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Self Diagnosis Misconceptions
  • How anti-self dxers think I self dxed:
  • Me: *reads post about disorder and mildly relates to half a sentence of it* sounds edgy *loudly screams from the rooftops that I Definitely Have The Disorder*
  • How I actually self dxed: (note that this takes place over a period of multiple months)
  • Me: *reads post about disorder* wow I really relate to this but I don't have that disorder so I'll just ignore it.
  • Me: *reads and relates to many more posts about that disorder* ok, I should probably look into this more.
  • Me: *looks up official diagnostic criteria for the disorder* huh, I guess I don't have it.
  • Me: *reads and relates to more posts about the disorder* hmm… this is kinda weird…
  • Me: *looks up the diagnostic criteria again, this time recalling past incidences of symptoms* wait I… actually do enough of these symptoms to get I diagnosis… how did I not realize this the first time…?
  • Me, weeks later: but what if I actually don't?
  • Me: *looks at the diagnostic criteria again, remembering even more past symptoms* ok I most likely really do have this disorder.
  • Me again: but what if I really don't
  • Me: *takes at least half a dozen online tests based off the official diagnostic criteria*
  • Literally every test: You might/probably/definitely have moderate/severe (disorder). You need to see a mental health professional.
  • Me: ok, the evidence so far suggests I have this disorder
  • Me, forever questioning my own perceptions: ok but what if I don't



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Somebody I Can Kiss

Sherlock burst into the lab, charging over to where Molly was working. She glanced up briefly, but then returned her safety glasses shielded gaze back to the biopsy she was working with. 

“Oh, hi. Is there something-”

“I think you should realize that in all reality I am not as impressive I sometimes act,” he fired off a bit breathlessly.

Molly straightened up and frowned. “Pardon?”

“Look, Molly…” He took a deep breath and blew it out slowly. “I explained this to John many years ago and I’ll explain it to you as well…I am no hero. I’m not superhuman or invincible, despite the way I may behave at times. But you, you are…remarkable.”

Molly slowly removed her glasses, eyes staying riveted to his.

“You are brave and selfless to a fault. You care about others and their feelings and wellbeing so very deeply, and would go to amazing lengths to help them. The way you live your life and treat others…” He paused, slowly shaking his head in quiet awe. “It makes you deserving of a very special sort of life…with…someone.”

She swallowed thickly while pulling her gloves off.

“A-and despite how I may…feel,” he said, appearing to taste the new words in his mouth with nervous curiosity. “I am afraid that perhaps I may not be- that is, for you I may not be enough of-”

“Sherlock,” Molly jumped in quickly. “I think I’ll stop you right there.”

He paused, raising a brow in question.

She smiled, quickly putting away what she had been working on. “I’ve got to get a report to a doctor upstairs, so maybe you can give me a few minutes and wait here?”

The corners of his delicious lips turned downward and he looked rather adorably injured at what must have seemed to him like disinterest, or perhaps even agreement with his concerns. Molly reached in her lab coat pocket though, before leaving, and handed him her phone and earbuds. 

“Here,” she said while tapping the screen a few times. “Put these in and press play. And when I come back maybe you’ll have a clearer idea of where I stand on this issue.”

Sherlock took the device hesitantly but nodded in agreement, putting the earbuds in place. He hit play and she smiled at him before walking out the door.

Molly came back into the lab about five minutes later to see Sherlock greet her with a soft smile. She crossed the room to him slowly and accepted his return of her phone and earbuds.

“So…what did you think of the song?” 

Sherlock gazed affectionately into her eyes, answering her in a low whisper. “Do you mean it?”

Molly nodded, smiled, and draped her arms around his neck. “I don’t want a hero or a fairytale or anything that’s out of the ordinary. This is enough- you are enough. You always have been. I don’t care how much you believe you fall short, because it doesn’t change how I feel about you. And what’s more, I know exactly what I want.”

“Something just like this?” Sherlock asked with a little smirk as he slid his hands around her waist.

Molly grinned. “Nice listening comprehension, detective. So, if you’re so smart, according to the song,” she went on softly, tugging him down a bit. “What else do I want?”

Sherlock feigned a thoughtful expression as he eyes her lips and bent further forward. “It seems…the very same thing that I do,” he whispered.

As their lips met and they became blissfully wrapped up in each other, they both finally felt like things were as they should be. Which didn’t mean it was a fairytale, no. It was far more simply and ordinary than all that. But they did each have something they wanted- someone they wanted. 

They had each other. 

ok real talk there’s a huge problem with the way fandom treats discussion of harry’s ptsd. my recent post about various characters helping him manage it post-war was derailed several times by people complaining ‘but c’mon there’s no way he was the ONLY one with ptsd’ and ‘but what about all the others!!! what about harry helping THEM out!! can’t they all help each OTHER!!! let’s talk about that!’ and it’s not only annoying and distracting but also false.

it’s extremely frustrating because i think, in the same way many people believe depression = being sad, a lot of fans are confusing ptsd with ‘having normal issues after trauma.’ and look i’m not the headcanon police okay? you think ginny might have developed it after the war? cool. you have a character that you identify with that you’d like to believe might have struggled with it? awesome. but let’s get something straight: post-traumatic stress disorder is a very real anxiety-based mental illness with specific diagnostic criteria and there is canonical evidence that harry dealt with it.

facing trauma is common, having ptsd as a result is incredibly uncommon; statistically speaking, there is only a 7-8% chance of a person developing it, according to studies based on the us population. of course the weasleys and hagrid and everyone else had issues after the battle. of course they all had stuff to process. the war was shitty for everybody. but ptsd is what happens when the mind, instead of following a relatively typical path through recovery from trauma, gets stuck in a cycle of anxiety that makes it very difficult to move on from that trauma.

