ok everyone ignore this i just need to post it sorry


I am posting this on here, Tumblr, because I really think a bunch need to learn what the word RESPECT means

This is also regarding for something a bunch of people ask me before; “do you know what happened to UltimaAlmighty?”, and what happened to him after his mistake was awful, and all thanks to people treating him with HATE,  a way to disrespect someone as a human, instead of ignore him or block him. If you don’t like someone (including me) don’t waste your time, keep living and block the people you don’t like, like ignoring someone in school. The same with Felix AKA PewDiePie, JonTron and MORE, hope they are doing super ok.

Jokes are not defining people, our actions in real life defining us, don’t follow someones post with a hate, or some news on the internet, no no, look at what people do in real life, or just ignore and keep living!

I really hope a bunch of you learn from someone really nice, Markiplier.. I hope this video teaches you something, maybe a little thing, but something good.


“Treat people the way you want to be treated”

Everyone, have a really nice day.

and sorry, again, for not posting drawings, I am still working on this animation WITH JOKES, the most scary thing for everyone!!

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  1. talents: sleeping 

  2. i didn’t choose the boob life, the boob life chose me.

  3. this semester isn’t done but i sure am 

  4. never tell a fangirl to calm down. it won’t work 

  5. i dont know whats emptier, my bank account or my love life 

  6. if you eat enough pizza it tastes like love 

  7. im 900% ready for summer vacation 

  8. please don’t waste good pizza on bad people 

  9. i just want to sleep forever because dealing with people is annoying as hell 

  10. 2010 me would literally be terrified of 2015 me and I love it 

  11. why be moody when u can shake dat booty am i right ladies 

  12. quick tip: fuck off 

  13. i wish i had dora’s parents they let that bitch go everywhere 

  14. never trust anyone who can bite an ice cream without flinching that shit’s not natural 

  15. i wish I had a pair of skinny genes 

  16. still not exactly sure what studying is 

  17. when I die, I want my grave to have free wifi so people will come visit more often 

  18. “don’t be sad” ok im better now thank u 

  19. my parents don’t realize that i am perfectly happy avoiding humanity 

  20. why are u such a little bitch 

  21. why is every girl my age 1000% prettier than me 

  22. love me back 

  23. everyone is stupid except me

  24. stu(dying) 

  25. if im weird around u that means im comfortable around u 

  26. ur a lil bitch 

  27. im always hungry 

  28. dont be a dick 

  29. i want to sleep for like 30 hours 

  30. i have too many shows to watch maybe i should drop out of school 

  31. i got 99 problems but I’m gonna take a nap and ignore them all 

  32. I’m so cute why am I not dating anyone 

  33. baby girl please don’t trust these fuckboys 

  34. wear black and be gold.

  35. you can tell a lot by listening to a girl’s favorite song 

  36. who needs april’s fools when ur life is a joke 

  37. sorry mom, i only have a virtual life

  38. sarcasm is my only defense 

  39. I think I might actually be dead

  40. i dont argue, i explain why im right 

  41. 50 shades of tired 

  42. just imagine how great life would be if pizza made u skinny 

  43. i say idk a lot but trust me i be knowing

  44. can u lose weight by running away from ur feelings 

  45. dropping out of school to become a princess

  46. apparently, when you treat people the same way they treat you they get offended 

  47. me and my mom gossip about u 

  48. 420% good vibes
  1. miga não força

  2. sou meio vagabunda mas sou uma boa pessoa 

  3. prefiro morrer do que perder a vida

  4. meça suas intimidades parça

  5. sua mãe pode até te amar mas eu não

  6. miga deixa jesus fazer a obra na tua vida

  7. o twitter pergunta o que ta acontecendo eu começo chora 

  8. isso fofa come mais chocolate continua comendo vai explode logo

  9. seu cu agr é meu

  10. quero voltar pro útero da minha mãe

  11. (✿◠‿◠) minha cara de quem se importa

  12. olha só onde estou parece q o jogo mudou n é msm

  13. vc está louca querida 

  14. vai com calma viado a senhora tem um cu só

  15. olhando pro nada pensando deus me mata 

  16. toma aqui as vírgulas que eu não faço questão de usar ,,,,,,,, 

  17. vc já caga pelo cu não precisa cagar pela boca

  18. miga seje menas otaria 

  19. vc que me seguiu fofa agr aguenta

  20. meu sonho eh ser uma diva pop 

  21. vc atingiu 100% do seu limite diário de ser otaria

  22. sєjє мєησs ρυтα 

  23. a solidão me fez fã de series 

  24. 420% paz e amor

  25. lembre-se que: não sou obrigada a te seguir de volta

  26. bebendo as lagrimas das inimigas 

(◕‿◕✿) (✿◠‿◠)  *∘✧* ღ ♥ ♡ ❤ ❥ △ ∞ ☆ ★ ✖ 。®™✤ ❝❞✥ ✦ ✧ ✩ ✫ ✬ ✭ ✮ ✯ ✰ ✱ ✲ ✳ ❃ ❂ ❁ ❀ ✿ ✾ ✽ ✼ ✻ ✺ ✹ ✸ ✷ ₪ ❃ ❂ ❁ ❀ ✿ ✾ ✽ ✼ ✻ ✺ ✹ ✸ ✷ ☢ ✌ ♔ ∆ ∇ ☾ ☽ ♡  ☼  ☁ ▲ ▼ (◡‿◡✿)  ☩ ☨ ☦ ✞ ✛ ✜ ✝  ✄ † ✞ ✝ ⇦ ⇧ ⇨ ⇩ ← ↑ → ↓ ➳  ➴ ➵ ➶ ➷ ➸ ➹ ☯ ♠ Ω ♤ ♣ ♧ ♥ ♡ ♦ ♢ ➀ ➁ ➂ ➃ ➄ ➅ ➆ ➇ ➈ ➉ ➊ ➋ ➌ ➍ ➎ ➏ ➐ ➑ ➒ ➓ ⊱✿◕‿◕✿⊰ ◑△◐ ◑▽◐ ☂ 《》 ▶◀ ℃ ℉

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ok everyone is constantly on about neil and allison and neil and matt but WHERE are my discussions on neil and kevin?? don't even TRY and tell me they're not lowkey besties

OH MY FUCKING GOD MY GUY,,, DONT EVEN GET ME STARTED i wrote a whole fucking essay on neil and kevin trying to get into the extra josten squad i’m never ok. anyway even tho i said don’t get me started,,,, im getting started

OK. LIKE. their relationship is so fucky to start with. neil looks at kevin and sees everything he could have had. he’s just… jealous in a lot of ways. but it takes him like 0 time to realise that actually, kevin’s life has been pretty shit, and he’s IMMEDIATELY protective of kevin. like,, he’s so pissed off at kevin for pressuring him into being on kathy’s show but he totally gets where he’s coming from and as soon as riko starts being an asshat he’s just like “you know what? my life isn’t worth anything. i’ll give it up for kevin. no question.” no doubt, he’s a ride or die motherfucker and he gives it all up for kevin


he doesn’t even last two pages and then he’s just. so fucking pissed he literally can’t even let riko talk anymore. what kind of a gem

oh my god and this is just like… the start. this is the first book. this is pretty much the first time neil shows any type of care for anything except surviving this year. he was gonna run away before he even saw riko, and here riko’s not looking at him and he paints a target on his back for kevin??? i love him

alright and that’s not all. it’s not just neil adopting kevin. kevin straight up adopts that boy too. he loves neil for his exy, and he’s certain he’ll make court, but do you see him inviting anyone else to practice at night? nope. AND AS SOON AS KEVIN FINDS OUT THAT NEIL IS NATHANIEL HE DOES THE SAME THING he doesn’t defy riko or smth not yet but

HE STRAIGHT UP ADOPTS NEIL RIGHT BACK!!! and i dont even have to show u guys this quote its the fucking apex of their relationship-

OH MY GODDDDD he believes so much in neil!!!! he’s so fucking upset that neil can’t have a future. he wants that for our boy as much as we do; like nothing else that has happened has hurt kevin that much. 

and they see themselves in each other. they SEE that they’re basically just alternate timelines of each other - that one small difference could have made either one of them into the other

a BUNCH of their compassion for each other comes because they know what they’re looking at. they’re looking at themselves, if there had been one small change in their lives. and both of them know that it wouldn’t have been good either way - both routes were torture in different ways. kevin has a future, but the moriyamas will always be hanging over them; neil was free for a while, but it won’t last. they KNOW that for each other and that fuels them. there’s a bond there that just can’t be ignored ok??


even nicky comments like “kevin has CLEARLY just done something nice for neil but kevin’s a BRAT” like. kevin cares so fucking much,, he’s like “you know what? if i were in neil’s shoes i would already be fucking wasted. idk if it will help but if he wants to he should be able to. i got u, bro.” what a BOY. i love him they’re the best friends

and okay if anyone needs more- i swear i’m wrapping this post up - when neil thinks about his future, he sees andrew. obviously. BUT HE ALSO SEES KEVIN THERE.

they’re straight up best friends and brothers and i fucking love them

and as a last point, this is extra content instead of book-canon, but


(English Subs + Text) Soraru and Mafumafu’s new Cooking Videos

”I tried making Sticky Ramen for my friend”
I’ve subbed Soraru’s latest video on his official channel where he tries to cook a meal for Mafumafu! :O If the English subs don’t pop up immediately, click the gear icon and enable them~

Below the “read more” is the full transcript for Mafumafu’s video!
Watch Mafumafu’s video here.
I can’t subtitle it because his channel doesn’t have community contributions enabled, sorry! ;_; But feel free to share the link to this post if you see people wanting to know what’s happening in the video!
This goes line by line and might be a bit hard to understand without the video side by side, so feel free to ask if you have any questions~ I hope you enjoy both videos! :)
(Please do not use these translations to upload a subbed version of either video to Youtube or anywhere else)

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apologize ||  jeff atkins

Pairing: Jeff Atkins x Reader

Summary: The reader didn’t see Jeffs death coming, she thought it was his fault until she listened to the tenth tape.

