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10 Things Book Addicts Understand
  • 1: the absolute shame in not finishing a book in the time you thought you'd be able to complete it.
  • 2: you literally have five thousand unread books at home but you still pick up a novel or two from Barnes and Noble
  • 3: you love Harry Potter.
  • 4: again, you have hundreds of unread books at home but you still reread (insert favorite book here)
  • 5: The book cover matters. So does the size ok
  • 6: not enough shelf space
  • 7: have multiple copies of (insert favorite book here) in different covers
  • 8: spend literally all your money on books
  • 9: never want to pay full price for a book
  • 10: you have that one book that you'll always go back to because it makes you all warm and cozy inside.

“ppl who wear makeup are lying” is such bullshit like its not a fake passport its an accessory calm tf down

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lance KNOWS Keith is ok with being tickled?? So why does he cover his face?? BECAUSE HES SELF-CONCHES ABOUT HIS LAUGH and HIS LAUGH FACE (protect him) so lance //prys his arms down and sits on them. He looks Keith in the eye and digs in while saying the sweetest nothing's and the most sickeningly sweet things about Keith's pretty face. And Keith dies on the spot in a puddle of blushy giggles rip Keith :,))

hhghhGHHGHG YES keith being all insecure abt his laugh?? mor elike fuck me UP w this headcanon i am so here for this

and when lance pries his hands away keith is trying to hold in his laughter and is like biting his lip and trying to glare but lance just coos as him and keeps eye contact as he super gently tickles at keith’s ribs and sides until keith does that thing where he just burst into giggles cause he cANT HOLD IT IN and lance is like “why do you hide?? you’re so cute i love how red you get awww” and keith,…. is Dead goodbye

My Guilty Pleasure

I read The Dresden Files. They aren’t literary masterpieces and they are steeped in patriarchy, but it’s urban fantasy was refreshing after reading a hundred Tolkien clones. Ok, cool, one question:
1. Why does he have a hat in the cover art but never wears one in the books? This is mind fucking me, I didn’t notice when I read through the series.


Adrien is actively studying Chinese… Just imagine all the precious moments between him and Sabine…! AUGHHHH 好痛啊哈哈哈哈哈haha 

“Mom, what do you think?”

“Adrien… It’s so beautiful… Please take good care of her.”

“I will.”

EXTRA: “Mom, thank you so, so much.”

What Your Fave BNHA Character Says About You:

I got quite some asks a while ago about “What does my fave say about me???” and I wanna answer all of them and also no new chapter which is crushing:

Class 1-A: Alphabetized

Aoyama Yuuga: you have horrible self-esteem issues and cover it up by attracting attention to yourself because you want the attention but have absolutely no idea what to do with it once you have it

Ashido Mina: a loud passionate person with a fondness for dress-up (everyday wear or costumes, it doesn’t matter) and people are shocked to find out your level of nerdiness because like… “you don’t look like a nerd…”

Bakugou Katsuki: a spitfire on the inside and sometimes on the outside. You spicy af and people tell you to tone it down. Was a genius in middle school but then found out about everyone else catching up. Has a SUPER fear of failure.

Hagakure Tooru: A cute little flower who blends into the background but never fear, all that gossip is here! People forget you a lot, but you’re used to it. Gotta keep that positive attitude!!!!

Iida Tenya: People tell you you’re weird a lot and they also tell you you’re annoying but you’re just trying to help. Smart af when it comes to what you know, but pretty clueless otherwise.

Jirou Kyouka: You have that one piece of clothing you love dearly and have owned for years and people are shocked to see you whenever you’re not wearing it. Actual music hoe. *takes out one earbud* whut

Kaminari Denki: Admit it you’re an irl troll face but deep down you’re actually the rarest of pepes. Just wants to be loved by friends but you also want a date to prom so jokingly-for-real ask people out on dates. It hasn’t really worked.

