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How to introduce your Xenoverse character; post the most awkward shots of them


fifteen minutes

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seungcheol x reader smut

6,760 words

a/n: i had to write this to expel all of the longing n pain over seungcheol that i’ve developed over the past couple of months, so this is basically just my ruminations on what a great boyfriend and ass man i think he’d be. so…if butt stuff isn’t your cup of tea there’s just a lil bit of it in here, nothing wild. enjoy.

~ in which it’s impossible to get a minute alone and there’s not much time to spare, but you and seungcheol make it work

[1:27 A.M.] cheol 👑💕: hey babe are you still up?
[1:27 A.M.] cheol 👑💕: we just got home frm practice
[1:29 A.M.] cheol 👑💕: babe??? pls be awake
[1:33 A.M.] cheol 👑💕: I knowww it’s late but 😔 I miss u 😔
[1:36 A.M.] cheol 👑💕: ok. ok it’s fine. ur probably cuddled up in bed fast asleep right now. I know u worked late.
[1:37 A.M.] cheol 👑💕: it’s fine love u I’ll just talk to u tomorrow then
[1:39 A.M.] cheol 👑💕: but wait ✋ I have a real problem bby!!! I know u would want to help me out.
[1:39 A.M.] cheol 👑💕: I’m really doing this for u so u don’t feel guilty 😇
[1:40 A.M.] cheol 👑💕: I’m calling you

 You knew there was no such thing as the “perfect boyfriend"—that was just something pre-teen girls whispered about at slumber parties. But once upon a time you had been that pre-teen girl, and while Sojung and Jiyeon cut out bits of male celebrities from teen magazines to create an absolute monstrosity (with Zac Efron’s abs and Ryan Gosling’s eyes and Chris Evans’ hair), you had drafted the complete list of every personality trait, hobby, and talent your dream man had to have.

 These qualifications included but were not limited to: eight-pack abs, the ability to cook a meal so delicious it would make your own mother weep out of jealousy, thoughtfulness so much so that he’d bring you little gifts home just because he was thinking of you, the ability to make you laugh so hard that you cried, he had to be able to play the piano and the guitar and the drums, loyalty to you and only you, passion, ambition but not enough so that he’d put his own goals over your needs, he had to have the emotional maturity to be able to cry during The Notebook, and most importantly, he had to be good at math (because you definitely were not). Preferably, he’d also like all the same things you did and want to get a corgi when you got married.

 12-year-old You had it all figured out, but 22-year-old You knew that perfect man simply did not exist…still, Seungcheol came pretty close.

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what she says: I’m fine

what she really means: we, as the audience, only got to know the real connor murphy for a mere few minutes. we don’t know anything about him. he could have been a brony for all we know. he could have been a brony. oh my god, he could have been a brony. please, god, no. anything but a brony-

Got7 reaction to you teasing them on your period

Can I please request a Got7 reaction to you teasing them while on your period, thank you in advance. It’s totally ok to skip this if you feel uncomfortable writing about this 😊

Honestly me a few days ago


“Is it fair Y/n? I’m asking if that’s fair? Now, you are on your period, huh? But that pretty little mouth can still do wonders? On your knees baby.”


“You are the real form of evil. How could you do this to me, huh? I became an innocent victim of your evilness.”


“Whatever you do, it doesn’t work. You can continue, but nothing gets me worked uo like you on my bed.”


“If you excuse me, I’ll go to the bathroom real quick. Someone, you, made a big mess and now I’ll have to take care of it.”


“Y/n, is this acceptable? Is Mother Earth acceptable? Why? Why now? Couldn’t you be on your period like…tomorrow? Why today? Why did you do that if you knew you can’t help me out, tease?”


“Fix this. I don’t know what are you going to do or how you’re going to do it, but take care of this mess pretty thank you, please. Y/n, where are you going? Take care of this. Like now.”


“You are one bad little kitty, are you? Just you wait until this week is over. You’ll have to take your work home. You won’t be able to stay on your feet. I can’t wait to return the favour you just did for me.”



Drunken Words- William Nylander

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(You try finding a bad GIF of Willy)

Ok so I had work last night (which kicked my butt) then an emergency this morning, so I’m changing things up a bit ok! I’ll still get caught up this weekend, but I was able to write this real fast before bed and had the Tkachuk one already done so bear with me guys ok. I’m going through some shit right now! Anon let me know what you thought!!

Warning: drunk Willy, cussing

Anon Request: Omg I’ve been requesting so many willy imagines 😂😂 but could you do one where he says I love you for the first time but he’s drunk and the reader doesn’t know how to react and then the next morning is really awkward, but end with them both saying I love you?


              “I love you (Y/N)” Willy announced.

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I keep thinking about that one post about actual celebrities entering look-alike contests and getting 2nd place or smth and I’m thinking about how honestly?? Would anyone recognize tim if he stopped keeping up appearances? We like to collectively angst over it but ???

Consider him just. Clark Kenting his way out of trouble bc no one thinks he actually looks like Jack

Wrong Place Wrong Time (8)

Do not reuse, edit or copy and of my work(s). ©
Part 8 of an ongoing series, enjoy :)
A fanfic for a more Mature audience due to violence and language. Read at your own risk :)

Themes=😖,🌟,💣,🎭. (☠️- Harm towards characters and Strong language.)

Summary: You end up in the wrong place at the wrong time and it has negative repercussions. Main characters include: Reader and EXO.

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3 Part 4  Part 5 Part 6  Part 7  Part 9  Part 10  Part 11 Part 12    Part 13  Part 14  Part 15  Part 16  Part 17  Part 18  Part 19  Part 20  Part 21  Part 22  Part 23  Part 24  Part 25  Part 26  Part 27  Part 28  Part 29  Part 30  Part 31  Part 32  Part 33  Part 34  Part 35 (Final)

Word Count: 1,997 

You were sat in the board with Junmyeon, Kyungsoo, Yixing, Jongin, Jongdae and Minseok. It was dark outside by now and soft yellow spotlights were switched on to illuminate the room. You couldn’t quite piece together why you were here in the first place, and neither could the others apparently. Jongin, Minseok, Yixing and Kyungsoo were all looking at you in the most toxic way. If looks could kill, you would most definitely be dead.  Apparently the boys couldn’t work out why you were here either.

“What is she doing here?” Minseok barked, pointing his finger at you and looking at Junmyeon. This man clearly had issues.

“I’ve heard this little Madame is a curious one, isn’t that right sweetie?” Junmyeon smiled, raising his brow at you. You were cringing so hard at all the pet names you were beginning to acquire. Sweetie, Babe, Whore. What was next? You looked awkwardly around the table and fixed your eyes on Jongdae’s hands since he was the only one not looking at you as though he wanted to capture and burn your soul.

“Okay, so what if she’s a little snitch?” Kyungsoo said wearing the expression you had grown used to.

“Well then she won’t live to see tomorrow’s sunrise will she?” Junmyeon winked at you, making your stomach churn.
“Do you have the location?” Junmyeon asked, but nobody answered. “Wow, don’t all reply at once I can’t hear you, one at a time.” He said sarcastically but still no answer. He sighed heavily out of frustration. “D.O. give me the location.”

“Baekhyun hasn’t filled me in yet.” Kyungsoo answered with a straight face. Your ears pricked and you looked up immediately between the two men. D.O. was Kyungsoo’s other name wasn’t it. Why was Junmyeon using that all of a sudden. You saw Kyungsoo look at you, frown and then divert his attention elsewhere in the room, at three black brief cases near the door to be specific. He stood up walking towards them. It was just then you had noticed that Kyungsoo was wearing a similar black outfit to Junmyeon. You looked around the table, they all were.
He returned to the table dropping the cases with a loud bang.

“For goodness sakes be careful,” Junmyeon frowned “and can someone go and get Baekhyun.”

“I will.” Jongdae jumped up from his seat and went to go and find Baekhyun.

You saw Kyungsoo opening the briefcases slowly in front of you; they were packed with arms and ammunition. One was filled with guns, another was filled with knives and the last was grenades. Your breath hitched, hearing about what they did and seeing what they did were two different things. Surely they weren’t actually going to use those…were they?
“Who’s taking door duty this time?” Kyungsoo asked picking up a knife and caressing it slowly as if it were his new born child.
Junmyeon pointed at Jongin.

“No I’m not on the doors again; I’ve done that twice in a row. Anyway I’m better where the action is.” Jongin pouted crossing his arms over his chest.

“How about you just do what you’re told to do.” Yixing mumbled throwing Jongin a hateful look.

“For fucks sake, I’ll do it.” Minseok said, stretching his hand out towards Kyungsoo to take the knife he was holding. “Knives are my speciality anyway.” He turned his head to face you giving you a smug look, making you shiver and raise your hand up to the shallow cut on your throat that he had left behind.

Just then Baekhyun had walked in with Jongdae; smiling at you he took the seat beside you. “I don’t think those two being on main base together is the best idea.” He said sliding some sheets across the table over to Junmyeon. “Here’s the location. It’s pretty hidden so be careful not to get lost.”

“We can’t keep accommodating for them.” Junmyeon said, picking up the papers and skimming over them briefly. “When are you two going to sort whatever shit it is between you out? I still don’t even know what’s up with the two of you” He looked up at Jongin and Yixing who returned his gaze blankly. Sighing and shaking his head, Junmyeon returned his focus to the sheets in front of him.

Kyungsoo began handing out different weapons to the boys and placed a gun into his back pocket.

“They’re not actually going to use those are they; you’re just trying to scare me right?” You whispered to Baekhyun a little too loudly.

“Why would we have all of these out if all we wanted to do was scare you? I’ve already done that successfully, unless that wasn’t enough for you.” Minseok looked you up and down; you wished the ground could just swallow you up whole.

“Can I leave now?” You looked at Junmyeon standing up from your seat and shifting uncomfortably.

“No, you can’t. Sit down.” Jongin smiled pointing his gun at you. “Remember, I never miss.”

You sank back into your seat slowly, watching as Jongin placed the gun back on the table. Kyungsoo handed Jongdae a grenade and closed the briefcase again returning his hostile gaze towards you.

“I’d prefer you to have a gun Chen.” Junmyeon said. You knitted your brows together looking at Baekhyun, Who was Chen and why did they have different names? Baekhyun replied by motioning towards Jongdae with his head.

“No I’d rather a grenade.” Jongdae said, pretending to throw the grenade he was holding across the room.
So Jongdae was Chen, you made a mental note. You didn’t want to be in this room anymore.

“Baekhyun I don’t want to be here anymore.” You half whined and half whispered, you were starting to become a nervous wreck and were sure that if Jongin didn’t shoot you then Minseok would throw his knife directly at your heart.

“What part of no didn’t you understand?” You heard Yixing mumble putting the gun he was given into one of the many pockets his costume had.