Words: 1787

Warnings: angst, language, suicide, death, car accidents, talk of drinking and driving, flashbacks

Authors Note: The flashbacks are in Italics, the present is in a normal font. I listened to this song while writing.

Originally posted by blakelivey

You don’t know when you stopped caring but you knew it was sometime that night after you got the call. It hit you so suddenly, like a slap in the face.

You inwardly groaned for the tenth time tonight. Instead of being at Jessica Davis’ party, like everyone else was, you were stuck at some family dinner. You couldn’t shake off this weird feeling you had, though. It was the first party of Junior year, it was supposed to be a life changer. But who’s life would it change?

There was this girl, Hannah Baker. You didn’t know her very well but she seemed nice enough. Every friend, or acquaintance, you’ve ever seen her with, the relationship doesn’t usually last long. It was weird to notice these things but everyone noticed it, right?

One thing everyone did notice, her new hairstyle. You had seen the pictures on Instagram that everyone was posting and you spotted her in the background. That was almost an hour ago, you put down your phone and haven’t picked it up since.

Maybe her life would change? New hairstyle, new… personality? You didn’t know what but something was off.

“Excuse me, I have to use the restroom.” Discreetly tucking your phone in your dress pocket, you stood up.

Your mom passed her conversation with your aunt and waved you off. “Go on, honey, but hurry back. Your aunt and I are discussing colleges.”

Colleges. You always laughed at that. They were discussing colleges for you without your consent. Like it didn’t matter where you wanted to go, it just mattered where they wanted you to go.

Well no, it doesn’t work like that. You don’t have a say in where or when you want someone to go. They just go and disappear, gone, just like that, out of your life forever.

His phone probably died. Yeah, that was the case, your idiot boyfriend, Jeff Atkins, always leaving the house with a low battery. But he promised that he’d call when he got home, and he didn’t call yet. So that means he wasn’t home yet, right?

Even if he wasn’t, he should be on his way there now but he’s not answering his phone. You don’t know if that’s a good thing or not, you want to make sure he’s okay but you don’t want him to get in an accident because you were calling his phone.

“Hurry up in there!” You nearly jumped out of your skin at the sudden interruption from your thoughts. Shaking your head, you flushed the unused toilet and opened the pipe.

“A fucking classy restaurant like this and they can’t even afford a public restroom with stalls… I’m coming!”

The door shut closed and you tried to refocus your eyes but they were filled with tears. Your mom has just visited again, the conversation between you two has been the same these past few weeks.

‘Are you okay, honey’ which really means 'You’re not over that yet?’

'I’m fine, mom’ which really meant 'No, I’m not okay. I fucking loved him.’

“Hello?!” You nearly dropped your phone when you heard it ring.

“Y/N, it’s Clay.” Clay? Was he okay, did he need a ride home from the party?

He was rambling on about something and you couldn’t hear exactly what he was saying. “Clay-ok, Clay, calm down. What’s wrong, do you need help or-” Clay was at the party with Jeff. What if something happened with Jeff and that’s why he’s calling you?

“-Is it Jeff? Is he okay, did he drink too much?”

You heard heavy breathing over the phone instead of a response and you called his name again. “Just… come to the corner of Tanglewood and Bay Street, it’s urgent.”

“Clay,” Your voice came out more urgent and harsh now. “Tell me what happened.”

There was a moment of silence and you swore you heard ambulance sirens in the background. “Clay?!”

“I-it’s Jeff, he was in an accident.”

You remember being mad that day. He said he wouldn’t drink too much and that he would make it home safe. He promised. But he broke his promise and you’ve been mad at him ever since. You were mad at him for leaving you.

Clay said it wasn’t his fault and he knew that now, whatever that meant. You didn’t believe him until he shoved this shoe box in your hand. He was muttering something about how he shouldn’t be showing this to you and you responded with 'then why are you.’

He looked you straight in the eye that afternoon and said, “Because you need to know the truth.”

Clays sweater did nothing to provide you warmth and you took it off immediately. The ambulance and the police, who were currently questioning Clay, were all here.

The only thing that wasn’t here was the stop sign that you had stopped by so many times. You found it odd but didn’t say anything about it, you couldn’t say anything at all.

Everything felt numb, your feet, your hands, your cheeks. It was almost fall and it was getting chillier but the cold wasn’t the problem. After your call with Clay, you drove to where he told you, going over speed limits and almost getting into an accident yourself.

You had hoped that he was joking and that was just some cruel joke. But who would joke about something like that? No one would, no one should joke about something like that.

And, fuck, you just wanted to hear his voice again. You wanted to hear him tell you 'It’s okay, Y/N, I’ll be good at the party. I’ll only have like two beers’. You wanted to get that call from him late at night saying that he’s home and safe.

But it was too late for that now, they already put him in a body bag.

Is this a joke? This can’t be real. Hannah Baker is dead!

That’s what you yelled at Clay the next time you saw him. Why would he give you this, the tapes, to listen to? He asked which tape you listened up to, completely ignoring your question, and you scoffed in disbelief.

You only reached up to Tape 1 before you turned it off. He gently placed the box in your hands, from when you threw it at him, and told you to listen to Tape 10.

“Clay, what does this have to do with Jeff?” All you got for a response was 'you’ll see’. Clay had definitely changed since Jeffs death and you were worried about him. Along with a few other students, he was acting weird.

Maybe it was because of these tapes?

Nevertheless, you reluctantly put Tape 10 in the Walkman and pressed play.

You hated it. All this attention you were getting as you walked the halls. All the 'I’m sorry for your lost’ that you were being thrown your way.

You didn’t need anyone’s sympathy.

On your way to your locker, you saw that girl, Hannah Baker, and Clay fighting. Well, you wouldn’t call it fighting, more like arguing, but they both looked upset. Hannah was crying, but why? She didn’t even know him.

“Ms. Y/L/N,” Mr. Porter was suddenly by your side and you nearly jumped out of your skin.

“Uh, yes Mr. Porter?”

He uncomfortably scratched his stubble, he was nervous. “I know that Jeff was your boyfriend and you’re probably hurting right now. Trust me, I know how you feel-” No you don’t “-I lost someone I cared about too-” Everyone loses someone they care about, what’s your point “-and  I know-” Once again, you don’t know anything, Mr. Porter “-that you’re in a time of need right now-” I need Jeff Atkins, that’s what I need “-so you’re more than welcome to come to my office, if you want.”

You let a dry chuckle escape your lips before closing your locker. “Thanks, but no thanks.”

Then you walked away.

You walked and walked until you were finally where you wanted to be. The corner of Tanglewood and Bay Street. They had put up a new stop sign, one that wasn’t made out of wood, one that couldn’t be knocked down as easily as the old one was.

One that wouldn’t be knocked down as easily as Sheri fucking Holland knocked down the old one. Sheri Holland killed your boyfriend, it was all her fault. Hannah Baker was there too but you couldn’t bring yourself to be mad at a dead girl. Besides, she did call 911 about it, even though it was too late.

You were beyond outraged. You talked to Sheri more than once after Jeffs passing and she knew what she did. You finally knew the truth now, thanks to those tapes.

You hated yourself for blaming Jeff for what happened that night. It wasn’t his fault and you knew that now.

You were 'beyond outraged’ for about a minute. It’s like you didn’t even care anymore to confront her about it or to do something. You practically dragged yourself here, but you had something important to do.

Walking to the middle of the road, you sat down on the concrete for a few minutes before laying down completely. This was the exact spot where Jeffs car was that night, you had it memorized in your head and you didn’t know if that was healthy or not.

You looked up at the cloudy sky, it was November now, and a few leaves made its way into your line of sight.

It was then you realized what your excuse was for not being mad at Hannah. I couldn’t bring myself to be mad at a dead girl. But you were mad at Jeff for something that wasn’t even his fault.

A car made itself known from a distance, the driver honked repeatedly but you didn’t move. You didn’t care if you got run over, you didn’t care about anything anymore. Your eyes stayed concentrated on the clouds above despite the tears that spilled over onto your cheeks.

“I’m sorry, Jeff. I blamed you for something that wasn’t your fault, for something you had no control over. You didn’t deserve it and I’m sorry.”

And then you left, disappeared, gone.

Just like that.

Jacksepticeye egos Experiment AU preview

READ CHAPTER ONE OF THIS STORY HERE: https://spiffanywolfe.tumblr.com/post/164337627068/one-and-the-same-a-jacksepticeye-egos-au


(Brilliant title there, Spiffany. Well done.)

Inspired by this post I made yesterday: https://spiffanywolfe.tumblr.com/post/164268117693/i-made-up-a-backstory-for-jack-and-his-egos

(This won’t really make any sense if you haven’t read that post.)

Yes, I’m actually going to write a fanfiction based on this idea! I said I wasn’t, but I think through making the files and writing out the whole backstory stuff, I actually feel like I have some good ideas to make a story around it! It will probably take me forever to finish this, as I procrastinate like nobody’s business (who knows if I’ll finish this at all) but, hey, I’m gonna give it a go. I wrote this little part of a chapter just now, so I thought I’d stick it up here as a preview of things to come! Enjoy!


The Skype chat loaded and Robin’s face appeared on the screen.

“Hey Jack!” Robin said with a smile.

“Hey…” Jack replied, trying to sound like nothing was wrong, “What’s up?”

“I just got the files for your new video,” Robin said, “I didn’t know you were moving!”

“Yeah it’s…it’s kinda of a last minute thing. I didn’t know this was happening either…I made that vlog literally a few minutes ago.”

“Oh…” Robin said, “What’s going on? Do you need help?”

“No, no, it’s fine!” Jack said quickly, “I’ve got it all sorted out. Everything’s fine!”

Robin raise an eyebrow skeptically.

“Alright…if you-“


The two men jumped in their seats at the noise. Jack turned to the door.

You can’t leave those idiots alone for five minutes…

Anti said in Jack’s mind.

Fuck…what have they done?! Jack thought, his heart rate speeding up.

“Um…what the hell was that?!” Robin said, bringing Jack out of his thoughts.

