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Jikook fic recs masterpost

Hi everyone! So, as any jikook shipper, you all know that there is a variety of great fics, old and new, about our fave ship. I, personally, tend to like reading more about the new ones (not because the 2014 ones aren’t good anymore, but like, u know what i mean, dynamics of the ship changed).

So as someone who spends……. alot….. of their free time reading and writing fics, and as someone who’s been in the fandom for a couple months now, i tought it would be a good idea to write down here some of my faves for you, old shipper who thinks they’ve read them all, or new shipper who doesn’t know where to start :) 

I’ll try to recommend complete ones for the most part, and recent ones, but you know…… some of ‘em are classics. Here are my personnal all-time favorites.

Let’s start ! (in no particular order)

* - awesome

** - extra-awesome

*** - life-changing

1. Constraint, by Harlot. ** One shot, 40k, complete. “Jungkook is young and he is more acquainted with confusion and poor-decision-making than he’d like to admit. Despite being only 19 years old, he sometimes argues that he’s been through and seen some shit. He is never sure where he’s going to end up and he’s not entirely sure what kind of future is waiting for him. He is often not sure of a lot but he is certain—absolutely certain—that he’s not gay.
Alternatively, a story in which Jungkook meets Park Jimin and doesn’t like him whatsoever. There’s just something about him… there’s just so much about him. Jungkook really can’t stand him. In fact, he can’t stand him so much he can’t quite seem to get him off of his mind.
” ((So this one is quite lengthy, i know, but totally worth it ! Jungkook is a real douche in the beginning, but his reactions are so believable and relatable that you forgive him instantly. Great caracterization. Smutty parts in the end.))

2. Loverboy, by gangbang. *** One shot, 9k, complete. “this much jimin’s figured out: sometimes, somehow, his words make people fall in love with him.” ((Okay so this one is my personnal favorite, if I had to chose from all the jikooks fics, and probably all fics of all ships of all times, this would probably win the 1rst place. There’s something about it. Magical realism. Ansgt. Incredible storyline and characterization. A+++))

3. More golden than a golden snitch, by arborescent. ** Series of 3 One shots. 4k for this one, complete. “Everyone knows that the first year Slytherin seeker Jeon Jungkook’s biggest fan is not from his own house but a third year Hufflepuff named Park Jimin.” ((Okay so another old one… but a true classic. This one is a series so be sure to read the 3 of them, aren’t long, but truly amazing. HP au, with a lot of misunderstandings, a tsundere jk, and a fluffy muggleborn jimin. Don’t have to have loved HP to read this.))

4. And back again, by novilunar. * One shot, 3k, complete. “Jimin wishes he could stay away from Jungkook.” ((Ok so this is also an old one BUT i had to link it cause i read it 4 times by now and it is  THE fic that started me into Jikook. Basically, Jimin doesn’t do one night stands, and thats all jk does. Jimin falls. Happy ending. Great writing. Good smutty parts. Love it.))

5. The Bet, by jonghyunslisterine. ** 11 chapters, 46k, complete. “Where Jeon Jungkook makes a bet that he can get the notoriously single Park Jimin to sleep with him by the end of the semester. Needless to say, things don’t go exactly as planned.” ((Okay, another old one, classic, that you probably already read. If not, then  d o   i t. Quite lengthy, but a safe bet. Great great great character development. Jimin is such a complex but lovely being and jk is such a douche but then gets it and it all goes well in the end. The jeonlous is gold. University setting, and jk’s concerns about school are so well written and so relatable. Great one overall.))

6. Flowertalk, by soranosuzu. * One shot, 3k, complete. “Jimin works in a flower shop and Jungkook is a delivery boy who drives a pastel pink van.” ((Tooth rotting fluff. Short and sweet, perfect for when you’re feeling for it.))

7. You’re ripped at every edge (but you’re a masterpiece), bykafeuka. * 3 chapters, 34k, complete.  “Jimin swore there was nothing worst than having Jeon Jungkook as a sergeant.(Or,In which Jimin was forced to enlist in military and he was under the sexgod Sergeant Jeon’s monitoring division and god, Sergeant Jeon really needs to stop being a douchebag)” ((Ok so this one is maybe not an ultimate fave, but it’s only b/c of the end. Overall, it’s great, tho’. Military AU. Sexual tension. JK is sexually frustrated and frustrating. JM is a rich boy. Both characters are douches. Loved the idea.))