Kirishima Eijirou: You love The Gays™ or are irl gay yourself. You’re an actual cinnamon roll but you’re hella burnt on the inside so you’ve got a spine of steel. You love your friends and aren’t afraid to say it. HUGS FOR EVERYONE

Kouda Kouji: You little animal lover you~ <3 ! Shy and sweet, people tell you that you don’t talk much but you’re just anxious. Will talk about your passions until you pass out but if it’s in front of strangers then NO THANKS

Midoriya Izuku: Actual cinnamon roll just trying your best, you’re smart with what you’re passionate about but that also makes you a giant nerd. You have that one weird little quirk that nobody understands so you hide it a lot. 

Mineta Minoru: You’re goofy and the squad clown but also naive af. Might not be noticeable on the outside but UR A SINNER HARRY. You read way too much fanfiction because actual porn feels weird/ is too much

Ojiro Mashirao: You like to stick to the background but you also want people to notice when you’ve achieved something so you’re stuck in this cycle of “I want this to look good but also original but not too weird but also cool but also…”

Satou Rikkidou: Your resting bitch face almost has yourself fooled but there’s nothing that can comfort you like food and your best bro can. Is really good at cooking. Part of the “Support Everyone But Forgets Yourself” Squad.

Sero Hanta: You come off as harmless but deep down you’re a disgusting memer waiting for the perfect moment to pun and meme. Your health is important, look at this article you printed off just for your friends’ cringe

Shouji Mezou: You’re quiet at first but hella observant so you can tell the moment to open up and let people see how harmless you are on the inside. Gentle soul who only want the best for others. Will kill/die to protect others.

Todoroki Shouto: You’ve been deeply hurt by someone you looked up to and you know you’re still messed up. You’re trying to grow away from the pain but it’s hard. A little wrapped up in your head, you want to love others again.

Tokoyami Fumikage: You know every word to “Welcome to the Black Parade”. You like really cool, dark and edgy things so your inner emo is Strong™. People tell you that you need to cool your chill and warm up. flip them the bird.

Tsuyu Asui: IRL perfect friend, you are the mom friend/ big sis friend of the group who makes sure everyone stays together and doesn’t do stupid shit. At least, doesn’t do stupid shit without you. Pokèmon was a lifestyle, once.

Uraraka Ochako: Looks innocent on the outside but will punch a guy if they step over that very clear line. Friends and family are to be protected at all costs. You’re so cheap, people laugh but in reality you’re scared to spend money. 

Yaoyorozu Momo: Smart af and pretty too, you’re so used to things coming easily to you that you panic as soon as something seems hard. In group projects you’re the one that does 95% of the work. You’re (kinda) ok with this.

Alright, I covered Class 1-A first, but if your fave isn’t on this list, or you wanna look up your other faves, I left it all under the cut!


All Might/ Toshinori Yagi: Actual cinnamon roll trying their best to be a good guardian and lead those who are lost. Is the actual biggest dork around. Tries to be cool but simply… isn’t. We love you anyways. Pls take care of yourself too.

Eraserhead/ Aizawa Shouta: you’re extra salty in need of a nap and still care about everyone around you but still like to fuck with them to show you care. Is a cat person and feels like you can only get along with other cat people.

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So, I've been seeing stuff on your blog about "cambionverse" and I was kinda wonder what that is?? (PS you're beautiful and I love you 💛)

aaah omg ty!! i hope it’s ok to answer this publicly, i love to talk about this cool thing i helped make! (if not, i’ll be happy enough to take it down. <3)

so, @cambionverse is a series of fanfics i have been co-writing with @callowyn fo ralmost 7 years now. it’s, like, TECHNICALLY based in the world of the tv show supernatural, but it’s about the next generation of characters, and so far away from the original show that you really don’t need to have watched it to understand most of the stories. i once told a friend, “if you read the summary of the episodes everyone appeared in first the way they’re listed on our cast page you’re probably golden” and i stand by that, haha. we try to write them so they read like “real” young adult fiction and as a result we wound up filling in a good 80% of the backstory you’d get from watching the show anyway. we’re thinking very seriously about giving it the “50 shades” treatment someday - that is, editing it and taking out the fandom bits so it becomes original fiction - so if someone who hasn’t seen supernatural winds up enjoying them someday that will be a good omen for our success! (if you HAVE watched supernatural or are planning on watching it, season 6 is the most important one.)