it’s highly likely that the prolonged neglect and abuse harry suffered as a child, if not in fact causing a form of ptsd itself, effectively re-wired his stress and panic responses (being abused as a child can prime certain people to develop ptsd). by the time harry gets to hogwarts there’s evidence that he’s probably already dealing with depression and ptsd (trouble eating/sleeping, nightmares, trouble focusing, anger, obsessive and reckless behavior, etc). add to that everything that happens to him throughout his years at school (constantly being in life-threatening situations, being severely injured and attacked emotionally and physically, not only experiencing but personally witnessing the deaths of friends and loved ones) and it would practically be a miracle if he wasn’t suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. and the fact that people feel the need to take a post that talks about a character’s friends and family helping him through the difficulties of his mental illness and turn it into a discussion about how instead maybe HE should focus on THEM is frankly disgusting???

tl;dr harry potter’s battle with ptsd and depression is incredibly important & he doesn’t have time for ur bullshit lmao bye

i’m not saying anything but i am saying that personally i don’t blame dan and phil for hiding their (probable) relationship from the world 

Apparently, you guys think every chapter with a cliffhanger is the ending for this story. Do you really think me that cruel? Actually, don’t answer that. I know for a fact that I love writing tragic endings. However don’t worry this one will make you all happy again. I owe apologies to @arabella-loves-coffee, @gilgamesh-in-a-dress, and @vastudent3 for the heartache I apparently caused (especially you Cat, sorry about the make-up). But otherwise, enjoy!

Prompt: OMG, please tell me" I “didn’t died! And Loki stood there for "me” and actually confront his feelings and trying to accept them… Ok that’s it, I love you despite the fact you broke my heart…

Holy crap, that Plague fic was literally the best MCU thing I have read in a long long time! I just wanted you to know!


Plague (Part 8)

Part 7

You didn’t know what death was supposed to feel like. All the songs and movies say that it’s peaceful and calm, like falling asleep, but you were certain that you shouldn’t be conscious enough to contemplate it.

The bright white had become a sudden dark. White was now black and the sky was no longer singing. Instead you heard a faint dripping – blip… blip… blip… – accompanied by a crackling that seemed to echo and resonate around you. In a surge of courage and hope, you peeled your eyes apart and stared upwards. The ceiling was grey and brown all at once, contoured in the strangest of ways and decorated with moving shadows, black creatures that scurried across the russet landscape. They were rocks. The ceiling was made of rocks. A cave?

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Kuusi Palaa (Sebastian Aho)

Prompt: Anything with Sebastian aho please!

Sebastian Aho x Reader

Requested: yes!

Includes: trying to learn a new language

note: hey! so i decided to make it about Sebastian trying to teach you Finnish! sorry it took so long, ive been held up with exams! also this was really fun to write because im actually trying to learn finnish so i just took what ive learned so far! please correct anything wrong and if anyone wants to give me some finnish learning tips, please do!!

Originally posted by faulker

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anonymous asked:

Hi! I just wonder what you think about Anton Chekhov. I mean, is he your favorite writer or something like that, and why did you choose this nickname if not? Thanks.

My username was actually not originally from the author Anton Chekhov, strangely enough. I have read a few short works by him? It was a long time ago. I don’t dislike his writing style or anything. But he’s not the reason I picked the name. 

Originally, I used a completely different online moniker. But when I got to tumblr, I felt it was time for a change. I didn’t have any useable nicknames at the time but some of my friends, who were all into Star Trek at the time (well, ok, one of them was VERY into Star Trek) all had assigned Star Trek nicknames - Kirk, Spock, etc. I was dubbed Chekhov because (you guessed it) I’m Russian. Also maybe because I’m really good at directions? (That’s my hope, anyway, but I think it was mostly because I was Russian.)

I even used to own an imitation star trek uniform.

(this drawing is…. 4 years old.)

I figured Chekhov was cool and simple enough and made it my online name. Actually, at first it was chekhovandowl - but eventually, as people referred to me as Chekhov for my 4 years of tumblr - I decided to drop the owl and just make Chekhov my online label. It’s what I’m known for most at the moment.  

 Strangely enough, I am now amused when people credit my work, because it ends up often being credited as “Chekhov’s Rose Quartz” or something, which kinda makes it sound somewhat ominous - why was the Rose Quartz mentioned? Will she be important later on? Haha

Auston Matthews - Part 10

Sorry I haven’t posted in a few days, made this one a bit longer to try and make up for it. 

Alex POV

               “Dress all set?” Mom asks Y/N the moment she and Auston walk through the front door.

               Y/N’s cheeks turn a faint pink and I notice she avoids my mom’s gaze when she answers.

               “Oh yes, everything went great,” her voice a little shaky as she mumbles her reply, if mom notices she doesn’t say anything and launches into questions about the wedding that Y/N is the maid of honor in.

               I narrow my eyes at Y/N trying to get her to look at me so I can read her face better when Auston steps in between us, effectively hiding Y/N from sight.

               “So what did you get, Auston,” Breyana asks from her seat beside me.

               Auston stares at the table as he takes his seat across from her.

               “Nothing,” he mutters and he too is avoiding eye contact with anyone.

               “You didn’t have time?” Breyana presses, oblivious to the way he’s acting.

               “Right,” Auston replies and jumps back up out of his seat to help mom, clearly over talking to Breyana.

               Something happened.

               I nudge Breyana in the side to get her attention.

               “I think something went down between those two,” I whisper, dad is sitting on just the other side of Breyana but his attention is elsewhere.

               “What do you mean?” She asks, her eyes darting between Y/N and Auston.