8. One upon a time share, by namakemono. * 5 chapters, 32k, complete. “Jungkook is in desperate need of a vacation, but spending two weeks in Namjoon and Hoseok’s timeshare in Okinawa with his recently separated ex of three years was probably (definitely) not what he had in mind.” ((I don’t know why i like the ex trope so much??? anyone with me??? there isn’t enough of those. JK and JM broke up, but their friends are still friends. And want them back together. Oops. Love it.))

7. White T-shirt and Brown Timberlands, by Rose_gold715. ** One shot, 11k, complete. “Jimin is filing for divorce after eight years with Jungkook. He needs to let go, and yet, he wants to hold on a little longer.” ((Aaaaand another ex trope, but not really. Established relationship that doesn’t go well for a while, but happy ending. Original idea. Kinda angsty, and heartbreaking. Loved it.))

8. You’re a hard soul to save with an ocean in the way (but i’ll get around it), by namakemono (great author ok bye). ** One shot, 20k, complete. “Jimin has the whole ocean at his fingertips, but for some reason he can’t help but look up to where the humans are, and wonder what it’s like to be part of their world.(or: the Little Mermaid AU that no one asked for)” ((Ok so now move on to something a lil’ fluffier. I DID NOT KNOW HOW MUCH I WANTED A LITTLE MERMAID AU. But i did. Jimin w/ red hair. Rich boy JK that has to take care of him. Funny and cute. A little jowel of a fic.))

9. You Don’t Bring Me Flour, by superbroc. * One shot, 3k, complete. “In order to graduate, Park Jimin must convince cute grocery cashier Jeon Jungkook that this sack of flour is his beloved child.” ((Soooo funny. Happy and fluffy. Great when you’re in the mood for something lighter.))

10. Let’s play for keeps, bykaythebest. * One shot, 4k, complete. “Jimin plays games for the entertainment of the Internet. Poorly. In fact, his entire schtick seems to be entirely based on how terrible he is. JimJams tries. He rarely succeeds.” ((Youtuber AU. Funny. A lot of Pining. What’s there more to ask.))

11. A touch of sin, by pettey. *** 10 chapters, 102k, complete. “After his transfer to a quiet seaside town, Jeongguk was prepared to face a year of uneventful CID work, but found himself dealing with a series of strange murders instead.” ((ULTIMATE FAVE OF THE MOMENT. Last fic I actually read, yesterday, in the middle of the night. Terrible idea, ‘cause it’s so spooky. I’m not a fan of gore, so i was scared when i read the hashtags, but really there isn’t that much, and it’s so well written that you barely notice it. The story is so well written and plot-driven. It could litteraly be a book. The universe is so intriguing. Ghosts. Witchcraft. JK is a cop, JM is a witch, sorta. Weird murders happen, JM is suspected. Sexual tension. So soooo much sexual tension. Characters are amazingly written. Slowbuilt. The end is bittersweet, if you don’t like much of happy endings, you’ll love it, if you only like happy endings (like me), you’ll love it too. Also there’s smut. And amazing song recommandations.))

12. Nu ABO: A Memoir by Park Jimin, by decompositionbooks. ** 6 chapters, 34k, complete. “The world didn’t think it was necessary to give him a guide when it shoved all of these omega hormones at him, so here it is, Park Jimin’s handbook on dealing with heats, unrequited love, and Jeon Jungkook.” ((You kids are so lucky to be able to read this fic in one go. I had to wait for every chapter. E v e r y   o n e. I know not all are fans of ABO dynamics, but try this one, please. It’s so good. Jimin is hilarious. Jungkook is emotionally constipated. Sexual tension. Jealousy. Great writing. A+))

13. Leave Your Mark, by snarcsics. *** 3/10 chapters, 49k, not completed. “The first time Jimin meets a gaunt, small beta boy named Jungkook in the examination room of Namjoon’s lab, he can’t seem to take his eyes off him. The second time he sees Jungkook it’s because he refuses to eat without him. The third time they meet, Jungkook is more teeth and claws than Jimin can handle.” ((OK SO I KNOW THIS FIC IS NOT COMPLETED. BUT LISTEN it’s worth it. Ohhh so worth it. Plus the author tends to finish all of her fics. Superd kind, replies to all comments. This fic is the beginning of a masterpiece. Not like any ABO. The plot is so great. The characterization is A+++. So much tension. So intriguing. JM is an omega. JK is a beta that will become an alpha artificially cause they are extinct. It doesn’t go so well. Please read it. Trust me on this one. You won’t regret it.))

