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Les Chevaliers…

Otayuri High School AU (because of reasons)

-Yuri is the freshman sports prodigy on the track team (because most schools probably dont have a figure skating team)

-Otabek is the senior captain of the debate club (trust me ok? just hear me out)

-Yuri gets dragged to a debate by Viktor who wants to watch his “sweet adorable Yuuri win!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

-People recognize Yuri and find it weird that the angry track team freshman is watching a debate with school heartthrob Viktor Nikiforov

- Otabek sits at the end of the table in the captain’s position with Yuuri on his left and isnt Otabek that guy that Mila keeps talking about ???

-Yuri tries to focus of the debate (not like he wanted to watch people argue anyway) but he cant ???????? because Otabek keeps doing this thing with his jaw and its really attractive distracting OF NO SIGNIFICANCE WHAT SO EVER

-Yuri thinks it’s weird that Otabek hasnt said a word throughout the whole match because he’s the captain so ???? shouldnt he be ????? you know ???? doing something ?????

-Viktor suddenly gets really excited when the opposing school calls out Otabek on his silence

-Yuri is really confused because the whole room is silent and even Viktor finally shut up so what is he missing ????????

-the opposing school looks really smug (Yuri is not happy bc he has that school spirit) when Otabek clears his throat and stands

-he has no notes ??????

-everyone else had notes ??????? so where are Otabek’s notes ??????

-there’s a beat of silence and Otabek barely says twenty words but even Yuri knows that the debate is over and holy shit his voice-IMEANWHAT

-he has to know more about this Word Magician because who cares about running when this boy just shut up a table of annoying teenagers ???

-Viktor and Mila tease him senselessly about his “little crush” WHICH IT IS NOT

-he just happens to find him… admirable

-turns out, when they do meet, that otabek had been the one admiring him ever since he joined the track team

-bc otabek just loves the grace and speed that Yuri seems to so naturally possess ????

-but Yuri, who has never been good with words or conversation, cant get over how easily Otabek is able to get out of conversations or keep them going without really saying/doing much ????

-they become besties quickly after they meet and are pretty much inseparable

-you really cant have one without the other involved in some way (they’re texting each other or talking on the phone or they’re both present)

-otabek picks Yuri up from track and cheers him on at races

-yuri goes to all of otabek’s debates and is honestly the most excited person there

-they call each other Beka and Yura obviously mila teases Yuri about it to no end

-eventually, they both realize they have it bad for each other and no amount of teasing is going to make it any easier im looking at you mila



He’s nowhere near done learning anyway… and since he’s incomplete yet… it means he was all the room in the world to grow even more. Today’s experience, too, will translate into strength for him. The way Sawamura is now, I don’t doubt it in the slightest.


Glitch Effect Tutorial

ayyeee here’s a tutorial no one asked for made this for college assignment, but i hope someone will find this useful! >w< (original drawing)

  • Me (11 years old): I want Harry Potter bedsheets
  • My mom: no you can't have them because in 10 years you won't want to sleep under them anymore
  • Me (23 years old): *buys Harry Potter bedsheets*

don’t drink that, that’s dangerous 

anonymous asked:

Small request- brainweird symmetra and Junkrat sharing tips and tricks (how to fight overstimulation, ocd frustration, etc.)? Your posts have me craving this weird ass friendship between the two and I can't get enough honestly

He liked the workshop. It was dark and cool there, shiny tools in neat rows. It was easy to lose hours down there, tinkering with his bombs and mines till Roadhog showed up to drag him off to dinner. It was his domain. Alright, he’d grudgingly admit Torbjorn had been using it longer, and the bots drifted in and out for repairs, but in his heart of hearts, it was his safe space.

The door opened and he shot it an offended glare.

“Hello, Mr Fawkes.”

“Oh, gidday, ‘Metra. Didn’t know it was you.”
“Am I intruding?”

“Nah, go ahead.”

She took the spare bench next to his, the others crowded with Reinhardts armour, awaiting repairs. Mechanical hand glowing, she conjured a seat and a turret, setting to work. Junkrat found his eyes drawn to the turret, a shining treasure that would have been stolen within minutes back home.

“How do those even work?”

She summoned one on the desk in front of him, eyes still locked on her work.

“Feel free to examine it, if you wish.”


There were no seams in the little thing, and he was forced to shatter the casing with a hammer to fiddle with the glowing wires. A soft noise caught his attention, and he glanced over. Symmetra was rocking gently in her seat, swaying more pronounced as she lost herself in her careful adjustments. Looking over, she caught his glance and froze like she’d been caught doing something wrong.

“Oh! P-please forgive my dreadful lapse in concentration. I don’t know what you must think of me…”

Junkrat shrugged, reaching into his pocket.

“No worries, mate. I getcha. 'Ere, have a look at what Roadie bought me a while ago. Called a “stim cube”.”

He tossed the grimy little cube at her and she primly caught it in a field. Buttons, clickers and rollers occupied each side of the little gadget.

“'E said it was better than me getting riled up and blowing something up. I still blow shit up, mind, but not so much these days. Ya can keep that if you like, I can get another.”

“No need.”

A flick of her wrist had a perfect hardlight copy floating next to its grubby twin, and she sent the original back.


She held up the little cube and turned it over in her hands. It had smooth edges that felt good against her fingertips. Her thumb found the roller and the motion appealed, smooth and even and repetitive.  A rhythm to it, almost. She found herself humming softly as her thumb worked the roller and her free hand made adjustments to her work.

She could get used to this.