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i just like drawing jimin (photo cred)

Trying to write down my thoughts about this seasons overall arcs and points re: Dean’s arc, Sam’s arc, Cas’s arc, Mary’s arc, Deancas, the nephilim….how it all ties together….

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All my favourite conversations
Always made in the A.M.

Day 21 of InkTober is N’Doul

i couldnt hold it in anymore i had to draw him i dunno why i like this guy as much as i do

Group photo of the TVD/TO main cast + show runners! 

Commissioned as a gift for @JuliePlec by cadlymack ヾ(๑❛ ▿ ◠๑ )

Trade art for preludeinz, aka 1fort-2fort-redfort-blufort, for being a sweetheart and buying me Portal 2!! Miss Pauling in Meryl Strife’s outfit, from Trigun!

Originally it was just supposed to be Pauling in a poncho, but in the google image search there was a very random pic of Meryl AND IT GAVE ME THE BEST IDEA EVER [and preludeinz was a great sport and let me draw it instead lol]. Badass ladies with derringers can’t be beat, after all. 0w0

Bonus capeless!version! too since I’ve always loved that version.

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The fans call me and Louis “Larry Stylinson” ‘cause we get on really well. Since we started in the X Factor house, me and Louis had always said that we wanted to move in together. That was pretty much it, it just kinda happened.

Jin just gets so HAPPY and EXCITED when his dancing is praised…



a constant - best friend!michael

keywords: best friend!michael, fluff, angst, drugs
warnings: drugs tw
word count: 2199

Michael Clifford had been in your life for as long as you can remember. Almost every single childhood memory that alluded to your happiness evolved around him being your best friend. You moved next to him when you were just about five years old. 

You remember the day clearly, the moving truck was outside and the movers were helping your mom move in all the stuff into your new home. Your mom had focused your attention outside so you would be out of their way while they were getting the inside of the house situated. This caused you to explore everything this new place had to offer your little imagination. You were running up and down the hedges near the property line of your house when you heard someone talking.

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The Prototype


“OK. So we’re finally testing this one out? After so much time working and discussing about this?” Asked Banshee. She, Eve and a few other Azens who were working with Wolf on the new project were sitting around the conference table. Eve was the one who funded this. Banshee was the one who helped Wolf design it but was waiting for a prototype before giving out suggestions. And the others did their parts. Eve then said 

“Well, Wolf, darling? How about it?”