ok going to go army now

“I’ve been sitting here for four hours thinking about what I should do. I don’t want to go home. I fucked up again. I’ve been a drug addict my whole life. But I was clean for three months. I got a job at a call center. I was doing well. Then as soon as I got my paycheck, I went out drinking with some coworkers. Just a normal thing. But then I tried a little coke, went on a binge, and lost my job. Same story as always. And now I don’t want to go home. I live with my mother. She’s never lost faith in me. My brother was killed in the army so I’m her only son. She doesn’t deserve this. She was so happy that I had a job. She’d convinced herself that things were finally going to be OK. And I’ve got to go home and tell her what happened. And I don’t want to do it. She’s not even going to be mad. She’ll just be so hurt. Then she’ll ask me if I’ve eaten.”

(Bogotá, Colombia)


↳ oh hot pink..!
↳ who could I be
↳ nochu come through
↳ the members don’t even know
↳ ok this is Jungkook
↳ put your hands up
↳ ARMY thank you so much
↳ 😘
↳ these days McCree’s accuracy is amazing
↳ now I will shoot at all your hearts ❤️️
↳ I am really grateful to overseas ARMY here too
↳ who is the most handsome in the MV?!
↳ hah
↳ right we’re all handsome hehe
↳ we’re working hard preparing for the concert!
↳ please anticipate a lot
↳ heheh thank you! I’m going to go practice hard again!
↳ see you again! 😙
↳ guns, aim, fire (lyrics from Not Today)❤️️

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NEWS: BTS are filming a special ‘horror-themed’ BOMB at Everland Amusement park to celebrate HOT 100!??

BTS didn’t react online like when DNA moved up to #67 in HOT 100 so the fans thought they were sleeping. It has been reported by a K-ARMY that they were actually filming a special BOMB (or maybe a Vlive) HOT 100 video for ARMYs who requested for them to go to an amusement park (they were seen there by her friend at EVERLAND). The park is now holding Halloween event that is zombie themed. BTS are said to have filmed in the Horror Maze and The Secret Mission (You have to escape from a place) 


[Christian. When were you ready to expect?]

“Which one am I supposed to buy?” Christian grumbled into his phone in English, taking salvation in hoping that the old ahjussi working couldn’t understand him. There was nothing more embarrassing than standing in a convenient store in the middle of the night looking at the various pregnancy test.

“I don’t fucking know Christian” you groaned pacing back and forth in your living room. “I haven’t done this before-just get all of them.”

“All? There’s like thirty different brands. Have you lost your mind?”

“Yes Christian. Yes I have because SOMEBODY may have gotten me pregnant.”

“Chill. I got this” he sighed looking at the shelves “…Hmmm this should be fine right?” He shrugged, grabbing the more inexpensive of the brands and shoving it in the bottom of his basket. There was no way in hell he was going to leave this convenient store with only a pregnancy test in his basket. He grabbed chips, cookies, and drinks. Anything that’ll prolong the clerk from getting to the pregnancy test. “Babe, you want anythin?”

“Yes I want to not be pregnant”

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Circus au

When Keith got out of prison there weren’t many options for work.
Few farm owners were willing to let him work for them even before he was caught with another man.
Now he was wondering the city and the sun was going down with Keith having no idea where he was going to sleep.
Keith sat in a door way just as it started to rain and shivered in the cold his fingers already turning blue.
His old army coat did little to keep the wind from chilling him right down to the bone.
“Are you ok?”
Keith looked up surprised to see a man wearing grey and black makeup, his hair was slicked back and was wearing a large black coat.
“Erm…” Keith found himself speechless staring at the intricate details painted across the mans face.
“Are you hurt? Or something…”
Keith seemed to snap out of his stupor. “N-no… j-just c-cold.”
The man looked at him for a moment clearly debating something in his mind. “Your coming with me then, I can offer you a warm place to sleep and hot meal if your willing to lend a hand tonight?”
Keith stared at him for a month “your serious?”
The man smiled “yeah, I mean we always need help on opening night.”
He nodded towards a colourful poster advertising the circus being in town, with a few prominent figures drawn doing an act.
One was a man hung upside down wearing all black with a familiar white strip in his hair.
“That’s you?” Keith asked as he struggled to his feet.
The man smiled “yeah, my stage name is Champion. But you can call me Shiro.” He offered a hand to shake and Keith took it without hesitation.
“Well Keith, let’s get you dried off and working. After all the show starts in little over an hour.”
Keith allowed himself to be pulled along by Shiro through the winding streets all the way to a field where a large red and white striped tent was already set up with people busily running around.
Keith stared as people in brightly coloured costumes darted around him carrying various pieces of equipment.
He was so focused on the pageantry of it all that he didn’t notice the person running towards them until the two collided.
“Ouch watch where your going!” He snapped looking up from where he had been knocked to the ground.
“Lance you ran into him.” Shiro sighed.
Lance pouted crossing his arms “still his fault.”
Keith looked him over.
He didn’t look like anything special, wearing a long light grey coat that almost reached the floor made him look positively scrawny.
Shiro rolled his eyes as he helped the boy up “be nice… just… go get ready for the show.”
Lance grinned giving him a two finger salute as he took off again, purposefully bumping shoulders with Keith as he passed.
“Who the hell was that?” Keith muttered staring after him angrily.
“Believe it all not, that’s the circus heart breaker. His names Lance, he only joined a little while ago but he’s already got a bit of a name for himself. People call him Siren.”
Keith rose an eyebrow, he found it hard to believe that the jerk he just met could break anyone’s heart.
“Come on, I’ll show you what you can do.” Shiro guided Keith in the opposite direction as Lance disappeared into a white tent.
“Yeah…” Keith sighed “ok.”

