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Dubbers: quit stealing art

Like if I have said this once I have said it a thousand times: it is never ok to repost art without permission (kind of hard to pretend not to know that when something literally has DO NOT REPOST written all over it).

I, as an artist, would never steal your recordings and use them for my own gain. We, as artists, expect (and DESERVE) that same respect. Why is that a difficult concept?

If you see something you want to dub, you can:

- ask the artist if you can use it
- reblog the original post and add a recording on your reblog
- make an original post with your recording and link back to the original art in the description (just a link, no stolen images)

This has been a psa.

OK so, I think I have my head on enough for this and maybe I’ll go a post at a time, but first thing first:

I’m glad Steven is the one that’s mad

We’ve never seen anyone get under his skin like this. There are people who have actually threatened this boy’s life before and he hasn’t been this heated, but bring in your run of the mill douchebag (ok Kevin is borderline psychopathic but whatever, it’s still more common than literally destroying the earth) and Steven can’t handle it.

Steven has been protrayed as a ray of sunshine, and seeing someone who has no care for the wellbeing of anyone but themselves is something that he can’t let go of. Which is why he and we needed Connie. Connie actually taught Steven a lesson today in how the world operates in a way I don’t think anyone else really could have. Some people aren’t worth your time and energy to be angry over, especially not to the point of obsession. Steven was the instigator today and that was marvelous.