as far as the plot goes, you can check our about page for summaries of the individual fics and links to read them on AO3, but the plot for the overall verse centers around 1. jesse turner, a cambion (half-human, half-demon, the literal actual antichrist) who ran away from home at a young age to avoid getting swept up in a war between demons and angels, can’t control his own powers, and is terrified of monster hunters 2. ben braeden, a young and very kind-hearted monster hunter looking for his monster hunting dad (dean, one of the original show’s protagonists), who went missing several years prior, and 3. claire novak, ben’s INCREDIBLY emotionally unavailable monster hunting partner with some supernatural abilities (thanks to her time spent being possessed by an angel as a child), who is looking for said angel to kill him and get revenge for her father’s death (it’s kinda complicated). basically, the verse revolves around them trying to heal or undo the damage done to them when supernatural forces first touched their lives - there is actual plot, but it’s mostly an excuse for character development. it’s a very character-driven story with strong found family themes!

speaking of characters, other cool ones include: an angel hunter whose soul got stolen and his adopted shapeshifting little sib, jesse’s demonic parent who is the queen of hell and also trans, i don’t care what canon says, a gay witch in a coven of other gay witches, and her gay waitress girlfriend who hates everything to do with the world of supernatural but works in a monster hunting bar anyway. we love them all quite a lot!! most of these characters only appeared in canon for a single episode before being thoroughly traumatized and then forgotten about entirely, so they’re almost like OCs. my favorite is jesse because we both have anxiety. we even did a good bit of our own worldbuilding to fill in the show’s plotholes. i don’t want to pat myself on the back too much, but almost everyone who’s read it has said “you know, i really didn’t think i’d like, but actually i LOVE IT?” so to anyone who got all the way to the bottom of this textwall and has had their interest has been piqued: i HIGHLY encourage you to give the blog (again, @cambionverse) a look, haha.

SORRY for rambling on so long, my truest weakness is when people ask me about the verse. :’)

i have too much free time, uhh

tinteresting stuff to read~

  • gods, spirits, demons
  • common misconceptions
  • things you’ve never thought about
  • crack pop culture theories
  • thought catalogue
  • learn fictional languages
  • CATS????????????????????
  • DOGS????????????????????
  • myths & urban legends
  • mysterious disappearences
  • free books
  • loads of college resources

paranormal blogs~

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  • spiritworldblogextra
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  • make your own video game sounds
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  • acapella band maker thing
  • paint your own friggin nebula


  • healing herbs
  • moar herby goodness
  • DATE IDEAS (perf)
  • nature survival
  • learn new languages ok
  • more languages stuff
  • covering up tattoos using makeup
  • keeping your shit together when you’re depressed

gender/sexuality/personality/etc. stuff~

  • gender-neutral Facebook
  • chest binder tutorial
  • personality test
  • the asexual spectrum
  • deepening your voice for pre-T trans dudes
  • ya friendly books about/written by trans* ppl
  • atheism vs theism vs agnosticism vs gnosticism

text effects~

  • Full  width.
  • Za̢͞ĺ̷go͢͏ ҉̴͝t̡̛͘ȩx̢t҉̵͞
  • uʍop əpısdn
  • unicode text
  • drawn letter recognition


  • ultimate fictional world/people designer thing


  • emoticons
  • and some more
  • more!!!
  • and cat ones omf


  • this page is strange
  • another weird page ok
  • ANONYMOUS search engine; no hacking/saving/etc.
  • crouton.net
  • it plays animal crossing music according to the time!??!
  • loads of cosplay help stuff!!!
  • list of paraphilias
  • different tattoo styles

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  • gifs for begginers
  • gif making
  • easy gif tutorial for Mac
  • blur effect
  • tweening frames
  • transition tutorial
  • How to add transitions to gifs
  • Reducing the amount of color on your gif
  • How to make a 500px x 500px gif
  • Two gifs on one canvas
  • Multiple animations with continuous effect in one image


  • make a cool eyeball shirt
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  • human anatomy for artists
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  • an entire friggin blog for refs