Do Something Bad, Too - Part 1

Pairing: Alpha!Bucky x Omega!Reader

Summary: It’s like every single Alpha on the planet won’t rest until they’ve confessed their eternal wish for you to mother their children, and it’s getting old. Luckily, that’s a problem Bucky might be able to fix.

Warnings: sexual harassment, language, a/b/o dynamics

A/N: sooo its finally here! the a/b/o fic nobody asked for. this is my take on the dynamic and it’s kind of different (but not really) to what i’ve seen on here before but hopefully you guys like it! i promise it’ll be a LOT more smutty than my series usually are, but im gonna make yall work for it first. feedback is always appreciated! message me if you wanna be tagged :)

for a quick run down of a/b/o dynamics, read this post

title is from stalker by bad rabbits

Natasha is waiting in your office when you return to Stark Tower, barely flinching when you slam the door shut and immediately collapse on the small couch against the wall. Nat undrapes her legs off your desk and pads over to you to sit crossed-legged by your head, putting on an exaggerated pout. It’s probably unwise to side-glare an international assassin turned Avenger, but you do it anyway.

You close your eyes and fill up Nat’s expectant silence with, “Why are all Alphas the biggest fucking assholes on the planet?”

“I don’t know,” Nat says with a wistful sigh, “It must be in our DNA.”

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↳ good morning (english)
↳ yeah, here it’s 5:30
↳ I want to write in a lot of languages but I can’t sorry
↳ how did you know it’s me? I’m curious
↳ Jimin? Is it that obvious? our ARMYs are incredible
↳ but I’m an ARMY too
↳ I found that you don’t know when (other) members write here
↳ I always eat well so you don’t need to worry about that
↳ I haven’t done a vapp in a while
↳ turn it on?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I saw a bit of namjoon hyung doing somethingㅋㅋ
↳ no I’m just looking (at the fans messages?)
↳ ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I didn’t go to the rest room
↳ ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I can’t speak englishㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ don’t worry
↳ am I that slow? (at typing)
↳ thank you for all the countries who cheer for us _ please translate this
↳ I said I didn’t go to the rest roomㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
↳ you keep saying I went to the rest room ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
↳ ok when I come next time I
↳ will type fast
↳ no wait I will write really fast
↳ anyway all the members are doing well
↳ we are not hurt and we are eating well so don’t worry
↳ thank you and I miss you ARMYs
↳ I will go prepare now
↳ I’m typing fast right?
↳ I will come again soon bye

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Manspreading (Epilogue)

Word Count: 4k

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

The air was filled with the fragrance of a thousand flowers, just like it always was inside of your delivery truck, in your house, and most of all in your flower shop. They say the more frequently you smell something, you grow habituated to it and you stop registering it, and maybe that’s true but in the seven years you’ve been a florist, you have yet to take the sweet, cleansing smell for granted.

It has been a long time since you drove around delivering the bouquets yourself. You had stopped doing it ever since your small business grew a little and people started seeking you out personally for the unique designs you poured your soul into creating, and you had to hire a driver to do the delivering for you so your creative process wouldn’t get frequently interrupted.

You started this business out of passion. It was something you chose for yourself, entirely on your own, and so the sheer amount of effort that went into it never felt tiresome to you. You never made two bouquets alike, and you incorporated even the very hard to come by flowers if it meant getting your vision translated into reality just right, and so what little extra money you made -you were adamant on not overpricing your bouquets no matter how successful you got- immediately got spent on improving the little green house you bought and cared for, but that never bothered you. You weren’t in this for the money.

Even though your shop and the green house felt like your little slices of heaven, the chance to deliver some bouquets today, as suggested by Namjoon, was a lovely change of pace. You had forgotten how excited this part was, getting to see the jovial expressions on your clients faces after handing them the final product, and witnessing first-hand the happiness such a simple thing can bring to a person’s life, if even for a moment.

There was only one bouquet left to deliver, and it was the best one yet. A class of second year kindergarteners were graduating to elementary school soon and they wanted to surprise their beloved teacher with a little farewell present. That was the most precious thing you’ve ever heard and you couldn’t wait to see the surprise and happiness on the teacher’s face as the little ones proudly presented the flowers to him.