               “Look how neither of them will look at mom or even at us,” I say, and even as the words leave my mouth I realize I’m overreacting, they have known each other just over twenty-four hours. Breyana and I didn’t expect our plan to go through in less than twenty-four hours.

               “I wouldn’t look too into it Alex, Y/N is worked up about tomorrow and Auston is usually grumpy,” she says, her tone bored.

               “Well, just watch them tonight, see if anything has changed.”

               Breyana just rolls her eyes and turns her attention to her phone.

               I can’t help but continue to watch as Y/N and Auston help my mom bring everything to the table, something has definitely changed, they seem more comfortable around each other and for the first time since we picked Y/N and told her where we were staying, she looks relaxed.

               Within a few minutes she’s back to talking and laughing with mom and the rest of us, Auston too. Although mom sits between them at the table I notice Auston glance at Y/N a few times, seemingly fascinated with every word that comes out of her mouth.

               Y/N seems oblivious to it, but she too hangs on to every word that Auston has to say. I realize I’ve been staring at Y/N when suddenly her eyes lock onto mine and she quirks an eyebrow at me.

               “Do I have something on my face, Alex?” She asks me playfully, a smile pulling at the corners of her mouth.

               “No, you just seem very happy tonight,” I pause, “I’m sorry I haven’t been more interested in helping you for tomorrow.”

               Y/N just smiles and reaches across the table to squeeze my hand.

               “You’ve been supportive without even realizing it, Alex. I would have gone insane today if I had been back home with no one to distract me. Your mom was right this morning, I’m prepared…” she pulls her hand back and settles back down in her seat. “You believe in me and that’s the most important thing.”  

Your POV

                For the first time in a month, the sinking feeling in my stomach wasn’t there at the mention of my meeting. Instead, I feel a strange new confidence and I can’t help but think that being here with the Matthews has something to do with it. They give me support, not that my parents don’t, but being here with them is calming, they fully believe in me and they show it.  

               However, despite that confidence, I can’t seem to fall asleep once I go to bed. While Alex and Breyana are softly breathing beside me, I’m tossing and turning over and over again for an hour before I give up on sleep altogether. I get up and move to the chair across the living room. When I open my Instagram I see there’s a follow request in my notifications. I stare for a moment at the request; Auston_matthews. I contemplate for a moment before accepting.

               I start scrolling through my feed when my phone buzzes with a text message from a number I don’t have saved.

               Aren’t u going to follow back?

               I frown at the message, thoroughly confused as to how he got my number and then I remember him holding onto my phone while I went and changed at the boutique earlier.


               I send back, almost instantly getting a response.

               Harsh considering ur sleeping on my couch.

               I roll my eyes and type out my reply.

               I’m not sleeping on your couch right now and I already follow you.

               I hit send and then type out another word.


               Alex moves on the pull out next to me and I freeze, like I’m about to be caught doing something I shouldn’t be. Which is probably true. She sighs in her sleep and a moment later goes still again. I glance back down at my phone and see a message waiting.

               First of all, uncalled for and second of all, why aren’t u sleeping?

               Because I can’t fall asleep and it was very called for.

               Bed not comfortable?

               No, its fine, I’m just too excited for tomorrow I guess. Why aren’t you sleeping?

               It’s not my bedtime yet.


               U can come in here if u want

               My stomach does a backflip and I want to bolt out of my chair. I sit there a moment actually considering it before I mentally slap myself. It was enough of a close call in the car on the way home, and it was something that I was still very confused about. Reluctantly I type my response.

               That’s ok, I should probably stay out there. What would your mother think???

               The three little bubbles pop up as he types a reply.

               Always using my mother as an excuse

               I can’t help but smile as I read his message.

               Goodnight, Auston. P.S. only the second time I’ve used her as an excuse.

               Two times too many. Goodnight, Y/N.

               I drop my phone down onto my lap and stare out the window beside me. Only I’m not thinking about the stars or tomorrow, I’m thinking about the boy on the other side of the wall just a few feet away and the fact that my heart has been pounding in my chest since I first saw the follow notification.

               Quietly, I stand and make my way over to the door where my coat hangs and pull it on along with my shoes before making my way back over to the slider in the living room that leads out onto a small balcony. I bundle myself up and sit on one of the chairs, thankful that it’s above freezing outside for once. I lean my arms on the railing and tilt my head to the sky, desperate to get Auston out of my head.

               My plan seems to work, I start naming everything I can find in the sky and where it originated from and the many myths and legends about that particular star or constellation. Halfway through the story of Cassiopeia I feel a prickle on my neck and get the feeling someone is watching me. I glance over my shoulder into the apartment and I can see Alex and Breyana asleep from the faint glow from the candle on the dining room table. I look across the street to where another apartment building rests and scan the windows facing me, not seeing any movement or person.

               I am just about to go back to my story when I hear the slider open behind me and I whip around, startled.

               “Whoa, just me!” Auston whispers, putting his hands up in front of him.

               I let out a relieved sigh and turn back away from him.

               “I thought you were going to bed,” I say, slightly annoyed to have him out here with me considering I just got him out of my head for more than ten minutes.

               “I thought the same thing about you, I was just getting a glass of water when I saw you sitting out here in the cold,” Auston huffs back at me while sliding the door closed behind him, pulling his hood up on his sweatshirt. I’m just glad he’s not wearing that stupid hat again.

               “It’s not that cold,” I mutter, but at the same time I’m starting to lose the feeling in my fingers as they sit on the railing.

               Auston doesn’t reply as he joins be at the railing and leans against it. I try to ignore the proximity of his body and move slightly away from him

               “So, what are you doing out here. Besides freezing your ass off?”

               “My ass is just fine and like I said earlier, I can’t sleep so mind as well spend the night with the stars,” I reply and lock onto the North Star again.