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  • p much every film ever
  • these are all fab films I have watched yes
  • Studio Ghibli
  • Supernatural
  • Hannibal
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  • Game of Thrones
  • Doctor Who
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  • God’s Existence
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  • Conspiracy of Silence
  • The Dark Ages
  • The Life of the Buddha
  • Dark Fellowships: The Nazi Cult
  • The Da Vinci Code: The True Story
  • Atlantis: Lost World (History Channel)
  • Abraham Lincoln Biography (History Channel)
  • Genocide: Worse Than War
  • Atlantis: The Lost Continent
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  • Albert Einstein: How I See the World (PBS)
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  • Impressionism: Revenge of the Nice
  • Miracle Cure? A Decade of Human Genome
  • Newton’s Dark Secrets
  • Nice Guys Finish First


  • FILMS: 500 Days of Summer, Alice In Wonderland, Avengers, The Amazing Spiderman, Avatar, A Walk To Remember, Batman, Black Swan, Clueless, Easy A, Grease, Harry Potter, Hercules, High School Musical, Iron Man, Mean Girls, Mulan, Pirates of The Caribbean, Sherlock Holmes, Star Trek, Tangled, The Hobbit, The Hunger Games, The Lord Of The Rings, The Lion King, The Little Mermaid, Titanic, Twilight Saga, UP, X-Men.
  • TV SHOWS:American Horror Story, Arrow, Awkward, Bones, Dexter, Doctor Who, Friends, How I Met Your Mother, Modern Family, My Mad Fat Diary, Nashville, New Girl, Once Upon A Time, Pretty Little Liars, Revenge, Supernatural, Teen Wolf, The Vampire Diaries, The Walking Dead, Wizards Of  Waverly Place.

PS helpblogs~

  • yeahphotoshop
  • kyungsumption
  • heartitactions
  • 009095
  • photoshop-addict
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  • fuckyeahresources
  • nanresources

for when yo sad~

  • the nicest place on the internet
  • make everything ok
  • happy news
  • calming manatee 
  • calm
  • 1000 awesome things
  • calmsound.com
  • the quiet place
  • is it going to be ok?
  • 90 second relaxation exercise
  • gives me hope
  • rainy mood


  • cute baby fix
  • watch penguins being adorable
  • cute overload
  • perfect
  • cute animals

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Can you do Nct Ten Taeyong Jaehyun and Johnny reaction when you were about to change clothes by lifting your shirt up and they come in see your bare back :D Johnny as your bestfriend please, thank you! & love yr blog!

Ok so let me recapitulate, your best friend is Johnny and we can say the rest are his friends. Then let’s imagine he gave you the key to his place, since you offered to help him with a get-together party and while you were busy preparing some food, you stained your shirt and you had to change, before realizing you were actually in the living room and the boys just got in and saw your bare back…(ahhah I already imagine their shocked/surprised faces in my mind :D) I hope you will like it . Don’t forget to feed back me :D


*he gets shyly surprised* “Omg Jae what is this??” he asks the younger boy who is as shocked as him…but somehow he can’t contain his “happiness” since he never saw a women in real life undressing…ok, maybe in the movies..


“Woooah, hyung who is she?? Kind of hot…” *he murmurs to himself the last sentence only to find out later you are Johnny’s best friend. Now he feels kind of guilty but somehow that image didn’t get off his mind..


“Oh my god, wrong place, should we go back?” he turns around hiding his face of embarrassment, but peeking through his fingers (well he is a man after all). He later asks for forgiveness in the name of other friends too, like a kind gentleman he is…


He is the last to enter his house after his friends just to see you undressing…at first he thinks he is dreaming, but no it’s really you! 

“Ok guys, just cover your eyes immediately!” he does it out of consideration, just to joke later about how you tried to flirt with them. Well, just to make you feel more comfortable…

mymiscool  asked:

Can you tell me about hyper light drifter? (imagine you're talking to someone who knows 0 things about it, I know a little bit but not much though)


It is a top down zelda-like 2D action RPG successfully funded via kickstarter back in 2013 (kinda an understatement, they were funded like, 20 times over the original goal). The game is still in development and will be out come spring of next year. 

the story is about a drifter (scavenger of lost technology, in the game’s terms) who explores a violent post-post-post apocalyptic landscape in order to find a cure to an illness he has while trying not to die from danger in all directions. the game is known for challenging gameplay and honestly i’m scared because im a scrub ahaha but I will! believe in myself! 