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Meanwhile, a recap on Jon and Sansa's 'unadulterated platonic relationship'
  • S05E07
  • Sansa, after being raped and abused: ...but you are a bastard
  • Ramsay: (this girl never learn does she?) well you know who else is a bastard? Jon Snow
  • Sansa: Jon Snow who?
  • Ramsay: this dumb bitch... Your half-brother!! Remember? He's Lord Commander now. Another bastard rising. Bastards for the win!
  • --
  • S06E04
  • After 84 years... (The first Stark reunion, i sure TF am crying)
  • Jonsa: (intently stares at each other for 30 seconds and the hug™)
  • -
  • Sansa: *reminisce childhood memories*
  • Sansa: im sorry im an ass to you and havent really treated you as my brother until now
  • Jon: nah. It's not your fault
  • Sansa: i was awful, just admit it
  • Jon: (snorts) well what you gonna do. I was always been a brooder
  • Sansa: can you forgive me?
  • Jon: theres nothing to forgive
  • Sansa; forgive meee : (
  • Jon: okay. :)
  • Sansa: :)
  • Sansa: *tries to be cool by drinking ale, but fails miserably)
  • Jon: (oh shes so cute, my cute little sister)
  • Sansa: okay but real talk where will you go?
  • Jon: me? There's no more 'me'. There's only you and I.
  • Sansa: fine. Where will WE go?
  • Jon: we can't stay here
  • Sansa: Home™. We have to go home.
  • Jon: you crazy?? Boltons are there and i'm tired of fighting.
  • Sansa: that is the wrong attitude, Jon!! We are going home and winning Winterfell, even if it's the last thing I do!!
  • -
  • Jon: *reads 'you traitor bastard', 'rickon is here', 'sansa is my wife'* okay im done
  • Sansa: no go on. *reads basically ramsay being the psychopath that he is* you see my point now?
  • Jon: we have no army to fight
  • Sansa: *the hand hold™* you are father's son. We need to take back what is ours.
  • Jon: okay
  • -
  • S06E05
  • Sansa: the North remembers and they remember the Starks
  • Ser Davos: ok. But Jon is not a Stark.
  • Sansa: but I am. And idc, he IS my father's son.
  • -
  • Brienne: im your sworn shield. Im not gonna leave you here alone w these untrustworthy dudes
  • Sansa: im here w Jon
  • Brienne: jon is ok. He's too dark, but okay. Others, not too much. Esp the bearded-guy. He's so obsessed w me.
  • Sansa: (snorts) but Jon is not others. Jon is my bro. 'Jon is Jon'™. He'll keep me safe. I trust him
  • Brienne: then why the fuck you lyin' to him?
  • -
  • Jon: new dress?
  • Sansa: i made it myself. Did you like it?
  • Jon: i LOVE it!! I mean, the wolf?? The details are so intricate. Such a talented hand!
  • Sansa: awww. Well, good cause i made one for you too. *hands the cloak™* since you're gonna be Ned 2.0, you should dress the part.
  • Jon: thank you, Sansa.
  • Sansa: You're welcome :)
  • Jon: *grins like an idiot* (wtf just happened)
  • -
  • S06E07
  • Lyanna: Bear islands knows no King but the king in the North whose name is Stark. I see no Stark. You're a Snow. And your sister is a Bolton, or a Lannister. Who knows anymore
  • Sansa: hun, the fact that I'm here in one piece and still sane after the idiot mad king Joffrey, and the psychopath sicko Ramsey should speak for myself.
  • Ser Davos: *gives motivational speech*
  • Lyanna: ok. I'll give you 62 o our men
  • Later, Sansa: did we just stand there and get dragged for 62 men?
  • -
  • S06E09
  • Jon: you dont have to be here
  • Sansa: yes, i do.
  • Ramsay: aww. My beloved wife. Ive missed you terribly. Thank you for returning Lady Bolton safely. Now bend the knee.
  • Jon: i think TF not. One on one, you and me.
  • Ramsay: you kidding me? You're the best swordsman in the North, no one is dumb enough to fight you one on one. Whats the point of having an army, if you wont use it?
  • Jon: will your army fight for you if you wont fight for them?
  • Ramsay: oh wow Sansa. You got yourself a fine young man right here. Jon snow, your pride will be the death of your little bro
  • Sansa: how do we know you have him?
  • Ramsay: *throws Shaggydog head*
  • Sansa: oh now you've crossed the line, consider yourself dead tom. *dramatic exit*
  • Ramsay: she's a fine woman, your sister. I look forward to having her back in my bed. ofc you guys are fine too. My dogs are starving for you.
  • -
  • Men talks military strategies.
  • Jon: i want him angry. I want him making a mistake.
  • Sansa: youve met him for 6 seconds and you think you know him. Ive lived w him. I know him. Did it ever occur to you to ask my opinion?!
  • Jon: okay. You're right.
  • Sansa: *rants about Ramsay being manipulative* he's been doing it all his life
  • Jon: hun, i've defended the Wall from Giants and barbaric cannibals with what? 100 people? I think i can handle Ramsay Bolton just fine
  • Sansa: you dont know him
  • Jon: okay. Then tell me. Whats YOUR plan?
  • Sansa: idk!! Dont ask me!! Just dont be stupid
  • Jon: ????
  • Sansa: *continues to tell jon they need more men BUT not telling him they can have the knights of the Vale*
  • Sansa: if Ramsay wins, im not going back there alive
  • Jon: i wont ever let him touch you again. I'll protect you, i promise.
  • Sansa: i'd like to see you try.
  • -
  • Jon: if i die, dont bring me back
  • Red woman: im not your servant
  • Jon: you're in my camp. Im your Commander
  • -
  • Jon: *probably forgets his plan and that he's the Commander, so he stupidly marches front and center to the Boltons*
  • Ser Davos: *waited until Jon Snow is halfway through the battlefield* Go! go!! Follow your stupid commander!!
  • -
  • Ramsay: oh well, since my army is gone. How about i take you up w your offer? One on one?
  • Jon: bitch... *finally beats the crap out of Ramsay but stops when he sees Sansa*
  • -
  • Sansa: Jon. Where is he?
  • --
  • S06E10
  • Jon: im having the Lord's chamber prepared for you.
  • Sansa: you should take it.
  • Jon: no you take it.
  • Sansa: no you!!
  • Jon: 'I'm not a Stark'™
  • Sansa: You are to me.