Junmyeon stood up moving from the head of the table to the centre.
“Right.” He cleared his throat. “We all know the objective. We need to get in and out as fast as we can. Red’s men are no joke so I need you to be alert, don’t take any risks, if you feel like you can’t make it evacuate straight away. I don’t need to lose anymore men.” He ended sadly shaking his head a little.

“Don’t worry we’ve got this, we’ve always got this.” Jongin said smugly standing up from his chair “Let’s go.” The rest of the men got up following slowly behind Jongin. Yixing was last, he turned back to look at you and you couldn’t tell if it was a look of anger or sorrow but either way it shook you to the core, you weren’t sure whether to feel scared of him or sorry for him, he disappeared from the room closing the door behind him.

“Are you okay, maybe that was a bit much?” Baekhyun faced you. You jumped at the realisation that you weren’t alone.

“Yeah, I’m alright I think.” You said, still confused about the way you were feeling.

“Shall I go and get Chanyeol?”

“No, there’s no need for that.” You frowned at him. “I have another question for you, and yes it is actually a question this time.” He nodded signalling for you to continue. “Why do you guys have two names, I’m so confused.”

“Not all of us have two names. Only some of us.” You heard a voice that didn’t belong to Baekhyun answer your question, turning you head to face the door you saw Chanyeol standing there. “They’re like code names, so people from the outside don’t know their real identities.” He said walking further into the room. “You should’ve just asked me if you had any questions Y/N. Are you ok? Did anyone hurt you?”

“No.” You mumbled “I want to go to bed now.” You stood up from your seat.

“Ok let’s go.” Chanyeol said, following you out of the room.

“Actually I was wondering if I could have my own room or something. Baekhyun could you take me?” Chanyeol pouted, clearly upset by how coldly you were treating. 

“Y/N why –”

“Baekhyun, quickly please I’m really tired.” You walked down the corridor quickly, denying Chanyeol the chance to follow. Baekhyun caught up with you taking you to a room that was furthest away from anything in the house.

“You should really talk to him you know.” He said swinging the creaky door open.

“I don’t want to.” You walked inside, looking around. Thick layers of dust coated all of the surfaces. There were a pair of shorts laid out on the bed and shoes lined up underneath it. You coughed a bit going towards the window and opened it, it was a bit stiff at first, but you managed to pry it open eventually. “Why is it so dusty in here?” You asked Baekhyun, running your finger across the windowsill and contorting your face at the amount of residue left behind on your finger.

“Uh… it’s not been used for a while.” He said looking away from you and walking towards the bed picking up the pair shorts, he sniffed them temporarily and then held them at arms length staring at them with sad eyes. Letting out a sigh he folded them and put them in the wardrobe behind the bed. You walked around the room for a bit, inspecting it when your eyes landed on a picture resting on the shelf. You picked it up staring at it for a while. It was a picture of two men smiling next to each other. The first was Minseok. He looked almost unrecognisable, you gasped, you never knew it was possible for Minseok to be the owner of a smile. The second guy you hadn’t seen before.

“Who is this?” You asked, pointing at the man’s face in the picture. Baekhyun turned slowly looking at you and hanging his head slightly.

“He was one of the others… I… Please excuse me.” He rushed to the door and left the room shutting the door behind him.
That was odd, you thought. He seemed triggered, did you say something wrong? You tried not to let it bother you.
Finding a Handkerchief in one of the drawers you set about dusting down the surfaces. Also stripping the duvet and pillow of the musty sheets. You had been dusting for a good half hour before you started to see some improvements, when you heard the floor boards creaking from outside.

 “Why is the light on?” You heard someone mumble outside. The door swung open revealing Sehun standing on the other side. He stared at you first walking slowly into the room. His face was blank, walking closer to where you stood, then he began to frown.

“Why are you in this room?” He breathed. You backed up closer to the wardrobe. You were not supposed to be alone with him.
“I SAID, WHY ARE YOU IN THIS ROOM?!” Sehun screamed slamming you against the wardrobe behind you. You cried out in pain, allowing some tears to escape from your eyes.

“This room doesn’t belong to you! Why the fuck are you in here?!” He grabbed your neck and began tightening his grip around it, you tried to peel his fingers off but you couldn’t as his grip was too strong for you, You were in pain and you were beginning to struggle for breath.

“Seh- Stop…” You managed to breathe but it came out as barely a whisper.

“Who the fuck do you think you are?!  You’re not allowed to be in here! This room doesn’t belong to you!” Tears were streaming down his face and his grip around your neck got tighter, further constricting your airways.

You heard the door open in the distance but your view was becoming hazy.

“Sehun! Stop!”

But your vision had blacked.

Reader in labor HC with Sincerely Three!

I’ve never done HC’s before so I apologize if this is crap but this is my first ever request!!! SO lets get started

Lets start with the meme boy Jared

- ok so jared n u have been together since ur senior year of high school

- you now live together in a cute little apartment

- I feel like jared would be the funny guy in an office job so that’s what he does

- he works in an office and you don’t work right now because YOURE REALLY PREGNANT

- As the days get closer to ur due date, Jared is like ’ hhhh maybe I should stay home with you today babe what if u go into labor AND IM NOT HERE’

- u make him go anyways

- but one day this actually happens n you go into labor while Jared is at work lke 30 minutes away so you call his mom first to have her come get you

- she rushes you to the hospital and once youre there, you finally call Jared and are like ‘ so uh remember how I kept telling you I wasn’t going to go into labor while u were at work? Sike, got u.”


- ‘waIT WHAT?!’ he screams so loudly his mom can faintly hear it across the room like this boy has a loud voice anyway but holy hell when he yells

- ‘ I TOLD YOU I FUCKING TOLD YOU DIDNT I FUCKING TELL YOU’ Jared screamed and you could basically hear him running out of the office until he gets stopped by the lady at the front desk 

- ‘no i have to leave my partner is pushing a CHILD out right now. well Brenda i don’t care if ur son fell and broke his arm, my child is being BIRTHED.’

- even though he was 30 minutes away, he got to u in record time

- he basically kicked the door open and jumped into the room

- he is def doing a super man pose and winks at you

- you threaten to throw him out of the room before hes even sat down

- fast forward a little bit n your contractions have gotten pretty bad and youre laying on your side with your eyes closed, your hand gripping on the side of the bed so hard jared think you might break it

- ‘ babe ur joking to she hulk the bed and I CANNOT AFFORD THAT’

- you flip him off but go back to aggressively squeezing the bed until this contraction passed for a few moments and you were able to release the bed


- ‘youll break  my hand are you crazy I NEED THIS HAND TO DEFEAT ZOMBIES’

- you grab his hand anyways and squeeze it even harder than you had been the bed jut out of spite


- u look up at him with these deadly eyes and he instantly shuts up and is just like ‘ i love u (y/n) ‘

- a few hours later and it was time to push so u make sure that Jared’s hand is laced with yours and you squeeze it every time

- hes trying to say encouraging words but its more like ‘wow babe - ow - you’re doing so - fucking ow - wonderful - god my hand is going numb - just keep going babe!!!’

- about an hour later the doctor places a baby boy on your stomach and Jared literally fucking cheers

- the doctor has jared cut the chord and after that they take your son off to clean him up n stuff but the whole time jared sits by your side with that big goofy smile on his face as he tells you that he loves you


- Connor and u were sitting at home when you went into labor bc it was late at night

- ur watching some movie and u glanced up at connor and are like ‘ hhh either i just peed myself or my water just broke’

- the boy literally JUMPS up from where he was sitting and glances at you before he grabs your hands and pulls you up

-he tells you to go out to the ca so you do that while he gathers the bags that you two had spent the time making up in the previous weeks

-he walks outie trying to be as calm as he can but once he gets in the car he just glances over at you and says ‘holy fuck’ before he starts off towards the hospital

-at this point your contractions aren’t close together but when they do hit they fucking hurt like nothing you have ever experienced before so when the first big one hits you groan in pain and COnnor looks over at you all worried and is lik e

- ‘is everything ok, goddammit I’m going as fast as i can without being pulled over but all this fuCKING traffic is making it hard to get FUCKING anywhere.’

- you put your hand on his leg and are just like ‘connor stfu its fine i was having a contraction buts its passed right now so its fine ok’

- he eventually gets you to the hospital and you get into the bed with all the chords attached to your stomach

- i feel like connor has been super nervous for this because hes so scared that hes gonna be a bad dad that when he sits down next to you he just kind of like shuts down and starts to completely doubt himself

- but ofc you know whats going on so you just grab his hand and tell him its all gonna be ok bc obviously neither f you have any real idea how to be a parent yet and youll figure it out together

- he looks at you with those super pretty eyes and u just smile at him

- he loves u so much and he feels so lucky to have someone  like you who makes him feel like this is all going to be ok instead of the way his father had been making him feel by like teling him hes gonna be a bad dad

- a few hours later and its finally time to push and Connor lets you hold his hand the entire time and hes just completely ignoring the fact that youre basically breaking his hand and he just keeps telling u how great youre doing

- ‘youre doing great (y/n), squeeze my hand all you want. Take all the fucking anger out on my hand its fine’

- the doctor puts a little girl on your chest and you tear up as u look at her

- and so does connor because ike ffuck he has a daughter and someone who is going to love him and that he already loves so much?? like he didn’t think he could love anything this much other than u until he saw his daughter

- the doctor has connor cut the chord and he does it really slowly before the little girl is taken away to get cleaned up.

- connor sits down beside of you and he rubs your hair out of your face and kisses your forehead gently

- that boy loves u and his little family so much and he swears that he is going be ten times better than his family ever was to him


- SO LIKE- Evan and you go over to Heidi’s every Tuesday for taco Tuesday and game night right??- so you guys are sitting there eating and playing uno when suddenly you have this weird pain in your stomach and it’s not at all like when the baby kick so you just kind of pause and it’s your turn so Heidi and Evan both give you a confused look- ’ uh (y/n) are you ok?’