“I’m sure it was nothing!” Jack stammered, his mind racing. Whatever the clones were doing, they’d end up alerting the neighbours, and then their position would be given away. He had to stop them. He had to-


“Fuck!” Jack cried, standing up.

“Jack, what’s going on?!” Robin demanded, leaning close to the screen to try and see what was happening. Jack turned back to the computer.

“I…I need to go. Give me a sec…”

“Jack!” Robin said, “Jack, stop! What’s-“

Jack ignored his cries and ran down the stairs to the living room. He could hear shouting and banging, which only made him quicken his pace.

He opened the door and everything went silent.

The room was dark. As Jack’s eyes adjusted to the lack of light, he could see the lampshade was on the floor and the lightbulb was smashed. Jackaboy Man and Marvin were floating in the air, looks of terror on their faces. Chase and Schneeple was stood to the side, frozen in the fight they’d been having moments earlier; Schneeple had Chase’s nerf gun in his hand and was holding it away from Chase. The sofa and the chair in the room were turned upside down and the shelf stacked with figurines and plushes was face down on the floor, figures and plushes scattered all over the floor. No one spoke for a moment.
“Jack…” Schneeple said, but trailed off. Jack didn’t speak. He honestly didn’t know what to say. Suddenly, he felt a deep anger start bubbling inside him.
Go on…Anti said, Look what they’ve done to you. You let them into your house, your property, and this is how they repay you! Go on…make them pay…
Jack shut his eyes. He hated feeling angry. It was the worst emotion of them all. He tried to avoid it at all costs, but Anti was doing a pretty good job at making him feel a deep seated rage that made him want to tear each and every one of the clones apart. He shut his eyes tighter as the logical part of his mind took over. They had never had an experience like this before. They had never had to worry about a bunch of breakable objects in the room they were able to play in in the lab. They’d never had the experience of being completely free, with no one to tell them what to do. Of course they were going to lose their minds! It was just natural!

“No…” Jack said quietly in response to Anti, feeling the anger wash away.
“No…?” Chase replied, overhearing him.
“What? Oh no, it doesn’t matter!” Jack said.
“Jack, I’m sorry!” Schneeple said quickly, taking a step forward, “Everyone lost it! Zhey were fighting and screaming and I vas trying to stop them but-“
“It’s ok! It’s ok!” Jack interrupted, putting his hands on Schneeple’s shoulders, “It’s fine!”
“Your’e…not angry with us?” Marvin said, still hovering in the air.
“Of course not!” Jack said, walking into the center of the room, “I understand why you did this, I really do! Besides…” he walked over to the TV (which was lucky not broken) and turned it on, “I’m not like them.” Everyone flinched at the mention of the scientists. Jack pulled out his PS4 and turned it on, and the TV screen flashed to life, showing the PS4 menu.
“What are you doing?” Marvin asked, floating down slightly but still remaining in the air.
“Are you punishing us?!” Jackaboy said quickly, panic in his voice.
“Of course I’m not!” Jack said with a chuckle, “Were you listening to anything I just said?!” As he spoke, he shifted through his PS4 games, looking for one specific one. Finally, at the bottom of the pile, he found it.
“Take a seat!” he said as he put the game into the console. Schneeple and Chase threw themselves into the sofa and chair (after turning them the right way up) and Jackaboy and Marvin floated down and sat cross-legged on the floor in between them. Jack handed the controller to Schneeple as the game he’d just put in appeared on the PS4 menu.


“Under…tale…” Chase read slowly, rolling each word over in his mouth, “What kind of name is that?”
“It’ll make sense when you start playing,” Jack said, taking a seat next to Schneeple.
“I…don’t understand…” Jackaboy said, turning to face Jack, “What is this? What are you doing?”
“This is a video game.” Jack replied with a smile, “ And I’m trying to keep you guys entertained in less…destructive ways.”
“Vhat do I do vith zhis?” Schneeple asked, staring down at the controller blankly.
“Press the X button,” Jack replied.
Schneeale stared at the controller for a good minute longer, trying to work out which button Jack was talking about, before finding the button and pressing it.
And he’s supposed to be the smart one…Anti snarled.
Give him a chance, Jack thought back, He’s never had to do anything like this before.
He can perform complicated heart surgery on a complete stranger with no medical training whatsoever, but he can’t work a PS4 controller? How does that make any sense?!
Jack ignored this comment and focused on the screen as the menu music started to play. Jack couldn’t help but smile as he saw Marvin and Jackaboy start dancing to the music. Even Chase was bobbing his head to the beat.
“Catchy.” Chase said, a smile forming on his face.
“Oh, it gets a hell of a lot better than this!” Jack said, grinning wider. He held his hand out for the controller and Schneeple placed it in his hand.
“Now, watch closely,” Jack said, getting the controller right in his hands and pressing X to start the game, “I’m going to teach you how to save lives.”

Soooo :D after you all requested it (about 3 ppl did - but just let me exaggerate in peace) here is part 3 of Isak and Even doing trust excercises <3 
it starts up right where part 2 ended so if you want to read those first: Part 1 / Part 2 

When they stepped back from each other Isak looked over to Magnus and Vilde. Vilde had a frown on her face that changed into a too bright smile when she caught his gaze. Magnus looked a bit deflated when he saw how close Isak and Even had been. The other two had stopped close in front of each other when both decided this was as close as was comfortable, but there was still a hand length between their bodies.

They had been pretty happy with themselves (especially when most of the other couples had stopped a meter or further away from each other) until their eyes landed on Isak and Even. Who were obviously trying to morph into each other to be closer, toes stacked, noses pressed against each other, touching from chests to knees.

Even shot Mags an encouraging smile as the woman – maybe Lille? – announced the next test.

“Everyone, take one of these scarfs,” she said as she went around and handed each couple one of the colorful fabrics.

“I want the light blue one,” Even stage whispered to Isak who rolled his eyes with pure fondness.

“You’re a child, Even.” But nevertheless he hurried over to where the women was and plucked the light blue one from her arm (this got him a rewarding cheek kiss).

“Blindfold your partner and take your place behind them,” came the instruction. Even raised his brows at Isak and grinned.

“So, nothing new there,” he said as he turned his back to Isak who snorted at his words.

Magnus gave a high pitched “What?” at that which got ignored by the other three.

The next exercise was to guide your partner just with your voice through an obstacle course that the woman – Laura? God, he knew it had been something with L – placed on the ground in front of them.

While the woman talked on about how important it was to completely trust your partner for this Isak rested his hands on Even’s hips and his chin on Even’s shoulder. Even leaned into him a bit and tugged on one of Isak’s hands. He understood the gesture and wrapped his arms around Even’s middle.

When it was time to start Isak placed a quick kiss to the shoulder his chin had been resting on and untangled his arms from around him.

“Ok, go one step forward. For the record, we are talking about normal human-sized steps.” Even laughed and took a relatively moderate step forward.

“Don’t do any of your long spider steps.” This got Isak an offended scoff.

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Pairing: Sirius Black x Reader

Request:  Hi Its ok if you don’t see this but I have heard many stories of James always making Lily Evans mad by asking her out over and over and I was wondering if I could have an imagine where Sirius is always asking the reader out and she gets pissed at him and says no but finally one day she says yes because she realizes her feelings for him. Thank you so much and love your writings!

Warnings: None I believe, maybe some cursing

Author’s Notes: Thank you so much! You are so kind. I was really excited to write this request because the prompt really interested me. I’m sorry if this isn’t exactly what you want, but I tried my best to stay on prompt for you! I want to really apologize for not posting anything in so long. I have been super busy with school and work and I just have not had time to sit down and actually produce something that I am proud of enough to put out here on tumblr for everyone to read. That being said, I really want to get back into writing more so please send in requests for either Harry Potter or Supernatural!

Word Count: 1413

Request Here: x

The only thing that was getting you through revising for your upcoming OWLS was the fact that you knew if you went over your notes and you read enough, your grades would reflect the hard work you were putting. There was also a hint of competition between you and your long-time friend, Remus Lupin, though neither of you wanted to admit it.

You had been in the library for around five hours undisturbed as everyone else in the room was also studying for their exams. It was nice to be able to escape to a place of utter peace and quiet, seeing as you were usually surrounded by the loudness that comes along with Remus and his friends.

It wasn’t that you disliked the other Marauders, in fact you considered them to be your best friends. It was just at times, you felt so different than them. Apart from the fact that you had been sorted into the same house as the four boys, you did not think you had much in common with them. You often attributed that the result of your friendship with James, Peter, and Sirius was due to the fact that you and Remus had been friends long before you ever came to Hogwarts.

Nonetheless, those four boys were your absolute best friends and you knew they would do anything for you and that you would do anything for them, but sometimes you needed a break from the constant noise they carried along with them.

The silence in the library came to an end when the doors burst open, followed by two loud sets of laughter. Everyone in the library looked up from their books and notes to the direction of the distracting sounds, their faces distorted in annoyance. You knew right away who was causing the commotion and you only hoped that they would not notice you in the back corner or the room.

Though, you knew it was unrealistic and soon you found yourself waving to the four boys as they each took a seat at your table. Closing your books, you looked towards Remus, who only shot you an apologetic gaze before turning his head towards James who was discussing his new plan to get Lily to agree to go on a date with him.

You tried to look back at your notes, but you felt a pair of eyes on you, and you knew whom they belonged to. It clearly wasn’t Remus or James, as they were in deep conversation, and Peter usually listened to whatever James had to say. That left none other than Sirius Black. Peering up from your parchment, you caught his gaze and his mouth turned into a smirk.

“Well hello there Y/N”, the boy cooed, “might I say you look absolutely ravenous today?” He placed his hand in his palm, not diverting his eyes from you.

Rolling your eyes in annoyance you crossed your arms over your chest. “Ravenous? Did you have to have Moony teach you that word?” you teased.

Sirius dramatically placed his hand over his chest, “Darling that hurts! Why do you always have to be so mean to me?”

Your eyes softened and you placed your hand upon the one he still had on the table as a way of letting him know you were sorry and his face then shifted back into his usual over confident look. “So, Y/N, my dear, are you going to let me take you out on a date to Hogsmeade this weekend?”

