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Ok, no more procrastinating on this! here you go~ some short stories concerning each of the six fallen humans. Tried to make these as accurate as possible. But I can’t see them as canon. So, let’s call this an AU~ This is just the prologue and cover. Will update loosely on Sundays~ (hehe)

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You’ll Be Safe


hi would you write an imagine where y/n gets an anxiety attack while michael is on stage but the backstage people don’t tell him because he’s in the middle of a show but when he sees her after and she tells him why her makeup is smeared and she’s sad he gets pissed and it’s all fluff??? sorry this is so so long! ily

Michael x Reader

Triggers; anxiety, heartbreak

Please read at your own risk about things as serious as anxiety attacks and feelings of depression. I frequently have panic attacks and so this writing about them is coming personally from me. If you have triggers, then I have other stories if you’d like to read them. Remember, you all are shining lights in this world, and if you’re in pain, I’m always here to talk. Ok, on to the story.

Watching Michael on stage was always the highlight of me visiting him on tour. The way his hands moved flawlessly on his guitar, the way the veins in his neck protruded when he sang higher and more powerful notes, and the way he always put his sweat, blood, and tears into every show. Lately the fans have been cheering on the guys to the point where they all cry, and I’ve seen a few tears slip Mikey’s eyes since. It’s an honor to stand here while a legend is going out on stage every night doing what he loves and making people happy about it. And I’m proud to say that legend is now mine.

However, I’m not the only one here for Michael. His ex fling Crystal is still here on tour with them. For a reason that I don’t know, but she sticks around the guys all the time and won’t go back home, but will stay here and follow them around. Even when I go back home, she stays, making sure to try and move in on Michael. I trust him though, and I know that what they had is done, because well, he met me. She often sends me death stares from the backstage couch while the show is going on, and will whisper something in Arzaylea’s ear, both of them looking at me, and proceed to laugh very obnoxiously. It makes me nervous, and it makes my heart beat faster and my skin start to burn up. I could feel my face heating and the feeling of vomit building up in my throat. Quite often I get anxiety attacks. Not just because of her and Arzaylea, but because she triggers feelings inside of me that I tried to suppress when I was in high school. I was bullied everyday, from the timeI walked into the school by the time my car was out of the perimeter. Girls would spit in my face and laugh at me down the hall, one girl even beat me up in the bathroom and it ended with me lying on the tile floor with a bloody nose and busted lip. Boys would often call me ugly, weird, and fat. And sometimes even push up against the lockers or dump their food and drink on me. They hurt me so bad that I ended up dropping out of high school my senior year and did it online, which in my opinion was the best decision I had ever made for myself.

When I met Michael, all those feelings of isolation and being unloved went away. He made me feel like I was a part of something, that I was needed, and that someone finally cared about me and stuck with me despite what others said about me, and the mistakes I’ve made. He accepted me, and then, fell in love with me. As I smiled at him on stage singing his heart and lungs out as ‘Jet Black Heart’ started, I felt another presence behind me. A tap on my shoulder, and I turned around to be faced with my worst enemy.

“You know he still loves me right?” She tried caressing my hair but I smacked her hand away, with a disgusted face and turned back to watching Michael. I heard her chuckle, but my actions didn’t stop her, and she proceeded to talk in my ear.

“He only got with you because he felt sorry for you, because he knew about your whole high school drama that went down, and the reason why all the kids hated you.” I felt the fimilar feeling of burning in my skin start again, and my vision and hearing began to fade slowly, remembering the terrible memories.