- you just nod your head and shrug your shoulders b are like ya just a pain but it’s gone now- so you start playing again- Until the pain comes back and it’s worst that before so you once again take a deep breath and just sit there for a moment and this is when evan starts like getting really nervous and yoy can tell because his starting to pull on the corner of his cards- Heidi asks you if you’re sure you’re ok and you just nod your head

- until ur water breaks and ur just sitting a small puddle of water in your seat-u don’t wanna freak out evan so u ask him to go get you a drink from the kitchen and once he leaves, u whisper to Heidi that u think ur water broke- AND SHE LIKE SQUEALS- Evan comes back in when he hears the squeal and is like ???? what??? -AND HEIDI IS LIKE “(Y/N) THINKS THEIR WATER BROKE”

-and evan drops the glass of water he had in his hands and it goes everywhere and u snicker- ‘now Evans water has broken’ and Evans eyes go wider than before- ‘this is uh no times for jokes!! we gotta go!!’ Evan says and you nod your head and get up-Heidi drives u to the hospital and drops you and evan off before she goes back to the your and Evans house to get the bags you had packed

- the doctor gets you all situated and checks you and is like ???- had u waited any longer to come in yoy might have been having the baby at home because you were like 8cm

- ur like ??? I barely feel anything what the fuck-the doctor shrugs and chuckled

-evan is sitting by your bed and he’s obviously an anxious mess- his leg is bouncing and his face is all red and his fidgeting with the bed sheets- bc like what if the baby doesn’t end up liking him and what if he’s a bad dad and messes up when it comes to taking care of the baby and goodness the boy is just a mess

- but u just smile at him and place hand on his and just whisper calming words to him- Heidi shows up with the bags you had packed and she just smiles at the scene of her son and the person he loves all lovey dovey and about to be parents-the doctor comes in like 20 minutes later and tells u that it’s time to push so you get all situated-evan grabs your hand and is squeezing it WAY tighter than you’re squeezing his and you can’t help but laugh

-it takes like 3-5 pushes and the doctor puts a little girl on your stomach and asks evan if he wants to cut the chord and he nods-but when the doctor puts the scissors in his hands and they’re shaking like crazy and he takes one step into doing it before- he passes out-like he drops to the floor and you burst out laughing because you knew he was nervous but not that nervous

-Heidi laughs and helps evan up and he cuts the chord with her help and he just keeps staring at the baby and he just can’t comprehend that he made that- he just loves you and his baby so much snd he’s so excited to be a dad now
Logan Howlett Request

Could you do a logan howlett x reader imagine where you are having an anxiety attack and he helps you, please ?

You were used to Logan’s nightmares waking you up in the middle of the night; after sleeping next to him for 4 years it didn’t phase you. What you weren’t expecting was that your own nightmares would begin to keep you awake.

For about a week now you’d been having the same nightmare, and each night it was getting longer and longer. It started out the same, a knock of your and Logan’s door. The door opened and Logan walked out, dressed in his X-Men suit, getting on the plane and flying away.

From there the dream cut to you sitting on the couch watching the news. You watched as your friends and boyfriend fought against Magneto’s forces. The action played out for you on the TV. Explosions, buildings falling apart, and screams of bystanders trying to find safety. But tonight your dream took a turn to the worst.

You were suddenly in the middle of the action and locked eyes with Logan. He was just about to say something to you when a metal beam pierced through his heart and he slumped to the ground.

You ran over to him and fell to your knees, trying to get the metal out so he could heal. You pulled the metal, cutting your hands in the process, and finally got it out. You waited for him to heal and wake back up but nothing was happening, he wasn’t healing.

You shot awake with a gasp and covered your mouth so you wouldn’t wake Logan up. You ran into the bathroom, shutting the door and slumping back into the corner.

Your heart was beating faster than you thought possible, your mind was racing, and your breaths were quick and shallow. No matter what you tried to do you could only see Logan dead and in your arms from your dream.

Logan turned over in bed to pull you close but instead felt your place empty. A high whimper reached his ears and he shot up, seeing a faint light coming from under the door. “Y/N,” he jumped up and ran to the bathroom. He opened the door to see you crouched in the corner, tears on your cheeks, and hardly breathing. “Hey,” he worriedly crouched by your side and looked you over, “Y/N, what’s the matter. Are you hurt?”

“I…I can’t breath,” you said shaking.

“I think you’re having a panic attack,” he looked around the bathroom trying to find something to use that might help but came up empty handed. “Y/N, look at me,” but the tears blurred your vision. He picked you up and placed you on his lap, head against his chest. “Listen to my heart beat, focus on the sound, ok. Feel my breaths? Match those.” He pet your head as he felt you slowly calm down. After 20 minutes you were breathing normally and were done shaking.

“Hey,” he brushed the tears off your cheeks, “what happened? Are you ok?”

“I had this awful dream. You weren’t healing and - and you died in my arms and - and I saw it all. I - I just woke up and I couldn’t bre-breath,” you said starting to cry again.

“Y/N, hey, look at me. Alive and well. I’m ok, I promise. And I don’t play on dying anytime soon.”

“You didn’t plan on dying in my dream either.”

“I’m sure you’re right but the difference from your dream and real life is that everytime I go on a mission away from you I go out there with one thing in mind; coming back home to you.”


“Really. You feeling a little better now?” You nodded. He lifted you up and carried out out of the bathroom, “come on, let’s get back to bed.”

A Trolls Fanfiction: “The Wedding Night”

Warning: This is Smut (R-18), so if you don’t like it don’t read it!

Couple: Branch x Poppy.

Summary: After the movie’s events, Branch marries Poppy and he’s coronated King of the Trolls in front of his people. The reign is in good hands now, with a good Queen and good King. But after the cerimony and the party, the two have to consummate their marriage and… Branch’s innate nervousness takes over.

The Wedding Night:

“Our new King!” with an happy shout Peppy, the ex-ruler of the Trolls’ kingdom and Poppy’s father, placed a crown made of leaves and wood on Branch’s head, looking at his jubilant subjects: everyone was happy for the couple, finally able to marry after a long year. Then Peppy turned to the blue Troll and said with a low but soft voice: “Congratulations, my boy. I’m happy to see that my daughter has found a companion like you, brave and loyal. I know for sure that our people will be safe under your rule.”.

“Thank you, sir. I-…” Branch kindly replied, a little bit tense, stopping after a few seconds.He looked back at Poppy and smiled. “… WE’ll do our best for the sake of the kingdom.”.

“I know you will, you are always so well prepared.” Peppy said, cheerful and playful, placing a warm hand on the shoulder of his pink daughter. “And after all, we all wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you two. I own you my life and my respect.”.

“Thanks, but if it wasn’t for Poppy I wouldn’t be who I am today, I would still be the grey, grumpy Troll that I was. Poppy is the one who saved us all. Who saved me.” Branch said sincerely, never taking his light blue eyes off his beautiful and excited bride.

Poppy, moved by his words, took a step forward and grabbed his husband’s hands. With a warm tone, she proposed: “Would you like to announce the wedding party with me now?”.

“Of course I would.” he happily agreed, tightening the grip on her smaller hands and looking at her with anticipation.

“Then let’s get this party started!” she suddenly screamed, almost giving him an heart attack, taking out her bell and starting to ring it while singing a song. “Come on everybody, to the dancefloor!”.

Branch laughed silently and just rolled his light blue eyes. “She’ll never change.”.

After the party, that lasted five hours or more, their friends approached them with big smiles and open arms.

“Branch! Congratulations and felicitations, buddy!” Cooper jumped in front of them, smiling and hugging him tightly with his four, cerulean blue arms. The blue Troll just reciprocated, he got used to their acts of affection. “Look at you, married with Poppy and King of the Trolls. They grow up so fast!”.

“We are happy for you, man! The party was great!” Guy Diamond sang with his autotune voice, patting his friend’s back. “And I am so, so proud!” Smidge nodded, with her manly and scary voice.

“We couldn’t ask for better rulers.” Biggie shyly said, holding his pet worm (who had an elegant black smoking on), Mr. Dinkles, in his fat hands. “Look! Mr. Dinkles is excited for you, too!”.

“Congratulations, Branch!” the two Fashionistas, Satin and Chenille, echoed, looking at their new King. “But Branch, listen to us, you should really upgrade your wardrobe! We’ll make some new clothes for you, ok?”.

“It’s not necessary girls, I like my clothes, thanks you very much anywa-” the blue Troll started, feeling a bit uneasy, but suddenly, Cooper interrupted them with a shout.

“Group hug, I think it’s time for a Group hug!” the giraffe Troll demanded, opening his arms. “And I wanna hear a big “Hooray!” for our Poppy and our Branch! HIP HIP, HOORAY!”.

“Aw. Thank you so much for being here, guys!” Poppy smiled happily, glad to have their friends always by their side.

“Don’t mention it, Poppy! We are just so happy for you two.” Cooper nodded, than suggested with a yawn: “Anyways, I think it’s time for us to go now, it’s getting darker out here and I’m really, really tired.”.

“Thanks again for coming, guys. We are leaving too, I think that me and Poppy have a lot to discuss tonight.” Branch smiled, putting an arm on his wife’s shoulders.

“Oh, I see, and a lot of things to “do”!” Satin laughed, winking at her twin and friends; Chenille just punched her and snickered, saying: “What a pervert, sister.”. Everybody snickered!

“What do you mean? What’s so funny?” Branch asked, a bit irritated, tilting his head to the left side.

They just replied with smirks and grins: “Oh, you know exactly what we mean, Branchie!”.

“No, I don’t get it, I don’t get it at all.” he shook his head, looking at the pink Queen with anger and suspect. “What’s going on, Poppy? Why are they laughing at me?”.

“Guys please, cut it out…” Poppy whispered, trying to make them stop, reading the blue Troll’s mind. He was getting mad, that wasn’t a good sign. “It’s nothing Branch, they are just playing around with us about… uh, about our… you know…”.

“No, I don’t!”.

“Come on buddy, we are talking about tonight, your first nigh!” Guy Diamond said, like it was the most obvious thing in the world. “We all know what you’re gonna do, so we were kidding… don’t be angry.”.

“Treat her well and don’t hurt her, or I’ll punch you in the nose tomorrow morning!” Smidge threatened him, cracking her knuckles, but then she smiled in a disturbing way. “So be careful, my good friend!”.

“Be very gentle.” Biggie suggested, blushing a little and covering Mr. Dinkles “hears”. “And caring. And sweet. A real gentleman!”.

“But not too much, or she’ll get bored.” Chenille added, crossing her arms. “And if the baby will be a girl, I wanna be her godmother.”.

“No, I wanna be her godmother!”.


“No, me!”.

“If it’s a boy, can I be his godfather?”.

Poppy felt Branch trembling next to her, his face dark and pissed. He was on the edge of exploding. “That’s none of your buisness, you-!”.

“Ok, ok everybody, time to go to bed! We are tired, and we are a little stressed right now, sooo…” she sang happily, grabbing her husband’s arm and taking him away from them, to their private room. “Goodnight and sweet dreams, see you tomorrow people!”.

“Goodnight, lovebirds! Good luck for tonight, have fun!” they replied with inappropriate voices. “And go Branch, Branch for the win! Branch, Branch, Branch, Branch, Branch is our man!”.

“I’m gonna kill those nosy-!” he started, embarassed and angry, growling a little and blushing deeply.

“Just. Keep. Walking. Ignore them.” Poppy scolded him, still holding Branch’s arm with a deadly grip. He was incorrigible. “They are just having fun, leave them be. We are almost there, by the way.”.

Inside their room:

“Are you ok, Branch? You looked tense today. Like, REALLY tense, more than usual.” Poppy noticed with concern, tilting her head to her left side. She looked in the boy’s worried eyes, and she got her answer. “You definitely are, I can see it. What’s wrong?”.

Taken by surprise, Branch studdered a quick and unconvincingly answer. “No, no, no. I’m totally fine, don’t worry about me.”.

