ok but he's only four years older than me


I personaly find arsalan too old to play current Damian, but what do you think about this fancast? I think it’s pretty spot on.


ok literally i’ve never seen his age and when i saw this i was like “oh he only looks to be like?? what?? 16 at most” and i looked it up and. how the fuq is he literally 21 years old. he is four years older than me, and looks as young as an Early Teen. double checking My Ages this time (bc yeah that’s nonsense that he’s so dang old and playing a Child), i also like ahmed dash, who’s a fourteen year old egyptian actor! (link has him kissing a dog on the head and taking a blurry photo…. in character). 

also like… bad photos all around my man @arabian-batboy. these r Good Choices but Bad Photo examples. look at ayman amin here. damian wayne looking.

balqees fathi for talia?

asldkfj ngl majid al masri is the Best but i think the picture they chose to represent him??? not his Maximum Ra’s Potential. he has a Good ‘I have lived on this earth for millennia and not even a man trying to fight me in an animal suit phases me’ Face:

Undeniable (Part 2)

Series Summary: Reader is Sam’s roommate and best friend at Stanford. When Sam’s older brother Dean comes to visit, the reader is forced to get to know him, whether she wants to or not.

Word Count: 3300 (oops)

Warnings: cursing?

A/N: Sorry this took so long. I was sick yesterday and had some writer’s block throughout the week, but I hope this was worth the wait! 

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“So, Doctor Blondie loves him, but she cut that wire and killed him?” Dean was on the other end of the couch, his feet propped on the coffee table, legs crossed at the ankles. Though he had complained at first, Dean became wrapped up in the show pretty quickly. You were now three episodes in and he was hooked.

“Yup, that pretty much sums it up,” you said as you threw the final piece of popcorn into your mouth from the bowl that sat between the two of you. You turned to look at Dean. One of his elbows was propped up on the armrest of the couch, his long fingers resting against his cheek. From this angle, you could take in his complete profile. It was beautiful, though you hated to admit it. He had the perfect amount of stubble across his cheeks and jaw, and you couldn’t shake the feeling of wanting to run your fingertips over it.

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