ok being delusional

i-m-only-small  asked:

Crystal does suck.I hope the new season will be better. There's no reason to defend it bar 'it follows the manga', maybe I'll defend it 'coz I enjoy seeing new interpretations of characters that I like but this show kind of fails at that,all characters look the same and have no personality. I was blinded by nostalgia too, then I rewatched the original show and it was goddamn awful. This series is more bearable. But after all,I'm stil gonna support the series because I'm a sucker for sailor moon

I wish Crystal had some points to defend it aside the ~it follows the manga~ (not really exactly) point but there aren’t.

It’s ok to support something you love, there’s nothing wrong with that but what’s not ok is being delusional. Not necessarily everything by someone/something you love it’s going to be perfect or good so just accept and move on, you don’t love it less because you acknowledge it you just don’t lie to yourself.

It’s like when you love an artist, not every song they put out is going to be awesome for you and that’s ok. You are not less of a fan for not liking every single song of that artist, you still love them and support them.

I wish more people would understand that.

Also, “I rewatched the original show and it was goddamn awful“, sis you know that’s a lie.