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Hello I hate myself for spending so much time on these but w/e

  • Steve: Vulture's gone to a Greek antiquities auction, follow him
  • Wade: I think you mean antiques
  • Peter: [sighs] Sorry about him, he's never been to a museum
  • Wade: [deep breath] We-
  • Peter: [hissing] Wax museums don't count
  • Wade: Then why do they have the word museum?

Old drawings I never got back to. Maybe one day

Scotman’s Cavalry Arrives

In a mighty nice fashion too

I love how they come in on reindeer and not horses.On a Celtic magic trail. I can only imagine Jack wondering who are all these powerful red-headed women coming to help him because he sure don’t remember saving this many.

infinity8248  asked:

whenever i play a pmd game i always get really attached to that team, and because the game is so good, i replay it but switch my hero and partner, and when i recently switched my gates hero and partners, i actually felt more connected with my original partner, rather than the hero, and i found that kinda funny. Also, unpopular pairing i went with in super was fennekin hero and piplup partner. i find piplup an uncommon choice in pmd games.

same lol

but interesting! i didn’t think of just switching them like that, tempting for gates….and it happens! attachments are weird

that’s true, i don’t see piplup too too often…though i did have a piplup partner myself in explorers of darkness named Lagoon, loved him a lot lol