               “This is how you relax isn’t it?” Auston asks, looking over at me.

               “Yes, I suppose it is,” I admit and refuse to meet his eyes.

               “I can see that,” he says and I don’t reply.

               “If I said any star or constellation, would you be able to find it?” He continues.


               Auston thinks a moment and I wonder if he even knows any star name besides the Sun.

               “My birthday is in September, so Virgo, can you find that?”

               “Well, Virgo is known as a spring constellation, so while you might be able to see a few stars that make up Virgo all year round, you can’t really see the shape in the sky right now in January. Possibly if we were someplace with no city lights limiting our view.” I answer and I point in the direction of Spica, the brightest star of Virgo. “Right now, all you can see is Spica, and even that is a little hard to find right now.”

               “How did you get into Astronomy in the first place? I haven’t ever met anyone that has showed any interest in it before.” Auston says, looking back down at me and this time I meet his eyes and see genuine curiosity.

               I smile as I reply, “My dad, he was very into Astronomy when he was little, although he never pursued it, obviously going into pro-scouting instead. But when I was little, he would take me outside in the summer and we would spend hours laying in the lawn and just looking. We would make up stories and the next morning we would go to the library and check out every book we possibly could about anything to remotely do with the night sky. I became even more obsessed with it after I watched Aladdin,” I pause at this and glance at Auston again, who raises his eyebrows slightly.

               “Aladdin?” He asks.

               “Well, more so heard a song in Aladdin,” I shift next to him, slightly embarrassed for even bringing it up.

               “What song?”

               “A Whole New World,” I answer and look away quickly.

               He’s quiet for a moment and I think he’s trying to remember the song. I can’t help but fidget next to him, thoroughly mortified that I told him that. He cocks his head at me, still clearly confused.

               I take a deep breath and very quietly start singing the song that made me realize what I wanted to be when I grew up.

               “….. Let me share this whole new world with you….” I finish off and take a breath, unbelievably mortified. “It know it sounds stupid, but it just… Stuck with me I guess,” I mutter, feeling like I have to defend myself somehow. “The part about a new point a view was when I fell in love. Sometimes I feel like that what people need some times, a new perspective. The stars give me that, it’s an entire new world up there while I’m stuck down here.”

               I finally look at Auston who has been silent as I babbled on, he’s giving me that pretty boy smile again and everything south of my belly clenches.

               “You love it,” he says through his smile.

               “Well obviously I love it,” I say and gesture to the sky. “Why else would I plan my life around something that I can barely see?”

               Auston laughs and nods his head. “True, although I do love hockey, I would never sing about it in front of a pretty girl.”

               I blush and roll my eyes. “It’s more awkward to say that words normally than it is to sing them. Besides, if you ever tell anyone, I know exactly where you sleep and if I asked Mrs. Matthews, I’m sure she would give a key.”

               “That I’m positive she would, but I don’t think you’d come into my bedroom to murder me.”

               “No?” I ask.

               “Too messy and everyone would know it was you. You seem like the type of person who would plan out a murder so perfectly that you would never get caught,” Auston grins at me and I can’t help but laugh.

               “Alex told you about my compulsive planning and preparing?”

               “In vivid detail.”

               I shake my head and look to the sky again although I can still feel Auston’s eyes on my face.

               “You’ll do great tomorrow Y/N,” he says gently and puts his hand over mine on the railing, warmth spreads through my like wildfire.

               I don’t say anything but give him a soft smile of thanks, he leans down and for a brief moment I think he’s going to kiss my lips but at the last second his lips find my cheek. I turn beat red and bite my lip to keep from smiling.

               “We should head back inside, we both need some sleep,” he says softly, his face still within inches of mine and I nod, taking his hand and walking back in through the slider. We move silently from the door and shrug off our coats, throwing them on the chair. He waits as I wiggle my way back into my spot on the bed that Alex seems to have taken over. Almost immediately she throws her arms around my waist and snuggles into me. I roll my eyes at Auston and cover myself with a blanket.

               “Goodnight,” he murmurs, grinning at me as I try to get comfortable with Alex clinging to me.

               “Goodnight, Auston,” I whisper back. He turns to leave, his gaze lingering on the pillow beneath my head that smells of him.

               “Don’t drool on my pillow,” he teases and I resist the urge to throw it at him.

Rereading Oofuri, I feel like I didn’t appreciate Kawai enough the first time I read/watched the series, particularly during the Tosei game.

On the other hand, even though I know it’s coming, praise the umpire who actually stops Mihashi to make sure he is ok. In general, praise responsible adults in this series.

What we know:

-Lucas was bullied by Alison for a long time, she called him Hermie

-Lucas told Mona that Alison will get what she deserves (flashback)

-Lucas was the one who ruined Alison memorial- Hanna told him she knew (muddy shoes was her clue)

-He was taking prom photos of Hanna and her boyfriend what was his name and he was kind of flirting with Hanna, showing her her affection all season 1

-he actually confess to Hanna that he have feelings for her and he was pretty mad when she rejected him. Whole thing was going on for a while. Remember when he told her that she is another version of Alison?

-Hanna is forced by A to dance with Lucas. She felt weird about this and A make it look like Lucas is just a looser who want a pretty girl to notice him. (all romantic comedies for teenagers but other way around, right?)

