ok good job everyone


Fake married ironpanther, including the absolute reach to justify this (im guessing aliens mistake them for being married somehow and they need good trade w/ the aliens so tchalla and Tony go along with it) well as the inevitable MUTUAL PINING

Tony directing potential suitors away f rom tchalla which he justifies to himself by saying that tchalla is still super green when it comes to international relations (sure Tony)

The inevitable sex pollen fic (Wakanda’s science division has been fucking around again)

Angst fic where Tony discovers tchalla hiding the ex-vengers away (admittedly I’ve mentioned this before but you get it twice aren’t you all lucky)

tchalla and Tony trying to matchmake shuri and rhodey and in the process become closer themselves

A fic set in either a D/s or an A/B/O universe where everyone warns tchalla about how wild and how shitty a sub/omega tony is, definitely bad news 0/10 would not recommend dating/mating and tchalla is like lol ok sure

We’re doing p well on the soulmate trope actually good job everyone

T'challa as the dude no one knows is royalty, trying to get w/ teacher tony but having difficulties because Tony’s students are too possessive of him and keep interrupting his flirting

Ironpanther basically being the mum and dad of the new-vengers

Possibly related to that, T'challa being a petty dick to the ex-vengers, making super passive aggressive comments to them like “tony is just so affectionate with the team, he’s always hugging us and kissing us and touching us. what’s that? he never did that with you guys? huh, weird. it’s almost as if he likes us more than he ever liked any of you.”

or maybe he tries being petty but ends up just being angry like “oh look what Tony made me the other day, a one of a kind weapon that does something amazing. …Tony made you something like this as well? …and you still treated him the way you did? jfc you’re all MORONS”

Tony getting hurt somehow and accidentally reveals his feelings (your choice on whether he says it because he thinks he’s gonna die or because he’s so out of it he’s not filtering his words)

T'challa thinking Harley is Tony’s son so he hangs out with him in order to better know his future son (Harley is very amused by this)

Oblivious Tony completely misunderstanding t'challas flirting

Thor and Bruce coming back to chill with Tony and tchalla getting a bit jealous of their interactions with Tony, especially bruce

Related, hulk challenging T'challa to a fight so tchalla can prove to hulk he’s worthy of his tin man.

Thor also challenging tchalla because he feels guilty about how things went down between him and Tony (I mean the choking scene), and also feels like things might not have gotten to the stage they did during civil war if he had been around to help, so he wants to make it up to Tony (Tony: SO YOU DECIDED TO FIGHT HIM??? Thor: I had to make sure he deserved you!)

Tony getting annoyed at them fighting tchalla for his honour but instead of making them stop he decides to fight the Dora milaje. Why? Because its 2 in the morning and Tony challenging every single Dora milaje to a fight at once is making me laugh (Tony: I need to prove myself! Tchalla: THERE ARE BETTER WAYS TO PROVE YOURSELF THEN DYING YOU HAVE OTHER OPTIONS HERE)

honestly tho i just can’t wait for ironpanther to become so popular that we get all the cliche fics im so ready for them give them to me!!!

Hyper Projection Engeki Haikyuu - Winners and Losers

Today’s third-years!  Theme is: Third-Years forever!!!

Ken-chan: Ok!  Good job everyone!
Hiroki: Good job!
Justin: Ah, is this a video?  It felt like a photo.
Ken-chan: Last show!  I’m so glad we could wrap it up with no problems
Hiroki: Yay, so glad!
Ken-chan: Thank you!  Ok, Hiroki…
Hiroki: Ok! Thank you everyone who came to see us!
Justin: Ok!  Uh… thank you so much!
Ken-chan: Thank you!  This was today’s third-years!  See you again!
Hiroki and Justin:  Someday somewhere!  

Translation by @nimbus-cloud


More old sketches

Back when I drew him as more….conflicted.

medkip  asked:

🎉 ~ just wanted to say thank you for starting and running the small studyblr network! i've been a part of quite a few but ssn is wonderful and positive and active and idk. but you're doin a good job ok <3

KIP I LOVE YOU SM OKAY if everyone doesn’t already follow Kip you really really should. One of the og Small Studyblr Network members aa so a very special place in my heart!! c: (also one of the few people in my timezone haha)

Compliment: my friend i love everything about your blog. your original content is really really nice (in fact i have queued a bunch of it) and i really, really love your theme. it’s like a really nice minimalistic theme but also it’s not like super blinding white, it’s a nice soft color c: also. can i just say. your icon gives me life. mudkip is a Good and Pure pokemon. also the pun!! all the puns!! love love love. love you, love your blog, keep it up my friend!

Constructive Criticism wow it took me 3 tries to spell that correctly: honestly the only thing is that the font on your blog is tiny but like. meh? most minimalistic themes tend to have itty bitty font and it’s not a big deal. also my friend i would love to see more content BUT ALSO i know that you have ~something in the works~ so it’s all good c:

Thanks for the ask!! You’re a real pal and a super cool bro :D

🎉 I’m Doing Blog Compliments! 🎉

Spallen time.

Okay stop what you’re going and pay attention to this post for a sec because BARRY FEELS. 
So I was staring - like I do - at my latest Spallen moment. And I noticed something. Patty is talking about trust, something that Barry really struggles with keeping between his loved ones because he is the Flash. After lying and generally being shady af around his detective angel in Gorilla Warfare, he probably thought he and Patty weren’t going to work out. But THEN:

Barry realized that he’s talking about *us* like kissing-in-the-hallway-us and that she wants whatever they are to continue and you can see his face shift from concerned citizen Barry Allen to SMOOTH-AS-FUCK-AS-PER-USUAL-Barry because he knows he’s got that little ray of sunshine in his pocket and he’s so happy to have her BUT LOOK AGAIN 

Did you see it? Did you see the little quirk of a smile, it’s so fast you might miss it if you blink, it’s practically a twitch at the corner of his mouth that betrays how truly happy he is to still have her on board, that even after the craziness of being in his life she still wants to be with him.