But Poppy didn’t fall for it, she knew that something was off with him. “No, you are not fine, and don’t try to fool me. I know you, better than you think and please, I want to know what’s-” she suddenly stopped, realizing what was going on. “Branch… are you… nervous about this night, am I right? That’s why you got mad with our friends.”.

“Me!? Nervous? Pff, no!” he laughed hysterically, showing his true emotions by doing so. Damn, better admit it then. “I-I mean… maybe a little bit, ok? But don’t get me wrong, I really want to do this with you, ‘cause I love you. It’s not a big deal after all, is it? It’s just reproduction. No, no! I didn’t mean that we are going to do that JUST for reproduction, but… Ugh, I’m making this situation more uncomfortable than it should be, am I?”.

“Ahahah yes, you are!” she said, amused by her sweet and shy husband (wow, it was strange and unusual for her to call him “husband”), kissing his cheek and trying to calm him down. “It’s ok, I’m nervous too, but I’m sure we can do it. We’ll start slowly, ok?”.

“O-ok.” Branch finally whispered, regaining a bit of his confidence thanks to her words. “So when… How do we-?”.

“Let’s just start with a simple kiss, shall we? No worries Branch, not tonight.” she smiled jokingly, taking a step forward, closing her bright pink eyes and pressing her lips against his.

The boy closed his eyes as well and began returning the kiss, that slowly became more and more passionate and, after just a few seconds, he felt Poppy’s tongue pushing kindly against his semi-closed mouth. With a smile, he parted his lips and obligated, their wet tongues swirled against each other in a fascinating and heated dance.

Acting on instinct and carried away by the moment, Branch bit gently on the Queen’s lips and pulled, but she let out a loud yelp mixed with a surprised moan. The blue Troll pulled away instantly when he heard the strange sound, concerned. Bad start.

“Are you ok, Poppy? I’m sorry if I hurt you or if I messed up, I was-” he asked frantically, afraid that he might have ruined the moment, before being interrupted by the girl.

“No, no, no, you misunderstood! It was a good sound, I liked what you did back there and that’s why I couldn’t help myself.” she panted, already excited, looking at her handsome companion with veiled desire. “Let’s just take off our clothes and take this to the bed.”.

After a moment of silence, he said: “You are really something else, Poppy. Always full of surprises.”.

She chukled and replied at the compliment with a lustful tone: “And that’s why you fell in love with me and married me, sir.”.

“You can bet on it.” Branch grinned and winked, enjoying the little flirt game they were having. Everything felt more normal and natural. “Now, where were we?”.


The bed placed in the middle of the lavish bedroom was comfortable and wide; in fact, Branch though he never slept in a better bed than that one. It was green, pink and blue, made with the softest leaves, wool and bright fabric.

The couple laid down on it, and the girl kissed her husband’s lips again, with the same passion as before. But this time, Branch knew exactly what to do: with trembling arms, he slowly lifted Poppy’s blue dress, and his hands started to roam on her slim body, exploring it with curiosity and interest. He traced and kissed the curve of her hips, the lenght of her legs and her neck, until he found his way to her round and compact built breasts. She let out a content and silent sigh, relaxing under his unfamiliar but reassuring touch. “Don’t stop, go on, it’s okay.”.

Branch wasn’t going to stop, anyway. He gave them a little squeeze, then he used his thumbs to stimulate her erect nipples with circular movements, sometimes giving them a suck. Her sweet sounds encouraged him a lot, so he added more pressure on her glands.

“U-uhh…” the always-happy pink Troll moaned, closing her eyes and breathing heavily as she laid her head on the soft pillow, to fully enjoy the moment. “T-that feels good…” she admitted with a trembling voice, shooting a glance at her  kinda smug partner.

“Glad to hear that you’re having a good time.” Branch replied, keeping up the work with his thumbs while gently lowering his head to her private area, still hidden by her white underwear. “But I’d like to turn that “good” into a “great”, now.” he grinned, removing her slip with a fast movement and starting to stimulate her already wet nudity with his tongue. “I hope this works.” he thought.

Oh, and it did. Poppy’s smaller body shook with great joy as pleasure shot up her spine, making her moan very loudly and grasp the sheets. The Queen let out a particularly excited sound when her husband found her clit and gave it an enthusiastic lick, while using two fingers to penetrate her tight and warm canal, in and out, in and out.

“B-Branch, a-ahh… it feels so, so amazing, don’t s-stop! A-ahh, I’m gonna-!” Poppy cried out, feeling very close to an orgasm, her first one with someone. His mouth on her sensitive nub, his fingers moving inside her, his kisses, his licks, his breath: she just couldn’t hold it in any longer. “A-Ahh, Branch!” she finally screamed, her whole body shook with ecstasy as she came.

“Well… That was kinda fast. One-nil, I could say.” Branch joked, proud of himself, sitting on the bed and looking at his tired but satisfied wife, who was still panting to get her breath back, naked, legs spread and red, freckled cheeks. “Is everything ok? Did you like it?”.

She didn’t answer immediately; she just huffed, got up and approached Branch, then she smirked at him and declared with husky voice: “Oh, I did. Your turn to have fun and my turn to score points, now.”.

“What are you doi-? A-ah no, w-wait!” he whined helplessly on his knees, feeling Poppy’s right hand suddenly grab the base of his light blue, half-fully erect manhood. She snickered, and after a brief moment she started to energetically pump it, taking his trousers and pants off with her other hand. “I-I… u-uhh…”.

The ex Princess analyzed the length in her grip for a moment: it was warm to the touch, hard, smooth except where some visible veins were and the tip was a bit darker than the base.

Imitating Branch’s previous actions, Poppy bent down and kissed the head of the hard organ in front of her, then she gave it a firm lick, from the bottom to the top, listening to his quiet moans and grunts. He needed more. After a moment of hesitation, the pink Queen took the dick into her mouth and bobbed her head, licking and sucking the tip with increasing force, until…

“Mmmfh!” Branch shouted, thrusting his pelvis back and forth as he came inside her mouth, without warning. When he slowly came back from his climax, he realized what he did and gave her a mortified look. “Uh. I’m very, very sorry… I should probably warn you, next time.”.

“It’s ok, I don’t mind. And anyway… look who’s fast now. One each.” she winked, swallowing the rest of the semen still inside her mouth, tasting and teasing him. “And I’m glad you enjoyed it, because I surely did.”.

Branch panted and laughed nervously, rubbing his blue neck with an hand, then he asked: “So… what happens now?”.

“First of all, you’ll take off that nice shirt of yours.” the Queen quickly responded, smiling to hide her increasing anxiety. She was very nervous, too: after all, that was their first time together.

The blue Troll nodded and obligated, slowly and shyly removing the elegant fabric from his quite chubby body. They were fully naked in front of each other now, and Branch couldn’t help but blush when he looked at her beautiful face, her slim body, her bright eyes, her cute smile, her curved hips, her round breast and her… vital regions.  “You are the most beautiful Troll I’ve ever laid my eyes on, Poppy.” he admitted, fascinated and enchanted. “I can’t say how much you mean to me.”.

The pink girl got close and hugged him tightly, touched, and whispered in his pointy hears: “You too Branch, but I think that I might show you how much I love you. In fact…” she started, grabbing him by the shoulders and laying him down, above her, between her legs. “… I wanna make love to you right now. And I can see that he’s ready, too.” she purred, pointing at his hard and dripping cock.

Branch gulped. “Sure you want this? Totally sure?” he asked for the last time, supporting his weight with his elbows. When he got a “I’m entirely sure.”, he took hold of his thick organ and rubbed it against her wet opening, loving the sensation. “S-so, can I…?”.

“Yes. I can’t wait any longer!” she nodded feverishly, spreading her legs a bit more to show him that she was more than ready.

In that moment, after taking a deep breath, Branch started to lovingly push himself inside her warm and welcoming body.

The blue Troll’s hard rod easily passed her first ring of muscles, but when he tried to go just a little deeper he met a bit of resistance and heard a tiny and uncomfortable wail from his companion. He stopped and asked: “Does it hurt so bad, Poppy!? D-do you want me to pull out? I can do that, I suppose, if you just ask-”.

“Wait, wait, wait, no! It hurts, but just a little, not that much.” she quickly replied, trembling in his arms and trying to relax her smaller body. It didn’t hurt that bad at all, it was just strange to be stretched like that, and she was a little scared. But his familiar smell, his comforting weight on her and his caring (and worried as usual) voice helped the Queen a lot. “It’s not your fault, and you are the one who should calm down!” she chuckled.

“Eh. I suppose I am…” he cooed, nuzzling the pink Troll’s face and kissing her neck, cheeks and lips lightly. She sighed, closing her eyes, and caressed his back to show her appreciation. “Then I’m… I’m gonna push again when you’re ready, ok?”. She simply nodded and waited for him.

When the boy felt her muscles slowly loosening, he took courage and thrusted his hips forward (earning another soft whimper followed by a yelp), sinking into her body; now he was completely inside of her. “That’s i-it. How is it?” he eagerly asked, panting and feeling his own heart beating faster and faster inside his ribcage: being inside her was amazing, she was soft, warm and scented, and he felt closer to her than ever. He could even feel her fast heartbeat through her inner walls.

“It still feels strange.” she admitted, re-opening her pink eyes to take a look at his concerned face. He was going to say something, but she “read his mind” and interrupted: “And yes, I’m sure, yes, I can handle this, and yes again, you can start moving now.” she sang. “I mean, you’ve been here, fixed inside of me, for ten minutes or more!”.

“Ok, ok, no need to remind me this! Ugh… ok Poppy, you won. But tell me if I hurt you too much, and don’t try to hold back.” Branch requested, huffing a little and blushing a lot. But after a few seconds, his face softened: “I know you very well, too.”.

“Pff, I know you do, smartie.” she smirked, fooling around while shifting between the sheets to get more comfortable. When she found a good position, she nodded: “I’m ready now.”.

The blue Troll nodded and gave a first, experimental thrust, then another one. Her inner walls were wet and so tight, they squeezed Branch’s thick lenght in a pleasurable and intimate grip. He started to pant softly against her neck, keeping up the movements of his chubby hips, that became a little faster and harder.

“B-Branch…” she moaned, starting to feel pleasure as well. Her husband’s manhood hit a particular spot hidden inside her, a spot she didn’t know existed. “That feels s-so good! Right there, hit me there again please! Ahhh…”.

“M-Mhh…!”, he groaned in response, angled his thrusts and tried to hit that place again; after a few failed attempts, he heard Poppy squeal loudly. “Got it!”, he though with triumph. Her insides, as if they wanted to thank him, contracted around his sensitive organ everytime he hit it. “This f-feels so amazing…”.