-Lucas is the one who helped Hanna with Caleb (when Mona stole his letter for her). Hanna see that Lucas is her real friend. (aww)

-another flashback- Lucas was dressed up as a creepy baby and it’s pretty clear that he was part of scarying Alison back on Noel’s halloween party. (reveal as he took his mask off, but for sure there was somebody else in that costume accept Noel and Lucas)

-Lucas was probably the one who was calling on this kind off ‘student hot line’ when spencer and emily was working back then. He is really shady back then (season 2). And he did learn that he was talking to Emily on the phone

-Hanna hit him with a paddle when he wanted tell her something (was it the moment he wanted to tell her about A game that he was part of?) – Someone rescued him, don’t forget that. And then suddenly Mona and Noel showed up, all wet.. sayin they were swimming. (It’s so clear now, wasn’t really back then)

-Lucas goes to Hanna and tell her that he lost Caleb money. Hanna felt betrayed (it’s not like you tried to kill him just a second ago, right Hanna?)

-Then we have this ball when he is seen with Jenna and Black Swan

-Girls saw him on the streets on the night of Alison dug up grave

-Lucas visiting somebody in Radley

–He was working for some photogapher and got fired. Aria saw him when he tried to get in and take his stuff back. He was desperate, kind of scared, mad even. Aria almost shit her pants, but for luck Ezra came for the rescue. Aria then find out his stuff and see pills

-He was taking photos in a Halloween train and don’t forget his few second eye connection with Jason. They are seen talking to each other and then Lucas made some pictures of the body which fell out from drinks fridge

-It was late evening when Toby as A tried to hit him.

-He knew that Mona was sneaking out of Radley

-He tried to steal Alison dairies (Hanna recognized him or his shoes), he explain himself that he was blackmailed by Mona to do so. Then he said to hanna he is leaving high school

-Whoa season 4-and only one thing about Lucas- Mona reveal that Lucas gave Emily her massage (weird as that episode is called – Touched by an A-ngel. Lucas was A all along?)

-Lucas meet up with Mona in the brew, where all windows are covered with newspapers. Both of them know that Alison is Alive and that girls are in NY not Philadelphia

-Then for most of the time in season 5 it’s like we know Lucas is working with Mona, we know he was all along, but now he is just nice and talking to hanna, and accept hanging out with Hanna and Mona there is nothing interesting

-After Mona ‘death’ Lucas seem to work wih our girls. He talk to spencer on a christmass party, kind of like they teamed up againts Alison

-and then.. NOTHING! Nothing at all. Just a time jump, Lucas being rich and creating game apps and being so cocky about how much money he have and where he bought a house or an apartment. Offering Hanna his help and giving her everything.

My Point is:

Honestly, Lucas can be A or AD. We all knew it for a long time. Were you in this group of people who thought it’s mona since episode 1? I wasn’t, and Mona reveal at the end of season 2 was really shocking for me and it was good. SO GOOD! And after her reveal I knew that Lucas was working with her. Everything he did was shady. We knew, of course we knew. So even if he was childhood friend with Charles and then with Charlotte.. What is the connection?

And do we really know his reasons accept he was bullied? He was bullied by Alison. So was he blackmailed by Mona or what? Then we have these theories about Lucas visiting Charlotte in Radley, not Mona. Ok, fair enough. If Cece really stole the game from Mona she could use some help from people who were working with her before. That actually makes sense. Was Lucas in love with Cece? Tall and skinny blonde, smart? Well, yeah. Esspecially when they knew each other for years. But this is the thing. I;ve read two theories about Lucas lately. One – that he was in love with Cece and then he felt rejected when she told him about Archer- he killed her. And one that he was original A since the begining working with Cece all this time. And we have read that AD become AD after Cece death. Did Lucas took the gave in revenge? Or is he just an ant, used as always?

And what was Jason part in all of this? (remember when Mona was helping him with this weird looking wound which looked like somebody stabbed him with a screwdriver?I do)


So I’m gonna reply to this now because I rarely check this tumblr, so yeah.

@jack-delmar I didn’t just get so mad that I “dedicated a whole tumblr” to drag your ass. This is bigger than you. I don’t even know you. One of the many features on tumblr, whether you like it or not, is the ability to grab the username of a deactivated blog. You previous handle was deactivated. So I took it. Simple as that.

1, Yes. I’m not a follower. I never was and I never will be. Wow, it’s so great that you love Legend of Korra and Brokeback Mountain and Tokyo Ghoul (Attack on Titan is nothing but weirdass propaganda written by a Nazi fangirl but that’s a topic for another time). Wow, your profile is of an interracial black and white couple. How fucking progressive. I never bothered to go on your blog considering your blog was deactivated when I first came upon the infamous post lmao. It would’ve been near impossible for me to learn any of the above about you considering that blog was no longer around. I made my assesment of you based on what was available. And what was available wasn’t exactly flattering lol.

2, I called you straight because how in hell was I supposed to know you weren’t? Again, your blog was gone. The post you left was actively derailing a post about gay positivity. Quite frankly, the only people who ever derail positivity posts for gay people are, SURPRISE, not gay. I’m not going to apologize for my assumption. Congrats on not being straight, I guess.

3, Bitch, I call everyone a Bitch. I call myself a Bitch. I call my close friends Bitches. It isn’t personal lmao.

