ok blue jays

Thomas “Dread” Bernhard, Number 24 Shortstop

Some pre-war Dread doing what he does best

every episode of normal program
  • gumball man: do work or your fired
  • blue jay: raccoon man, do work
  • raccoon man: no, but what if we did cool thing
  • blue jay: no. work
  • raccoon man: no, but what if
  • raccoon man: we did cool thing
  • green guy: u kno who else did cool thing
  • gren guy: MY MOM
  • blue jay: ok sheesh we'll do cool thing
  • old british guy: back in my day, cool thing was called "cool thing for old people"
  • blue jay: *does cool thing*
  • raccoon man: no bro do it like this
  • raccoon man: *does cool thing completely wrong*
  • literal demon: *comes out of cool thing*
  • white bigfoot: oh no. by doing cool thing wrong, you have summmoned literal demon
  • gumball man: kill literal demon or your fired
  • raccoon man: how do we kill literal demon
  • white bigfoot: you have to do cool thing
  • white bigfoot: completely wrong
  • raccoon man: *does cool thing completely wrong*
  • literal demon: *dies*
  • gumball man: i know you killed literal demon but. you touched car. your fired
  • old british guy: no
  • gumball man: ok your not fired

Blue Jays LHP Daniel Norris lives in his 1978 Volkswagen Westfalia camper van.

“I’m not really sure why I do it, to be honest,” said Norris, who’s been camping out in Dunedin since Jan. 25, weeks before minor league camp is set to begin. “Travelling alone and living on the road can be tough sometimes, but learning to answer my own questions can be very rewarding. I desire the journey, the adventure, and well, the surf.”