ok bye i love ur face

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be prepared b/c im going to send u inspo. quotes everyday or at least once a week heck yeah. to start: "For everything you have lost, you have gained something else." (P.S. rlly love u/ur blog and ur face is very nice and also my love for u is why im doing this and im v glad i stayed when u changed this to a personal blog ok bye)

im actually going to weep what the hECK this is so nice oml and im also v happy you stayed when this turned into a personal blog holy shit ahhhh

also i now have a special page where i am going to write all your inspirational quotes so you better not skip out on me !!

have a wonderful day !! ❤️❤️

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5 reasons u love ur gf?? 🤤

MY GF !!!!!! THE LOVE OF MY LIFE !!!!!!!
ok so in no particular order
- shes so cute n pretty n beautiful n her smile makes me tear up thts how angelic she is n id look @ her selfies for weeks n id frame them on my wall n keep them in my wallet i love her face shes such an th most beautiful angel n everything abt her makes my heart go ❣️💕💞💝💘💖💗💓❣️💕💞💘💖💗💗💓❣️💕💞💝💘💖💗💓❣️💕💞💘💖💗💗💓❣️💕💞💝💘💖💗💓❣️💕💞💝💘💖💗💓❣️💕💞💝💘💖💗💓❣️💕💞💘💖💗💗💓❣️💕💞💝💘💖💗💓❣️💕💞💝💘💖💗💓❣️💕💞💝💘💖💗💓❣️💕💞💘💖💗💗💓❣️💕💞💝💘💖💗💓❣️💕💞💝💘💖💗💓❣️💕💞💝💘💖💗💓❣️💕💞💘💖💗💗💓❣️💕💞💝💘💖💗💓❣️💕💞💝💘💖💗💓❣️💕💞💝💘💖💗💓❣️💕💞💘💖💗💗
- speaking of angelic????? her voice ??????? she sent me a two second voice note n it made me so happy when will YOUR fave evr :/ n she can sing???her voice is so warm u can feel it in ur heart:( like can u believe some1 tht perfect can exist??? she invented talent sorry exo
- shes th funniest person evr n she always makes me laugh n she tells th best jokes n even her dad jokes r funny n shes so fun to talk to id nvr get tired of her n she has th cutest laugh im tearing up thinking abt it
- her entire personality is jst perfect ive nvr met any1 i got along w so well so fast like her n shes good w words n shes so intelligent n eloquent n smart im so proud of her achievements n i’ll always support her n see her succeed
- shes gay??????? icb?????? n she was single???? for Me???? im so lucky
- she has th BEST taste in fashion n her outfits always look good she invented clothes n wearing them id give her all my money jst bc she looks so good in clothes
- she also has good taste in music n movies n tv shows i wanna watch everything w her im jealous of any1 who sees her irl whn will i evr !!!!!
- SHE CAN PLAY TH PIANO i swear there’s nothing shes not good at shes th best @ everything n i love her she invented th piano too
- i love tht shes my gf n im her gf its th best thing tht evr happened to me n ill love her forever bc shes th best person whos in my life n im jst so happy n lucky n grateful ik her


ok u guys been doing this kind of things i just thought id do some and like ive been obsessed with vampire these days idk but here’s vampire!mingyu bye:

  • ok but can u imagine mingyu being a vampire that’d be total hot
  • having a giant stock of blood in the refrigerator bc duh
  • him trying to control himself from biting you bc he said you smell really good i quit
  • “its ok man u can bite me”
  • “no no nonoonononono ILL NEVER IM GONNA HRUT U NONONO”
  • but ended up biting u one time when he runs out of blood to drink
  • regretting it later and said ur blood tastes like heaven
  • offering him ur blood but he refused even tho inside he is like YES GIVE IT TO ME
  • lets be real here mingyu will be the type to tease u with his sharp teeths sending shiver thru ur body and smirk against ur skin IM ODNE WIHT THIS KID
  • dressing u as a vampire too on halloween
  • having him draw you as a vampire
  • “youd be super hot as a vampire”
  • HE WOULD SCARE U A LOT WITH HIS RED EYES AND FANGS im not even joking this is so real
  • having to bear with him sleep talking about blood ofc
  • sharing his drink with vampire!wonwoo isnt that obvious
  • making breakfast for urself only bc dUH
  • he’d be jealous one time and accidentally bite u again and itd be so hot OH YM GOHDSUDO
  • but lets not forget that mingyu is a giant dork thats 185cm tall who likes to be a small spoon (a lot) and kiss ur nose and hold ur hands and kiss it after. he would smile at u with loving eyes and OMFG NO MAN ILL KICK THAT STUPID SMILE FROM UR FACE
  • “im so lucky to have u”
  • and he’d be all cheesy making u all blushy and no dude why
  • oh and did i mention that u have to take care of him and wonwoo