Instantly you snapped your hand back and began gathering your things. This caused James’ and Remus’ conversation to come to a halt as they both shifted their attention to you. “Honestly Black,” you sneered through gritted teeth, “if I didn’t say yes to you the first one hundred times you asked me out what would make you think I would say yes to you now?” Your sudden outburst earned several different shushes from other students in the library, but you didn’t pay them any attention as you stormed out of the doors and up to the Astronomy Tower.

Remus must have known where you were headed because not long after you got yourself situated in the tower, with your notes spread out before you, a voice called out your name from behind you. Deciding to ignore him in hopes that he would go away, you kept your attention on your notes.

Remus shuffled his feet and took a seat next to you, not saying a word, but you knew his eyes were on you. Sighing in defeat you looked at your best friend who pulled you into a hug. Remus knew how you were feeling without you even having to say it, but still, you needed to get your frustration out.

“Honestly Moony! Who does Pads think he is? Yes we are friends but that doesn’t mean I owe him anything more than friendship! I know how he is with girls and I absolutely despise it!” You stood up and began pacing around the tower.

Remus nodded in agreement, “I know Y/N. Believe me we have had this conversation with him many times before.”

A groan escaped your lips. “I mean he acts as if he is some kind of GOD and that every girl in this school wants him! A part of me thinks he’s actually been through every female student in Hogwarts besides me and that is why he wants me so bad! I do not understand why some boys just cannot take no for an answer. You know me and Evans have become pretty close because we both have a daft boy from the Marauders chasing after us even though we have denied them again and again! No means no! Why is that so hard for Padfoot to get through his thick skull!” You balled up your fist and instinctively punched the grey stone wall and immediately you regretted your decision and slumped onto the ground, holding onto your hand.

Remus tsked and moved closer to you “Lemme see love,” he insisted taking your hand in his. “Aw Y/N why does this make you so angry?” He began muttering several healing spells and you felt the pain in your hand being slowly lifted away. “Y’know, he would not keep asking you like this if he didn’t really truly care about you right?” Remus mumbled. Your head shot up and you placed a hand on each side of your best friend’s face, forcing him to look at you.

“What did you say Moony?” you inquired, searching Remus’ face for any hint of information. He groaned and pulled away from you setting his head in his hands. “He’s gonna kill me for saying something, but you deserve to know.” Remus looked up at you. “You say Sirius is daft, Y/N, but did you ever think that dear old Pads really does have true feelings for you? Haven’t you noticed the way he looks at you? Godric, you are so oblivious it is actually scary” he chuckled.

“This isn’t funny Moony,” you warned folding your arms over your chest. “Sirius Black does not have true feelings for me. I think you must have forgotten that I am his friend, I know how he is with girls. They are like objects to him, he doesn’t give a damn about how they feel. I have seen countless numbers of girls crying because my friend used them and then just left them! You cannot truly expect me to believe that he is capable of any feelings other than lust.”

Remus shook his head and his eyes met yours, “there is honestly only one way he is going to stop asking you out Y/N. Just go on one date, it doesn’t have to be anything serious.” He laughed to himself at his own little pun, eliciting an eye roll from you. “But really, one date couldn’t hurt could it? Just think about it yeah? I have to go, James needs help studying for Potions.” Remus pulled you into a quick hug before descending down the stairs.

You stared out at all the stars and hated that you couldn’t even appreciate this view without thinking of Sirius. Perhaps Remus was right. If you agree to one date, and it doesn’t go well, which you know it won’t, Sirius would give up. Little did you know at this very moment Sirius was thanking Remus over and over for helping him get you to agree.

Okay, so I left this open for me to do a continuation of this story. I plan to do at least one more part, but there will probably be more! Please make sure to leave me feedback, I really do appreciate every ounce of feedback I get!

(For this here:https://space-orc-oddities.tumblr.com/post/162917963918/ok-so-like-aliens-reacting-to-cracking-joints-i and honestly, same. Cant crack my neck though but I can simple be stretching or whatever and just bones pop and they pop loud.))

Most of the humans were just waking up and most of them were in the kitchen, either fixing them some food or a cup of poi-coffee. (Also just a little note. I didnt know caffeincould kill ya. So even though I really shoulda just looked it up, thank yall for telling me lol) No one could ever get used to the fact that huans straight up drank poison to wake themselves up a bit. Apparently it can kill them but only a very large amount of it can. Jesse was the last of the humans to make it in the kitchen. He made him a bowl of cereal and a cup of coffee  and tehn sat down. He sipped the coffee and ate a few spoonfuls of his cereal.

And then he stretched. ANd there were just a bunch of loud cracking noises. The humans entirely ignored it. Some did grimace, some flinched but otherwise… they did nothing else! Everyone else was terrified for Jesse. No one wanted to lose him! He was one of the nicest humans on board!

Viavian’ak immediately ran to get a medic. Both quickly returned to see everyone, with the exception of the humans crowding a very confusedand groggy Jesse. Some humans were even laughing at him! How could they?!

“Guys….Guys!” Jesse said loudly to get the attention of everyone.”Stop crowding me, give me space, I need to wake up before dealing with all of this.”

“But the cracking-!”

“The cracking souds were little air bubbles in my bones popping. Im sorry for being snappy but leave me alone. Im not a morning person.”

Everyone immediately stopped crowding him. Some scurried away and some slowly backed away. And Jesse went back to his meal. ViaVian’ak hopes that xe’ll never hear another human pop the air bubbles in their bones ever again.

7 times they noticed. (3/7)

It’s time for sunshineTM, Hunk. Also, thanks to everyone who’s been reblogging/like this stuff! I’m really enjoying writing it.

Lance cursed under his breath as tears welled in his eyes again. Again. Why was this becoming a usual occurrence? He bit the inside of his cheek, willing his eyes to stop whatever it was they were deciding to do. It wasn’t even something big this time. It wasn’t Shiro bailing him out for goofing off, or Pidge dismissing his existence. It wasn’t even Keith insulting him as usual. It was just four words from Hunk.

“Are you okay buddy?”

It tore his insides, the way Hunk looked at him, the concerned frown, the twisted mouth. He felt strangely guilty as he sent Hunk his trademark smile, nodded and passed him, tears already spilling. He was an idiot to think Hunk wouldn’t notice; Hunk knew him way too well for that. He always could tell. Ever since they became friends, it was like Hunk had this crazy ‘people are upset’ Geiger counter. It was the source of a few - the only - conflicts they had has friends; if Lance ever hid anything from Hunk, or vice versa, there would be hell to pay.

So Lance walked down the corridor, praying to whatever weird space deity could hear him that Hunk wouldn’t chase him down and give him that bear hug that no matter what would cause Lance to spill out his problems. He really didn’t want to burden Hunk with his non-issues; it wasn’t like he was the only one experiencing homesickness, after all. He reached his room in what seemed like record time, and collapsed on his bed.

He wish he didn’t notice the door open. He did. He also noticed arms envelop him as his friend sat down beside him. Tears that had been held back leaked out once more as he pushed his face into Hunk’s shoulder.

“I’m sorry.” Lance’s said, his voice  muffled as his head remained buried in Hunk’s shoulder, tears dripping onto Hunk’s shirt.

“Okay. What are you sorry about?” Hunk’s voice was quiet. Lance cringed at the concerned tone.

“For - for not being good enough, for burdening you with my problems, for feeling like I’m the only one with issues when I’m not and it’s not even like I have issues anyway.” Lance looked up, meeting Hunk’s eyes for a moment and then looking away, unable to face the worry in his eyes.

“Buddy, you’re not being a burden. And hey?”


“You’ve literally done the same for me. I wasn’t being a burden then, well, that’s what you insisted.” Hunk said, smiling. Lance shook his head slowly in response.

“You can’t compare your situation with mine. It’s different.” Lance didn’t look into Hunk’s eyes as he spoke quietly, looking down. Hunk shrugged, inadvertently bumping Lance’s head, which caused Lance to let out an exhale of laughter. Hunk smiled.

“Yeah, but the outcome’s the same. Sadness. Sadness sucks, man.” Hunk raised his eyebrows, nodding emphatically as Lance rolled his eyes.

“Wow. Your words have eloquence like none other.” Lance’s lips curved upwards, slowly turning into a smile, his words tinged with heavy sarcasm. Hunk let out a short laugh.

“Wow. I didn’t know you knew what eloquence meant.” Hunk tried to speak with a serious face, but instead broke out into giggles. Lance punched Hunk’s arm lightly, feigning a glare before a smile lifted up his cheeks.

“Rude.” He humphed in a melodramatic fashion, before his smile faded. “I just - this is crazy right? We’re in space and…I’m just…” Lance gestured as to finish his sentence. Hunk raised his eyebrows, agreeing with a nod.

“We always dreamed of this, right? And it’s happening and its so much scarier than we ever thought it’d be.” He looked at Lance.

“Well, I’m happy you’re here. At least there’s a familiar face through it.” Lance smiled, and Hunk returned it with a beaming grin.

“Lance? Being sincere? What?” Lance rolled his eyes in response, once again punching Hunk’s shoulder.

“Shut up.” Lance grumbled, but Hunk ignored him, getting up and opening the door, proceeding to shout across the corridor.

“Hey guys! Come here quick! Lance is being sincere! I think it’s a bonding moment!” He turned around to smirk at Lance, who crinkled his nose in irritation.

“Seriously? Are you ever going to let that go?” Lance glared at Hunk who shrugged, closing the door again, lips twitching into a beaming smile.

“When you acknowledge it happened and you and Keith can work together without being dicks to each other.” Lance didn’t respond, instead merely pointedly staring at Hunk.

Then the door opened, and a certain mullet-clad paladin put his head round the door with confusion written across his face.

“Um…Hunk? Why were you shouting?”

Hunk burst out laughing as Keith looked on, his expression morphing from confusion to irritation and confusion.