4, Okay, so this claim bothers me So Fucking Much. This wasn’t spurred by your post and Only your post. This wasn’t something I felt so strongly about because of what you stupidly said. This was based off of Years and Years of people saying the exact same bullshit you did about why they couldn’t add diversity to their writings. I’m not saying that I can’t relate to white characters, I’m not saying that at all. There are so many white characters that I held near and dear during my formative years. There are white characters that I’ll defend until my throat becomes sore. There are white characters that I absolutely adore. That Being Said, I have always wanted characters like Myself and My friends and My family. I’ve always wanted characters like me that weren’t tokens and weren’t killed off and didn’t lack depth and development. It doesn’t matter how much I love the countless white characters that I do, I will always want more characters like me. And having people like you say shit like “I came to the realization that the story didn’t need to have lgbt characters or poc characters to be a good story” because, Apparently!, the sexuality and race of characters are either so difficult to write or takes too much of the story away, it makes me absolutely disgusted. I didn’t spend time doing this because I dislike you personally. Don’t act so full of yourself. I did this because I see excuses like yours All The Damn Time and it makes me furious. And, I don’t know why you think I spend all my time on here. I have, like, my own blog and I do other things. I have time management so I only ever come to this blog when I have time to do so. I have, like, a life and shit. This is the Internet and I can do whatever the fuck I want to on it lmaooo

Now, onto your bs “clarifications”

1, How in the hell is making characters gay, trans, or poc “a calculated move only done to make people happy”? Why is this bad? If not gay, trans, or poc, then what would you rather have the characters be like? You said yourself that “a story isn’t about [the character’s] sexual preference or color, it’s about who they are inside”. You inadvertently segwayed your way into saying that a character’s sexuality and race doesn’t matter. If it doesn’t matter, why is it a bad thing to make them different sexualities and races if it’s about “who they are inside”? If all that shit doesn’t matter, then why does it fucking matter to you in particular?

2, Hurr durr, I’m not racist, I’ve “had characters that I originally envisioned as white later being envisioned as Asian or black”. …ok? Why do you feel like there’s some sexuality and poc quota to reach when writing your stories? What strict calculation? You already said that a character isn’t necessarily just about their sexuality or race, so why the whole “don’t-force-your-characters-to-be-something-their-not” shtick? Why even envision a character as white to begin with? Don’t you think that it’d be infinitely more simple to just envision a character without thinking of their race or sexuality because you’re just writing a person? A person isn’t necessarily their race or sexuality, stereotypes be damned. Like, I don’t understand your issue.

3, Again, you were deactivated. Wow, you ship all those people. That’s awesome. I called you a homophobe because you derailed a post about gay positivity for absolutely no reason. Hell, OP wasn’t even talking about stories or diversity or any of that shit. All they said was “Everything’s so much better when it’s gay”. And in a world where identifying anywhere on the LGBT spectrum is seen as grounds for violence by a large amount of people, it’s an extremely disgusting thing for you to do to just take that harmless and positive and uplifting post and just say “No it’s not.” That was insensitive, rude, and totally uncalled for. You want to gripe about how much diversity is stupid, make your own fucking post. So yeah, I called you a homophobe. Based on the evidence I was given, you can’t expect me to just discover your entire life story and roll with it lmaooo

4, Blah blah, I’m not racist, “I’m all for representation”. Ok, fine. Say what you will, but your words actually spoke louder than your actions this time around. You can’t possibly read what you previously wrote and expect people to just be like, “Oh you’ve written so many diverse characters, I get what you mean in every sense of the! Kumbaya!!” More than 61,000 people saw you cover your oh-so-eloquent opinion in only 15 sentences. And they weren’t even a well-written 15 sentences lol

Get your head out of your ass. I don’t hate you. I don’t care enough about you to hate you. I hate the mindset people like you have. I hate that people will shit out excuse after excuse about why they don’t need to entertain the very idea of diversity into their writings. Ok, so you write diverse characters. Brilliant. It isn’t my job to understand everything about you and what you ship. I saw what I saw and I made my judgements based on that. Stop victimizing yourself. I didn’t try to hurt you. Like I’ve said countless times before, I don’t even know you. I didn’t take your blog in order to sway others to hate you. Like I said, I don’t care enough. I took your blog so when people clicked on it, they would see what I had to say. It’s that simple. Yeah, some people attempt to call me out. However, I’ve received countless messages from other people on tumblr thanking me for saying what I said. And that means more to me than what you said and what those people who tried to call me out said. If you’re bothered by me personally referencing you by saying “the past owner of this blog” (and other various iterations of that phrase), do yourself a solid and shine your eyes. Don’t try to play the victim here. It’s senseless and immature. I don’t know you. I don’t care about you. I don’t appreciate what you had to say and I dislike how you said it. I didn’t take this blog to target you personally. You’re not important to me. Taking this blog wasn’t about you. It’s about more than you. Grow up.

I don’t give a single shit if you forgive me. I could care less.

Anyway, that’s all I had to say soooo bloop!!!

anonymous asked:

Hi! Sorry to load this on you. Re: that anon's ask about reducing comments. I know I used to gush over every single chapter of the fics I read. But it reached a point where I think I kind of overwhelmed/annoyed one of my fav authors and now they're avoiding me. Nowadays I only leave short comments or not at all because I'm starting to think I'm being too freaky :( I can speak for everyone but I'm sure some feels this way as well. Maybe anon can mention that they love comments on their fic? (1/2)

(2/2) Also, in reader’s head: !@#$ “who cares about my unworthy opinion” and “omg that other reader leaves such constructive feedback and my vocab is limited to I love this” and “why does he/she reply everyone except me every time? I think annoyed the author I deserve to burn in hell” So not commenting becomes a self protective mechanism to not get hurt. TBH I think chapter kudos would be the best thing ever (/;A;)/

listen… never in my life… have i ever told myself “wow i wish this person didnt comment”

ok wait thats a lie HAHAHAA okokok wait back up 

the only times in my life… that i have ever told myself “wow i wish this person didnt comment” was when all the comment said was ‘OMG WHEN ARE U GONNA UPDATE’ or something along those lines like… ;-; nothing breaks my spirit more… pero!!! i still kinda (???) appreciate the sentiment behind it because obviously the person likes the fic enough 2 be rude about it (i GUES? ? ? lmao) but like im still gonna reply to those people and thank them for reading etc you know. honestly though i think i’ve only ever actually deleted a comment juan (1) time and it was because that person said something SUPER out of pocket about like racism or something which, to me, didnt make sense at all my fic was about marble busts and ice skating i was like uhhhhh what are u doing here U Are Lost and so bam i deleted 


my point is. i know some authors dont respond to comments and that can seem like they dont care about responses/feedback but that is a total lie hunnie. we get emails every time someone writes a comment and i’ll always be reading them whenever i’m waiting for a ride or while i’m brushing my teeth or whatever and it always makes me!!! so happy!!! i do make an effort to respond but sometimes i don’t get to do it right away, but just know!!! that i do read it!!! right away!!! even if i dont respond in that moment. 