im sorry for this  jk im not send me requests for other members!!!!!

tda vlog pt. 1/???

its my boiii!!!!!

get out of my face you bitch leave Goth Momalone

beth got her braces off and is loving herself im so proud of her!!

miss me with that str8 shit bye

its ok bb give me a hug :((( ur bootyful

thats what you get fuckin heteros

why tf you running like that??


my edgy bf is happy!!!

this just in: justin is a top and duncan is a power bottom

drag her!!!

izzy: “im a top!!” you definitely are izzy tbh

Pulling Namjoon’s airport mask having it sling back and smack his face.

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hi lovely I'm spreading love to my favorite fic authors and ur one of them!I *gives you cherry pie cuz ur cherry* I've been following you for about a year and a half and u never disappoint me. do I need fluff? U got it! Angst? U got it! Some quality fic with fantastically British undertones? There's a plenty! Ur storylines are amazing like how ur a hero white rabbit 🐇 is a personal favorite of mine I adore it so much and I adore u for these fantastic fics ily my lil cherry slushie 😊ok bye

This is adorable and just so lovely and I thank you so much for it!

I will gladly accept the cherry pie too :) and I adore the comment about the British undertones lol.

You’re an angel who put a who smile on my face. 💜💜💜


          oh my god???  to think that over five hundred and fifty people actually like(??) my blog really does make me so,  so happy.  when i first started role - playing in this community,  i was super hesitant  –  i didn’t think that i would stay for long as i have had terrible experiences before,  and i was anxious™™ about writing a canon character in a really divergent way  –  but honestly?  people actually accepted this child and??  i am so,  so glad i’ve joined this fandom.  to know that there are people out there who love(?????) my portrayal(??????????) of zen really makes my day.  everyday.  anyways,  thank you all so much for being so amazing and wonderful people and even though some of you guys may not know me or like me,  thank you.

          under the cut is a long assed post of me rambling about people i truly hold dear to my heart + people i want to ramble about but i am SO lazy forgive me + people i really admire from afar!  once again,  THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR CONTINUAL SUPPORT.  i don’t think i can stress this enough;;  

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I look decent :^) I was tagged by jisooosgf, gimtajoo, boob-seungkwan, kcdiva12, adore-jun, and missdreamer-posts (and more I just don’t remember aha) for the selfie things so yay I put three because I felt decent looking yay.

ok I’ll tag mallcopdino, kimingyusgf, kimbapdiva, seungquality, bo0seungkwan, ty-dk, hoshis-got-me, yugyeomofficial, and yes-ok-bye

hi hello this is ur daily reminder that oikawa tooru is really cute ok thank u for ur time 


hello friends i have been overwhelmed and in awe of all this beauty on my dash by the following ever-so-lovely people: leeseokminbabe, lee-seokchan, dkokyum, badboyhansol, moontaeilsgf, and cantwithjeonwonwoo (for the pic w bias one). thank you cuties for tagging me in the 20 beautiful people/selfie challenge!!~ (◡‿◡✿)

so here’s me thinkin’ i’m so cute at the cottage in my fall sweater lmao bye. i tag the following aBSOLUTELY CUTE PEOPLE: saythenamesvntn, xmeganpenguyen, hansolcanunot, 1kon7, 95joshua, dongjinja, jeonghanii, jshuahong, livster4ever, seungkwanraps, ty-dk, ultimatekpoptrash, vnons, wcozi, wonwooziest, yoscoups, djseungkwan, the8ght, umseokmin, and hoon-seok…..is that 20 idk how to count……y’all don’t have to do this i just like seeing ur cute af faces…..ok bye