“…okay…”  Keith said in hesitation, looking from the collapsed Hunk, laughing, to the Lance who was slowly curling on himself, appearing to try and sick into the mattress. Hunk opened his mouth to respond, but instead began laughing twice as loudly. Keith just stared and began slowly closing the door.

“Seriously dude? What was that?”  Lance glared at him, finally sitting up as  Hunk’s laughing began to subside to giggles. “You know he doesn’t like me back, right?” Lance looked down. Hunk stopped laughing.

“Maybe. I don’t know. But if you gave him a chance to actually get to know you?” He trailed off in sing-song voice. Lance frowned once more.

“No one wants to know me.” Tears dripped from his eyes, and Hunk’s smile vanished, once again engulfing Lance in a hug. “No one wants me.”

“That’s not true. I know you. I like you.” Hunk smiled.

“Thanks,” Lance sighed. “Seriously.”

“Dude I’ve dealt with you for a long while. You’re stuck with me. Can’t get rid of me.” Hunk tightened his hug around Lance, who let out a hesitant laugh.

“Thanks.” Lance closed his eyes. “Sorry.” Hunk patted Lance on the back. 

“Don’t apologise.”

“Sorry.” They both laughed weakly. Lance pried himself off of Hunk, smiling through watery eyes. “I think I’ll go train.” Lance rolled his eyes as Hunk smiled knowingly. “No, not because of that, Hunk you weirdo. I need to get better. I’m sick of being the worst.” Hunk opened his mouth to reply. “No, I am.”

Hunk sighed.

“Just, be careful. And don’t avoid me again, ok?” Hunk stared at Lance, brows furrowed, and Lance looked sheepish.

“Yeah.” Lance shook his head. “I think we’re both getting sentimental in our old age.”

“Lance you’re barely 17.” Hunk laughed. “See you around, Lance.” He ruffled Lance’s hair much to the boy’s frustration.

“See you.”

wow. was that? a less depressing entry? Yes it was. Just fyi I do tend to lean towards Klance (and pining Lance + Keith) but this could be romantic if you like. I don’t mind. And again, thanks to everyone responding to this!

Read the other parts:

(nb as of 5/4/17: Shiro, Pidge and Hunk are now up, the other ones will be done soon!)

(7/4/17: Coran is up!)

(17/4/17: Allura is now posted! Thanks for all the feedback!)

anonymous asked:

so you obviously ship katsuyu and I didn't even know there was such a ship (please forgive ignorance of kacchako shipper ^^") so I've got a question - what made you ship them? any specific moments in manga? cause your art kinda made me like them as pair so I want to know more about katsuyu :>

Hello! thank you very much for you kind words! ^-^)/

POST EDITED 10/05/2017 – 
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POST EDITED 22/08/2017     ch. 71 information added

edit 01: “Keep Reading” since the post is starting to be very long.
edit 02:  New hints. New wording.
edit 03:  High Katsuyu content, as much as spoilers if you are not updated.
edit 04:  Excuse my grammar, I’m trying to improve it
edit 05:  Anon, I’m truly sorry for turning your question into a Manifesto post TT

here we go then: 

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Mc Looking After Deaged RFA members + Saeran

So we’re ignoring Rika for this one
Just a random thought I had at 2 am and couldn’t get outa my head.
Assuming by some magic shenanigans, everyone in the RFA is suddenly like four to six years old and MC has to mom them until they figure out how to undo this

•Jumin and V would 100% be inseparable. Jumin will NOT talk (decently) to anyone who isn’t V. They’d be joint at the hip and just sort of babble in six year old Korean. If they were to find plastic flowers lying around, they’d attempt to make bff flower crowns probably.

•Jumin’s looks like a pathetic rose boomerang but DAMN V is greAt at this kid’s got art skills

•V’s actually v sweet and thoughtful even as a baby. He’d probably try to get you a glass of water when he notices how worn out you are by this baby sitting thing (except he’s like barely six and can’t reach the water dispenser much less the sink) so he just ends up staring at you with large teal eyes

• Totally loves when you give him attention bc his parents were inattentive af but he won’t bother you for it

• in general precious angel. Total good boy

• Jumin’s another story tho

• Hella hard to please. Won’t eat just anything

• Until the MC makes him pancakes and he’s like

• ??? am I in heaven??

• Is actually really really really clingy when MC starts growing on him

• Always wants you to pay attention to him and WILL badger you for it at all possible times

• But not with words cause the kiddo can’t express his needs well, even as a six year old. He’d just poke you. And stare. Possibly hold his arms out for you like “carry me you peasant ”

• jaehee is just adorable

• Even as a baby she’s incredibly smart

• she follows you around and gazes a lot. Very curious. Usually she’s that ones kid who asks all the what, how and why questions.

• She’d be extremely timid and reluctant to open up to you, but once she does; BOI IS SHE A CHATTERBOX

• She adores when you give her attention but tries not to show it. Cuddle her and kiss her cheek and she’ll be so happy she’ll internally melt.

• Saeran and Saeyoung, let’s say they’re around five- would be pretty much like Jumin and V. Pretty inseparable

• Except Saeyoung loves to wander around and pull the other kids’ hair and just mess with them in general

• More than once one of them will come crying because of something Saeyoung does

• But then Saeyoung gets really confused if you get mad at him because?? He was just being affectionate?? For real? How was he supposed to know squeezing them in THAT tight of a hug would hurt?

• Much like Jumin, he’s a little shit and honestly just wants you to give him attention. But he’s blab about it in an obnoxiously loud way, all like “NOTICE ME!”

• Constantly poking you

• Saeran is very very restless

• Kid walks fucking everywhere

• That’s OK tho because Saeyoung always follows him to make sure he doesn’t get locked up in the fridge accidentally (-again-)

• Saeyoung hugs him hardest of all

• Saeran probs has high pain tolerance because of that lmao (-I’m sorry don’t kill me-)

• Kind of intimdated by you tbh? Like he does want the cuddles and the kisses and he secretly needs the attention but Saeran’s also kind of anxious about it?

• Zen tho

• Zen thinks he’s the best kid of all

• Constantly tries to prove it

• Tries to break the child/mum relationship and be a caretaker along your side

• He’s six, for God’s sake. He can take care of himself and others!

• Total big bro figure

• Or tries to be. He always tries to seem like the comforting big guy who the other’s can look up to and come to for help in case you’re not here

• But then he’ll trip on something and scrape his knee and start crying until you pick him up and embrace him

• At which point he’d cling to you as if his life depends on it

• Oh boi let’s talk about yoosung why shan’t we

• Youngest baby. He’s like, four. And he’s the cutest little shit you’ve ever seen

• Wide violet eyes and cute chocolate coloured bangs and those pretty lil lashes

• He’s secretly a little shit tho, even more than Saeyoung

• Except he’s better at hiding it bc he will legit cry

• His tears make him look so vulnerable and innocent?? You can’t help but think he is

• Has totally eaten the last cookie but makes you think it’s Saeyoung who did it

• He LOVES your attention. Infact he gets kind of jealous when he sees you giving too much attention to anyone else.

• Keeps trying to trip V

• Doesn’t know why he just,, rlly doesn’t like V

• But when you look at him he looks like a total angel, so precious and pure and?? How could you be mad at him, like ever? And if you do, do you even have a heart??? It’s impossible.

♦ Team up? (Pt.1)

Originally posted by hardyness

Summary: In which the reader is a high schooler by day and vigilante by night, doing all that she can to help the residents of Queens. Then one day Spider-Man is helped out by an overly athletic civilian who happens to go to Midtown High. It is not long until Peter Parker starts putting two and two together.

♦Pairing: Tom Holland!Peter Parker / Spider-Man x Fem!Reader / Secret Vigilante
♦Genre: Adventure//Fluff?
Word Count: A lot? 
Warnings: None 

You had no idea what the hell hit the school but it infected literally everyone. Like Everyone. One second the Decathlon Team leaves for the Nationals then once they’re back suddenly everyone is infatuated with the Spider-Man. And why? Oh because he decided to do a backflip from the top of the Washington Monument on live television. 

You couldn’t help but scoff. 

‘Show off,’ you thought as you grudgingly slammed your locker shut. 

Just maybe - I said maybe - you were a little jealous that while you worked your ass off every night after curfew, juggling your teenage life, home work and being a vigilante (okay, on good nights, a superhero)  and this new guy who’s only been on the street for a year all of a sudden saves someone and he’s famous and everyone wants him to run for president. Jesus.

Not to mention he was such a rookie. Like his ‘techniques’ are really rough around the edges. (What? Of course you’ve been keeping tabs on the guy. It’s useful to know who’s patrolling your turf when you’re not around!)

You scoffed again as you remembered the day you spotted him stopping a guy from stealing a bike, then only to leave a note saying ‘Is this your bike? Do not steal.’

Whoever he is. He’s a dork.’ You concluded.

But still. It did bother you that your alter ego, who some idiot with a blog and a YouTube channel dubbed as ‘The Ninja Blur’ - you involuntarily rolled your eyes at that one - did not get as much recognition (or views) as the Spider-Man.

You sighed as you sat down at your desk in chemistry class, unpacking your books and opening them at the right page. Though deep down, you knew it’s not about the fame and the popularity. You don’t really mind that no one gives you credit for what you do because whether they do or not you will still do what it takes to make these streets safe at night. No matter what. 

And this Spider dude.

You frown at the thought of him.

He may not be so bad. After all if it weren’t for him, you may have lost your best friend, Liz forever. 

But still. It did bother you how advanced his suit was. Did he always have those web-wing things that they showed on TV?

You glanced at the clock. It showed 1.59 pm. 


The bell rang sonorously, as always, nearly splitting your head open. 

“Only 45 minutes to go.” You mumbled.

“And that’s how the -”

You didn’t hear the rest as it was a Friday and soon as the bell signalled for the end of class everyone evacuated, leaving the building as if it were on fire. Like literally someone forgot to take their bag. 

And before you knew it you were the only one in the room. 

Your teacher took off his glasses and rubbed his eyes.

“Thanks God it’s the weekend.” He said to himself.

“Sir, one upon hearing that would believe you aren’t fond of your profession.” You remarked as you packed your things.