The pink Queen started to meet his strong pushes, moving her hips against Branch’s and earning more stimulation in her groin area. The blue Troll’s hands started to explore and roam her body again, but with more passion and hunger than before, touching and nibbling her nipples with his teeth and caressing everywhere. He focused on her clit, rubbing it with three fingers, coated with his spit.

“D-don’t stop! Faster!” Poppy cried, breathless, gripping his back and scratching it on instinct. She just had to hold on something, and he didn’t mind at all the cuts. The pain and the smell of blood got him more excited and he sped up, groaning, grunting and sometimes moaning her name.

Their hair tied together as they joined their hands tightly, forehead against forehead.

They both were close, really close.

She felt her stomach tightening and aching for the incoming climax, and Branch’s rod swelling and dripping with anticipation inside her. He was ready, too.

“I’m gonna… I’m gonna-!” he grunted, with his light blue eyes closed and sweaty temples. He was trembling, his pelvis moved back and forth with incredible speed as he put part of his weight down on her, pressing until she could’t breathe.

“M-me too, just keep going!” she replied with a shaky shout, feeling more than ready to come, feeling an orgasm coming and reaching her. And with a last, strong and firm thrust, they both finished. “BRANCH!” Poppy screamed on top of her lungs, arching her back and coming, her already tight walls clenched on the hard muscle.

“Poppy!” Branch panted, cumming deeply inside of her with a low grunt. He instinctively continued to give small and slow thrusts, riding out both of their orgasms, making them last as long as possible and pushing his seed a little deeper.

The Queen groaned when she felt her husband’s warm cum coating her insides and, when he reluctantly pulled out after his peack, she felt some of it pouring out.

The pink, always-happy Troll regained her energy pretty soon though, in fact she spoke first: “That was awsome, Branch.” she complimented, wheezing and puffing.

“Mhn, awsome indeed.” Branch yawned, tired but completely satisfied, then he got closer to his energetic wife and laid beside her. He took her hands and caressed them. “Thank you.”.

“Thanks? For what?” the ex Princess lazily asked, enjoying the cuddles and reciprocating them.

“For not giving up on me when I was the grey, grumpy Troll that everyone avoided and despised. For giving me a real home, a lot of friends and a purpose in life. For teaching me that life is for living. For loving me and marrying me. Thanks for being you, Poppy.” Branch said with sincerity, looking her in the eyes. “I love you.”.

The Queen smiled. “I’m the one that wouldn’t be here, if it wasn’t for you. You were strange and sometimes boring indeed, but you taught me that life can be complicated, a lot more complicated, but you also said that you’ll always be there for me: you kept your promise, and I’ll always be there for you as well. I fell in love with that grey, grumpy Troll, I fell in love with you before you got your colors back.” she smiled, nuzzling his neck. “I love you too, Branch, so much.”.

Their lips joined in a tender and deep kiss, as they relaxed under each other’s touch.

When they pulled away, the blue Troll joked with a tired voice: “The match is officially over, I guess. I’d say we’re even. Two points each.”.

“I wouldn’t say the match is officially over… actually, I still have some energy.” Poppy winked, getting up and laying on him. She looked at her husband with lust and desire: “So… round two?”.

“What!? No!'” he shouted, with his light blue eyes wide open and shaking his head. “Come on Poppy, get off me, I’m too tired for another round.” Branch complained, shaking her off his body and gripping a pillow and a soft blanket. “Goodnight!”.

“Oh come on, it will be fun, I promise! You can just lay there and relax while I do all the job, I’ll ride you!” she hopeful proposed, trying to convince him. “So… What do you say?”.

“As if I could relax in a situation like that!” Branch replied, crossing his arms and huffing. After a few seconds a funny idea came to his mind. “You want me? You have to free yourself and catch me, first!” he laughed, pinning her down with the weight of his chubby, blue body. He lazily lied on her. “What are you gonna do now? ?cause I think I’ll sleep on you.”.

Taken by surprise, she couldn’t stop him in time. She tried to escape from his solid grip, but he was way too heavy. Her body was smaller, slimmer and lighter, so much lighter than Branch’s. “Well, I think I’m gonna say that you need to eat less.” she played around, touching his fat belly and starting to rub it. “You almost crushed me, down there!”.

The more she rubbed it, the more he laughed, harder and harder, trying to get away from her touch. “No, stop it! Ahahahah!” the blue Troll said between cackles, falling backwards and squirming. “No, no! I’m seriou- mpppffffhh, ahahahah! Stop, please!”.

“Didn’t know you were that ticklish!” Poppy said, really amused, rubbing his belly faster and taking her revenge. “You give up?” she asked, without mercy. “I won’t stop until you say “I give up.”, it’s your choice mister, I could do this all night!”.

“Please, ahahaha! Make it stop!” Branch begged loudly, laughing to the point of tears. He couldn’t move a muscle to escape, so he took a decision. “Poppy, pfffffff, please! I give up! I give up, ok!? You won, now stop it!”.

“That’s my boy! Was it so difficult?” the pink girl sang happily, then she stopped the torture and sit. “What did I win?”.

“A revenge in the morning. Watch your back.” the blue Troll just smirked, defeated. “But I guess you can choose your price, now. What do you want from me?”.

“You know exactly what I want.” Poppy winked and gently patted his back, sweaty and still a bit bloody for the scratches, but he seemed ok with it. “I didn’t know he liked it a bit rought.”

“Ugh, fine, but as you said before, you’ll be on top. I’m still tired, you know.” he smiled sweetly, looking her in the eyes and pressing his forehead against hers.  “What am I gonna do with you?”.

“I don’t know. But I know that you’ll have to love me and put up with me for a looooong time.” she replied, smiling as well and pushing him down with her hands.  

“Oh, I’m sure I can do that.”.


I finished it. I just finished it! I can’t believe it, it took me two whole weeks! I really hope you liked it, even if it’s… kinda strange, after all this is a kid’s movie. Oh well, it’s too late. I feel so dirty, omg.

Anyways, that was one of my first Lemons, so I don’t know if you’ll find it good. I tried at least!

I’m a Italian girl, so I’m so sorry if there are many mistakes or grammar errors. Have mercy and forgive my sins.

I wrote it because I liked this movie, the couple and their personality, and because me and my best friend, @princess-kurama, made a bet: now that I did a lemon about Trolls, you know what you have to do, lady! :* 

Thanks for reading!


this is not the paramore i remember … whatever producer spearheaded this reinvention is smart… ok now im going to bed for real

Older Ch 1

“Honestly I think he should’ve just said yes.” Emerson says while painting her toe nails black on her white bed.

Quickly I turn away from the book shelf I was looking at moments before to glare at her.

For the past 15 minutes we had been talking about this guy in our grade named Kyle. Kyle had been dating this girl named Sarah whose a year below us (Junior) for probably 5 years. Well just last Friday, the two of them were supposed to go to the movies but last minute Sarah canceled without a reason. Kyle got suspicious so he went over to her house. Long story short he walked in on Sarah and some random dude from another school making out. Today during lunch Sarah got in front of everyone and begged for his forgiveness. He of course said no and she ran out crying.

Emerson, my best friend, thinks since they have been dating for so long that something like this was bound to happen, so he should just get over it and take her back.

I of course disagree. Ever since we first met in the 1st grade, we always seem to disagree. And yet we still agree on a lot of things. For example, we like the same music and books.

“Lets just drop it.” I say plopping down on her bed and pause before continuing.

“Hows you and Landon.” I say picking at my nails.

Landon is Emerson’s I guess you could say boyfriend. Shes the type of girl that always has to have a boyfriend. I remember her first relationship was in the 3rd grade. I use the word “relationship” very loosely, well because it was third grade. But ever since then, she’ll date a guy for a couple weeks then drop him. Her longest relationship was 3 weeks I believe. Landon and Emerson have been dating for about 2 weeks so he has a week left before he’s dumped on the curb and shes onto the next.

Immediately she puts the polish down and turns to me with a wide grin.

“I know I’ve said this a million times but I think he might be the one!” she says clapping her hands together.

I get up from my back and sit criss cross in front of her.

“Hm lets see, you said Bryan was the one then Henry, Joe, Cole, Gabe, and now Landon, I don’t believe you know what the “one” feels like.” I say giving her a playful smile.

“Hey! I do too and it’s real this time!” She says laughing while giving my shoulder a shove.

“Plus you’ve never even had a boyfriend so you have no room to talk.” Emerson continues.

“It doesn’t matter that I’ve never had a boyfriend, you know someones the one when you get butterfly’s when your around them, or they could be talking about how they need to do the laundry and you look at them like they just created the sun, and you just feel it.”

Emerson laughs.

“Alora, you have read one to many romance novels and watched one too many chick flicks! Butterfly’s aren’t real!” She says throwing her head back and laughing even louder.

I take a pillow out from behind me and throw it at her head. It hits her but only causes her to laugh more. Soon I start to laugh and then we both can’t stop.

After a few more minutes of dying of laughter we calm down.

“You know I’m right, now its 2:00 in the morning, I’ve got work in the morning lets go to bed.” I say wiping the tears from my eyes.

“Ok, daddy.” Emerson says with a wink.

I just roll my eyes and get ready for bed.

Last year we were in math class and our teacher was named Mr. Reynolds. He was probably in his late 20s and was so hot. For fun Emerson and I would call him daddy between classes and when he wasn’t around. Well one day I wasn’t paying any attention and Mr. Reynolds called on me but I thought for some reason it was Emerson and said “Yes, daddy?” I was so embarrassed and Emerson hasn’t let me live it down since.

“Goodnight.” Emerson says turning off the the bedside lamp.

I mumble a goodnight and close my eyes.

Tomorrow is Saturday so that means I work from 10:30-2:30 at “Mikes Records”. It’s been my favorite record store since I was little so as soon as I turned 16, I applied for the job. I’m 17 now so I haven’t been working there for a long time but it’s felt like forever. On weekdays since I don’t do any extra curricular activities I just head to work and work until 5:30.

*Next Morning*

“Girls wake up! I made pancakes!” Emerson’s mom Karen says sticking her head in the door before turning around to head back to the kitchen.

Karen was the type of mom that deserved to be on a reality TV show or at least be on TV. She always was dressed up and had a full face of makeup on 24/7. I’ve only seen her without makeup maybe a handful of times. Food was always on the table and not just Eggo’s and Sunny D. Every morning shed make eggs, pancakes, bacon, etc and freshly squeezed orange juice. She seemed like a great mom but she was with a new guy every night. Also she had a nasty habit of gossiping about everyone and everything with her snobby rich friends.

A good idea of who she acts like is Regina Georges mom from Mean Girls. She’s more of a friend than a mom.

I rolled out of bed stretching my arms above my head and let out a loud yawn.

“Alora shut up I’m sleeping.” Emerson mumbles still half asleep.

“Emerson get your fat butt up we gotta grab coffee before work.” I say grabbing my phone to text my mom that I’m up getting ready.