  • Jon: You're the Lady of Winterfell. You're the reason why we're standing here. You. The knights of the Vale rode for you. Speaking of, you wanna tell me why you never mentioned you have a battalion in your pocket?
  • Sansa: oops. Sorry?
  • Jon: (comes closer) we need to trust each other. *forehead kiss™ that lasted a little longer*
  • -
  • *Sansa sits at the left side of Jon, looking proud as the North names him King in the North*
  • --
  • S07E01
  • Jon: you are my sis but i'm king now. You cant undermine me.
  • Sansa: i cant tell you when youre being an idiot? Bec joffrey--
  • Jon: *shookt* you think i'm like joffrey??
  • Sansa: (softens) no
  • Jon: thank you
  • Sansa: you're good at this
  • Jon: psh. No.
  • Sansa: you areee. They respect you but--
  • Jon: (laughs) everything before the word 'but' is horse shit.
  • Sansa: ok. Whatever. Stop babying me
  • Jon: i'll stop if you stop undermining me.
  • Sansa: i would never!! *grabs hand*
  • Jon: (this girl cant keep her hand to herself)
  • Sansa: i love dad and Robb but they are idiots. And you know what happens to idiots? They die. So dont be an idiot
  • Jon: And how should i be smarter? By listening to you?
  • Sansa: that would definitely be a first.
  • *insert ned/cat parallel here*
  • -
  • Sansa: youre so obsessed w the Night king, you forgot about the Incest queen in the South.
  • Jon: im obsessed w him bec i saw the fantasy shit he has beyond the wall
  • Sansa: hun, the South has their own fuckery. Father underestimated Cersei, that obvs didnt turn out so well
  • Jon: ok but--
  • Sansa: Jon, you've read the Art of War by Ned Stark. I've read the one by Cersei.
  • Jon: Did she sign your copy?
  • Sansa: Yes. I'm her number one stan.
  • -
  • S07E02
  • Jon: *after Sam tells him there is dragonglass in dragonstone which lol Ser Davos DID NOT even mention) i should go to dragonstone.
  • Sansa: Jon 'reckless, stubborn, you know nothing' Snow! What did we talk about being an idiot? Have you forgotten why father fought the mad king in the first place? That girl is dangerous!!
  • Everyone: we need the King in the North in the North!!
  • Jon: North is my home. And i will never stop fighting for it. But we need allies
  • Sansa: you're abandoning me!! You're abandoning our home!! (Stay)
  • Jon: You'll be safe here. I'll leave Ghost to you. And you'll keep everyone safe. Until I return, the North is yours. (This is me trusting you)
  • Sansa: okay.
  • -
  • LF: *blah blah blah*
  • Jon: (oh god. When will he ever stop talking? Is it too much to ask for a moment of silence around here? I just wanna be emo w my homies)
  • Littlefinger: i love Sansa--
  • Jon: (snaps and chokes LF) istg you touch her and i'll kill you myself
  • -
  • LF: so that was a little intense. Oh Cat 2.0!! There you are!! Hellooo!!
  • Jon: *looks back and waves at Sansa before leaving - ala Brienne & Jaime style*
  • LF: damn. At Ned 2.0? Story of my life, huh?
  • --
  • S07E03
  • Tyrion: And Sansa. Does she miss me terribly?
  • Jon: (i'd be careful of what you say next)
  • Tyrion: well i've never touched her and i was really nice to her
  • Jon: oh good. I mean idc. But that's really great. I'd hate to almost kill you myself. Not that i care.
  • -
  • Jon: *looks like fine snack at the mountain top* i miss home.
  • Tyrion: *subtly ships Jonaerys*
  • Jon: (rolls eyes) you know what's real? The White Walkers.
  • -
  • Bran: *comes back to WF but is cryptic AF*
  • Sansa: i wish Jon were here
  • Bran: and you were so beautiful, in your white wedding dress--
  • Sansa: (kim kardashian voice) if you know how i feel why would u say that like you put me in such an uncomfortable situation like u know im not happy i know im trying to see if it will work out here and i know that its not--
  • --
  • S07E04
  • Arya: jon left you in charge?
  • Sansa: he did. I hope he comes back soon. I remember how stoked he was to see me. We're buddy-buddies now. His heart will probs stop if sees you.
  • -
  • Ser Davos: so you and the Pretty dragon lady.*nudge, nudge* jonaerys is real. I ship it. Bec i saw you look at her direction for .1 second and i know foh shure you are secretly in love w her. I have the receipts.
  • Jon: you're delusional™
  • Theon: Sansa--
  • Jon: (loses his shit) you think i'll be tired of going all batshit crazy over someone mentioning her name?? Your traitorous coward useless ass can choke
  • Ser Davos: (this damn bastard cant keep it together ffs)
  • -
  • S07E05
  • Northerns lords: *kiss ass to Sansa*
  • Sansa: ok thats nice but Jon is our king. Im a loyal ho, you fake ass lords cant relate.
  • -
  • Sansa, probably: Jon I wish you can come back v soon. I miss you. Obviously Ghost does too, remember him? The Northern lords Are bipolar fuckers who are as loyal as fake fans are. Arya and Bran are back but they've gone cray cray. PS. Bran says the undeadz are heading towards the Eastwatch. He has visions now.
  • --
  • S07E06
  • Arya: *hypocritical speech about something that happened 6 seasons ago*
  • Sansa: sis i love u but stfu. Even tho Jon is an idiot, he gives me credit that i deserve. We won Winterfell back because of ME--
  • Arya: 'Sis', idk about you and Jon and but 'I' single-handedly avenged the Red Wedding by wiping the Freys out. But go awf i guess.
  • -
  • Sansa: their loyalty is to Jon. Which is debatable btw. Jon had left me on seenzone for weeks.
  • LF: doesnt matter. He left you in charge. The North likes you
  • Sansa: those lords probably doesnt even know what 'loyalty' is. If they found out about the letter I wrote 6 seasons ago when my character hasnt developed yet, by the time Jon comes back, he'll have no army left
  • LF: ok but Arya is your sister. She wouldn betray you
  • Sansa: she would if she thinks i'm going to betray Jon. Which is never gonna happen.
  • --
  • Meanwhile,
  • Jon: i serve the North
  • Also, Jon: i'd bend the knee but...