“I know all about it too you know. How you slept with some guy you barely even knew at a party, and he ended up getting you pregnant. So you decided to abort it, and that’s why everybody bullied you so bad. Because you’re a slut, because you’re a sleep around, and you’re unsafe and gross. Michael knows it too, he’s just waiting until you’re better again. So why don’t you get out of here while you still can, and stop embarassing yourself. Your baby is probably up there right now seeing how big of a whore her mother is-“ and with that I shoved her, so hard she hit the ground and bashing her head into the floor. I felt my food I had eaten earlier start to come back up again, and I ran straight for the bathroom. In Michael’s dressing room bathroom, I began puking profusely, missing the toilet a couple times because it kept coming out. It was almsot as if the emotions I had hidden deep within myself was now coming back out all at once and it was a lot. My face was burning red, while my eyes cried out enough water to fill a swimming pool. My forehead pounded on all sides, making me begin to vomit more. As I held onto the toilet, I thought about the moment I found out that fuckboy of a jock roofied me, had sex with me, and didn’t even have the decency to wrap himself up. Nobody believed me when I told them that, and the next day when I threw up in the middle of class, everybody knew that I was pregnant. I was called every bad name in the book, and that’s when it all started.

This was how my body reacted to that, it put itself in anxious mode, and tried to physically let it all out, ergo the vomitting, crying, etc. Everyone, including Arz and Crystal, know of my anxiety attacks, and so I’m guessing this is Crystal’s way of making me leave the tour. She might just get her wish.

For what seemed like hours I sat with my back against the bathroom door, huffing and puffing trying to control my breathe, while my hands and legs shook making it hard to sit still. I kept crying, even when I told myself to stop I just couldn’t. I kept checking the time making sure I would look okay when Michael came off stage so he wouldn’t worry about me. He tends to get a little upset when I get like this, definitely not because of my anxiety attacks alone, but because he’s upset with himelf for not being there enough to stop them. I could never blame him for not being able to calm me down fast enough, anxiety is not easy to kill.

I heard harsh banging coming from the door about a half hour later, my breathing and crying still going on. I quickly got up on my shaking legs to open the door, and saw my beautiful man with fear in his eyes ready to pull me into him. My legs immediately gave out, and he caught me into his chest, rubbing my back. I continued to cry into his sweat stained muscle tank.

“Baby, baby what’s going on. Is this another anxiety attack?” He asked frantically, but my only response was a nod, too choked up to say anything.

“Hey, hey hey it’s going to be okay, you just need to tell me what happened ok.” He sat me back down on the floor, and pulled me into his lap. He brought his shirt up my face to wipe the flowing tears, and I swallowed down the vomit still wanting to come back up.

“C-Crystal…mentioned m-my preg…pregnancy…my abor-abortion…I couldn’t, I couldn’t take it Michael!” It was so hard for me to speak, my breathe not even coming out anymore, but only sharp short breathes. Michael punched the wall behind us, leaving me on the ground huddled into myself.

“That’s it, I’m kicking her off the tour. She has no right you were drugged! And that guy didn’t even have the mentality to put a condom on knowing damn well he’d get you pregnant!” He began walking out of the room, before I grabbed his arm to stop him. Still on shakey knees, I stood up.

“Just, take me to the bus first. I need to get out of here.”

Michael laid me down in his bunk, with more blankets and pillows to keep me comfortable. He also brought me a pad and pencil, knowing I like to draw to keep my mind occupied after an attack. He was currently making tea for me as well.

“I’m going to kick her off. She isn’t even a friend to me or the guys anymore, only to Arzaylea, but that’s not enough for me to want her here. You’ll be safe ok. Just draw and wait for me here to get back. Text me if you need anything.” And he kissed my forehead before disappearing off the bus. Hearing the sound of the bus being packed, and feeling the smoke rise out of the tea, I began drawing mindlessly. I was still feeling insanely sick, but for now, everything was dying down and I was starting to feel something I haven’t in a long time. Good.

This scene was so impressive in so many ways. I’m so proud to see Adrian stand up for himself even though we’ve only seen him for a short while I feel there are many Adrian’s out there. I feel a protectiveness over him like what more can Deran make him endure you know? He’s gotta draw the line. On the flip side I gotta say poor Deran he’s so obsessed with what his appearance is to the world and he is gonna lose him, he is. He thinks that Belize is enough but Adrian wants Belize to be everyday, all the time and in public. And Adrian got a piece of that with the Dave guy and now he can’t go back to hiding because he’s seen the grass can be greener on the other side. He can be happy not ducking and pretending that he and Deran the person he loves are just good buddies. He CAN and he WILL find guys that are proud to be with him that’s why he realized he couldn’t let him inside because he knew where it would lead. And Adrian had to be cold because Deran needed to see that he isn’t just some toy he can play with whenever he wants its not just about the sex for Adrian he wants more. I just hope Deran can let himself give him more before someone else does.