Every time I go to Emerson’s house and stay over night, my mom makes me check in all the time. She’s very protective. Well over protective. I guess you could say I’m a goody goody. Every year I have straight A’s, never get in trouble by any one, never been to a party, anything. I haven’t even kissed a boy yet or been on a date.

I grab my clothes and get dressed. I decided to wear a big Led Zeppelin shirt with light blue skinny jeans and white shoes.

Quickly I pull my hair up into a pony tail and grab my makeup bag and head to the bathroom. Well it’s not really a makeup bag because it only consists of 5 things. Eye lash curler, mascara, concealer, bronzer, and a brush.

I finish getting ready as Emerson is just getting up.

After 20 minutes of waiting around she’s finally ready so we head to leave. There’s literally a feast on the table so I feel bad not eating anything so I grab a piece of bacon and we head to Emerson’s car.

I have a car but I’m only allowed to drive it to school and work. But since I stayed the night at Emerson’s, my mom wont let me drive it.

The car ride to the coffee shop was pretty quiet due to Emerson being “dead” until 9 and it was 8:10. Her words not mine.

Finally we pulled up around 8:25.

Coffee shops were always my favorite places.I could spend hours in one and never get bored. Starbucks was okay but I preferred little coffee shops that weren’t well known and felt like you were walking into some indie music video. The building was all brick and had a huge window with 3 tables in front of it. When you walk in you smell coffee beans and hear soft music.

Emerson and I head to our usual table by the big window.

She reaches into her bag and pulls out her laptop. More than likely to work on all the homework that she never does during the week. I set my stuff down and go grab our coffees that were already made by the owner Mrs. Claire.

Since we had been coming here ever since we were young we became best friends with the owner who’s a sweet old lady probably in her 70s.

“Here you go Missy.” Mrs. Claire said smiling handing over the 2 cups.

“Thank you, how are you this morning?” I ask.

We chat for a few more moments before I head back to our table and start reading my book “The Book Thief” I’ve only just started but so far so good.

Soon it turned into 10.

“Hey girl I’m gonna go ahead and leave. Landon wants to meet at that donut shop then go shopping. I’ll be back to pick you up when you’re shift ends.” Emerson says packing up.

We said our goodbyes and I moved to the table directly in front of the big window. I sat on the side of the table directly beside the front door with the cover of my book facing the window.

There was only a hand full of people besides me in the coffee shop today. An older couple who are both reading the newspaper, some girl that seemed the be in college with papers all over the table, and Mrs. Claire.

Deep into my book I faintly hear the door chime indicating someone came in. I just ignored it and kept reading my book.

Suddenly I hear the chair in front of me screech causing me to jump.

“M’sorry love didn’t mean to startle yeh.” Says a tall man dressed in black jeans, boots, and a white t-shirt. His brown hair was pulled into a bun and black sun glasses were hooked on his t-shirt. To be completely honest he smelled quiet nice.He had tattoos all over his arms. Plus he had a accent, maybe Australian? No no it was British. He was British.

“No your good, sorry I was just reading and not paying attention.” I say blushing.

Damn cute boys. Why do I always have to be so nervous around them?

“Yeah I saw you from outside readin’ that book, It’s a great book isn’t it?” The handsome stranger said while leaning forward on his elbows pointing to my book.

“Well I’m not that far in yet, but so far I really like it. I’m guessing you’ve read it before?” I ask but mentally slap myself in the face. Of course he has read it Alora, he just said It’s a great book, why would he say a book he’s never read was a great book? Idiot.

He chuckles the most beautiful chuckle I’ve ever heard before he speaks.

“I’ve actually read it a couple times over the years. I’m Harry by the way.” He says sticking his hand out to shake.

Quickly I take his hand and shake it. Immediately I feel tingles. I guess he felt them too because we both let go super fast and awkwardly laugh.

“I’m Alora.” I say with a light smile.

“What a beautiful name, what brings you here?” Harry asks looking at me intently. Crap was there something on my face? Just calm down Alora.

“Usually every Saturday my friend Emerson and I come have coffee before I work next door.” I say trying to stay calm under his gaze.

Should I be giving all this info to a complete stranger? No probably not, he could be a murderer for all I know. But he’s so hot. Ugh I’m not thinking straight.

“Mikes Records? I love that place, when I moved here from Holmes Chapel a few years back, he was the first person I met. Haven’t been to see him in a bit, now I have a reason to come.” He says with a smirk.

I’m sure I turned as red as a tomato and looked down at the table with a small smile on my lips.

“Well I’m gonna be late if I don’t go now, but I hope to see you around Alora.” He says standing up smiling at me.

“It was nice to meet you Harry.” I say smiling.

We both say say bye and he goes to get his coffee. Before he leaves he winks at me then leaves.

Deep breaths Alora, deep breaths.

I just talked to the hottest guy of my life. Plus he reads and dresses good! And his smell! The tingles!!

I look at Mrs.Claire who is already looking at me with a big smirk on her face.

Loudly I say “I think I peed myself.” causing people to look at me weird but Mrs. Claire just laughed.


So I really want to write a book and got the idea randomly. Also this is just fiction so I don’t necessarily support illegal dating. This is about Harry Styles but he isn’t famous in my book.

Don’t forget to like and if you have any helpful suggestions, let me know!! Thanks!

Acting//Kyungsoo Scenario

Title: Acting//Kyungsoo Scenario

Word Count: 3436

Request: (Anon) Hi!! I’ve been wanting to ask this for quite some time. Do you think you can write a scenario where you play as kyungsoos sister on a drama but outside of it you fall in love with each other? Thank you!

A/N: Here you go anon! I’m so sorry this took so long! (and im sorry for the terrible title i suck at them) I just wanted to say the actors names I used in here are completely random, there’s no drama that they’re staring in together! I merely just chose them because I like them! If you guys like this scenario, then please check out my masterlists and feel free to request fake texts or scenarios for any of the 4 groups I write for. Thank you!


The ringing of your phone startles you as you snap out of your daze and rush to pick it up.

“Hello?” you greet nervously.

“Y/N! YOU GOT A PART!” your manger exclaims. You squeal and smile really big, absolutely ecstatic that you were able to score a part in SBS’s upcoming drama. 

“Which part did I get?” You ask, your voice full of excitement.

“You will be playing the role of the male lead’s sister!” She replies. “The role of the sister does have a pretty decent amount of screen time and lines though, i’d even consider her as a main character!” You can’t believe you managed to get such a good role as a relatively rookie actress and are extremely satisfied with the part.

“Awesome! Do you know who the male lead is yet?” You question. 

“You’re not gonna believe me when I tell you.” She replies, and you can practically feel the smile on her face.

“Oh my gosh, who is it?” You ask, once again anxious.

“Do Kyungsoo!” She replies with enthusiasm. You almost drop your phone when you hear the name come out of her mouth.

“Do Kyungsoo?! Like Exo’s Do Kyungsoo?!” You reply, your jaw hanging open in shock.

“Yes! Can you believe it?! You got a good part in a drama with Do Kyungsoo as the lead male! This is insane! Do you realize how many people are going to be watching you act because of him?” She replies.

You feel faint as you consider just how much attention this drama is going to get solely because of him. Although you’re merely playing his sister, tons of people are going to see what you’re capable of when it comes to your acting skills. You seriously hope you don’t get too nervous around Kyungsoo though, since you are in fact a huge fan of Exo. “This can’t be real!” You reply in utter disbelief.

“But it is!” Your manager replies. “And tomorrow you will be meeting with the cast for the script reading of the pilot!” 

“What?! Already?!” You scream, jumping out of your chair. “I’m not mentally prepared for this, oh my gosh. What am I gonna do?” 

“Y/N, you’re an amazing actress, you can do this! Now go relax, you have to be well rested for the script reading tomorrow!” 

“Ok, ok, I will eat some dinner and then head straight to bed! Goodnight!” You reply.

“Goodnight! Congrats again!” You manager says before hanging up. You place your phone down on the table in front of you, and just stare forward, still trying to process what just happened. This whole thing feels like a dream! You got a main part in an SBS drama that has Exo’s Kyungsoo in it! Excited for tomorrow, you quickly eat something and then decide to go straight to bed.


The next morning, you and your manager are in the car on the way to the script reading. The palms of your hands are clammy as you think about what’s about to happen. In no time, you and your manager arrive at the building the script reading is being held in and make your way in side. You’re looking down at the floor as you try and take deep breaths to help you calm down. It’s just a script reading! Your manager leads you into a room with a long table with just a few people sitting at it and a bunch of name tags. Spotting your name, you begin to head over to your seat until you’re stopped by who you recognize to be the producer of the show.

“Y/N, it’s great to see you! We’re so excited to have you playing Yerin!” He says, bowing.

You bow in return before replying, “Thank you so much for giving me the honor of playing this part! I can’t wait to see the script!”

“I think you’ll like it! Your script is right over at your name tag. We’ll begin the script reading once all of the actors and actresses arrive.” He finishes.

“Alright, thank you!” You smile, continuing the walk over to your name tag. You look at the name tags you’re in between and notice that you’ll be sitting next to Kyungsoo, whose character is named Minho and Park Hyungsik, who is playing a character named Jinyoung. Your hear beat increases a bit knowing that you’re going to be in such a close proximity of such famous people. Deciding it’s best not to worry about it, you take a seat and begin to look over the front page of your script.

“Kim Yerin: Y/N L/N

The sister of Minho. Minho and Yerin are extremely close siblings, and she is one of the main obstacles in the way of Minho and Nayeon being together. Minho will not date anyone without Yerin’s approval, so Nayeon spends a decent amount of time towards the end of the drama when her and Minho get together, trying to convince Yerin and Dahyun that she’s the right girl for their brother and son. However, in addition to being the loving sister of Minho, Yerin is the target of Minho’s friend Jinyoung’s affections. Though she doesn’t fall for him at first, the two eventually end up together in the end.” 

You finish reading the description of your character, absolutely shocked at what a significant role you seem to have. You learn that Nayeon, the female lead, will be played by IU and Jinyoung, the character played by Park Hyungsik, is actually your love interest! You’re shocked how you were able to receive a part in a drama that will have such a famous cast! The first of those three people to arrive is actually Kyungsoo. As soon as you see him walk in your palms start to sweat. He’s even better looking in real life than he is on screen! Luckily, you have a little bit of time to mentally prepare yourself while he’s talking to the producer. You know you have to act all calm and collected around him because you don’t want to make a bad first impression. You guys are going to be working together for a while, so you want to make sure he doesn’t think you’re a weirdo. Lost in your thoughts, you don’t notice Kyungsoo starting to make his way over to his seat and towards you.

“Hi, I’m Do Kyungsoo and I will be playing your brother Minho in the drama. It’s a pleasure to meet you.” He says to you politely with a bow. You immediately stand up and bow in return. 

“It’s a pleasure to meet you too! I’m Y/N L/N and I will playing the role of your sister Yerin! But I think you know that already…” You laugh nervously, getting your first real look at his face. You swear you’ve never seen anyone who is this perfect.

