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i want to rewrite faith’s entire plotline in the style of lemony snicket 

Halloween Slumber Party - Daddy’s Little Lovebug

Word Count: 1825

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: None

Daddy’s Little Lovebug Masterlist

“Mommy, come on!” JoJo grabbed your hand, yanking you to her room. “It’s almost time and we need to get my costume on!”

“Ok, love bug ok!” You laughed, following her down the hall. Dean started to follow to help you and JoJo turned around, shoving herself between Dean and you.

“No!” She yelled, shoving Dean backwards. He could’ve easily overpowered her but he didn’t. “You can’t see it’s a surprise!”

“I can’t see your costume?” Dean pouted, looking down at her. “Why?”

“She just told you it’s a surprise.” You defended your daughter, picking her up off the ground and resting her on your hip, pursing your lips at Dean. “So that means it’s a surprise. It’s just that simple. You’ll see it when she’s all ready to go!”

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… fall?

With dramatic intent. 

Towards a giant castle?

It kinda looks like that one guy’s castle but I can’t for the life of me remember what his name was. 




the products of reflecting on middle school ocs, late night sinning and 1 am madness

there’s also a third one but i need to do more research on some bg stuff before i make him :V

so let’s talk about Rose

Rose’s symbol is a gem surrounded by petals and a spiral of thorns. it’s on her shield, her sword, and her cannon, and it’s in her armoury.

and it’s on their flag.

Yellow Diamond’s followers wear her symbol, and it’s on one of the devices Peridot activates in Marble Madness.

but the gems don’t wear Rose’s symbol.

they wear the star

because it represents all of them, as equals, together

because that’s the kind of leader Rose was.


W/C: 10,363

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He’s known as many things.

In the criminal world, he’s known as The Fake AH Crew’s thief, the hacker. Sometimes put onto explosives, and into the more public eye, where he’s known as the Renegade due to his overly excessive destructive tendencies.

But most importantly, he’s known as Mark Nutt, if anyone manages to go beyond his usual names. And that name hides him more than his bleached hair, more than the stupidly large designer sunglasses he’s never seen without.

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nat is honestly the Queen of unrequited affection and self - sacrifice for the sake of love & honestly she doesn’t deserve all the emotional rollercoasters she’s ridden on but i love her all the more bc of it? bye

“This -ice- cream is truly amazing! Here, here-here-here. Please, partake in mine!” 

Commissions for the babe, MiSoPoisonSoup. <3

so!!! today is my absolute fave hufflepuff @magosonana‘s birthday (feb 8) and i know she’d really appreciate it if you guys checked out her blog/studyblr + sent her nice messages! if it isn’t too much trouble, please go shower her with some love! (she absolutely deserves it because school has been punching us both repeatedly for a while now) i promise she’s sweet and cute and super fun to talk to ahhh (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

anyway sona, i hope you have a really great birthday this year (i’m sorry i didn’t get you a gift!! i’ll get you something over the ski trip i swear) tysm for always letting me scream into your shoulder about otps and also putting up with my incoherent fangirly nonsense sometimes :))) ( ˘ ³˘)♥

sorry not sorry about the fact that i am going to talk about marine deleeuw’s body

i can’t help but feel bad whenever i see her skinny body, i mean it’s not really about her skinny silhouette it’s more that she looks so fragile and sad, almost like she’s suffering idk. i don’t have any idea what kind of relationship she has with food or with her body, yet i see pain in her eyes and i hope she’s ok

also i’m following her on instagram and she seems to be such a lonely girl

i want to scream Pease baby Marine take care of your lovely self

I followed Keke because of that pic she drew of Aakola and another man who’s name escapes me atm. And it was super cute but in the caption she was like “Too bad this isn’t meant to be because she’s marrying Raja” and I died a little because I already shipped them lmao

But it’s ok because I followed her and saw even MORE beautiful art and kickass lore and I found out who Raja was and def got behind that ship. Not to mention she makes such GOOD WORLDBUILDING POSTS UHG

Like I got to see how the Mundanli dressed, what they ate, how their nobility is set up and jfc I just love reading that stuff!! Keke is such a good writer, worldbuilder, and artist and I love seeing her content every time it’s on my dash!!!

I should be excited at the prospect of Paige coming back. I love Paige. I love Lindsey. It’s just that I’ve given up on the show, and I have such low expectations I don’t trust them not to screw things up. 

But whatever happens, I pray to Mona it’s not a damn love triangle. This would be insulting to Paily shippers, to take her away from us only to bring her back for this sort of crap. 

But it would also be insulting to Emison shippers, who have been waiting so long, constantly being baited but never given anything of substance while having to sit through a serious of tedious Emily and Alison love interests literally no one cares about all while watching Alison been drained of her personality and everything that made her interesting.

Honestly, it would like taking two starving fandoms and making them fight over leftovers for ratings.

If Paige comes back, it should only be if they have a solid story which treats Paige as an independent character, while also being related to the overall storyline such as it is. But then that can’t give the main characters decent stories, so what are the chances of that? 

In the meantime, we need to order Paige a bulletproof vest.

Chapitre 71 - What Must Be Done Now

In which I don’t even have anything fancy to say I just love this world so much. 

Mechanic husbands have their work cut out for them, that’s for sure.