It Only Takes One Time (Part 39)

ok so here this is lmao, the story is ending hella soon. 

also if you’re ever put off by the way I am in my authors notes, my writing isn’t the same it’s chill

Part 38

Warnings: I’m not even sure I swore 

I had managed to fall asleep that night at ease, not letting myself cry a single tear after I instructed Dan to leave me be and handle myself. I wanted to try and work in some hours of sleep before waking up the next day and wanting to crawl back in bed.

Luckily, our flight was in the evening to fly which meant I had the day to finalize my packing and get Liam ready. Having a new baby go on an international trip was already going to be a pain in the ass, but there really wasn’t much else I could say. This would be nice for Liam to look back on in the future as whatever happens between Dan and I may be something completely different. He could at least see that at some point, we tried to give him something the represented family.

I woke up early and made myself some toast and coffee and warmed up Liam’s milk. Everyone including Dan’s mother had gone home.It was just me, awake and by myself organizing everything.

For the next few hours, I stayed on my laptop reviewing apartments that were for sale. I needed something that was actually in my budget or else I would have to resort to getting help from Waverly.

“You’re already awake?” Dan yawned, tying his sweatpants as he approached the table where I sat.

“Yeah, there’s a lot to be done so I figured I should get a head start and wake up early. Especially after last nights fiasco.” He sat across from me and tapped his fingers against the wooden table, making a rhythmic pattern. “You sound like a rockstar.”

“What?” He chuckled, cocking up one of his brows. I gestured my head over to his fingers and looked back at my computer, opening up my email. “Oh,” he stopped, “I used to play drums when I was younger. Haven’t in awhile though, so I guess my hands still feel the beats. Or maybe thats the pianist in me, who knows.”

“You make it seem like you’re a retired musician who suffered a horrible accident and had to put his career on hold.” I clicked on the email from my doctor last night that. I needed to keep staring at the sentence where it stated I wasn’t pregnant to continue and further relax myself. I would be receiving a call from the offices nurse any minute to explain to me why I wasn’t pregnant and why my drugstore test came out positive.

“More like a failed law student drop out who creates videos online about anything and everything.” Dan shrugged, leaning back in his chair.

“That reminds me, I should check out your channel. I used to be so on top of watching YouTube in my spare time, but ever since I got pregnant it’s been like I have no spare time.” I grabbed a spare orange that I brought out with my breakfast and threw it at Dan, who fumbled a bit but grabbed it.

“Maybe you shouldn’t. That would embarrass me a lot.” Dan gulped, slowly digging his nails into the orange but failing to peel it. I laughed to myself and walked over to him, standing beside where he sat. He was so tall that when I stood by him whilst sitting, he still wasn’t too far below my head.

“Let me help you with this,” I took the orange and jabbed my thumb in the dip at the top. I then removed my thumb and started taking off the peel by the little lip I created with my thumb. “Would you ever let Liam watch your videos?” I smiled, watching the peel come off in one piece. I was never proud of many things I did, but peeling an orange correctly? Give me a fucking award because I was a professional.

“I mean-I suppose that I would. I don’t create content that’s useless. I simply post about opinions and I guess some of my videos can be informational? It’s weird. We’ve never really talked about that part of my life.” Dan used his free hand to rub at his eyes. I gave him the perfectly naked orange and now instead took a seat that was right next to him.

“To be fair, we’ve been busy taking care of a tiny human and having humiliating fights. In all seriousness I feel as if… I haven’t really gotten to know much about you individually that much. It’s all been about me or about Liam. I can’t speak for Liam but it gets exhausting being the centre of attention.”

