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 These days I’m singing about real things, which is kind of new to me.

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If you are think about kill you self I want to tell a storie ok here it go. One time Megan dump me so hard for I could to fall on my ass. I had no way for make hope of the better life. I thought "Ok, time for suicide myself." Just like you. But then I make a Tumbeler blog, I come on there, I am instant celebrity friend and successful blogster. It dont matter if u like Earnest Hardlick or Dangle Klebot, just go to try should be yourself. If suicide yourself, you let anomalous win, so dont.

hahaha i love you. thank you for making me lol 

third times the charm, meet etoile

etoile is a fallen star. (both metaphorically and physically) she’s 169 cm and isn’t afraid to get mean with ppl she doesnt like. anyways, she fell from the sky because she was running away from a bunch of people in starland who were out to get her for because she had done something bad but she didn’t really do anything wrong at all. she used to be very well known as the idol: “e-STeLLAR” both in starland and only a few from earth know of her, but her fame fell as she dropped to the earth. few star people do care about her and are trying to investigate the shit around her. currently she travels the earth with just her clothes since she doesnt need to eat. (she’s a star, but she feeds on starlight she has to make herself. like she gathers light during the day and then uses it at night. she can still go on during the morning though, but she has to stay by a window.) she’s very prone into getting into bad situations, but she almost always finds ways to get around them. she’s also very pale and sparkly. she likes to study astrology and astronomy, likes to draw constellations and absolutely LOVES TO SING. her interactions with other human beings aren’t as bright as they seem. but she’s trying to enjoy life the same way she did in starland. she’s planning to come back there someday hoping people forget about that whole misunderstanding. she really doesn’t like the rain or clouds.

a sonnet for the age old dilemma

Chapter 2: oh, you got me so wild
Verse: Wings!AU [ 1 ] [ 2 ]
Series: Haikyuu!!
Word Count: 2,700+
Progression: [ Chapter 1 ] - [ Chapter 2: This is Chapter 2 ]

Writer’s Note: part two of chapter one, known as chapter 2 on here. I’m going to take every moment I can to thank jean-bo-peep  , i don’t think i’d have started writing as i have been without them supporting me so much.

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Hi im new to the ELF Fandom can you recommend me some good Super Junior blogs and my bias is kyuhyun i think so it might change xD....,i really like the show radio star and he was quit in funny mama mia <33. thanks much love from germany.:)))

OMG HELLO (sorry i just get happy when i see new elf)

sdfghjk he was just adorbs in mama mia!! and lol don’t worry, by the end of the year you’ll find yourself loving them all so much and you wouldn’t know who’s your bias true story

ok here are some blogs!

shyukerjunior heecorner zhoumiblr ryeomashita ryeouk duckflyfly teukbulge 
lteuk minnivitaminkisa superjnr thelastmanstandingsuju heechul-ssi tokkiteuk lee-teukk mysjworld sojuberry youngwoonie eunhaelthy haeface hyukstan bonamama hyukwoon chorgasm hojaverde monkeilii fyukjae y3sung kkoming leedonghei 13elieve-in-15 ttclemart gebriel izubizutizu parkjngsoo gaemq bunniewookie welovehaehyuk chokyuhyunsweibo doctorpocky nonelikekyu super-junior

thank you for liking SJ and Kyuhyun, this made my day. If you have any questions about our boys, don’t hesitate to ask! :^)

so my grandma is doing better (???) shes still in the icu and will be there for about another week the doctors think but shes still heavily sedated because she was having seizures and because they’re trying to balance her medications 

after icu they’re talking rehab so relatively good i think


  hey guys! If you have been watching my channel for a while then you would know I have created loads of videos to Prep for the lets play . I don’t normally do lets plays as my channel is mainly a building and decorating channel but you guys have Highly requested it so I started the university lets play . Creating an entertaining lets play with a good storyline is my biggest pressure . So now that we are about four episodes in you guys should have a slight feel for the characters and you can see a few small stories already starting . So to make things fun I have planned out some storylines that I’ll be making happen over the next few episodes ! We have got to know the characters so now we can get the juicy stories going And if you guys would like to suggest some stories then feel free to! 

