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What do you think Killua?”

Omigosh I had so much fun sketching this out. Gon-chan in Killua’s clothes makes me melt. If you want an inked and full color version then down’t worry, it’s coming…sometime. I was actually planning on giving this to an AMAZING artist online so I’m trying really hard to make sure it looks good. 

I’m probably gonna change my profile pic to Gon’s face in this pic sometime soon, you know, when it’s finished.

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Loot - Part 5 - Jim Kirk

Part one / Part two / Part three / Part four

Word count: 2,519
Warnings: language, description of burn injuries

A/N: a long, but good chapter in my opinion. it’s my favorite part of this story so far. i knocked it out last night because i got so into it. this part’s a nice combination of reader’s past, reader x jim, and reader x issues. i think that’s why i love it. i originally wanted more to happen but it was getting too long so i chopped off the end and figured i’d save that for part 6. anyways tell me if you want to be tagged! ENJOY IT AND TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK

The walk from Jim’s quarters to yours normally took some time, more time than you had. The addition of the time it would take to dig the artifact from under a pile of your Starfleet-issued trousers and shirts, stuff the mysterious circular metal into your pocket, and leave the room pushed you well beyond the limit you had. Furthermore, you weren’t even dressed— it would take a collection of minutes to find your clothes, pull them on, and fashion your hair into something that looked less like a I-was-on-the-bottom-last-night-while-the-captain-fucked-me hairdo and more like a I-slept-like-a-flowery-celibate-angel hairdo so as to prevent more stares in the corridors than necessary.

You continued to lay in the bed helplessly, your arms at your sides and your eyes on the ceiling. You could hear Jim’s even breathing and felt his comfortable body heat as he lied on his side facing you. You traced the edges of the deck plating and tried to count the bolts holding the plates in place.

It was troublesome that you were so concerned of how Jim would feel had he awoken to an empty bed. You knew you should have been more concerned with Scotty roaming the halls with his right-hand short man, Keenser.

He’d been conducting his “investigations” during his days off for the last two weeks— he started with the bridge, the medbay, the commissary, and was slowly making his way through the many residential decks.

The effects of the nebula hadn’t worn off the ship— or, more honestly, the artifact’s effects. The artifact was, if anything, getting more volatile. Temperatures would increase twice a day— it would be sweltering in your room, yes, but the rest of the ship also experienced, what were called, thermostat malfunctions. In addition, you found areas of partially melted plates in the flooring and the red glow the artifact emitted was almost blinding— as Scotty hadn’t ventured down to the low deck of Excited Ensign Village quite yet, he was unaware of these two issues.

Last you checked, though, he was just on the cusp of approaching EEV and could end up there at any minute.

You could just imagine the whirring of his scanner as he roamed the halls with his concentration face— a frown, eyebrows together, forehead wrinkled up to the border of his hairline. You could also imagine the look on his face when he discovered the electromagnetic levels in your room. Your stomach flipped at the thought.

You heard Jim shift a bit and shut your eyes. You regulated your breathing so each breath was long and slow.

“I know you’re awake.”

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