He chuckled.

“Yeah, yeah. Never mind. Have a good weekend. Stay safe.” He added absent mindedly.

“Ok, I’ll try my best.” You called from the corridor. 

‘But no promises.’ 

The corridor was almost deserted and you ran towards the front doors when you felt a body slam into you from around the corner.


The impact wasn’t necessarily big but it hit your left side which was a victim of a mugger’s punch from last night and it still hurt like hell.

“Dammit.” You yelped as you rubbed your left side, your body bent.

“Oh my god, I’m so sorry!” You heard someone say as they put their hand on your arm. 

You looked up through your glasses, though the lenses were only glass with thin silver frames. 

The first rule of being a crime-fighter is don’t let anyone find out you are a crime fighter. So in order to throw all suspicion off you always wore glasses to school. It was true, they did make you seem a little bit softer and less intimidating perhaps, it blended in with your usual quiet but observant demeanour, your long sleeved t-shirts so when you wore your long hair in a loose plait, you looked more like a cute bookworm rather than a butt-kicking crime-fighter. In school at least. At home or when you were with your friends, you let more of your true self show. You often congratulated yourself on your disguise. It was perfect, and necessary. 

“Yeah,” you said as you straightened up, with a little effort, “I’m fine, Jeez, what’s your hurry, huh?”

It was a guy, in a grey, long sleeved shirt, with dark brown eyes and messy hair. You definitely seen him around before.

“Yeah, I am. And I’m sorry, it was my fault! Are you gonna be okay?” He rambled on.

“Yes, I’ll be fine don’t worry.” You waved him off.

You saw relief wash over his face. Then, it appeared as if he remembered something life-threateningly important, his calm expression changed to a panicked one and he dashed off again.

You stared after him, dumbfounded. Then, you shook your head and hurried out the front door.

All the way home you couldn’t shake the guy from your thoughts. He was definitely in your chemistry class. He always had an extra beaker on his desk which is why you remembered him. Then he’s in your technology class as well. And physics too, though he’s always on his laptop.

What was his name…what was his name…


(1) New Message: from Liz

Wanna chill at 4pm? Usual spot? 

You smiled.

To: Liz

Message: Hells yeah!  I’m bringing the coffee this time X

You tucked your phone into your pocket as you waited for the subway. Then it hit you.

“Peter.” You said, with your eyes wide with realisation. 

You clicked your fingers.

“His name is Peter Parker.” You said, feeling proud that you remembered.

“Who’s is?” asked some random guy who was waiting beside you.

“Eh, never mind.” You said, suddenly feeling self-concious. Then the subway pulled up.

So you and Liz have been friends since the crib and she was basically your best friend which meant that you had to lie to her every ten minutes of hanging out together in order to keep her safe and not expose your ‘extra curricular hobbies’ which often included a slight risk of internal bleeding or fatal injuries.

But hey, you’ve been doing it for two years now, so it was child’s play. And luckily you didn’t need to lie this time because you actually had a legitimate excuse for being late. You had to help Spider-Man. Yeah. She wouldn’t believe it either.

It just sort of happened. It was very stupid of you, exposing your athletic skills like that but you didn’t have time to change. 

You were casually being fifteen minutes late, running across town to your favourite coffee shop, exhaling your order to the girl at the counter, ignoring the look she was giving you when you suddenly heard a car tyres screeching, followed by a thunderous bang!

Your heart missed a beat as you dash outside along with a few others to check what’s going on. 

You noticed a black SUV jeep, its engine smoking and its front practically slammed against a post box. People are approaching to help but then the door on the driver’s seat flew off and a thug with a mask ran from the scene towards your direction, carrying a black duffle bag. He was followed by two others.

You notice a few hundred dollar bills being swept up by the wind from the crashed jeep.

You squint at them as you realise what’s happening.

A robbery.

Before you knew it one of them was almost beside you and it is then that you decide to round-house kick him in the jaw and while he’s stunned kick his feet from underneath him. 

He landed on his back. Hard. 

Another guy, who seemed more than willing to fight you barred his fist but you front flipped behind him, only to punch him in the nose when he turned around and knock him out.

Your knuckles hurt like hell but whatever. You’re used to it. The last guy had more wits as he decided  to run on while you sorted out the other two. But you easily stopped him but slinging your backpack after him, hitting him square on the back of the head and kicking him where the sun don’t shine after you caught up with him. His knees buckled and he tumbled on the pavement. Oh yeah, you ruled.

You thought you heard a Thwip - Thwip sound.

While he was groaning, people started to gather around you, giving you a round of applause and you silently cursed yourself for being so careless in public. You sheepishly shrugged your shoulders as you put on your shy girl facade. 

“I guess, the self-defence classes paid off?”

“Yeah, it looks like it. Thanks for the help, Miss.” Said Spidey as he landed in front of you and the robbers to web them up.  You noticed him taking a double take. Almost as like as if he recognised you…

‘Oh come on.’ You think, ‘Miss?! How cheesy is that?’

You crossed your hands without realising and you pouted at him. Angrily.

Suddenly everyone is cheered for him and started taking photos, patting his shoulders and you just stare in disbelief as people just pushed past you to get to him. 

Finally you threw your hands up in defeat and fought your way back to the coffee shop. You saw the girl pointing to the two cups on the counter. You took the lid of your coffee and took a sip. 

You rolled your eyes.

“Aw, great. The coffee’s cold,” You complained, “Miss, can I have the same again please?”

The girl noded and started to make another two cups. You glanced at your watch. You were an hour late.

Beep Beep

‘Oh boy, I’m dead.’ 

(1) New Message from Liz

Where are you? I thought you said 4pm was okay. Anyway, I’ve got to go. Rain check? Sowie.

You sighed and replied saying yeah.

You heard police sirens in the distance.

Just then the girl slid the two cups towards you. “That’ll be $21.99, please.”

“What?” You blurted out, “For four cups of coffee?” 

“Our prices changed. It says on the window.” She said as she pointed towards the front of the shop.

You frowned deeply. Of course they have.

Through the window you saw two police men dispersing the crowd and collecting the stolen money off the pavement.

Great. I save the day and what do I get? A praise from Spider-Man and a ridiculously pricey coffee bill. Stupid (Y/N). You and your morals.’ 

/author’s note/ Soooooooooooooo did you like it or nah ? Would you like me to continue? First fanfic posted on tumblr. Hope you like. Wanna be tagged? Drop me a message ♥  


Hello, love bugs! 

Dan x Reader 

warnings- swears, smut

Hi I was wondering if you could make a fanfic where you fall out with Dan (who’s like away somewhere) and he’s like spam texting you and you keep ignoring him, and then he turns up at your door and um… After argument sex!! Haha thanks, ly xoxoxo -anon

“I feel smothered by you. Can I not have one night where I go out with friends and not have you check up on me every five minutes? You’re not my mother Daniel.” Your fingers were quick on your phone as you texted your reply to Dan. You and Dan hadn’t seen each other for nearly a week since he had been gone seeing his parents. Normally you would be at home waiting to see him as soon as possible but it was your best friends birthday and you never get to go out and let your hair loose. Dan didn’t have a problem with you going out with friends. His problem was the picture he saw you post on Instagram of you in a risky type of outfit. Dan doesn’t like to share and he absolutely does not like the thought of a bunch of men looking at you or trying to hit on you.

Your phone beeped back the familiar tone you set only for texts from Dan. You almost didn’t want to read it. His words were probably dripping with sarcasm and sass even if it was only in text form. “You’re right Y/N I'm not your mother but I expect you not to go out like that.” 

“I thought that it doesn't matter what a girl wears. It’s her body and her choice and I don’t need to cater to a man’s opinion.’ Thankfully you were still in the cab going to the club with your friends. You may just go and give him a piece of your mind in person if you weren't already on your way to the party. This was the only thing Dan and yourself ever really fought about. He trusted you with his life. Dan’s problem was trusting everyone else. 

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Apology Post

To start, I would like to say that I am sorry for not posting an apology when everything blew up. I had intended to wake up and clear things up, but due to the amount of people who had gotten involved, I knew that any apology I made at the time would be driven by anger and spite, rather than a genuine apology, and that isn’t what I wanted. I know it wasn’t right, and that a lot of people were hurt that I left without saying anything, but I didn’t want the situation to escalate any further. I have taken a few days, and am posting an apology now that things have calmed down a bit.

I constantly tried to push blame away from myself when rbing sexualized pictures of minors, on the grounds of me being a csa survivor, being groomed into not being able to recognize what is and isn’t sexual. Regardless of if you choose to believe that or not, it was still inexcusable of me. My own experiences and trauma gives me no right to speak over others, especially minors, regarding this, now that I’m an adult. I will be much more mindful of what I reblog, and if I do continue to fuck up, I want you to get angry at me, I want aggression, because otherwise, I’ll never learn. This was a good experience for me, and I’m ready to seriously start working towards fixing myself. Tumblr has been, and still very much is, the only place I feel safe to run to as a trans girl, and as an abuse survivor, and I would never want to compromise the safety of that for younger people again.

With that said, I can’t imagine an uproar on this scale would have happened to just anybody. Even when it comes to other infamous users who were abusers, or racists, or sexual abusers, the harassment directed towards them was much more minimal, with arguably a lot more going against them. I think this needs to be a learning opportunity for all of us. Some people, even some who don’t like me, have been able to look at this situation, and say that, beyond the reblogged posts, it was mostly fueled by petty hatred and transmisogyny. I’ve seen many white people, non trans girls, who have similar temperaments, and reblog stuff of the same caliber, who get away with it. I don’t want to say that this happened solely because I’m a trans girl, because I know my critics hate the “transmisogyny” explanation, but all I ask is that you think of this situation critically, and think about why people were so much vitriolic and hateful towards me, when other people do the same thing and face minimal consequence. This is not me trying to excuse myself, or say that what I did was less than what people make it out to be, I just hope that this can hopefully teach others. I don’t want to downplay what I did, or try to use this as an excuse to get out of it, I just want it to be an example.