aaaand then there’s the art!!!! the art is like, what people talk about most. the world and a lot of design elements have distinct ghibli vibes and overall just looks so good. here’s some screenshots from the demo released last year

the character designs are also really nice. here is the protagonist he is cute and handsome and i love him

here is their web site

here is the kickstarter page (monthly updates, give or take)

here is Alex’s twitter (updates most frequently)

here is their tumblr (updates less frequenty)

here is their facebook (usually updates when the kickstarter does)

ok that covers all bases i think, or at least most of them!


my friend sent me a message this morning like


and i just got up like



i lied

i cant look this flawless

and zayn if u ever come across this

you’re hot


anyway lets do this

1. dear mr. grey

2. “Eddie attacked my legs by hugging them tightly”

3. “Oh my god do you guys have matching shoes?”


4. “you get Starbucks for breakfast and wear sunglasses even if it’s dark and now you keep saying ‘duh’ to basically everything I say.”

white girl game strong asf

5. “Do you want to get dinner tomorrow?”

I saw him turn his head to me, before he did a double take.

“Oh you’re talking to me?”

same niall, same.

6. “I’m not serious, you know you’re perfect to me.”

ok where did this one come from? I thought they were talking about SAUCE

7. “jesus, i can take you”

THAT WASNT HIS POINT REY, jesus ur innocent 16 y/o self is looong gone

8. ok since when does niall b l u s h ?



10. the josh and jake prank got me like

11. “and make sure you shave your hoo-haa”

(ok that was totally unnecessary but i didnt know where else to use this reaction pic)

12. “are you sniffling my hair?”

are u sniffling her hair?

13. “i’m pregnant”

niall be like

14. aaww protective niall he’s so oblivious that day was 1st of April

15. “First name is going to be April and the second is going to be Fools.”


ok he’s pissed.

16. “apologize then give him a bit of space”

“seduce him into forgiving u slut”

two types of people


niall is ready

18. “I’m going to call Justin. He can get me off really good.”

19. REY’S TURN ! Jake gives the best advice

20. “we can compare food babies”

thats so punk, niall

soooo punk.

21. the part where they talked about rey’s eating disorder got me like

22. the part where they talked about niall’s scars got me like

23. the paragraph where rey talked about niall’s little things got me like

24. “please be mine”

“Technically it’s her, but physically and mentally it’s you, Rey. It’s always been you.”


but it was absolutely amazing i loved it

Imagine tsukkis favorite show being dinosaur train. One week he feels terrible and everyone notices because instead of being trash hes all quiet and stuff so they plan a surprise. He walks into the gym and someone puts an orange hat on him with little green triangles sticking up and is like “you’re Buddy ok” AND THE ENTIRE CLUB DOES A COVER OF THE DINOSAUR TRAIN OP IN COSPLAY

Suga is Mrs. Pteranadon, Daichi is Mr. Pteranadon, Hinata is Tiny, Kageyama is Shiny, Tanaka is Don, of course Tsukki is Buddy, and Asahi is the train conductor. Kiyoko and Yachi had to make all of the cosplay bc these volleyball noobs dunno how to sow so they dont have to sing, and Noya, Tanaka, Ennoshita, and the rest of the second years like latch together and pretend to be a train, Noya and Tanaka screaming CHOO CHOO at the top of their lungs.

The best part is that everyone took forever to memorize lyrics and stuff but then when they pull Tsukki in he knows EVERY WORD and joins in at exactly the right time. At the end of the song everyone just waits expectantly and Tsukki starts actually laughing, he tries to hide but it happens, the team knows their work is done.

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: why does steve seem so emotionally distant from the situation? is he angry? tired? upset? i can't read him. what is going through his mind? what is going through bucky's mind? is this the first time they've seen each other since the helicarrier? this can't be the first time they've seen each other since the helicarrier? is sam ok? he seems ok. i hope he's ok. how much does bucky remember? why is steve covered in mechanical grease? was he trying to free bucky? why is bucky caught? how did bucky get caught? where are they? why are they talking about bucky and not to him? does bucky know steve loves him? does bucky know i love him?