 Ok so here are my ideas : 

  •  Kelli gets pregnant by don and actually sleeps with him in his baby mamma’s house while she’s out
  •  Rose secretly falls in love with Ariels Bae … Also Ariels Bae’s Actual girlfriend (high school Sweetheart)comes back and creates a crazy love triangle for him ..
  •  Jo sleeps with professor for grades but is in a relationship with ryan too . When Ryan finds out no is cheating her loose screw gets looser ! Let’s just say it won’t be safe for the professor anymore !!!!
  •  Kade has 3 girlfriends that don’t know about each other and Amiya is one of them .
  •  Rebel fails out of college and has to move out of the dorms . She has no money so she will be trying to survive with out going home on he last bit of tuition money she has left ! 
  • Kimberly and Ryan become arch rivals! 
  • New girl in town comes to stir stuff up In all bad ways possible!
  •  Justin finds love in an unexpected place . ……… :-) 

Haven’t watched yet? catch up here :

The Sims 4| Let’s Play University Life| Episode 1

The Sims 4 | Let’s Play University Life | Episode 2 

The Sims 4 | Let’s Play University Life | Episode 3 

The Sims 4 | Let’s Play University Life |Episode 4 

 Alright so hopefully these stories should make the lets play really interesting !!!! What do you think ?  

Story Time #2

Ok here i go be prepared for the rant. So i was putting away clothes with my dad and I started getting upset because I know i don’t pass and it just hit me really hard right then and so I was like hey I can tell my Dad and he will like help and comfort me and it will be good. No i was so VERY wrong.l My Father told me that I needed to accept the fact that i was indeed a Woman and until i got on the drugs and the surgeries no one would believe I was a guy and that i need to just let it go. He then stated that he apparently thinks being trans is the “in” thing right now and that it will pass, and everything will be beta. I of course started crying because I have a fuck ton of problems and this was NOT helping (Here’s a tip for Parents DO NOT FUCKING SAY THIS SHIT TO YOUR TRANS KIDS I WILL FUCKING FIGHT YOU I SWEAR). He then proceeded to tell me to stop crying and that i was just trying to “trick” people into thinking i was a Guy and now I have even more gender dysphoria than before thank Dad your the best. And the funny thing is he claims to “support me” and has also said all of this stuff is really hard for him and i need to give him time. I’ve been out for over a year now he doesn’t need any more time.

So fellow trans kids if your parents are doing this to you know that this IS MENTAL ABUSE, it took me years to realize that even though I love and look up to him yes my father is and can be mentally abusive.

Just know that NOTHING and I mean NOTHING hurtful or upsetting they say aboat you is true! You Are Beautiful.

You Are Manly.

You are Perfect.

You Are Trans And It IS NOT A PHASE!

And don’t you ever forget it.

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oh my god…same i feel that so hard

oh my god ok here is the story of my fabled highkey sexual attraction for my middle-aged history teacher: my friend used to tell me how hot they thought he was and I didn’t see it at all and I thought my friend was just super fucking weird BUT THEN… he was giving us one of his super philosophical speeches about the future and the growing speed of the passage of time and?? all of the sudden I was??? sexually??? aroused????? those arms??? and those boots??? and that intellectual mind??? so I started drawing pictures of him during class. I gave him 2 of them and he keeps them in his desk and shows them to people periodically. he loves them so much and I love him. he smiles so hard when he talks to me and um, jesus?? I’m hopeless??? the shit he says is poetry and this year I’m gonna fuckin write dat shit down so I can remember it forever. yesterday he was like “graduation sounds like water swirling down the drain” what the fuc k ? !! & to everyone who follows this blog who knows me irl, I’m very sorry you had to witness this post. forget about this immediately and never talk to anyone about it ever

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What's your dance story? 😊

Ok so here’s my dance story (I might have gone overboard and made it kinda long but oh well ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ):

I didn’t know about Irish dance until I met my friends Casey and Alyssa when I moved to Wisconsin. I remember Casey brought me to bring a friend day and I had an awesome time and I asked my mom to sign me up for a class. She signed me up for Trinty’s “Taste of Trinity program” then she eventually signed me up for their solo program. I remember when I first started, my goal was to be in the same class as Casey and Alyssa. They had started a few years before me so I knew it would be hard to catch up and it would take me a while but I was ok with that. I remember my first step was something like “leap 2 3 leap 2 3 knee 2 3 4 5 6 7 leap 2 3 leap 2 3 knee step in point hop back” and I was having a great time. I think that was around the time I started competing. I remember really liking competing (I still do). After that, I started going to more and more feises and started moving up. I remember wishing that I could move up faster because I still wanted to be with Casey and Alyssa.

Once I got into novice, I had my heart set on getting my solo dress. The first time I competed novice, I didn’t earn my solo dress and I was really upset and was crying and was like telling my mom that I wanted to do every feis so I could win my solo dress (that was the only time I’ve ever cried about my placements at any competition). Looking back at my results, it only took me 3 feises to earn my solo dress, but it felt so much longer back then. After that I started moving up to prizewinner.

