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Hi! This is a drawing request, so i know you read a fic call Please and Thank You on Ao3, I've seen you in the comments lol. Such an amazing fic, have you read the latest chapter? Anyway theres a scene where Rick and Negan are sitting on the couch together, and Id love it if you could draw them! sitting close looking into each others eyes UGH its beautiful!

Hey, real flattered by your interest! Just as a general note (hope you don’t mind that I use this ask to address this) I’m real tight with my school schedule as of now, so my main priorities would lie with commissions if anything, sorry! If you feel so inclined, my info is here: https://karenyancao.wixsite.com/commissions (@everyone, please consider commissioning me! i’d apply discounts if you suggested something like negan/rick tho, ha ha…) I’d only be able to do requests once free time becomes available and that would honestly be some time down the road from now :(

But honestly, that scene? captivating. spellbinding. amazing. love it. you tempt me. quickest scribble I could fart out:

okay, yeah, I got carried away this time. I cant keep doing this

if people want context, read the fic. oh my GOD

(for future reference: i love requests; can’t do ‘em cus i’m busy, though! unless you really bring something spicy to the table, fuck me up, i dunno.)

hair update - is blue now because I decided I didn’t like the green

also have I mentioned how much I hate my stupid round face aljhfkajfhakjfdh

i love it when people put sam in the drama or theatre club in high school AUs because he’s so canonically shit at acting like remember 



i had good hair!!! it’s a celebration of me unintentionally cosplaying post s2 john silver curls 4 days heck yea dude ⚔️🦁


I’m a grown ass adult who cried over Tri. Also over a decade later and I’m still in Mimato hell, despite knowing how crack it might be is. Yup. Also hi, long time no post.


The 2 drawings that I’ve done for @the-reylo-void ‘s story which was an absolute joy to read and to illustrate!
I super enjoyed drawing Rey hence the closeups.

Do head over to the @reyloanthology blog and check out the other works and the pdfs!


☛ ‘ i really don’t like dancing the most ‘  -ksj

OK but for real tho everything is falling into place now by exposing Kaistal the fans blow up and exo gets thrown into the gutter for a while making NCT, who debuts like a week after the scandal look the knights in the shining armor who are gonna save kpop and kick exos ass. Not only that but Kris and Luhans final plea date is on April 8th so if things turn into a shit show for SM regarding the lawsuits everyone will be too distracted by Kaistal and NCT to care