ok dis be the last one i swear


I am so ready for next week and beyond. I’m ready for Stiles and Derek to return because I missed both of them, it’s been so freaking long since we saw Derek and Stiles has barely been in this season, so any Stiles I get makes me happy. Also their bantering is A+. I’m also ready for more Stydia, we only got a sample last half of the season and I need more. I’m ready for Jethan sassiness. They’re just gonna sass Monroe until she gets tired of them and I love it, their relationship gives me life 🙌🏻. I’m ready to see more Scalia because they deserve each other. I’m ready to see more Thiam, I’m officially on that ship 🚢. I’m hoping Isaac makes a small appearance because I miss him so much. It would also be nice to see Allison again but have no idea how they’ would do that. And, this one is for you Jeff, if Melissa McCall dies I swear.. she does not deserve this 😡😫. Also Papa McCall is not allowed to be one who is shot because I know Mama McCall almost dies or does die(she better not) from the promo and if Papa dies too Scott will be an orphan and that is absolutely NOT OK. I’m super nervous because literally anyone could die because this is the last season. But, on the bright side, this weekend is a double episode which is awesome. These last few episodes are gonna be so good and emotional and intense and I’m ready lets go go go !

I swear to gOD if Bryan dies I’m going to lose my crap. He is just a tiny ball of sunshine who only wants to be happy ever after with Miller. They are one of the few good things this ugly ass season has, idk wtf am I going to do if they break up or one of them dies, honestly.

marvel legacy with its whole “let’s find Tony Stark” promise would win me over if it turned out to be like. searching the multiverse and plucking pre-inversion tony directly out of the 616 timeline (along with his actual like, personality, and not a shallow bastardization of mcu tony) and then sticking him into this one and having him Deal with the fact that earth-616 Died like…. that would be…… Holy Shit

Bias Tag(s)

Tagged by my love, @eradikeats-writes​​ to do the bias tag game

Rules: write down the last 15 associated tags with your bias. Ok, so I have three biases. I’m silly tired and so what the hell, I’ll do this for all three. 

We’ll start with Jongin as he is the original, the main man, number one: 

  1. #y u do dis
  2. #omg
  3. #i love
  4. #stop it
  5. #why are you so cute?
  6. #so much gun
  7. #i didn’t need to see this right before bed 
  8. #or did i
  9. #my heart
  10. #one whine and i’d just do anything that was asked of me
  11. #holy actual fuck
  12. #i’m fine
  13. #i see stubble
  14. #no sir
  15. #nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo


  1. #why do i like this so much
  2. #sunshine smile
  3. #oh my god
  4. #don’t ever talk to me or my son again 
  5. #put your chest away pls
  6. #no wait
  7. #don’t
  8. #this is awesome
  9. #biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitch
  10. #*opens door* 
  11. #*runs down the stairs into the night* 
  12. #*screams at the sky* 
  13. #GREEN PAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
  14. #*falls over* 
  15. #those damned amazing green pants

I am so glad a green pants post occurred in my last 15 tags hahaha. It is my most violent reaction of all time. I can’t handle the green pants. I literally start shouting when I see any of them in them but particularly Sehun. I have an entire tag for the green pants that I may or not look at regularly.

credit to: shiningsehun


  1. #good shit
  2. #guns
  3. #i loff
  4. #welp
  5. #hnnnngggggg
  6. #gtfo with that smile
  7. #omg
  8. #i can’t handle this
  9. #help
  10. #i’m weak for men with tattoos
  11. #no
  12. #him perty
  13. #look at yooooou
  14. #you look amazing
  15. #FUCK

I taaaaag @lovingchenhun @co-kai-ne @shorttermandawful @nerdtasticawkwardpenguin @caticorn61 

Post Mortem

TITLE: Post Mortem


AUTHOR: visions-of-dragons

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine being a ghost that hangs out in Avengers Tower because of your new found supernatural abilities…


NOTES/WARNINGS: Ok, so I know I was the one who uploaded the imagine, but I’m tired of waiting for someone else to write this so here goes.


“Bruce, hand me that wrench.” Tony called from his workbench. Bruce reached across his table to grab the tool when it moved just a few inches to the left. He furrowed his brows and reached for it again, this time it flew across the table, knocking several pieces of paper along the way. 

Tony turned around to watch Bruce attempt to catch the rogue tool, laughing and taking a swig of whiskey out of the bottle to his left. Bruce groaned when the wrench flung itself out the lab window and onto Steve’s lap, who was sitting on the couch. “Ha. Ha. Very funny Bryn… can I please have the wrench now?” Bruce called out. 

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