me to go into my house. I took out my keys and opened my gate to go into my house

God what a day a hug and so much time sent with him I smiled to myself. As I got closer to the door I saw my mom grinning ear to ear good she saw that…

((So yes I did a part two already but I didn’t like it and it was terrible quality so I fixed it a bit sorry it took so long))

anonymous asked:

Karedevil prompt: I loved your "Daddy Lessons" fic, so this is kinda/sorta in the same vein; Karen has a pregnancy scare but when it turns out she's not, both she and Matt are a lot more disappointed than they thought they'd be.

I’ve been putting this one off for a while, because I couldn’t quite get it right, but I think we could all use some lightness after the Defenders. 

That said, there are no spoilers for it. This was mostly written before it aired, so if you haven’t watched it, you’re clear. 

Please forgive any mistakes.  I just finished writing it, and I’m not in a big editing mood. 

Hope you enjoy. 


Matt wakes up when he can’t feel her in bed by his side. After making sure she wasn’t there, he touches his alarm. Almost four in the morning.

He gets up, alert, when his quick sweep tells him she’s not in the apartment. He’s already on fight mode, scanning the place and the hallways and the streets around, when he locates her. On the roof, of all places.

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“Reading lines” [ Tom Hiddleston One shot ]

Summary:  This is it. The day i had been dreading the most had finally arrived. Today I was shooting a love scene…with Thomas Hiddleston.

By: A.Wölf.


This is it. The day i had been dreading the most had finally arrived.

I was never nervous on movie sets, besides this was my fourth movie but today I just couldn’t keep it together. Today I was shooting a love scene…with Thomas Hiddleston.

I’m about 80% sure that the reason of this behavior is just that I am starstruck. I really admire him and I never thought I’d have the chance to work with him yet here I am. When my agent sent me the script there was no love scene. However, things changed along the way and the director decided to include it.

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Its Not What It Looks Like !

Pairing: Carl Grimes x Reader 

Requested by @iheartfood123 

 Word Count: 1,608

 Summary: After a long night of storming and nothing to do, Daryl finds out has Y/n and Carl decided to pass the time..  

Warnings: slight/implied nsfw, cursing 

 Author’s Note: Happy Holidays everyone !! I hope you all are enjoying yourselves over the break :-) sorry that this fic was so late ! I’ve been very busy with Christmas stuff lately (YIKES lol). Either way, I hope you all enjoy ! Starting in January hopefully, I will be starting a new Carl Grimes x Reader series that I think you all will enjoy ! (Depending on the feedback, I’ll determine how often I post chapters.) Until then, happy holidays and enjoy !!! (I again apologize about any spelling errors, as usual)


There was currently a storm passing through Alexandria, knocking out whatever power was left here. Carol was watching Judith at her place, at the moment, while Rick and Michonne went to help discuss and fix the problems with others. Carl and I were left alone in the house, bored out of our minds. 

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RequestHi hi jungkookie scenario when he Start to fell in love with his gf friends and she overhead it and Tell him to end things and he want her again but is too late happy or sad ending don’t mind it

I changed it a bit and this isn’t my best work tbh but I’m trying my best to get back into writing so it will get better!

Originally posted by jeonsshi

Sitting at lunch with your friend, you excitedly held your phone and numerous texts came in. You had been smiling for so long that it almost hurt. Almost. Being too happy for anything to bother you, you just continued to beam.

“You’re literally glowing,” your friend chuckled at how happy you seemed to be.

“Really?” you asked, touching your cheeks as you giggled

“Who are you texting so much anyways?” she asked you, trying to sneak a peek at the conversation you were having.

“I kind of… found someone,” you sighed happily. “He’s so wonderful you have no idea,” you gushed.

“Who?! Who is this guy?” she exclaimed excitedly.

The two of you were close so her being excited was only expected.

“His name’s Jungkook. I met him while I was walking home one day. It had been a crappy day so I decided to sit down somewhere quiet and just relax and he accidently dropped his water on me. He’s forgiven though because he’s perfect!” you told her all about your little love story. “We exchanged numbers after talking for a while and drying myself off. We’ve met up a few times to just close out the world together. Before we knew it though we were calling them dates and I guess you could say we are feeling that happy new couple feel,” you grinned.

“What’d you say his name is?” she asked you, smiling at your story.

“Jungkook. You’ll have to meet him sometime,” you spoke happily. Blinded by excitement and happiness, you didn’t notice the frown your friend wore after confirming that it was Jungkook you were talking about.

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