ok gaga..

Ok but Lady Gaga is a huge white feminist.. she may be a huge LGBTQ advocate (still puts “-ed” at the end of trans tho and used to use the t-slur like crazy, fetishized the gay community from time to time and yes she is bi but you can still do that) but the way she has blatantly disrespected cultures in the past and is arrogant about not giving a fuck about it is disgusting. Everything about her is fake. She’s in the same league as Taylor Swift, Lena Dunham, Amy Schumer, Tina Fey, Courtney Love, etc when it comes to that. “She was anti trump” yeah so was Lena Dunham.

Plus “chola or orient made”.. lol girl you can go far away now- you’re not cute. That’s pure white feminism right there. She’s positive for LGBTQ+ issues but is racist. I mean.. she’s the same girl who wore dreads, disrespected the burqa, fetishized latinx men in a music video, the list goes on and on. Bitch and whine because Tumblr is so far up her ass but really.. I’m not here for it. She’s all fraud.

I love the way she dresses. She’s like a work of art. Anybody who is inventive, different or has fun like her, I love and admire. I’m amazed that she’s able to stand up in some of those shoes she wears.
I feel honored to be compared to her but I would probably be called Lady Haha.
—  Helena Bonham Carter on being compared to Lady Gaga

2016 will be remembered for a lot of things. But for me, 2016 will be the year that everyone made a country album — including Lady Gaga.

OK, so not everyone made a country album this year. But artists who you would never expect to dip into the Americana pool have done exactly that. With Aerosmith, Steven Tyler made bombastic, groundbreaking rock mashed up with hip-hop and anthemic ballads. But country music? Not until this year, when he released We’re All Somebody Somewhere. Even new-wave icon Cyndi Lauper went full twang on her latest album, Detour. On “Funnel Of Love,” the girl who just wanted to have fun covers rockabilly legend Wanda Jackson.

2016: The Year Pop Went Country

Photo: Behrouz Mehri/AFP/Getty Images

  • gaga's driver: ok gaga, get out of the car, we're at the grammys
  • gaga: uh... it's only 4:30...
  • driver: yeah, perfect timing, it starts at 5. get out
  • gaga: yeah...uh... go around the block a couple more times..
  • driver: ...ok.. why tho bich..
  • gaga: well... my fans sit around waiting to see me on the red carpet, and since, ya know, i hate them, i like to make them sit there, waiting, wondering, refreshing their phones, until exactly 5 on the dot

THANKS FOR THE BOOZE - songs to get your party started

i. Cheerleader // ii. Worth It // iii. Honey, I’m Good // iv. Where Are U Now // v. I Don’t Like It, I love It // vi. Habits (Stay High) // vii. You Know You Like It // viii. War Paint // ix. Starships // x. Bad Girls // xi. Poison // xii. Black Magic // xiii. This is How We Roll // xiv. Beautiful Now // xv. Emotion //  xvi. Emergency //  xvii. SummerThing! // xviii. Bang Bang // xix. Talking Body // xx. I Love It // xxi. Poker Face // xxii. The Night is Still Young // xxiii. Dazed and Confused // xiv. Uptown Funk // xv. Lasy Night // xvi. Good Time // xxii. Midnight Memories // xvii. Shut Up and Dance // xviii. Hey Mama // xxix. Trap Queen // xxx. This Summer // xxxi. Bitch Better Have My Money // xxxii. I Really Like You // xxxiii. All Eyes on You // xxiv. Finna Get Loose // xxxv. Cool // xxxvi. 7/11 // xxxvii. Heroes (we could be) // xxxivii. SexyBack // xxxix. Trumpets // xxxx. Break Free // xxxxi. Move Like Jagger // xxxxii. Anaconda // xxxxiii. Fireball // xxxiv. Turn Up The Speakers // xxxxv. All is Fair in Love and Brostep // xxxxvi. Feeling Myself // xxxxvii. Chains // xxxxviii. Beg for It // xxxxix. Dance with Me // l. How Deep is Your Love // li. Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae) // lii. Back of the Car // liii. She’s Kinda Hot // lix. Dirty Work // lv. Time of Our Lives // lvi. Crazy in Love // lvii. Get the Party Started // lviii. Blame // lix. Get Lucky // lx. Wild Wild Love // lxi. Die Young // lxii. Booty // lxiii. Pompeii // liv. Safe and Sound // lv. Burn

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