“So, you want to start getting to know me?” Dan did a cheeky little side smile, really only showing off one of his dimples.

“I actually think I do.” I watched him take a bite off of the orange. He looked so adorable when he chewed.

“Seriously? I thought you resented me.”

“I don’t think I could ever resent you.” I quickly responded, closing my eyes. This conversation was completely civil and relaxed but now it was going to turn into me crying again if I didn’t find a nice solution. “I’m usually really, really, really mad at you but I could never resent you. My feelings towards you are indescribable. I just feel that right now, before I officially move completely out of here and out of the apartment with Catherine that I should get to know you better. You are the man who’s going to be in charge of my son for a specific amount of time so any information about you can become useful, alright? Great.” I meekly smiled and sucked in a deep breath.

“Great.” He replied, affirming that he understood.

“Let’s start with your YouTube videos.” I proclaimed. I had follow up questions but suddenly my phone rung and I knew that it was the nurse. I picked up my phone and stood up. “Load up a video, I just need to answer this.” Dan nodded and moved to my computer as I stepped back into the bedroom. “Hello?”

“Hi! Alright, I need to do this quickly but I understand you’re confused as to why the test was negative with us and positive with a drugstore test?” The nurse spoke into the phone. I started pacing around the room, trying my hardest to keep my voice down.

“Uh yes. I understand that the drugstore can scan incorrectly and that can lead to a faulty test but I simply just want to know? My period was late and I guess I just wasn’t feeling my best. A lot of the symptoms were similar to my first pregnancy.” I explained.

“You recently had a baby, correct?”

“I did, yes.” I confirmed, walking around the room and simply studying everything extra carefully.

“Alright well… According to this you’re around 13 weeks postpartum. Your period takes time to regulate once more after you have gone through the process of pregnancy. It seems that right after you had sex for the first time and you weren’t back to the cycle you’re used to, you took the test. The test as you said didn’t scan correctly either. However, for the other symptoms? You might be close to starting and are ovulating or thats just your mind tricking you.” She finished.

The nurse and I didn’t talk for much longer before she hung up. I then walked back out to the dining room and saw Dan sitting at my computer.

“I got a video loaded.”


Before desperately packing last minute, Dan and I spent a good hour an a half watching his most recent and older videos together. I couldn’t bring myself to stop laughing at whatever he said or did.

Once we were dressed and ready to go, I picked up Liam from his play pen and looked up at Dan who was waiting in the doorway. Phil had gone out with friends and said a blunt goodbye to us. I felt bad for being so destructive in his life but it was out of my control.

“Hey, quick thing.” Dan mumbled. “Like seriously so quick, I don’t want to make this a big thing or ruin anything before we set foot in France-shit. That was a surprise but whatever.” He shook his head. “I just wanted to ask you something.”

“Go for it.” I put my purse overly shoulder and grabbed the handle of my suitcase.

“Why did you never tell me you were pregnant?” Dan looked up at me worriedly and I immediately shook my head.

“No, no, no. I thought I was pregnant but I’m not. I never told you because… I wanted to make sure if I actually had anything to tell you about.”

“Did you think it was mine?” He sighed, taking over my suitcase. I replied with a slow nod, turning my gaze to Liam. “Alrighty then.”

“I’m sorry.” I groaned. “I didn’t know what to do, I was panicked.”

“It’s fine. Lets go. Paris awaits.


All Apologies

“if he could ever change, could i ever forgive him?”