 I had seen a lot of people bring up my thoughts towards trans boys, acting like I’m hateful and vitriolic towards them, just because they’re trans boys, along with people saying I’ve claimed that “trans boys have cis male privilege”. This is far from the truth. The most I’ve ever said is that I think a lot of people excuse trans boys being misogynistic and transmisogynistic, just because they’re trans. I merely think that trans boys have male privilege in these online spaces, where everyones identity is respected for the most part, not even delving into real life situations, because that gets a lot more complicated. Someone had also told me there was an anon saying that I’ve claimed to be Native and Latina, or Native and Black. I’ve never said anything of the sort, and with zero evidence or elaboration on it, I think it’s just someone who saw an opportunity to start more drama, so they took it.

At the same time most of the stuff was going on, somebody also got into drama with my girlfriend over it “cheating” on it’s ex. At the time, Nowi was 17, and it’s partner was 20. Ignoring the predatory age gap, Kat would also pressure Nowi into sending nudes, despite Nowi still being underage. They had broken up by the time Nowi and I got together, and there is very little basis to get mad at Nowi over this.

In short, I’m prepared to, and am owning up to my actions. I had made minors feel unsafe in an environment composed of people mostly younger than them, and there is no excusing that. I do not expect, or demand, that people forgive me, this is solely for anyone who trusted me, and felt betrayed, so that they can have some peace of mind. I will be remaking to @icecavechant, and I don’t expect you to follow if you were uncomfortable with this whole situation, but the option is there. If you wish to actually talk about what happened, or there was something you were upset about that I didn’t address, you’re free to message me. But, if it’s obvious you’re just there to continue to harass, I’ll ignore it. I intend to better myself, and I want people to continue to keep a close eye on me to make sure I don’t make the same mistakes again. 

What Are We Waiting For

Request: can I request a Bucky/reader? one where the reader is apart of the Avengers but she’s like super shy and is like: high ponytail,wears glasses,always in her room reading) and one day she overhears the Avengers making a comment about her not being able to seduce a man on a mission? so the reader starts to act flirty and wear more revealing clothes. the Avengers know something’s wrong so Bucky confronts her? Thanks! Xx

Words: 1180

Warnings: None I don’t think

Sorry about not posting guys! Tumblr wouldn’t let me post for some reason but its all ok now x

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Friday night. It always would be the best night of the week since everyone would take the night off and missions would tend to be finished. To say it was a relief from the end of the week was an understatement. Alcohol would be poured, courtesy of Tony, and the craziest snacks would be shared around. The night always seemed to end up with someone eating chillies or drinking the worst vodka out there.

Did anyone mind? Not really.

Sliding on to the arm of the sofa, next to Natasha, you ushered over Tony bearing your drinks. Vodka martini. It was strong, yes, but boy did you need it. After all, what would a Friday night be without a bit of alcohol in it?

“So… Y/N,” started Natasha, smirking already. She had something up her sleeve, you could tell.  “Hm?” you turned to her, looking down at her grinning face.

“You and that guy on the mission; how did that go?” she laughed, you realising exactly what she meant. It wasn’t a big secret that the female avengers used their femininity to get where they needed to go. The biggest culprit to that was Natasha of course, but she was at least good at it.

It wasn’t that you were bad or you couldn’t be sexy but it wasn’t exactly down your alley. Natasha had tried to get you to be better but it never really seemed to work. After all, you weren’t a willing student.

“Well I completed the mission, didn’t I?” you answered sharply, sipping on your drink.

“That’s not what I asked,” smiled Natasha, knowing she had well and truly stitched you up. You glanced around the room, Steve, Bucky, Tony, Vision, Clint and Wanda all watching and listening closely.  “Well it’s not like I am going to get off with someone in the middle of a mission, Nat, unless that’s what you’re suggesting I do,” you replied, turning to walk to the bar to grab yourself another drink. “Pft, whatever,” sighed Natasha, clearly knowing you had given up on her. “I just was wondering if it was because you couldn’t lure him in, you know?” she cackled.

“Aha, alright whatever you say Natasha,” you laughed, giving up on arguing with her and just laughing it off. In the end, Natasha would always be your best friend, whether she had stitched you up or not.


Despite Natasha only joking about you, the words had seemed to have a mighty affect you. Were you really that bad at flirting? Could you flirt anyway?

Shifting through your wardrobe, hauling out multiple items, you glared over to sheer top. Did you really have to speak to be flirty? Sliding on the blouse, you buttoned up the top, leaving more than one button undone. Glaring at yourself in the mirror, you admired your look, finishing it off with sleek leather trousers and boot heels. You had left the top un done just enough so you could express some cleavage without showing your bra, and topping your lashes with mascara, you left your dorm.

The outfit didn’t necessarily make you feel more confident but as more and more compliments piled in, you were more than satisfied with your attire. With Natasha nodding over to you from the other side of the breakfast bar, you hurried her over, ready to talk.

“You look sexy!” she smiled, admired your ass from in the leather pants. Chuckling you turned to the fridge, taking out the milk. “Has Bucky seen it yet?” she smirked, clearly knowing your secret. If you had ever gotten this many compliments before you would have probably attempted to at least flirt with Bucky, but with the shy awkwardness of you dwelling over you persistently, you always chose against it. “Shh!” you hushed her. “And no, not yet. Do you think he should?” you asked, keeping the volume down so no one would hear. “Heck, yeah!” she beamed. “You look stunning and he is going to loose his mind when he sees you, especially since he likes you!” she chuckled, knowing it would get to you. “He doesn’t like me Natasha. Stop lying!” you laughed. When she didn’t reply, you turned round to look for her and it appeared to you she was looking down the hallway. You didn’t need to see who she was looking at. It was obvious.

Bucky was down there, accompanied with Steve.

“Have fun, hun!” she giggled before leaving you alone in the breakfast bar. Sighing, you packed away the milk, taking your cereal and heading for the sofa. As you strolled over, more confident in your heels, Bucky and Steve passed through to the breakfast bar, clearly grabbing their protein shakes.

As they huffed and pattered in the bar, you could hear their constant whispering and muttering below the sound of the drawers. Choosing to ignore them, trying to calm down your heart beat as Bucky remained in the room, you focused on the TV.

“Alright, you stay here, I’ll go to the apartment,” exclaimed Steve, leaving you alone Bucky which only panicked you more. “Alright,”

Digging into your cereal, you felt the sofa dip as Bucky huffed down next to you, clearly tired from work out. “So… you look super nice today,” he smiled, pulling a toothy grin as he downed his shake. “Thanks, I just thought I would do something a bit out there, you know?” you replied, turning to him.

“Well, there is nothing wrong with out there, but are you sure this isn’t because of last night?” he asked, clearly already sussing you out. “What do you mean? Of course not,” you answered, slightly panicking.

“Well, just so you know, you don’t have to dress like this to get guys. I know a lot of them like boobs and stuff but if you ever wanted a real guy, you would never have to dress like this. But of course, if you want to, then there is nothing stopping you,” he finished, turning to look at you intently. “Cos maybe you haven’t found the right guy yet,”

“Oh yeah?” you replied.

“Yeah, well I am sure there is someone super nice and lovely and you just haven’t realised it yet,” he added, making you weary. Was this him flirting or was this him shutting you down? Nothing made sense, it just seemed to confuse everything even more. “Yeah, I think I understand, I guess…” you answered, slightly awkward.

Sighing, Bucky sat up, facing you straight in the eye. It wasn’t intimidating but to say you were comfortable would be a lie. “I mean, I always wondered… no I just thought… ahhh, this is hard to say.” He spluttered, clearly getting flustered. “So if you haven’t met the right guy yet, what would you say if he was facing you, in front of you right now?” he finished, not daring to look you in the eyes. Smiling and blushing, you glanced away slightly, trying to bring yourself into reality. Did Bucky just ask you out?

“I would say what are we waiting for…”

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For as much as you all complain about no PoC batfam members you all sure ignore all the existing ones. It’s not like it’s just Damian and Dick, there is literally a plethora that you all just choose to ignore.

Even Cass, she’s slightly more popular than the others but she’s Asian. I never even noticed how much she was ignored until I saw a bunch of posts telling people not to ignore her.

But recently I noticed something else… Don’t ignore this, I’m calling ya’ll out.

Barbara Gordon is a strong, independent cripple, the fandom prefers her as a modern White Girl™. Not a white girl, not even a White™ girl, a White Girl™, (if Babs picked up one of those batgirl comics she would literally cringe). Pretty sure she was ignored before the new 52.

Dick Grayson is a quick-thinking Romani player (seriously, the majority of the nightwing series was spent in his bed) who honestly couldn’t give less of a shit about everyone else (depending on their situation) because his own life is a trash fire. Makes a bunch of mistakes. The fandom sees him as a dumb innocent white guy who wants nothing more than everyone to get along, has no life of his own, he is perfect.

Cassandra Cain is an Asian assassin, strong in every way,she can’t speak properly because she was never taught, she overcame literal hell! Butch af! Female batman! Literally! A tiny Bruce! More likely to be related to him than Damian! Fandom: hmm… IGNORED.

Stephanie Brown is a clumsy lil baby who screws up but manages to fix it anyway. She’s not as independent as the others, she needs help a lot but that’s ok. She overcame so much. She’s headstrong, she is a TRICKSTER, she isn’t perfect but she doesn’t need to be. Had a baby that she lost, faked her own death (she didn’t really die, it was faked w/ Leslie’s help.) she is so strong and amazing. Fandom: WAFFLES! WAFFLES! WAFFLES! EGGPLANT!

Damian Wayne is an intelligent mixed boy, raised by the LoA, but treated like a prince so he turned up a brat. He never had a normal childhood, he ended up being awkward around people like his dad, but instead of adopting orphans he adopts animals.
Fandom likes him, actually, constantly draws him white and says his mom abused him when maybe in some comics she did but in reality she would do anything for that boy. Sometimes they make him more sociable, more of an animal-hog than a rescuer, and don’t really show his struggles to make friends or fit in. Eh, he’s way better than the others.