↳ first appearance (in the chat)
↳ is this how you do it?? is this right?
↳ wow the emoticons are awesome
↳ why do you hate going to school!!! new semestar new start!! everyone cheer up
↳ I’m eating so well so there is a problem
↳ ye~~hello!! i’m hobi (english)
↳ I love you too (Japanese)
↳ now I’m in the middle of brushing my teeth !! chikachika

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They’ll Never Let Him Nap

Old Man Luke: OK! As you all know, I brought you all here to discuss our concerns with the Star Wars canon, and construct a plan for approaching the writers. [a large assembled group murmurs] Now: I think it’s in our best interest if, when we talk to them, we have some suggestions. For example: Luke Skywalker brings back the Jedi. And it lasts for more than ten minutes this time. Ideas?
Old Man Obi-Wan: I’d…I’d like them to write something where I get to take a nap. On a soft bed. With a blanket. 
Luke: [writing] Obi-Wan…takes…nap. OK…more?
Anakin from Episode 2: Yeah. I go back in time, save my mom from the Tuskens. 
Luke: Uh, well…that would require time travel, and I don’t think we want to –
Qui-Gon: Qui-Gon Jinn destroys the Sith, Episode 1. Everyone gets to go home happy and alive. [murmurs of agreement]
Leia: Alderaan doesn’t blow up! 
Luke: Yes well those would both have a lot of implications for the larger story – 

[Three hours later. Luke is surrounded by crumpled-up papers.] 
Anakin from Episode 3: Padme and I go public. Snips becomes our live-in nanny. I get to keep sleeping with Obi-Wan on the side. 
Luke: [exhausted] Yes, Dad, you have suggested this four times now.
Anakin: [annoyed] Well, it’s a good idea!
Satine: I give up pacifism and kill Darth Maul with the Darksaber.
Han from Episode 7: Just write down “Han Solo gets vasectomy”.
Anakin from Episode 2: I go to Kamino and clone myself. Make an army of Anakins. 
Luke: …for what?
Anakin: I don’t know, I just think it sounds cool.
Luke: [sigh] From now on, no clones who weren’t already clones, no time traveling, and nothing that breaks the rest of the story. OK?
Old Man Obi-Wan: I can still have my quiet and restful nap though, right?
Luke: I dunno. It seems a little far-fetched for you. I don’t think they’ll go for it. 
Old Man Obi-Wan: [sadly] Oh. 

ok but

how did Lafayette go back to France for money and come back with an army?

bc right now I’m imagining him entering Louis’s throne room and it playing out like this:

Lafayette: Sir, can I have some more money? Please?

Louis XVI: Is this so you can go help your little friends in America?


Louis: and why should I?



Lafayette: it’ll royally piss off the British?

Louis: Take my entire army

*flashes back to 2013, when I joined my first fandom, and if you look deep enough into the internet, you’ll find some of my terrible, grammar less ROTG Fics* Oh my god. @jessicapilot You just triggered so many memories…)

Scout: After watching it, He decides to see how the fan girls reacted to Jack Frost… Annnnnd proceeds to try and dye his hair white. It…. It don’t work well.

Soldier: He demands to go on an epic quest to recruit the Big Five for his army, while also plans to go kick the Boogeyman to next Thursday. Nothing anyone can say is going to stop him. Bye Soldier!

Engineer: Cute film! Likes the story behind it… Now excuse him, because he wants to go make a flying sleigh, get some air power during matches and whatnot.

Demoman: Loves it! Laughs at every joke… Even when there’s not a joke… He… laughs through the credits. Ok, Demo, no more beer tonight…

Heavy: He can personally relate to North, and begins to seriously consider using some sick saber swords in battle. Everything else, he’s kinda meh about. Seems really childish, but he can appreciate the artwork.

Medic: Medic seems really intensively obsessed about Tooth and Bunnymund, scribbling notes and a manic gleam in his eye. At the end, he throws his pencil at the TV, insisting ‘IT’S IMPOSSIBLE FOR HER TO FLY. Explain!” He’s still stuck on the lack of ‘scientific’ explanation in the movie.

Sniper: Why… Why is the Easter bunny Australian? Literally the only thing he can think about the entire fracking movie, is that Bunny.

Pyro: TOOTH FAIRY, HELL YEAH! (They love it)

Spy:… Why did you make him watch this? Bah, waste of his time.