So this is all of my ultimate favorite fics! I still have plenty I would like to recommend, but I figured too long posts annoy everyone. Tell me if you liked this list and if you would like me to do some others :) I was thinking about doing thematics ones, like fluffy, smutty, angsty… Tell me if that would be something you’d like! 

If you have any fics to recommend me, please please please do so!

This fandom is great. This ship is great. Don’t forget to comment on the stories you read to encourage these fabulous authors!

Thank you for reading!

Worth it

Ok so I rewatched all the avengers movies so ……. XD yeah it’s had to plus a just love to imagen Tony as a father figure :3

Hope you enjoyed.

Pairing : avengers x reader

Warning : none

Worth it.

You couldn’t belive this .

You were (Y/n) Stark.

Daughter of the infamous Tony Stark aka the Ironman .

So sure you had a couple people try to use you because of your father’s money. But you were very careful who you hand around. But this was just to much.

You had a crush on the cutest guy in school. Ryan Edwin . There was just something about his bright blue eyes that you love …. Well loved .

He asked you out almost 2 months ago and you of course said yes without thinking and you didn’t think at all why was he always making up excuses to borrow money.

It hit you like a ton of bricks.

And of course when you confronted him he didn’t even bother to lie so he said it all .

“Of course I used you . Who do you think I am ? Apart from the money your family has your worthless. ”

It hurt a lot , and it hurt even more when all the people around you started laughing.

That day you returned home broken. You were only 16 and you were really starting to hate your life . Money can’t buy you a friend, a happy relationship or even just a single person who wouldn’t care how many numbers you had on your bank account.

You walked to your room but not before your father saw that something wasn’t right.

He was a great father. Many didn’t believe that the playboy billionaire could rase a child all on his own .

But he did and he did a damn good job .

When you wanted his attention he would not hesitate to leave his lab to go and spend time with you when you were little. Of course he spoiled you too .

But some how you grew up to be a pretty decent person. And he was proud of you .

“Hey there baby girl. Is everything ok ? You look a little pale ” he said with concern, not taking his eyes of you .

You never lied to your father and were not intending to start today .

You looked at him with slightly red eyes .

“Daddy Ryan used me … Just like all of them ” you say , voice shaking.

At first you could see anger in his eyes but soon he just smiled and huged you .
“Hey … it’s ok . The douchebag didn’t deserve you anyway ” he said calmly. You sighed and huged him back.
“Can we stay in the lab all night? I can help you with your new suit … please? ” you asked. Surprisingly you calmed down while in the lad . Seeing you dad work on a new suit or helping him out.

“Of course (Y/n) but right now I need to take care of something ” he said and kissed you on the forhead before leaving.

Sure at first you were confused but as you thought more about it you understud more . You smiled to yourself and left to go to the living room where , no surprise, all the avengers were .

They were about to watch a movie when Nat saw you and seeing you eyes asked what happened. So you told them . You could see how the guys were pissed, even Loki looked really annoyed when you told them .

Sure enough Nat huged you and smiled her rare smiles at you . Thor shared some pop tarts with you . And Clint and Steve looked at you with reassuring smiles .

After watching the movie with the averagers minus your dad you went to the lab . Not a hour later your dad entered the lab .

“I see you hacked my code again ” he smirked at you .

“It was too easy ” you smiled “seriously though … my birthday ? You need to think of a better code ” you laughed.

And that’s how you spend the night. Sure you got like 20 texts from Ryan saying he was sorry but you knew your dad had something to do with that . So after reading the first text you put your phone on silent and continued to work with your dad .

Sure it was hard to find friends. But that doesn’t mean your not worth anything. You had the best family you could ask for .

You really were lucky.

You had your dad , Natasha, Thor , Loki , Steve, Clint and Bruce as you family.

What more could you ever ask for .

Pass me the controller part 2

Here is the second part of this imagine, I hope you enjoy, this one was certainly a lot more fun to write. Again, let me know if you want to see a part 3 xo


After failing at FIFA for an hour or so and drinking much more than I planned I actually remember why I was there in the first place. I was having so much fun with Jack that I had completely forgotten about all the drama with my ex. It was only when my phone lit up with another phone call from him that I remembered.

“Is that him?” Jack asks, slightly slurrring.

“Yeah just ignore it. He’ll only try giving me all the excuses he can think of but they’re not going to work this time!” My vision is a little blurry and my hand is shaking as I try to flip over my phone. I can’t even remember how much I’ve had to drink.