“Yes! I just figured since that’s what is says on your name tag.” He laughs, pointing towards it. 

“Oh, right.” You laugh in return, slightly embarrassed and extremely nervous.

“So, I heard from the producer that you’re a relatively new actress!” He states, shocking you that he actually is trying to make conversation.

“Yes, actually! I’d consider this my biggest role so far, and although I’m nervous, I’m very excited to see where this goes!” You reply, more calm then you were a bit ago.

“Well, congratulations and I’m sure you’ll do great. I was extremely nervous my first big role too, so I understand how you feel.”

“Thank you! Also, you’re such an amazing actor and performer though!” You reply, and you almost see a hint of a blush on his face. “I forgot to say it when I greeted you, but I’m a fan of Exo too.” You say shyly.

“You’re very sweet, thank you for all of the compliments.” He smiles at you. You’re too stunned by his smile to respond, but luckily, you don’t have too. Hyungsik approaches the two of you and bows.

“Hi, I’m Park Hyungsik and I will be playing the role of Jinyoung. It’s a pleasure to meet the two of you.” He states. You two bow in return an introduce yourselves. Everyone makes small talk for a while until finally everyone is there and the script reading can start.

The script reading goes well and the producer begins to give out some filming schedules. You find out that the filming starts as soon as tomorrow and you have to be there pretty early in the morning to get styled for recording. This is a scary experience, but you find it extremely exciting looking at how far you’ve come. The cast and crew were all very nice and you just know that you’re going to have a great time working with them.


Your reflection stares back at you as you watch the stylists work on your hair and makeup. The first day of recording is a big deal and you feel very jittery. The stylists finish up and you look at yourself in the mirror. “This is it.” You think to yourself. You walk into the set while looking at your lines. The first scene you would be filming would in fact be with Kyungsoo. The scene will take place in your house and the two of you will basically be introducing your characters through a conversation with each other. While looking over your script, Kyungsoo walks up from behind you and taps you on the shoulder.

“Hey Y/N! Are you ready for this?” He asks, seeing the clear anxiety on your face.

“I think I’m ready! I just really want to know my lines so I don’t mess up.” You reply, still reading over your script.

Kyungsoo pushes your script down making you look up at him. “I’m sure you won’t mess up; however, we can run our lines together if you’d like to practice.” He offers.

“That would be great, thank you so much!” You smile. The two of you go sit down and run the scene together. The both of you pretty much have it down pat and you begin to make small talk. You’re happy the two of you are getting along so well since you feel like that will make your acting all the more believable. You find out that the two of you have very similar interests and even decide to exchange numbers. 

Eventually, the director calls the two of you to set. You and Kyungsoo get in to position and wait for your cue.

“Action!” The director calls.

The two of you run through the scene very smoothly. Although you’ve only known him for a very short time, acting with him seemed to come very naturally.

“That was great guys! I think we could move on to the next scene already!” The director says, making you smile. The first day of your first big role in a drama and you’ve already completed a scene at first take. 

“Wow, first take! That’s awesome!” Kyungsoo says walking over to you.

“Yeah I know! I still can’t believe this is happening!” You reply, sitting down on the floor because why not. 

Kyungsoo sits down next to you and asks, “What?”

“This whole thing! It’s just so unbelievable that I was able to receive such a good role in what is expected to be an incredible drama with a great cast!”

Kyungsoo just smiles, intrigued by how innocent you still are. He finds himself thinking your innocence is adorable. “Well I guess it’s time to believe it now, huh?” He says. “Come on, let’s go get ready for our next scene.”

The rest of the day goes on just as smoothly as the morning. You and Kyungsoo are getting more and more comfortable around each other, and you’ve become rather friendly with Hyungsik and IU as well. You honestly don’t think this day could’ve gone any better.

When you return home, you get a text notification informing you that you’ve been put into a group chat. You look to see that a group chat has been put together by Hyungsik with you, Kyungsoo, and IU in it. The four of you instantly fall into silly conversation and you wonder to yourself how you’ve managed to get so lucky.


It’s weeks into filming now, and you and the rest of the cast are closer than ever. You guys text all the time, and sometimes you guys will even hang out outside of set. Especially you and Kyungsoo. You don’t know what happened, but the two of you just managed to hit it off very well. During the weeks of filming, getting to know Kyungsoo so well has made you start to develop feelings for him. You find yourself spending time throughout the day thinking about his smile, his laugh, his voice, etc. Nobody really knows about your crush except IU though. You felt like you could trust her, since the two of you have gotten pretty close.

Today, you couldn’t help but feel extremely nervous. Today is gonna be your first ever kiss scene. You know you shouldn’t be so scared since it’s just acting, but you really can’t help it. It’ll be your first time ever kissing someone in front of a camera, AND a bunch of people are going to see it! You’re quietly watching the crew set up the set for you and Hyungsik’s kissing scene when Kyungsoo comes over and takes a seat next to you.

“You seem extremely nervous.” He says.

“Is it that obvious?” You ask, quietly.

“Just a little bit, but there’s no reason to be nervous! Hyungsik is our good friend!” He says with a little smile, but it feels to you as if he’s hiding something.

“I know, but it’s my first ever kissing scene! I think i’m aloud to be a little nervous.” You say, slightly laughing.

“Yeah, you’re right. But I know for a fact that you’re going to do great. You always do!” He says encouragingly, wrapping his arm around your shoulder and pulling you close. You know that he’s just trying to help, but it’s almost as if he’s making it worse. Kyungsoo’s managed to make you even more nervous by wrapping his arm around you, and now your heart is beating a lot faster then normal. The moment between the two of you is interrupted by the director calling you and Hyungsik to set. You get up and begin walking over to the set with Kyungsoo.

“Don’t worry, you got this! If you feel like you’re getting too nervous, just try and look for me. I’ll be standing right here the whole time.” He says. Shocking him, you lean in and give him a hug.

“Thank you Kyungsoo, really. For everything.” You say against his chest. Now it’s his turn for his heart beat to increase. He feels all giddy and happy with you in his arms and doesn’t want to let go.

“Of course Y/N. Now go. You’ve got this!” He says, sadly releasing you. As soon as he let you go and walk over to Hyungsik, he just now realized that he’s really gonna have to watch the girl he likes kiss another man. He knows it’s just acting, and he’s friends with Hyungsik but still. 

“Action!” The director yells. 

Kyungsoo watches the scene unfold and feels his jealousy begin to creep up. He watches you intently and when he sees your eyes look over to him for a second, he forces on a smile.

You’re mind is in chaos and you listen to Hyungsik passionately reciting his lines. Suddenly, he pushes you against the wall, lightly holds your cheek, and leans in to kiss you. You know you should be focusing on acting into the kiss, but all that’s apparent to you is Kyungsoo’s eyes on you. The kiss scene finally ends when the director yells, “Cut! That was really great guys! We can move on!”

You smile, extremely thankful that the scene is now over. Hyungsik gives you a hug saying you did a great job, since he also knew how nervous you were. You thank him and go to speak to Kyungsoo, but notice he’s not where he was during the scene. Confused, you go to look for him and find him in the corner the two of you always sit in when not busy.

“Hey Y/N, you did great.” He says with a small smile, but you instantly notice that something is off about him. You sit down next to him and lean your head on his shoulder.

“What’s wrong?” You ask concerned. When he doesn’t answer, you look up to see that he seems reluctant to tell you something.

“You can tell me, I promise I won’t tell anyone or judge you for it!” You say giving him a small smile. “But if you really don’t want to, you don’t have to.” 

“I just feel a little…” He starts.

“A little…” You reply, hoping to get him to finish his sentence.

“Jealous.” He finishes quietly.

“Jealous? Of who?” You say, oblivious.

“I’m jealous that Hyungsik got to kiss you.” He confesses, looking down at his knees.

“You… You are?” You say, shocked.

“Yes.” He replies. “I wanted to be the one to kiss you…” 

“You did?” You reply, wincing at the fact that that’s all you could say right now.

“Look Y/N, we’ve gotten really close over the past few weeks, and the closer we’ve gotten, the stronger my feelings for you have gotten. I really like you.” Kyungsoo says, never looking up from his knees.

“Kyungsoo, I have feelings for you too.” You say looking at him.

“You do?” He asks, finally looking up at your face. You smile when you finally see him.

“Yes, I do. I have since we started filming.” You respond.

“Wow.” He states staring forward. “So how would you feel about going on a date tonight then?” He questions, looking into your eyes with a smile.

“I would love to.” 


You smooth your hands down your dress as you look into the mirror one last time. Tonight is the first award show you will be attending since the release of your drama, and you couldn’t be more nervous. Kyungsoo comes up and wraps his arms around your waist, leaning in to kiss your cheek.

“You look stunning babe.” He says, making your face turn bright red.

Kyungsoo asked you to be his girlfriend right after your first date and the two of you have been happily dating ever since. Although, the public is just newly aware of your relationship.

“Thank you love.” You smile, spinning around to give him what was meant to a quick kiss. However, he holds you in place and kisses you with more strength than you had originally intended.

“I’m so nervous for tonight.”

“There’s no need to be nervous. It’s no big deal if you don’t win!” He says, but he leans in and whispers in your ear, “But I know that you’re definitely going to win.”

Your face turns red again as you break out of his hold to grab your bag.

“Ok, let’s go.” You say. Kyungsoo nods and grabs your hand leading you to the door.

The two of your arrive at the award show and cameras start flashing as soon as the two of you walk out. Kyungsoo has told you many times to just ignore the cameras and walk forwards, so that’s exactly what you did. The two of you pose separately once and then together once before heading inside to go sit. The two of you greet the rest of your cast with hugs and begin to watch the show.

Finally, it’s time for the rookie actress award, the one you’re nominated for. The nominees are announced and then the presenter goes to open the envelope. Your heart is beating insanely fast and you wait for them to announce the name.

“And the award goes to… Y/N L/N!” Your whole cast shoots up instantly and starts congratulating you and showering you with hugs. Kyungsoo gives you a quick kiss on the cheek and then you’re walking up to the stage. With your heart still beating insanely fast, you being to make your speech. Once you’re finished, everyone is applauding for you and you make your way back down to your seat. 

You sit down and Kyungsoo leans over and whispers into your ear, “What did I tell you?” You just smile and lean over to give him a kiss, and you know now that you’re the happiest you’ll ever be.

Do you, Killian Jones take this woman to be your wife and love her for all eternity?  Do you, Emma Swan, take this man to be your husband and love him for all eternity?

Archie during the CS wedding ceremony.

This gave me Chills.  (Yes, Chills with a capital “c”).  Could not have come up with a better wording if I tried.  For this couple, this amazing, wonderful, couple of dreams, “till death do you part” just doesn’t cut it, because death can’t destroy their love.  Death can’t break their bond.  Their hearts are united for all eternity.  