every writer has their own style of interacting w readers but lemme tell u a short comment like “omg love this dkfjdkfj” feels GREAT. yeah it feels amazing when people take the time to like paste quotes and point out things they noticed or liked in the writing or whatever but not everyone has that time or can make that sort of effort. i only get to write long-ass comments sometimes OK like i know how it is; fic is supposed to be a relaxing break from Real Life and it can be rlly tiring to write up those long comments and ur def not entitled to comment at all. but it’s still a nice gesture because kudos are so easy to give. ppl been asking me why i look at bookmarks/comments more than kudos and its because kudos are literally just a button that u click. (and hits too!! like??? hits just tell me u opened my fic???? i dont rlly care about hits thats why i have that turned off) so i rlly lov when readers give that effort u know. it feels like “hello u spent 3943894 hours writing this thing let me sacrifice 5 seconds to make a comment about it ily hunnnie xoxoxox.” 

the disparity between X time it took writer to write VS. X time it took reader to read is so big. it throws me outta whack. when i publish something and someone comments in MINUTES on something that took me HOURS/DAYS/WEEKS to write it always shooks me. and thats why any comment makes me so happy, even if its just a bunch of keyboard smashes, one time someone just sent me a link to an image of kermit on fire, liKE THATS GREAT. THAT WAS AWESOME. one time someone told me my fic made me drop their phone into their rice and that was enough.

ur small comments are enough

thank u for coming 2 my ted talk 

Hello! My name is Lauren, (although everyone calls me Laurel or Ren) I am 18 years old and I live in the UK, I hate it. I am a Pagan and I’m very, very open minded. I have Asperger’s Syndrome and depression but I’m actually really cheerful 95% of the time. 

Things I like: I like conspiracy theories, aliens, ghosts/ anything supernatural, nature, photography, anything arty, derelict buildings/ places, animals, literature, learning new languages, learning about different cultures, BOOKS… I love to read!, serial killer documentaries. Ok, that’s enough about what I like. 

Dislikes: people who are arrogant and rude, people pushing in lines, spitting, when people don’t pick their dog poo up of the floor, I hate, hate, hate the sound of people chewing, I don’t like the way I look when I speak

I am looking for someone to be friends with, someone who maybe likes some same things as I do, someone to exchange books with and learn new things from and vise versa. 

If you find me interesting or just looking for the same, message me!

Email: ren01@yahoo.com / Tumblr: backstabbingbetty / Snapchat: peachylaus / Instagram: @lamelaurel / Twitter: @PxntLaus

“A lot of times people will say, ‘Why don’t you write for your fans?’” adds Patrick. “And how patronising is that?! To be like, 'Here’s what you want… here’s what you asked for…’ That’s dumbing it down and assuming your audience isn’t cool enough to be with you on whatever you’re gonna do.”
“We would be like Subway sandwich artists,” smiles Pete. 
“For real,” laughs Patrick. (c)

There’s something about the winter that makes me want to curl up with a nice easy fantasy adventure book or film. Anything fantasy, historical, fairytale or such completes winter for me. So I thought I would take this chance to shamelessly plug a couple of my own, and recommend others that I have thoroughly enjoyed. 

If anyone reading this has any recs along these lines please reblog with them so we can share the love <3

Fantastical Fics

All Yours by nightliferogue @slashyrogue
Elias was the only one in the coven without a familiar. Every Samhain night his brothers all went into the woods to celebrate with their animal familiars under the light of the moon, growing their bonds while he could only just watch feeling as if the hole inside him was growing larger.By chance he saves cat familiar Adam from his previous witch, and their bond grows.
Words: 3,647 Chapters: 3/3
Ok, Basic Chickens meets shape-shifting familiars and witchcraft!? YES! I adore this fic. I absolutely love the way Slashy always captures Elias, even in this AU setting. The whole idea of the familiars, considering the theme of the movie Men and Chicken, is just a delightful play on the subject matter. I’m not the only fan - @nsfwingrotten created this wonderful fanart. 

A Long Way from Home by TaeAelin @taeaelin
A Spacedogs 19th Century Mermaid!AU. When Nigel’s ship goes down in a storm, a mysterious stranger swims him to safety. On returning to his father’s kingdom, Nigel discovers there is more to the man than meets the eye.
Words: 6,667 Chapters: 2/2
I love this fic so much. It actually inspired me to write Beautiful William. These two getting to know each other in such a random and wonderfully imagined AU is just so compelling and satisfying! I absolutely adore both Adam and Nigel in this!

Beautiful William by TigerPrawn
Ok, as this is mine it’s not so much a rec as a bit of spam. 
Hannigram/Beauty and the Beast AU. Loosely follows the plot of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, but considerably darker! Will is beautiful but rude (of course), Hannibal is cursed to be a Beast because he’s a cannibal (of course), Mason is Gaston and things are not going to go well…
Words: 19,310 Chapters: 3/3

Blood on Steel by MonstrousRegiment (series) 
Ella Enchanted/Valhalla Rising crossover.
Words: 24,060 Works: 2
Fantastic 2 part series, and I think very first (?) Valhalla Enchanted. Considering the differences in styles and genres of the two movies these are melded together so perfectly even when passing between the two. Beautiful and rich with a perfect ending!

