ok blaze

  • <p> <b>Steve:</b> Vulture's gone to a Greek antiquities auction, follow him<p/><b>Wade:</b> I think you mean antiques<p/><b>Peter:</b> [sighs] Sorry about him, he's never been to a museum<p/><b>Wade:</b> [deep breath] We-<p/><b>Peter:</b> [hissing] Wax museums don't count<p/><b>Wade:</b> Then why do they have the word museum?!<p/></p>


well time to blaze it raise it praise it

In regards to the new character in sonic forces (silly rant)

Omgsh so excited for the new character and scared too, (plz plz plz don’t be edgy or bitchy XD)
Ah male or female!? (Prob male -_- hehe XD)
Another hedgehog!??
Fast? Lol
So many questions
Another cat?
Named blaze?
Ok now I’m hyper
I wonder if they will
Be from a world with a chaos emerald-like jewel,
Called soul emeralds?
Please please please be a girl
(Dude I know it isn’t but what if Sally?)
Peeps would freak
Not me tho I don’t mind Sally much, Amy is Waifu (plz Amy I would treat you right girl XD)
Where was I?
I can see people called me an idiot right now haha
He’s gonna be edgy I just know it
The edge contest it about to happen!
(Don’t be a squirrel please omg)
It’s gonna be a hedge i know it
Kinda odd though
A new character alongside two sonics?
(Why do we still have two sonics together?)
I wish modern sonic wasn’t a dick XD a little off topic but class was cancelled so I have time to talk lol
Like for real, he’s a douche lets be real
I think I like literally everyone more then sonic
Wait no hang on
I hate him like why even XD
Back to topic
I bet it’s blue
Or black
Or both
Actually I think green and it’s gonna make me cry cuz now I’m thinking about that douche scrooge (however it’s spelled XD)
Plz don’t be Scrooge
Time travel is present here, why wouldn’t the multiverse well I mean its present to cuz both sonics are together rather then visiting timelines oh god
It’s gonna happen

No god plz no Scrooge XD jk I don’t think they ever did an Archie cross
(Then again I’m not very knowledgeable in regards to the comics)
Ah whoever it is I’m sure I’ll like (just as long as they don’t have sonics personality) I hope

I wonder when they will be revealed

(Don’t be jet)

Ok I take back what I said, I like jet less then sonic, lolololol (actually
I’m not too found of any of the Babylon’s)
New hedge for the win (actually hope it’s not a hedge but tbh I don’t really care

Boy I can talk lol

Was gonna go bowling with this dude, but when we met he said he was tired and that we should just smoke weed and watch a movie instead. I said ok, so we got blazed at his place, but literally half an episode of SouthPark later he kicked me out. I was too high to drive home so I just moved my car and slept in my car in the parking lot. Great date.

( starter | famxuslastwords

         The moment he had received word that she wouldn’t be picking up her phone again, Blaze had known that he had done wrong. It was probably the fact he had invaded her privacy and had let another do the same – had documented it with a few quick pictures through snapchat and had a laugh. Though he couldn’t pinpoint exactly where his joke had become hurtful. After missed texts and even a phone call, Blaze had kicked his friend out of the apartment and gone on  his own way to prepare some form of apology (even if they weren’t his strong point and he was as stubborn as they could come; his mom had taught him when to man-up and accept he was wrong). 

       The thing was he hadn’t gotten home in-time to greet her, but had rather gotten home just in time to see her stepping into the elevator. He stepped quickly to stop the door from closing completely and stepped inside. He paid no mind to the woman shouting for him to hold the elevator and clicked the door button to close rather quickly. “Hi Gee,” he said softly. He chewed on his bottom lip out of nerves and played with the petals of a small bunch of flowers that he had bought her. “Have you got your phone off?”