If anyone needs me, I’ll be busy ugly sobbing uncontrollably from the sheer perfection of it all.  

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Ok, now I’m going to bed for real.

Don’t Touch

Request: Welcome to Tumblr! Can I request a fluff/angst batfamily/Jason Todd x reader fic. Maybe a alchemy/witch reader. Just have fun writing it!
- @colormemeow

Pairing: Jason x reader

Word Count: 1375

Feedback would be nice. I hope you like it.

Warnings: Hinted at sex

There you were in the middle of the your shared apartment with Jason working on the spells you have been trying to master for a month now. You had just figure out the you are a witch a few months ago, and you were getting a hang of it. You were a good witch, but you were nowhere close on Zatanna or Doctor Fate’s level yet. Soon you will with the help on Zatanna you have been getting lately.

You had been working on the same spell for about a week now. You know that you are saying it right, but you were a bit distracted lately.

When you were in the middle of your spell, you hear the window opening from the bedroom. ‘Shit’ you thought. He was not supposed to be home for hours. “Hey babe I am home. I am going to take a shower real quick.” He yell from the bedroom. “Ok, take your time.” you said trying to hide the fact that you are nervous that you will not be done in time.

While he was in the shower you were trying to hurry and get these spells right. “Stop Zatanna said you had to be focus when you are casting a spell’ you thought. The more you thought about, you have been distracted for the whole month trying to get it down. You just needed to calm down and focus.

When you were lot in your thoughts Jason comes out in only his sweatpants and no shirt. ‘Gosh why does he have the best abs on the face of the earth’ you thought trying to say the spells, and it did not work. “Dammit” you said getting mad at yourself.

“Hey, Hey it is all right. You will get this spell down eventually, but now lets just go to bed and we can have a better time in the bedroom then standing out here.” he said while kissing down your neck. “Ok fine , go in the bedroom and I will meet you in there in a few minutes, ok.” you said trying to get him a away so you can practice the spell real quick. “Ok I will meet you in there.” he said with a smile on his face.

After he went to your guys room you were trying your hardest to get the spell right, but the spells were just not working for you. And those minutes turn into hours. The longer it went on the frustrated you got.

Then Jason comes out of the room frustrated too. All he wanted to do was spend time alone with you today. “I thought you were going to be done about an hour ago.” he said while snaking his arm around your waist. “Sorry I just need to get these spells right.” you said while shaking him off you. Jason let out a sigh and try to go for your book “Don’t touch!” you said raising your voice and pushing his hand you of the way. He try again while stepping in between you and the table where the book is “I said don’t touch or a will hex you!” you said screaming at him and pushing him away a few feet. “Why are you always working on these spells. We have barely seen each other in like a month because of work. I just want to spend time with my girlfriend for once!” He was screaming on the top of his lungs, he was mad. “Look I am not as good as Zatanna and can learn a spell in a week, I need to spend time on it. Now if you just get me-” “No” he interrupted you. “What do you mean no!” You were getting madder at him for interrupting you. “It is me or your magic!” He was really giving you an ultimatum. “Just listen to me for a second.” “I am sorry Y/N, I can not stand for and be your second choice. I am going to Dick’s place for tonight.” he said while getting his jacket. “Wait!” you scream. “Me or magic” he said coldly. “Listen-” “Bye Y/N” he said while closing the door.

There you were in the middle of your shared apartment alone and crying. You had to pull yourself together. You were going to get this spells down and show Jason why you were working so hard to get these spells right. Now you were focus. You were focus on getting Jason back.

You spent the whole night working out the two spells you have been working on. You had finally had master one of the spells and are working on the other one.

You didn’t even know that it was morning. Jason had sneak back into the apartment through the window. He had peak his head out to see what you were doing. He wanted to say that he was sorry for raising his voice at you. But he got more anger when he saw you still working on those spells. He just went back into the room and grab his stuff and went to work.

It was really late when Jason came back to the apartment. When he look through the windows it was pitch black. He came through the window once again and check to see if you were there.

It was dark in the living room so when to go and turn on the light, but he stop in his tracks in he saw you in the kitchen with the table ready and wearing a trench coat. He look around and notice that you had clean the apartment and that they were no dishes in the sink and the place didn’t smell like burning rubber. Whenever you cook there are dishes for days and the whole place would be smelling like something dead and you just put it in the oven, but not today you were up to something.
“Look before you say anything I am sorry that I was putting my magic first and you second, but if you had listen to my explanation it wasn’t like that- You know what never mind all you need to know that I am sorry.” you said with a smile on your face that Jason always fall for. “I am sorry too for raising my voice at you. Now why are you wearing a trench coat and the place does not smell like burning rubber.” he said while laughing.

“That is why I was working on the spells.” you said. What does that mean?” he said in a confused voice. “Watch. Experes Cusinus!” you said and a plate of Jason favorite food comes. You cheer at your successful spell. “Oh my god, It work and I hope it does not taste like you cooking.” he said while laughing. “It does not and I have one more surprise. Emit ot yrt eht wen kool.” with that you change into a red sexy lingerie. “Wow” was all that Jason could say. “I know. I would to do something special for you. We both know that I could not cook, but I wanted to make dinner and the only way for me to do that was through was magic. I also wanted to show what I can do and that I am not wasting my time going to magic training with Zatanna. I wanted everything to be perfect, but I ruined it.”

“Listen everybody knows that you are a bad cook and I don’t think you waste your time. I think you are a better witch than Zatanna. I was just mad that we haven’t been spending time together and I took it out on you and I am sorry again. And you did not ruined anything I should have listen to your side of the story. I love you Y/N.” He said while giving you a warm embrace. “Happy one year anniversary Jason. I love you too.” with that said you two had the most passionate kiss you had ever had. “Happy anniversary Y/N. Now I hope you can make that food appear again because once I done with you that food will be stone cold.” he said while carrying you bridal style into the bedroom.

Bts reaction to their s/o being afraid to sleep after watching a horror film

Thanks to the anon who asked for this! i changed it from being directed at just freddy krueger as i saw another blog post one and felt ours would be too similar. hope thats ok:)

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“Awh y/n Its ok. It’s just a film” he’d sooth to you while you were in bed after watching the film. He would play with your hair and tell you you’re safe until you fall asleep and wouldn’t fall asleep until he knew you was in deep slumber.

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“Urm… it’s not real you know?” He would kinda be in disbelief for a while but when he woke up in the middle of the night to you still awake he knew just how serious it was. Sighing, he wraps his arms around you, pulling you close. “You’re ok you know? I’m here, I’ll protect you now go to sleep” he says closing his eyes.

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“Don’t be shared y/n. Jungkook the badass is here. That damn freddy krueger would be shacking in his boots of he ever came across me” he’d say.

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He would be just as scared let’s be honest. You both would have to comfort each other at night by holding each other tightly. No doubt it would a few sleepless nights in the arms of each other.

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“Aweee y/n’s scared. Don’t worry I’ll protect you” as he sqeeezes you tightly and doesn’t let go until you fall asleep.

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Rap monster-

“You do know it’s not real..?” He would most likely think it silly of you to be so scared and get to make you feel better by going into statistics and facts about it. “Honestly you should be more scared of toasters.. they’re more likely to kill you” he would smile. When he realised nonof that makes you feel better he would just hold you and tell you howd he wouldn’t let anything happen to you.

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He would be confused at why you was so scared but would do nothing but cover you with kisses and hugs. he’d defintley be giggly every time you hugged him because there was a noise and find it super cute

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May I have Josuke, Jotaro, Joseph, Caesar, and Gyro when their S/O hasn't eaten all day because they were too invested in a video game (me AF with Pokémon and Overwatch) thanks

Honestly, Josuke totally understands them. Whenever he buys a new game that he really likes he may spend one day doing nothing but playing it. At least until Tomoko finds out and takes the game away from him! But when he sees that his s/o isn’t bothering to eat or even drink anything, he practically turns into his mom. “What the- Josuke, why did you turn the console off?! I was about to win the match!” “Yeah, no. Enough of that. We’re going to get a proper meal. Now.” He will take the game away from them and only give it back after they ate, went to the bathroom to do their necessities and took a shower. And give him a big kiss for being the best boyfriend in the world!

Jotaro will pretty much just check out on them once upon an hour. The first hour it was alright. The second too. But after the third, fourth and even fifth hour it was pretty much enough for him. “Oi, are you planning to do nothing but sit your ass there playing that? Good grief, and i thought Kakyoin was bad enough….” He isn’t their mother though, so after warning them that it could be bad for them, he just leaves them be. But they better not come complaining to him later about back pain or stuff because he is going to straight up ignore them. (But if they tell him how hungry they are, he will reluctantly buy them some food!)

“Helloooooooooo are you there? Do you remember me? I’m your boyfriend! A real human beign! …..Are you ignoring me?” Joseph would act like a kid. He didn’t really realize that they haven’t eaten all day, but rather notices how they were slowly replacing him for a video game console. “Ok, that’s it!” He will toss their console/joystick/mouse away, pick them up and carry them on his back, taking them to the couch or the bed or wherever he can capture them and make them cuddle him. “Joseph Joestar, let me go right now! I’m capturing the point! We’re going to lose!” “The only thing you are going to lose is my love if you don’t give me attention! C’mere!” And then he would constrict them with a bone crushing hug, that actually resembled more a wrestling lock.

Caesar, at first, will give them the cold treatment. They want to ignore him to play a video game? Fine! He will ignore them too. At least he thought like this, until he notcies that hours passed and they didn’t even went to have a snack. “…Amore, are you ok? You’ve been playing that for hours now, would you like to rest for a bit and come to eat something with me?” “I can’t right now, i’m trying to capture this rare character!” He would then sigh and let them be. After some more hours passed, he would make  a  delicious dish for them, the smell of it being enough to make their stomach rumble and get them to go to eat. Caesar will give them a soft smile and pet their head while they are practically devouring the food. “I knew you couldn’t resist the Zeppeli secret recipe!”

Much like Joseph, Gyro would get pissy because his s/o was ignoring him to play some silly video game. “Wouldn’t it be a shame if you lost that round?” “Leave me alone.” “Ohh, careful there, you got hit! Woha, you got hit again!” “Quit it!” He will start pestering them, all while a devilish smirk was plastered on his face. “Ok now, i thought of a new gag, pay attention.” “Gyro, stop it! You’re distracting me!” “RAVIOLI RAVIOLI RAVIOLI-” “STOP.” Eventually he gets tired of bothering them and finds something else to do. But after some time passes he notices that his partner hasn’t even gotten up to eat something. “Hey baby, do you want me to go buy something to eat for your vicious ass?” No response. “Alright then, you asked for it!” While going to ask them again, he accidentally tripped on something and whoops, it was the power supply plug of their console! How careless of him! “Oh my, sorry! But you have no excuses now, so let’s go eat something. Then again, i think you didn’t pay attention to my gag, so here it goes…..”