↳ Hi
↳ who am I
↳ I won’t tell you
↳ 1. alpaca 2. horse 3. muscle pig 4. heodang (satoori; clumsy/silly/easily confused) 5. grandma 6. monkey 7. rice cake
↳ shall I give more hints
↳ listen well
↳ banggeulie (Jin’s nickname)
↳ Uh, my mistake
↳ again
↳ 1. aje 2. grandpa 3. muscle bunny 4. horse 5. kim army 6. cheeky monkey 7. It’s me
↳ sorry my typing is slow😭
↳ 😢
↳ I can send emoticons fast
↳ 😁
↳ 😘
↳ 🙂
↳ 😛
↳ 😂
↳ 😯
↳ 😢
↳ I can do it now
↳ heh
↳ I
↳ am going to practice now
↳ I’m going ok?
↳ Ah, and I’ll take food

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Observation about Oda

Oda: “I’m going to keep Luffy & Nami together in the forest”

Oda: “I’m going to make Luffy & Nami fight Cracker”

Oda: “I’m going to have Luffy & Nami face Sanji”

Oda: “I’m going to make Nami slap Sanji for beating up Luffy”

Oda: “I’m going to keep Luffy & Nami together and fight an army”

Oda: “I’m still going to keep Luffy & Nami together but locked up in a cell”

Oda: “I’m going to put Luffy & Nami sitting together on a throne for the 20th anniversary colorspread”

Oda: “I’ll make Luffy & Nami meet Jinbe first and get freed”

Oda: “OK now it’s time to go save Sanji. Luffy & Nami is gonna go”

Oda: “Oh Nami, your not going though, Luffy asked Jinbe to take care of you….”


Jon Snow War Council and Sansa warning Game of Thrones 6x09

In defense of Sansa and my love for Jon and Sansa’s dynamic

I would like to talk about this scene since this scene is all kinds of awesome. First, I heard from the GOT Cast & Crew Commentary that the scene of Jon and Sansa is the director’s wife favorite scene that she has seen of the GOT series as she thought “It is just so real”. Which I thought wow she is right Jon and Sansa’s relationship dynamic has that openness to it, they are themselves whenever it is just the two of them talking. And of course another wow because yeah she is right Kit and Sophie’s acting here is so good and real and they bounce off each other with such rawness and should I say trust??? Their scene felt to me like they are just so comfortable with each other that they know they can be just as intense with each other and know that the other can totally give as good as they get. Hence, the media making so many mentions of their explosive chemistry which translates on-screen as unresolved tension in the sexual/romantic variety. I believe it came off like that because even when they are arguing I can still feel their mutual affection for each other (both from the actors and I believe also from both the characters as I felt that was what they are going for and also what the direction was going for). Which give us this gift of a scene.

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Thank you for answering my question, what are some really cute things that Lubbock has said to you?

Lubbock and me have been together for a while now. He has been saying many cute things to me in the last few years and also gave me a lot compliments.

But I think “I will leave the imperial army together with you.”, “I will join Night Raid” are in the Top 3.

“I go wherever you will go” is still my favorite.

He is a loyal and trustful comrade I really don’t want to lose.

Behind The Scenes 3 (2/???)

Author’s note: This post and the next two posts that take place in this city are going to be very short. As mentioned before, I am doing this as a way to buy time so I can completely finish BTS 3. I know I’m posting this early, but I have to because I am just going to be so busy for the next few days. One thing I want to point out is that, I am not Asian, I am not from an Asian country nor have I visited one and I’m not even from a big city in general. In advance, I’m sorry if there are details about these cities that are inaccurate. I have done my best to research these cities and countries to be as culturally and environmentally accurate as possible,but I can only get so much information with the schedule I’ve since I started writing. Sorry for any errors. 

Genre: friendship fluff?/ angst-ish  (reader x maknaes)

Word count: 1964

City: Beijing, China

Summary: It’s Jungkook’s birthday

Other parts: HERE

This is my GIF. I made it based off of this scenario series.

You felt someone gently nudge you. “Y/n… y/n…” the voice whispered. “Y/n wake up.”

In your sleepy state, you could tell that the mysterious voice was too gentle to be Rap monster’s, but it also wasn’t coming from the maknae next to you. You still didn’t take any chances and quickly sat up on command. Although you were now sitting up, your eyelids were too heavy and refused to open. “What do I have to do?” you asked.

“Shhh! Get up and come with us.” the voice instructed.

Without opening your eyes, you threw the sheets off you and stood up. A hand grabbed your wrist and you were guided to the other end of the Beijing hotel room. You didn’t open your eyes until you stubbed your toes on the end of the bathroom wall. You yelped a bit, but the voice shushed you again.

The light coming in from the bathroom was enough to help you see in the dark room. You were able to make out two bushes of hair hunched over the other bed. V and Jimin were fidgeting with what sounded like plastic bags.

“Don’t move too fast! You’re being too loud!” you were now more awake and realized it was Jimin who had woken you up and was now nagging at V.

V pulled out a cake and passed it to Jimin along with some candles and a lighter. Jimin quickly began decorating the cake.

“What is going on?” you asked.

“It’s Jungkook’s birthday, remember?” V whispered.

“Shit! I burned myself!” Jimin said in a hushed cry.

“And I’m the one being too loud!” V laughed “Here y/n” V handed you a large cookie. From its clear plastic cover, you could see it was iced to look like iron man.

Jimin turned around to you with the cake in his hands. “You and I are going to surprise Jungkook with this stuff while Tae records us all singing happy birthday.”

“How did you guys even get all this stuff?” you whispered.

V was still trying to work with the camera. “I got Hiro to order it. He dropped it off like five minutes- I got it! Let’s do this!” He exclaimed in an excited whisper.

The three of you made your way back to the bed you shared with Jungkook. “Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you~!”

Jungkook rocked back and forth, bothered by the sudden loud, off key singing.

“Happy birthday dear Jungkook~!!!” Jimin and V were practically shouting.

Jungkook was definitely awake by now and was just barely able to open his eyes.

“Happy birthday to the wonderful and cool, but very annoying being that is you~!” V squeezed in as many words as he could before you and Jimin finished singing the better-known version.

