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There aren't any in-between scenes in Hamilton. It's only the music. To get what's going down you just need to pay close attention to the lyrics. I really recommend it c:

Anon: Hamilton the kind of musical that’s pretty much all songs, and it has a lot of narrative in the songs, so it’s pretty easy to follow the plot while just listening to the soundtrack!         

ohh ok, I might check it out eventually then! (=

500 What?!

I don’t really get how this happened so fast! 500 followers?! THANK YOU AND WELCOME!

I have nothing planned because this happened so fast. As I’m typing this I’m thinking of doing GIF submissions. Would y’all be interested in that? 

Ok, I’ve decided to go GIF submissions! 

Requests are still open! 

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Thank you to all my jellybeans! …Idk where that came from, it just felt right. I see every one or your likes, comments, and reblogs. I’m kind of speechless at the moment. Later I’ll think of something cool I should have said!

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“Don’t say kill all Nazis, a lot of them were coerced or indoctrinated and didn’t actually know what was really going on”

Ok, but it we don’t live in 1940s Germany, we live in 2017. Pretty much anyone who calls themself a Nazi/has Nazi beliefs has (unless they were raised cutoff from society in some kind of white supremacist commune) adopted them because they chose to knowing full well the implications, so yes, actually, kill all Nazis


Ok, so you know those sherlolly theories that have been floating around, like the Molly and Sherlock did it in the ambulance and that molly is pregnant. Well, I’ve made this kind of stupid theory that I don’t really believe but is just something I came up with and it’s a stretch. Remember when Sherlock was playing the violin and Eurus was like “ooh you’ve had sex”. It was highly implied that it was Irene but what if it wasn’t. What if it was more recent, like say in an ambulance. I know, dumb theory 😂


I love ace attorney series.
I’m waiting so hard for dai gyakuten saiban 2.

5th pic
(My english is shitty pls don’t complaint about my english level *tears)

“Nonsense! Just who is that Sherlock Holmes?”
“He’s a great detective that every Londoners should know about…”
“What? Do you think I was born yesterday? That kind of ‘great detective’ doesn’t even exist OK?”
“As expected, the name ‘Great Detective’ is really embarrassing.”
“Is~~ that~~ so~~? I think the name ‘Death God of the Old Bailey’ is much more embarrassing to me.”

problematic fave yet again

what kind of dramatique are you? are you:

  • Kevin “everything’s always about me and when it’s not it really is anyway” Day
  • Andrew “i don’t care about anything but my investment to deals creates drama” Minyard 
  • or
  • Neil “i couldn’t resist the chance to roast someone so hard i created a new type of drag” Josten 


Back to indoor lighting. idk if this is actually how cafes work, i kinda forget…. I just wanted to feature myself lol.

sorry for all the asks I haven’t answered, I will get to them i promise

and if anyone can get me info on how exactly honey can magically cure hyperacusis/tinnitus/misophonia it’ll be much appreciated :)

Part 60

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  • Yugi: oh hi Ryou what did you do for Halloween?
  • Ryou: nothing much really, I watched a movie, ate some candies, that kind of stuff
  • Yugi: ok
  • Yugi: wait why are you limping
  • Ryou: I might have sprained my ankle a little
  • Yugi: how?
  • Ryou: uuuuh running?
  • Yugi: you- you were fine yesterday
  • Ryou: yeees haha
  • Yugi: ...what did you do for Halloween
  • Ryou: don't worry I managed to banish it

they call me baepsae 

(or as i like to call it, the result of a drawing tablet and too much free time)
152 frames, ~18h
please don’t reupload in any way without credit or permission

HEYO one more for tonight. I swear this series makes it. REALLY. HARD. to focus on art stuff I should ACTUALLY BE WORKING ON. Shit.

The Many Faces of Neil Josten + precious boy Andrew Minyard.
Neil looks 5years old with dark hair and eyes.
He has way too many keys ok his key ring is gonna get so heavy in his pocket its gonna pull his sweatpants RIGHT DOWN.
Also I wish I knew what kind of knives Andrew likes. I know nothing about knives.

Just trying to nail down faces that I like for them so that I can pretend to have SOME SORT OF CONSISTENCY moving forward.

the most ideal date

you and your partner(s) spend an afternoon establishing safe touches and cuddling together. maybe on a bed or maybe just on a couch or a really big chair. each person takes turns saying and showing how they like to be touched

a hand smoothing slowly down your ribs, across your hip, and to your thigh

or nails dragging lightly across the inside of your arm, kind of ticklish but in that pleasant soothing sensation

thumbs rubbing circles into your hips or the heel of your foot or across your knuckles

saying what you don’t like–certain positions that bring back bad memories or body parts that are Not OK to touch. saying any of the above is not OK and making new suggestions. I don’t like having the back of my neck touched ever, but it’s grounding when you put your hand on top of my chest. Missionary position actually scares me a lot. I don’t like people on top of me when I’m on my back. I love being the little spoon though!

your partner(s) go through their list too, maybe just saying it out loud, maybe taking your hands to run them across their body to show you. actually knowing what they want and what makes them feel happy and safe without trying to guess and feeling awkward.

they know what touches are safe and comforting to you too, and you spend the whole afternoon cuddling and touching each other, maybe trading back massages for head scritches or foot rubs. none of it is sexual. maybe just not yet, maybe not ever. 

quick little kisses all over your face until you’re laughing and blushed red, maybe a tickle fight retaliation

watching a documentary or reading a book or listening to music. each of you doing different things and that’s OK, you’re enjoying your different things separately but still together, still poking each other to show something cool, still shoving your cold feet against their warm skin, or maybe you’re not touching at all and that’s what’s Safe, warm glances and smiles just as intimate

nothing is scary and there’s no pressure. just a sunny afternoon laying in bed, whispering to each other, learning how to be good and happy

ACOTAR vs TOG (Rant)

Ok so, I saw something today that kind of (and by kind of, I mean really) pissed me off? I get it. Ok it’s fun to think “What if Aelin was in Feyre’s place?” Or like “What if Rhysand met Rowan” (which actually I think Cassian meeting Aedion would be WAY more entertaining but whatevs). But when you start comparing the worth of ACOTAR with your basis for comparison being Aelin vs Feyre…We have a problem.

The post I saw was “If Aelin Was in ACOTAR”. And basically it just talked about how Aelin would f*ck sh*t up. Which yeah! She totally would! But this author was frustrated because Feyre didn’t do the same things as Aelin. But you know what?


A Court of Thorns and Roses is NOT Aelin’s story. And you know, Feyre probably would never have become as embittered as Aelin. She wouldn’t have “arrogance issues” and she probably wouldn’t have massively astounding trust issues either.

Aelin’s story is about trust. Is about learning that she is not alone. That she HAS that power. That she can use it for good. That she CAN be a queen and she CAN be loved. And that she has more love to give than she thought.

That is NOT Feyre’s story. Feyre’s story is about healing and for once in her gods given life enjoying herself. Recognizing her beauty. Adapting to a sudden change in her life and actually doing something more than just surviving.

Both of these characters are strong in their own ways. They have their own faults. They deal with their own trials. Do not compare them any more than you would compare how Audrey Hepburn would handle your life.

Would you do that? No. So don’t degrade Feyre or Aelin based on the actions of the other character.