Before I can react Jack has picked up my phone, “hey jackass.” He shouts. My heart pounds. “If you know what’s good for you then you’re never going to call y/n again. Don’t text her, don’t try and find her, just leave her alone because you’re a fucking douchebag ok!” And with that he hangs up grinning proudly.

“Oh my god.” Is all I can get out.

“That should do the trick”

We both burst out laughing, “I can’t believe you just did that! Thank you!” I throw my arms around him and give him a huge hug. As soon as he wraps his arms around my waist I feel the atmosphere change. He’s nuzzled his head into my neck and his arms are wrapped around my waist.

I don’t know if it’s the alcohol but I swear I feel him smell my hair. I pull away from the embrace, unsure of how to react. His beautiful big blue eyes are staring into mine, trying to read my expression. My mind wanders back to what he was saying earlier about the girl he liked. Surely he wouldn’t hug me like that if there was another girl he was interested. Or maybe I’m just going crazy. 

“I should probably head home.” I mutter, not totally convinced that’s the right this to say. 

“You’re not in any condition to go anywhere y/n." 

"I can’t stay here. I don’t have anything with me" 

"You can have one of my t-shirts and you can sleep in my bed, come on,” he takes me by the hand and pulls me up. My heart flutters at his touch. I can’t believe it. Not only am I falling for Jack but I’m flaking for him when he admits to me he’s in love with another girl. I am such an idiot. 

“No honestly I’m ok. I’ll sleep on the couch maybe” I pull my hand away from him and he looks hurt. 

“Y/n I’m trying to help you. You’re clearly hurting but you can’t be mad at every guy, we’re not all like your ex, especially me, as much as you don’t believe it.” He look on his face is breaking my heart. I’ve gone from hating Jack’s arrogant guts to wanting him to hold me like he did before in a matter of a couple of hours. It’s almost making me feel sick. 
Actually I feel really sick. 

I think I’m going to throw up. 

I run to the bathroom and hear Jack call out after me.
My eyes go white and I start uncontrollably vomiting into the toilet. My eyes water and my face goes bright red. 

“It’s ok, let it out” I think I hear Jack behind me. 

As I come to I realise he’s right next to me, one hand holding my up and the other holding my hair. As I sit up he wipes my face with a towel and finger combs my hair smooth. I’m so embarrassed, “thank you” I manage to get out. 

“Don’t worry about it babe” he holds my face in his hands, “you’re definitely not going anywhere tonight. You look gross.” It takes all the energy I have but I manage to punch him in the arm and he giggles, “come on let’s brush your teeth ” He scoops me up in his arms and carries me through the door way and into the bathroom.

“You don’t have to do this Jack, I can walk” I wriggle out of him arms and immediately fall to the floor. Not only am I still drunk but I am also exhausted from crying and vomiting up he entire contents of my stomach. Great.

“Y/n! Just trust me ok?”

“You’re incredible.” I blurt out. I meant to say that in my head.

“If you can look me in the eye and say that to me again when you’re sober I’ll believe you” he walks over to me with a shirt, “put this on ok? I’ll be back in a minute with some water for you.”

He vanishes from the rooms and I successfully manage to brush my teeth but taking my dress off proves to be a little harder than anticipated due to a ridiculous amount of zips and buttons.

After what feels like an hour of trying to get out of my dress I hear jacks footsteps coming back up the hallway. He laughs as soon as he sees me.

“Help me” I ask pathetically.

He puts the water down, grabs his shirt and comes over. I turn my back to him so he can undo my dress but he hesitates, “it’s not that complicated” I tell him.

“No it’s not that,” his voice almost quivers. I can see in the corner of my eye that his hands are hovering just above my dress. He catches me looking and snaps himself out of whatever he was doing. After two zip and buttons my dress completely falls down before I can catch it.

I feel my cheeks redden again and reach for the shirt in jacks hands but he’s not paying attention. His eyes are fixated on me. Taking in every inch of me in my bra and underwear. His eyes flick to mine and he has a lust in his eyes that I’ve never seen before. He comes towards me, still holding the shirt in his hand. He stands inches from my face and looks from my eyes to my lips back and forth.