Jungkook sat up with a sleepy smile on his face. “Wow! All this for me?” he asking in his morning voice.

“Happy birthday!” V and Jimin said in unison.

“Happy birthday sweetie.” You said, attempting to sound even remotely cute.

“Aww thanks guys! Thank you, babe!” He smiled as he took notice of the camera in V’s hands. He grabbed you by your waist and pulled you to him. He turned you around and sat you on his lap. You felt his arms wrap around you and his lips planted a kiss on your temple.

“Quick! Blow out the candles! They are melting in the cake!” V shouted from behind the camera.

Jungkook stared at the tiny flames and proceeded to blow out each one individually.

“What did you wish for?” Jimin asked.

Jungkook looked at you lovingly with a big smile on his face. “Hm, I don’t want to say. I don’t want to jinx the wish!” he said shyly.

Remembering the truce, you did your best to play along with the whole couple thing despite being so tired. “Tell us!” you begged.

“Oooh, what is this?!?” Jungkook’s face lit up when he noticed the giant Iron man cookie in your hands. He took it from you and tried to take off the plastic cover.

You fake smiled at his fake cuteness. “Oh nothing, I just got a giant cookie for my-“

“Giant Kookie!” He smirked, bouncing his eyebrows up and down.

“Shut up!” you laughed.

Jimin and V brought out the extra chairs in the room and sat next to your bed. V handed you the camera and you kept it aimed at Jungkook.

“So, did you like your birthday wake-up call?”

He looked at the camera, but then hid his face by opening the cookie container. “Um yeah… But it was just a bit too early.” He smiled as he finally got the cookie open.

“Do you like your cookie and cake or do you still want something else? What other gift do you want on your special day?”

“I already have ARMY and you. Those are the only gifts I need.” He giggled.  He tore of a piece the Iron Man’s head and stared at the icing. He opened his mouth to take the bite, but then stopped himself. “Here, you try it.” He moved the cookie piece close to you.

“No, it’s yours. You eat it first.”

“Please~. I wanna see how you react to it.”

“Kookie, that’s not how this works!” you laughed. “We are the ones to see how you like it!”

“Please~!” he whined.

You rolled your eyes at him. “Fine”. You took a bite from his hand. It was good, but way too sweet for your liking.

“Is it good?”


“I have to make sure it was jagi-approved.” He shoved the rest of the bite into his mouth. “Wow, it’s almost as sweet as you, y/n!” He smiled.

“Eeeewww! Ah, my poor ears are hearing all this cheesiness!” Jimin squealed, but you saw his smile quickly go away. Jimin caught you staring at him and he knew you caught him looking so unamused, so quickly put his smile back on. He cut the cake and handed you each a slice.

Jungkook took the camera out of your hand and rested his chin on your shoulder. “Here we go, let ARMY see the both of us.”

“No Jungkook. I don’t have makeup!” you whined. You tried to hide your face in his neck, but he kept moving.

“Let ARMY see our beautiful bare faces!”


“But it’s my birthday!” he pouted.


Jungkook focused the camera on the both of you. “Good morning! I’m sorry, I’m still sleepy so this is going to be short, but thank you! Thank you ARMY for sticking by me through another birthday and for still supporting us. To those of you attending the concert tonight and future concerts, I am excited to see all of you! Thank you again!” His persona was serious and full of gratitude. Then he looked at you with the same expression. “And thank you y/n. You’ve stuck around for a long time and through all the bad times too… we’ve put you through a lot, but you are still here…” He half smiled.

You knew what he was saying was only for the sake of ARMY, but his words hit you hard. A part of you really wished he was being genuine. His words felt like some sort of an apology for all that you’ve gone through. Even though your pain wasn’t going to go away, at least someone, even someone like him, acknowledged you… but you knew that wasn’t the case.

“I love you.” He said sweetly.

“I love you too.”

“Ya! None of that sappy stuff again!” Jimin complained.

“Yeah! I’m going to throw up if you guys kiss!” V laughed.

“Ah, fine we won’t.” Jungkook pouted “Ok! We are going to eat now. Bye ARMY! I love you all!” He screeched.

You waved bye at the camera. “Bye ARMY.”

Jimin took the camera and he and V did a farewell of their own while you and Jungkook started eating. You were too tired to move and Jungkook was too tired to say anything, so you just stayed on his lap. No one spoke as you all ate, not till you all finished.

“What are we going to do with the rest of the cake?” Jungkook asked.

“I can go take it to Hiro and Minho. They might want it.” V suggested.

“Why didn’t the rest of the guys come and sing?” you asked.

“Because Hoseok is too fucking high to wake up right now. Yoongi is probably too hungover to deal with the singing. Namjoon and Jin… I just didn’t feel like waking them up.” Jimin said.

“Oh… well, how else are you guys going to celebrate? No offense, but this little thing wasn’t really too special…”

Jungkook reached over your thighs to grab a napkin. “Well, it’s usually like this during a tour and as long as ARMY saw something, it doesn’t really matter to me.”

“There is the concert tonight and tomorrow night.” V began. “But we are going to be here a third day cuz Namjoon has a deal to go to. We can go shopping and say it’s a late celebration!”

“Don’t you have to go with him to that deal?” Jimin reminded

“Fuck! I forgot!”

“I wish I could go.” Jungkook mumbled. “I want more money.”

“Why can’t you go?” you asked.

“Cuz of you, part of the punishment.” His tone expressed his annoyance.

“Jungkook!” Jimin hissed.