Tim Drake and Jason Todd are smart, Jason is dumbed down and Tim is thought to be a coffee addict. Tim obviously has depression, I’m not sure what Jason has (need to check that superhero mental illness blog) but he’s not that bad. Jason doesn’t have as much of a temper as you all say he does, he was a good lil boy but, y'know, any reason to blame his own death on him. Tim has suffered so much loss, its ridiculous, he’s stressing himself with work and distraction, trying to solve every little problem by himself.
Also the fandom literally hopped onto the black hair train as soon as it landed. I haven’t seen a pic with his white hair in so long R.I.P. 😔 no diversity in Wayne Manor sorry, pal. All black hair only.

BRUCE. Bruce Wayne. The actual batman, the star of the show, is the world’s greatest detective who gets his wires crossed emotionally, he’s obviously mentally ill, complex in every way. He never sees himself as Bruce, more as Batman, Bruce is the mask while Batman is who he really is. He isn’t the best with his kids but he tries his best, fucks up a lot but has undying love for them. Would literally do anything for them. What say you, fandom? Rich playboy who is completely fine in the head. Batman and Bruce Wayne are one in the same uwu completely dumbass, knows nothing. Worst father.

Duke Thomas, Gavin King, Luke Fox, Lucius Fox (and his entire family), Onyx Adams, all black, all ignored. Doesn’t matter if some are dead, when Bruce is long gone we’re still going to love him. Duke is more popular than the others, probably because the fandom keeps telling people they’ll punch them in the face if they don’t like him. (Lucius was the first black member, Gavin was the first black Gotham vigilante was the first one, actually, not Duke. It should be obvious he isn’t the first, too, because Luke Fox is literally in so many issue of the current Detective Comics 🙃)

Harper Row? Bisexual! Colored hair! Honestly don’t know her that well but I love her anyway and want to give her the official Bi jacket. Fandom?

Jean-Paul Valley. He’s still there, too, btw, literal cinnamon roll, Cass’s bff (you guys always pair her with the girls for some reason?), catholic, fights demons (internal and external) everyday. Ignored.

Kate Kane, gay woman, from the army, overall badass, Jewish from a (guessing) Christian or atheist family. Fandom? Ignored. Renee Montoya is her cop gf. Ignored as well. So is Maggie Sawyer (in the comics, that is, supergirl boosted her).
And Bette? Honestly I don’t know anything about her but from what I hear and saw she would probably be the perfect candidate for you’re parade. Strange, she must have a “malfunction”.

Helena fucking Bertinelli! Italian! Recently black! Hopefully recently mixed! Catholic! Daughter of a crime boss! Bad to the f-ing ass! Independent! Fandom? Never heard of her!
Helena Wayne? White girl? Yeah, let’s have her. Literally more popular than Bertinelli in the Batfam fandom.

Sasha Bordeaux, secret service agent! Bodyguard! I’m quite not sure what race she is but she doesn’t look white. Short hair, badass woman, probably gay. You know what the fandom said? Ignored.

Julia Pennyworth, spy, ALFRED’S DAUGHTER, recently mixed (half black). BadASS. Probably gay too. Strong, could probably throw me into the sun. She isn’t even new, she was there for the longest freaking time. In fact, she was one of Bruce’s lovers. Ignored. By the way, you all keep ignoring that Alfie served in a war. :) is a VETERAN. Can damn well handle himself.

David Zavimbe was African, the first batman inc. member to get a comic! Do you know who that is? Of course not.

All the ignored ones can’t be warped into nice white people, while the others are warped as much as they can. I can’t believe I was actually gonna make a post about how everyone should chill about ignoring Duke because he’s so new. No, spam darn the tag with pictures of the beefy good boy.

The batfam is extremely diverse, diversity isn’t just race, it’s gender, sexuality, its physical and mental disabilities, it’s height, it’s religion, it’s personality, it’s looks. And the fandom erases that.

I wasn’t all that invested in these other characters because when I got into the fandom I thought they didn’t really matter, maybe they were lame, maybe I’d make a few headcanons but I’d rather tread on what the fandom goes by because they’ve been here for agesss!

Now? I’m judging the fandom. Not all of you, some of you are precious as heck. Some of you fight this absolute bull (Fox fam blog? David Zavimbe blog? Arab Dami blog? Helena batfam blog? Ya’ll rock.) and some of you just jumped into group mentality. The others can suck a Grayson.

Standing up for her

Request: hiya love can you do a imagine where y/n is in the fencing team , y/n would be walking in the hallway with her uniform and saber (a certain sword they use in fencing ) and y/n sees Hannah getting bullied by the guys like sexual harassment and out of no where y/n pulls out her saber and just says something really badass leaving everyone speechless and leaving Hannah being bestfriends with y/n . Y/n teaching clay and Hannah to fence the next day.

Words: 1001

Warnings:  swearing and catcalls.

A/N: Hello lovelies! Thank you for sending in requests. To the people who sent in asks for imagines requests, I see them and I’ve added them to my list. I feel self conscious in posting my works here but I see your comments and I just feel so grateful and motivated by it so thank you so much! Also, I’m still taking imagines request but it might take some time posting them because I’m working through other requests please bear with me! Lastly, I’m not sure if this is badass enough, but anywayI had fun writing this. I hope you like it! Im sorry i suck at titles

Originally posted by greyingshepherd

It’s only the third period of the day and honestly, you couldn’t wait for this day to be over and vent your frustration in fencing. Since this morning, everyone has been buzzing about the childish list of who’s hot and not. It swiftly circulated among students, especially with people posting it on their snapchats and instagram stories. The thought of walking through the halls was revolting as numerous catcalls have been thrown at you ever since people saw the list. Ridiculously, some people genuinely believes it was a good thing to be labeled as ‘best tits’. Sighing, you walked close to the lockers trying to avoid further encounters before you finally give in to the urge to smack someone in the face.

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I’m not really sure what to say

I’m sorry that some of you feel Emmerdale is slighting you somehow. That is a terrible feeling. I can relate to that. I don’t agree or at least don’t see it that way but it does suck if that’s how it feels. Cause you should always be heard.

Maybe it’s an experience thing? Maybe everyone imagines that every show is marginalizing us. I don’t think that’s the case but I also don’t think anything they could do aside from breaking all the pre-watershed rules would go much further to change that. 

This show has done amazing things with all their LGBTQ characters over the years but especially Aaron and Robert. Aaron is great product of that. They’ve legitimized bisexuality with a main CORE character and continue to show what bi-phobia can look like and fight against it. 

For me the difference with Emmerdale and other soaps who have gay characters is so striking. I was deep in a ship of a US soap gay couple. At the time it was groundbreaking (this wasn’t that long ago to be honest) and it was exciting for so many of us in that fandom. We had 2 kisses…

….and then nothing, some hugs, a little handholding, one mistletoe kiss THAT WAS PANNED away from so it was IMPLIED rather than seen. 

For over 8 months. Nothing. Once they did kiss, it was a bit easier but then it took a total of 2 YEARS for this couple to have sex. TWO YEARS. And we didn’t see anything at all. 

They moved in together at some point but we were told…not shown. There were a bunch of obstacles that made no sense thrown in the way. Then it ended with them not even together. 

But I could have gotten over that if they had been treated as part of the actual show. They were isolated for the most part, had almost no real interaction with other characters (well one had a bit more than the other but not really all that much) and they didn’t feel like they were a part of the show. They had good emotional depth because the actors were fantastic but – yeah. That was ignorance and fear at work. 

Currently there are several gay couple/characters on US and UK soaps but they have no story (don’t talk to the DAYS fans who are being screwed over right now). Hollyoaks has probably one of the most physical but the writing and stories for them are abysmal and they have no depth as a couple while their other couple has potential but it’s being squandered. Corrie is a little boring to be fair and aren’t front burner. Let’s not even talk about East Enders and Ben, ok? 

I look at them and then I look at Emmerdale. I am astounded. Because they are not marginalizing Robert or Aaron. They don’t stick them in a corner and pull them out when they want to show us “the gay couple.” That’s the thing..they aren’t spotlighted to be that. They are shown to be a COUPLE in love. They have actual jobs they go to (sometimes), they interact with other stories and characters, they have family, they have friends (well, they have at least one friend). They have ENTIRE PRESS JUNKETS AND SPECIAL EPISODES revolved around them. The writers take care so much to write them. I’m sorry but they do. Maxine and Isobel and Jane in particular are amazing with characterization. 

Could it be better? Always. I think everything has room for improvement. I want to hurry their timeline on how they are integrating Robert more and more as they have fleshed him out (but that’s a completely different post, ask me about that later. :)) 

I just – I don’t think that Aaron is being written in the way he is being written because they want to not show a gay couple being intimate. Aaron is being written the way he is because Aaron has ISSUES with intimacy. Always has. He has NEVER been an outwardly physical or emotional character. He rarely let’s anyone outside family and Robert touch him and EVEN then he is hesitant with them. That is who Aaron is. It’s partly his past experiences, his own insecurities and to be honest, his and Robert’s very recent past issues. Aaron has let Robert in more than I think anyone else and that is something important the writers have done.  Robert, oth, is the most tactile character. He shows how he feels way easier. I think for him being physical was his go to when he wanted something or someone. It’s the emotional side of Robert that has needed tending to. And it has gotten that. In recent weeks, we’ve seen more and more sides to Robert, more fleshing out, more thoughts and feelings.

What they have done right is tell this love story between this two damaged men very well and quite truthfully. They haven’t backed down from doing that though. They are leaps and bounds ahead of so many others. And they keep trying. 

I’ve been on the other side of this fence. I’ve been in that writer room watching them try to figure out a way to tell their story effectively while having to listen to network interference. I know how writers are, how much they can care and how much they sometimes don’t. This bunch of writers on this tiny show care so damn much about these characters and their fans. It’s a blessing because many many do not. 

Maybe it’s those experiences that don’t let me see where some of you are coming from. I’m sorry for that. I hope that somehow it gets better and that you can find enjoyment. I hope that you one day find a show who you believe is hearing you and speaks for you. 

I hear you though and I am crossing my fingers and I love you very much.