Burn Through the Night by bymoonlight @mads–hatter
Hannibal, a leader of a fierce, nomadic pack, comes across a rare gem during one of his raids – a male omega.
Words: 9,552 Chapters: 4/4
This is surprisingly gentle and tender - Hannibal the warlord inevitably falls for the spirited and beautiful omega, Will and I am totally here for that! 

Consortio by kelex
Every Omega in the land is brought to the lord on the evening of their first heat. Lord Hannibal usually doesn’t choose to exercise that right, but this night’s offering is too much for him to pass up. A virgin Omega in his first heat, with brown hair, blue eyes, and a spirit that can’t be broken.
Words: 23,088 Chapters: 4/4
This was one of the first ABO fics I ever read and I just adore it. I’ve read it a couple of times now XD It’s just wonderful and has a beautiful happy ending!

If You Go Into The Woods by victorine @victorineb
Once upon a time, in a land ravaged by famine, lived a young man named Will, who was cursed with the power of empathy. Will’s father can no longer feed him, or his sister Freddie. Will’s stepmother plans to lead the siblings into the forest to die.Will has other ideas.So begins a journey that will bring Will to the house of a witch named Hannibal, who offers companionship, understanding, and a diet consisting mainly of pig.A Hannigram Hansel and Gretel AU.
Words: 17,713 Chapters: 4/4
Ok, there are so many things I want to say about this but can’t as it would be spoilery, but I love it. The show and characters are weaved beautifully into this and I especially love what Vic does with Hannibal’s drawings. Just lovely! 

Labyrinth by Llewcie @llewcie
This is a retelling of the story of Labyrinth, Hannigram-style. Will wakes from a 6 month coma to find that no one remembers his baby sister Abigail. A visit from a strange man calling himself the Goblin King plunges Will into a perplexing and often terrifying world, where he is racing the clock to solve the Labyrinth and rescue his sister and himself from the cold and aloof Hannibal, King of the Goblins. But the deeper in he gets, the more he realizes that this is not the Labyrinth he knows from the stories. This is not that Labyrinth at all.
Words: 21,055 Chapters: 11/11
This fic gives me life! It is one where I waited eagerly for each update and dropped everything to go read it when it arrived. Beautifully woven with The Labyrinth whilst still being true to Hannigram, it is rich and evocative and perfect for a night in front of the fire!

Lost in Dumas by TigerPrawn
Another of mine… last one I promise!
Here’s what you need to know - Grigg from Jane Austen Book Club / Rochefort from Three Musketeers / Premise and very vague storyline from the show Lost In Austen. Grigg finds himself bizarrely pulled into Dumas’ The Three Musketeers, or at least a rather colourful, airship having version of it. Finding help in the strangest of places in order to make his way home, Grigg starts to consider how lightly fictional death is taken and that all bad guys can’t be as 2-dimensional as they seem on the page.
Words: 15,596 Chapters: 3/3 

Merrie by Llewcie @llewcie
Adam doesn’t reverse-engineer gunpowder for the fame and inevitable wealth– he does it because his father is sad. But it sets off a chain of events that forces him to relocate to London to teach the king’s alchemists how to make things explode. However, the king isn’t the only one who wants to make things explode. Robin of the Merries, an egalitarian group of pirates and thieves, sends her best mercenary to ‘rescue’ Adam from the king’s guard. Enter Nigel, a battle-hardened war veteran who is not a fucking baby sitter, thank you very fucking much.
Words: 40,090 Chapters: 14/14 
THIS!! This fic. Oh my! This is one of a handful of Llew’s fics I read before I became friends with her and I was just fan-worshiping her so hard over it. Everything about this fic is utterly wonderful. I will take the opportunity as always to point out that Llew is one of my favourite Spacedogs writers (and you should all also check out her Craigslist)

Raudonis Hall by peppermintquartz
Love makes monsters of us all. Crimson Peak Inspired
Words: 21,968 Chapters: 12/12
I’ve still not watched Crimson Peak but still found this a wonderfully compelling tale, with a really lovely ending!


Not yet complete but a great read so far!

A Companionable Silence by HotSauce418 @hotsauce418
ABO Valhalla Enchanted
Words: 16,740 Chapters: 10/?
The whole set up for this is just lovely, but it’s the fantastic and touching relationship that develops between One Eye and Char that is just so amazing to read. Having it from One Eye’s POV is both insightful and on occasions heartbreaking as we can read the inner most thoughts that he cannot voice! Hotty also wrote a one shot to go with this fic from Char’s POV and it is to die for! Check it out here.

Ok so this one is sci-fi not fantasy, but I just have to mention it because it is a must for Star Trek fans! - 

Conjoined by TheGlintOfTheRail @theglintoftherail
The new Trill passenger on the USS Chesapeake seems friendly enough. But there’s something a little off about him. Something Lieutenant Commander Will Graham can’t quite put his finger on, even after reading his emotions.It’s probably nothing. Will’s probably just being paranoid. Doctor Lecter seems like a decent guy. And it’s been a long time since anyone’s offered to be Will Graham’s friend…
Words: 40,658 Chapters: 15/22 
Ok, this is such a compelling read and I honestly can’t wait to see where it goes. There is a little shocker along the way which I thought might put me off, but actually seeing where Will goes after such a life changing situation has been engrossing! 

Hope you all enjoy these, do kudos and comment on them if you do! I’m hoping to do a regular themed fic rec post - most likely fluffy fics next :D

(apologies to anyone I didn’t tag on tumblr listed here - I don’t know your handle, so please feel free to let me know!)