Jimin could tell y/n got a bit upset by Jungkook’s tone.

“I’m just gonna go wash up now.” She said softly. She got up and walked into the bathroom.

“Look at what you did!” Jimin hissed again. “Stop saying shit like that, it reminds her of that night!” He made sure to keep his voice low so that Y/n couldn’t hear him.

“It’s not like I meant it that way!” Jungkook said, keeping his voice low as well.

“She deals with a lot already! Besides, you should be happy you aren’t going on the deals anymore. Those things are fucking dangerous. Last time Tae was almost shot!… Why do you keep going to those things?!?” Jimin’s attention was now on V.

“Don’t get mad at us! You go on them too!”  V shot back.

“Yeah, but that’s only sometimes and it’s because I’m forced to go! You guys go voluntarily!”

V was about to speak, but Jungkook cut him off. “There is nothing wrong with us making more money! We get that you don’t fucking like Namjoon, but what he does for us and let us do isn’t that bad!”

“Not that bad? Not that bad?!? What we do is wrong and we all know it! Is all the shit he’s done to us not that bad?!? I fucking hate what I have to go through!” Jimin said angrily. “What about the shit he’s done to you? You still stick by his side after what he did, or did you forget?!?”

Although their tempers were growing, they kept their voices low enough so y/n still couldn’t hear them from the restroom.

“Of course I haven’t forgotten! How the fuck can I forget something like that?!? But Namjoon had a fucking point and I fucking got over it! And don’t put yourself on a high horse just cuz things are “good” between you and y/n. You are a big reason that she went through a lot of shit!” Jungkook shot up from the bed. He grabbed his jacket and began slipping on his shoes.

“Where are you going?” V asked.

“I need some air!” Jungkook said as he walked out of the hotel room.

“Did you really have to bring that up Jimin?” V asked disappointingly.

“Shut up!” Jimin knew he crossed the line and he already felt extremely guilty about what he said.

Y/n stepped out of the bathroom and Jimin rushed in before V could start lecturing him.

BTS Deciding on 화양연화 tracks
  • ***Intro***
  • Big Hit: ok suga its ur turn show us what u got
  • Suga: *heavy breathing* me??? ok! I'm thinking of going in hard like yo mfuckers whats uppp
  • BH: PERFECT!!!!!!!!
  • Suga: rly
  • BH: yea the first part
  • Suga: 'whats up?'
  • BH: before that
  • Suga: 'yo mfuckers?'
  • BH: before that
  • Suga: ... *heavy breathing*...
  • ***I NEED U***
  • BTS: ok so since this is the title track and the album is about youth we were thinking a song about inner struggles and turmoil of -
  • BTS: but the theme -
  • BTS: but we keep singing about -
  • BH: DO IT
  • ***Hold Me Tight***
  • Big Hit: who's writing this
  • V: me
  • BH: ok ur not a minor anymore so write about UNREQUITED LOVE THAT'S RLY UNHEALTHY FOR U
  • V: but i've never even -
  • V: but it's my -
  • BH: DO IT
  • ***SKIT***
  • Jin, Suga, Rap Mon, J-Hope, Jimin, V: we rly rly want to win
  • Jungkook: ok but where's my money tho
  • ***쩔어 (Sick)***
  • BTS: so for this one -
  • BTS: *ties BH up, stuffs a sock in his mouth and throws him in a corner*
  • BTS: ok now we can talk
  • Rap Mon: what if we write this fucking musical masterpiece
  • Suga: about how fucking awesome we are
  • Korea: YASSSSSS
  • Planet Earth: YASSSSSSSS
  • BH: *angry muffled mumbling*
  • ***Heungtan Sonyeondan***
  • BTS: let's write a song about how hyped we are like literally go crazy w it
  • BTS: yea why not
  • Jin: me too??
  • BTS: ok
  • V: CAN I GET A SECOND RAP PART??????????
  • J-Hope: no stop stop
  • V: ok ok sorry
  • Suga: put this in too
  • ***Converse High***
  • Rap Mon: can we pls make a song about my fetish
  • Suga: no dude I fucking hate converse I'm not doing that
  • Rap Mon: u can literally say that in the song just pls
  • Suga: oh ok we cool then
  • ***Move***
  • Suga: I'm so happy to never have to see ur faces every second of my life again, only Jin's. He's pretty and barely talks
  • Jin: moving my mouth too much can create wrinkles
  • Rap Mon: I love it too, Jungkook literally worships me
  • Jungkook: yeah bc u saved me from -
  • Jungkook: that
  • Jungkook: I was like 3 blocks away from our dorm yesterday and I kept hearing this obnoxious high-pitched noise that got worse the closer I got. turns out they left their window open
  • BTS: we should totally write a song about this tbh
  • Big Hit: *angry muffled mumbling intensifies*
  • BH: *manages to untie self*
  • ***Outro - Love Is Not Over***
  • Jungkook: me
  • Jungkook: but im a minor
  • Jungkook: what does that mean
  • BTS: ugh
  • V: can I get more than one line in this song
  • BH: NOPE.
  • V: pls I'm vocal too i wanna sing
  • BH: lmao no
  • ***Bonus - Choosing Album Title***
  • BTS: we chose 화양연화 bc it stands for our blossoming age
  • BTS: lets translate it as 'The Best Moment in Life' internationally
  • Big Hit: lol sure
  • BH: *low-key lets In the Mood For Love happen*
  • BTS:
  • BH: oops
  • ***for the sake of being funny Big Hit is just a strawman character representing their company rather than an actual person