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1020. Snape was quite distraught over Lily's death- a little too distraught, in fact, over someone who he supposedly hadn't spoken to in nearly 3 years. A great deal of his anguish actually stemmed from him and Lily having been engaged in an affair, and Lily having been pregnant with his child.

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“You look pleased with yourself,” I say.

“I’m pleased to meet you.” He puts his hand up to his glasses and takes hold of them as if he’s going to take them off, but he doesn’t. “That sounds very English, doesn’t it? I’m very pleased to meet you, Nathan.”

And instantly I’m pissed off.

tbh I don’t write much about detransition (certainly not as much as the brilliant women who inspired me to do it in the first place) but I do just wanna say, in case anyone reading this is considering it now or in the future: it can be okay? like god knows I’m not a wise elder yet, it’s been less than 2 years since I started, but like,, a lot has changed in that time.. I was terrified, I had no idea how to start, no idea where I’d end up. it was, no joke, 100x scarier than transitioning at 15. but even having no idea what I was doing, it still worked out okay. it’s really inconvenient and difficult and frustrating and sometimes lonely - but so is being trans, and just being alive in the first place. with the added bonus that I’m now MASSIVELY more comfortable with myself & my body & my thoughts about gender. like I can’t overstate how much more effective it’s been to try & accept my body, dysphoria + all, than to try & change it. I kept waiting to feel regretful of my transition and the permanent changes I made to my body, but the regret hasn’t come. bodies change permanently, that’s what they do all the time for lots of reasons, and it doesn’t have to be a disaster. mine still does all the important things it used to, more or less, and it’s 99% the same as it would have been anyway. other people may not recognise me as a woman but for the first time in my life, I do! and I’m not just fine with it - I’m happy & proud about it. if you’re trans or questioning, remember that detransition happens sometimes and it’s okay and not the end of the world. detransitioned people are cool and whole and we’re out here making it work, so if you ever find yourself in this boat, don’t freak out, you’ll be okay


Sleepy miyusawa commission for @kuramisawa

bfs switched tshirts but they don’t know yet~


Link/Link Show or Old hair vs.New hair.


Harry Styles & Lily Collins [manips] + selfies

941. The first movie Ron and Hermione watched together was Lord of the Rings: Return of the King. Hermione forgot to warn Ron about the giant cave of spiders.

we had a celebration evening at school today for my sixth form and i won a trophy for academic excellence and i didn’t cry once !!!!