fire. ice. water. air. CLAWS. FANGS. wings. gold.  diamonds. grass. leaves.  bright blue skies. trees. roses. metal. iron. rust. RAIN. the color green. snow. hurricanes. lace.  silk. cotton.  sun. moon.  stars. BLOOD.  DIRT.  MUD. silver.  steel.  sugar. SALT.  LAVENDER. glass. wood.  paper.  coinage. wool.  fur. smoke. ash. ocean. BRUISE. SCAR. wind. spices. light. dark. NEON. paint.charcoal. wine.  hard liquor. sweat. dust. fresh fish. BARE FEET. canine. feline. coffee.torrents. tea.  books. SCRATCHES. petals.  seashells. THORNS. hay. glitter. heat. cold.steam. frost.  candle.  sword. dagger. arrow.  hammer. shield.  spikes. sand. rocks.  ROOTS. tornadoes. feathers.  pearls.  rubies. sea gulls. sapphires. emeralds. HERBS.  waves. lightning. sunlight. MOONLIGHT. clay. stone.  brick.  axe.  ale. grit. LEATHER. cigarettes.dawn. DUSK. BONE.  FLESH.  glow.  black. white. cufflinks.  rolex. spit. tears.WOLVES. FOXES. lions. RAVENS.  eagles. SCALES. boats. marble. fruit. meat. POISON. medicine. SNAKE. bird. clock. shell. chains. ribbon. tie. hat. COMPASS. heart. spade. map.BOOTS. love. loss. healer. killer. liar.

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          ROSALIE  LILLIAN  HALE  was  born  to  a  middle  -  class  family  .  her  father  a  banker  &.  her  mother  a  housewife  ,  the  two  were  nothing  more  than  mere  SOCIAL  CLIMBERS  .  being  blessed  with  such  a  beautiful  daughter  ,  they  decided  she  was  the  ticket  they  needed  to  reach  their  SOCIAL  ASPIRATION  .  both  parents  were  quick  to  enlist  rosalie  into  every  club  ,  sport  ,  &.  social  event  the  town  had  to  offer  .  this  resulted  in  what  can  only  be  perceived  by  the  couple  as  the  PERFECT  DAUGHTER  . rosalie  hale  quickly  became  EVERYTHING  her  parent’s  could  ever  dream  of  .     

          THIS  FADED  EVENTUALLY  however  &.  the  couple  quickly  sought  out  to  find  the  perfect  product  to  further  ESCALATE  their  social  standing  .  this  lead  to  them  turning  to  A D O P T I O N  ,  seeing  it  as  the  perfect  choice  to  bring  them  praise  .  after  all  ,  who  could  resist  a  family  that  gave  an  ORPHAN  a  home  ?  it  was  this  quick  choice  that  brought  jasper  ( @retributicn )  into  rosalie’s  life  ,  giving  her  the  BROTHER  she  never  quite  wanted  .  over  the  years  ,  both  rosalie  &.  jasper  begun  to  bond  .   rosalie  now  sees  jasper  as  one  of  the  only  GOOD  choices  her  parents  have  ever  made  .   the  pair  are  now  THICK  AS  THIEVES  ,  one  not  being  found  without  the  other  close  behind  .  

           FAST  FOWARD  &.  rosalie  hale  is  still  the  perfect  daughter  .  honor  roll  student  ,  captain  of  the  cheer  squad  ,  most  popular  face  of  the  high  school  ,  her  social  level  is  HIGHER  than  ever  .  more  often  than  not  she  can  be  found  with  her  bright  blonde  hair  whipped  into  a  ponytail  ,  skirt  twirling  &.  makeup perfect  .  her  life  is  the  picture  of  PERFECT  &.  everything  she  could  have  ever  asked  for  .  

The Time I Became The Leader of an Evil Pokemon Team

Ok. So here’s a funny story. This was about 8 years ago, making me all of 11 years old. I was stupid, and barely knew what I was doing. But one thing I did know was that I LOVED SCRATCH.

Now for those of you who don’t know what scratch is, it was this really basic programming software developed by MIT. The idea was to get kids doing basic visual programming, and it actually worked. People made these cute games, animations, and the like. Some people also used it as a sort of social networking site, and I remember making a few cool friends through it.

A year after joining… I started Team Blaze. I was a huge pokemon nerd at the time and it had consumed most of my life (I was 12 at that point, give me a break). Scratch let you start something called galleries, which were basically fancy facebook groups you could attach scratch projects to. So with that, I began Team Blaze, an evil team that believed in the superiority of fire pokemon.