During this time, I never practiced because I guess I just wasn’t motivated enough to practice. I loved dancing, but I just didn’t feel like practicing. When I was in U11, (I don’t remember this but my mom was telling me this) I qualified for Oireachtas solos. They wouldn’t let me go, so I ended up doing mini feis at Oireachtas. I didn’t recall, but honestly, I was just happy to go. I still didn’t really practice though because I didn’t really want to.

In U12, I qualified for Oireachtas again. When we asked if I could compete solos, they said no again. I got really frustrated because I wasn’t allowed to go, so that gave me determination to move up and prove that I was good enough to compete at Oireachtas. This is around the time where I finally started to practice. That same year, I was put on my first ceili team, which was an amazing experience. At Oireachtas, I competed in mini feis again and recalled. I didn’t place super high, but being able to recall was one of the best moments in my life. After Oireachtas, I realized that I really wanted to be moved up to the class that trains for Oireachtas.

Sometime after Oireachtas, my mom switched my sister and me to a different studio location because the teacher requested that my siblings be separated because they didn’t behave when they were together. When I switched classes, I had all my dances in novice or prize wine. At one point, I really wanted to learn a slow hornpipe because I was in prizewinner doing the fast hornpipe (the stage monitors questioned me every feis). I had learned the first step from watching and I eventually asked my teacher if I could learn the rest and do it at a feis. She let me learn the slow hornpipe (which at the time was my favorite dance because I loved the step). Later on, we got an email (or phone call or something) saying that I was being moved up to the class that trained for Oireachtas. I was really happy because they were going to move me up, but I was a little conflicted because I was heavily involved with gymnastics. I decided I was going to try a class and that’s when I met my teacher Mary. I loved the class the first day of it and what made it even better was that I was finally in the same class as Casey! The class was twice a week, but I only went once a week because of gymnastics. Later on, I ended up changing my gymnastics hours and stuff (really long story. Might be longer than this tbh) so I could go to class more times a week. That year I danced my first Oireachtas solos. I didn’t recall but I was really happy that I was able to do it. I also was put on my first choreography team. I got to learn the Dawn which was one of my goals. It was so fun getting to learn it! I can’t remember what we got, but I do remember going blonde 😂.

The next year, I was more determined to do well because I wanted to get into OC. I started practicing more and focusing more on dance. I placed well in PC but I hadn’t got any firsts or anything. At Oireachtas, I didn’t recall again but it was only my second year and I was still happy I was able to go.

Last year when I was in U15 was kinda like when everything kinda changed for me. At Oireachtas, my brother qualified for nationals. That made me want to get into OC so I could go to nationals too since we’d already be there. I ended up getting into OC at the last minute by winning 2 feises that were on the same weekend. That’s when I started to train for Nationals. I trained hard for nationals, but I was doing track at the same time so I kept getting hurt (at one point I pulled my hip flexor and groin at the same time, I got really bad shin splints, and my ankles were both hurt and I couldn’t point my toe without it hurting). I also was going on a dance trip to Italy a few weeks later so I had also been training for that. I ended up placing below 100th place. It was only my first nationals and I knew I could have done more to be prepared. After nationals, I really wanted to recall at Oireachtas so I started practicing a lot. Before Oireachtas I badly sprained my ankle which put me out of a few weeks. I was really frustrated because I was so sick of getting hurt. It made me really nervous that I wouldn’t be ready for Oireachtas since I had to sit out and take it easy. I ended up recalling at Oireachtas for the first time (I got 45th). I was so happy and it was an amazing moment! I also was on ceili and choreography for Oireachtas. Our choreography team got second and our ceili team got 4th which is amazing in my opinon!

After Oireachtas, I decided that I really wanted to recall at Nationals this year.Another thing that motivated me was that my brother had recalled at worlds earlier this year. Being at worlds made me really want to be able to dance at worlds. I also decided not to do track or go on the trip because I wanted to focus on Nationals. Right before nationals, someone told me (not in these exact words) that they didn’t think I had a chance of recalling at nationals. That gave me even more determination to recall. I did end up recalling which made my life! I was so happy!!! I ended up getting 38th which made me really happy because I thought I was going to place lower in the recall since it was my first time recalling at nationals. After nationals, my mom got an email saying that they wanted to move me up to the class that trains for Worlds and Nationals. I was really excited because I had really wanted to be moved up. And now I really want to qualify for worlds because it would be awesome to qualify and my mom said that if my brother were to qualify and I didn’t, I couldn’t go watch him because plane tickets to Scotland are expensive. And I want to watch my brother so I really hope I qualify.

Sorry this is so long! I even left out most of my injury stories and performance related stuff 😅😅😅 I hope you enjoyed my story!!!