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im watching snk specials and


GUESS WHO’S MAKING PROGRESS ON THAT FLOWER CROWN JACQUELINE DOODLE?? Me that’s who! I’ve finished the flats and the sheer neckline and I’m trying to figure out shading currently, but tbh I live for friends squealing about how cute Jacqueline is so here you go :D

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I honestly can't remember if it was you or BabyCapri that wrote the hostage-diner oneshot, but I loved it!! Read it like 4 times when you first posted. Anyway maybe you could do a Dani/Santana cop thingy where Dani's school is held hostage by a shooter and something happens to Dani. I love you so much!! 😘😘

Speaking of babycapri1990, thanks goes to her for helping me to write a good portion of this. I kept getting stuck on little things and she helped me push through it.


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Okay so I kinda just wanted to make a post [kind of a follow forever but not ok shh?] to thank all the people who have been here for me through thick and thin, and also just some super rad gals whose blogs I adore!

Andrea : BAE I LOVE YOU FROM THE MOON AND BACK. You are my big sistery bestie on here and i love you so much! It’s so nice to have someone I can talk to on here about boys and my life and my tragedies who won’t judge me, and who can give me super awesome advice! You are just one of the best things that I’ve gotten out of tumblr, and I truly mean that <3

Sara : TWIN YOU ARE MY SISTER. I love you so much and whenever I talk to you your general cupcakeyness brightens my day immensely. I love how you just understand everything about me, IT’S LIKE ONE MIND OVER HERE FOLKS. Seriously twinnie bear, love yourself so much, because I love you so much!

Jocey : Jocey, you are just the greatest. I’ve known you for literally forever it feels like, and you’ve been so great to me! Through thick and thin in this fandom, I’ve always been able to look to you as a friend who will be kind to me :) thank you for all the skype messages, snapchats, and the odd voxer message that has made our friendship grow!

Cassie : Bae :’) I love you, you’re so fucking wonderful. Thank you so much for putting up with my dumb absences on here and still being my business bestie anyway! I love you forrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeever.

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