We began to boom. I remember at one point we had something like 40-50 dedicated members, a social hierarchy, leaders, grunts, bases, plans, and even a rival in the form of Team Galactic (the other major Scratch Pokemon Villain Team)

And at the center of it all was me. Dustmask901. This really awkward 12-13 year old who got made fun of in school but who controlled a sprawling criminal network within the confines of Scratch. And damn if I didn’t have respect. I was the boss and people knew it. There was this sense of family. And though we only lasted a couple of years… I’ll never forget that amazing time when our volcano lair overlooked the world and no trainer was safe from our evil plans.

And god will I always remember it.

For a Fox to Fit In

Authors Note: Ok! I don’t usually post my stories here because I am garbage and don’t want to scare people away with my trash, but this was done for another tumblr user @ mama-bunbun , show her some love if you have the time!

Okay but I know I said I am garbage but just to clarify maybe this story is one of the decidedly less garbage products i’ve put together, so please, give it a read if you like Wildehopps (like me, the garbage).

For a Fox to Fit In

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Starting a howl at work take 2
@coconutmilk315 ok here is the story the first time I tried to catch my coworker off guard he caught me with my phone. He was about to howl but got shy so I had to talk him into it. If you listen closely you can here him in the background. He wouldn’t let me get closer. He thought I would put him on camera. This is why I’m videoing the door so he would do it lol. I’m half tempted to post the first take lol.

@arrogancekiing / / 

                               ❜ peter . ❛ he muses softly , his lashes fluttering in the FRACTURED  rays of sunlight that s p i l l over his face , ❜ would you ever let me take you back to melriah ? ❛ reaching out to close his hand over another’s , ❜ it’s beautiful … you would love it . there’s a SHIMMERING lake right outside my window & the GARDEN , oh i KNOW you’d love it ! ❛

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3/3) FORGOTBTO GO ANON AHH = parents of the kids finding out the truth and bringing down the facility, so the town was saved from irradiation testing at the sake of two childrens' death

(½) song story anon here. Ok so the first part (I already finished it) is about a boy and a girl playing in a restricted forest and the girl gets caught in a bear trap. The boy ran off to get help but doesnt come back. Five days in and shes dying-

(2/2) the second is about the boy, he ran to look for help and came across a government secret research facility that captures him and holds him for five days before deciding to kill him, and they make sure the girl is dead. Third song



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Ok here's a fun story. when I was living in Japan I craved Mexican food because it was impossible to get. So when my brother came to visit me he basically grabbed a handful of sauce packets and brought them over. When they had him in customs the Japanese dude spoke perfect English. "what do you have to claim. anything?" And he said "just this taco bell sauce." and the Japanese guy looked up, his perfect English dropping to Samurai Subtitles and he went "tako berru?" in the most confused voice

… There’s no taco bells in Japan?

Ok! Here’s my ENTIRE story/headcanon for Megan Williams, the character from G1 of MLP.  

It gets super long and ridiculous and there’s immortality and dimension hopping involved, so I’m putting most of it under a read more.

As normal, Megan was a human girl who lived in our universe. She lives on a farm and has a brother and a sister, and the ponies would cross dimensions and ask for her help. This is all canon.

It’s also canon that she owns the Rainbow of Light, which was a powerful artifact capable of beating Tirek. This little 13 year old girl beat Tirek’s ass using this thing. That’s the kind of power we’re talking about.

Now we go into headcanon territory.

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Ok, so about ur ship thing with embarrassing stories ,here's mine: i was interested in this guy so my friend set us up together, and he was 2 years older than me, so i thought he was experient and stuff, but when the moment came, (part 1)

“HE DIDNT KNOW HOE TO DO ANYTHING, actually, nothing would ve happened if i didnt make the first move, its was SO awkard, because he was also so shy and im kinda shy too, so, u can picture the scene…..(part 2)”


And I can’t help but ship you with Jimin bc idk, he acts so sexy on stage that everyone kind expect him to be a god sex but I totally think that he would be a little shy cutiepie at first, so scared of hurt you.

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(two sides of park jimin)