ok gonna go hug my pillow now

*Taeyong and Doyoung sharing a room*

*Both in their beds, ready to go to sleep*

Doyoung: Taeyong?

Taeyong: Yes?

Doyoung: What do you think about my voice?

Taeyong: What’s up all of a sudden? You’re voice is amazing!

Doyoung: I think I made some mistakes at today’s live…

Taeyong: I didn’t notice anything, so they must have been trivial mistakes..

Doyoung: Alright then, goodnight!

Taeyong: night, night!

*a few minutes later*

Doyoung: Taeyong?

Taeyong: *half asleep* Mmm?

Doyoung: What about my dancing? Do I lack compared to other members?

Taeyong: What? No!! You’re doing a great job with the choreographies!

*a few seconds later*

Doyoung: Do you think it will rain tomorrow? I am thinking about what to wear..

Taeyong: Probably not, but I’m no weatherman..let’s go to sleep now.. 

Doyoung: Ok..

*five seconds later*

Doyoung: Taeyong?

Taeyong: God, Doyoung will you shut up? It’s 2am!

Doyoung: I was gonna say: “thank you for supporting me, we’re lucky that you’re our leader” but now I’m thinking of replacing it with something like: “get lost”

Taeyong: *jumps off his bed and into Doyoung’s and hugs him*

Doyoung: Get off my bed, you idiot!

Taeyong: What did you just say?

Taeyong: *starts tickling him*

Doyoung: *almost dies of laughter*

Doyoung: Ok, ok! I take it back!! Have mercy!

Taeyong: *throws a pillow at his face*

Doyoung: *does the same, starts a pillow fight*

*from the room next door*

Johnny: What the hell are you doing? Keep it down, we’re trying to sleep!

Doyoung & Taeyong: Sorryy!!

*they finally go to sleep*