I lean in and press my lips on his. It’s like I have no self control. My heart is beating to fast I can barely breathe. He puts his hand to the back of my neck and I feel myself soften. He pulls me in closer, my body against his and kisses me deeper. I let out a little moan as he kisses down my neck, sending chills down my spine. His hands are all over me, touching every inch of my body like it’s the only chance he’ll get. I clumsily try to lift his shift up and thankfully he pulls it over his own head. He’s so much more muscular than I ever knew. He’s so warm and so loving, kissing me all over. He pulls away from my lips for only a moment as he picks me up and carries me to his bedroom, pushing me back onto the bed, crawling on top and locking lips again. Hes messy and rough, leaving marks on my neck and chest. I start to run and the bulge building in his pants. “Y/n” he whispers, almost out of breath. The way he says my name sends me into overdrive, “y/n” he says again, a little more impatient this time. He pulls away from me, “Conor’s home”

  • Princess Kenny: No one's going to save you.
  • Douchebag: No one needs to save me! I'm the Savior! I'm fighting for the people I love.
  • Princess Kenny: OK now let's--
  • Douchebag: Ultimately, I am a hero. I am hope. I am light!
  • Princess Kenny: Is this a speech?
  • Douchebag: And light cannot destroy darkness. It can only create more light.
  • Princess Kenny: This *is* a speech! When did you have time to write this speech?
  • Douchebag: I will not kill innocents! I will do what all saviors must! I will give hope no matter what the cost.
  • Princess Kenny: Were we supposed to write speeches for this? No one tells me *anything*!

OK, let’s begin this.

Wow, rude Sadie.


OK, this the most improbable team ever but why not.


Oh my god Rose, you won a war.

You sell fries, Peedee.

End of day 1 : the fries brothers couldn’t make it.

No problem Pearl, this is happen to everybody.

tfw you kill ur past self.

Sorry Buck, but your father can’t let you be the mayor.

A lil’ conflitct between Fusion Mom and Dad Mom.

OK, no surprise whatsoever.


We lost Dad Mom, only two moms left.




tfw you kill a creature made of urself and another creature made of urself doesn’t like it.

Donut guy, Pizza girl an Hella rad Bookworm eat the space Dorito.

Steven, is it really the right time to make an adolescent crisis ?

I don’t think this is the best way to make your citizens vote for you next time.




The ultimate beauty Croc panel!



Even though Sam trusts you and he made it clear many times, you still notice how protective he becomes when you’re talking to another guy. When he notices that some boy is flirting with you, he always makes perfectly clear that you are taken. He stands behind you with his arms around your waist and his head resting on your shoulder, watching  every move the boy you’re talking to makes. After he leaves you just laugh and kiss Sam, making sure he knows he’s the only guy you want.



Dean is that kind of a guy, that hates to show his feeling. When you two are at the bar and some guy is flirting to you, Dean shuts himself down. He orders a beer and keeps quiet even though you make clear that you are taken. He wouldn’t tell you what’s wrong, he wouldn’t even talk to you. When he finally lifts his head, you can see that behind the mask of strong men, there’s an insecure, broken man who thinks that he doesn’t deserve happiness. You take a bottle of beer away from him and make him look at you again. ˝Dean I love you ok? And some douchebag from the bar, or anyone else will never change that.˝



Jealousy is not something Castiel is used to.  You can see that he feels uncomfortable anytime you talk to a guy. He just awkwardly stands next to you, not knowing what to say or do. Slowly he moves his hand next to yours and tangles his fingers with yours. After the guy leaves, Cas tells you about weird feeling in his chest. ˝I didn’t like that guy.˝ he finally admits. You chuckle and give him a light kiss on a nose. ˝Well you don’t have to worry about this guy, because you’re the only guy i need.˝


Dubbers: quit stealing art

Like if I have said this once I have said it a thousand times: it is never ok to repost art without permission (kind of hard to pretend not to know that when something literally has DO NOT REPOST written all over it).

I, as an artist, would never steal your recordings and use them for my own gain. We, as artists, expect (and DESERVE) that same respect. Why is that a difficult concept?

If you see something you want to dub, you can:

- ask the artist if you can use it
- reblog the original post and add a recording on your reblog
- make an original post with your recording and link back to the original art in the description (just a link, no stolen images)

This has been a psa.

Look, Sam said ‘same circumstances’, correct? That means Dean would have been asking Death for permanance in the afterlife. Sam would allow Dean to make his own choices; Dean would have wanted to die. 

Sam also didn’t say he’d let Dean die. He said he wouldn’t do the same thing Dean had done. Good job, SPN fandom, you overlooked the entire point.