ok back to comms



  • Headshot $10 (not 15) 
  • Halfbody $20
  • Fullbody $30
  • Fullbody+Simple backround $36
  • Fullbody+”Complex” backround $45

Speedpaints cost +$5

I will draw:

  • OCs
  • Fanart
  • Fursonas
  • even yourself!

I will NOT draw:

  • Gore
  • NSFW
  • Mechas

E-mail me @: Niieszhel@gmail.com

hey i’m finally coming down from a suicidal episode (i’m feeling a lot better now no worries), are there any soft and sweet (or gay) shows or movies i can watch while drawing that you guys recommend? i wanna make sure i won’t have a mood swing back into it

anonymous asked:

A small question about Tim's death. Nobody seemed baffled by the way tptb ejected him from the show. Killing a major caracter, they could easily have used the situation for a mid-season cliffhanger. Instead of that, they ended the episod with the confirmation of his death. Was it the best they could do to admit "ok, we sc** up, the witch is dead, please comme back in january" or was it only a way of getting a last Tim centric episode ? Anyway, the witch is dead ! happy new year to you !

Well I am not the best person to ask about Tom as I was not a fan of his character (and I know you know that, but Tom fans probably would give you a different answer about how TBL handled his death). Personally I liked the way they handled it. The foreshadowing in episode 05x01 (and fans wondering if they were really going to kill him off - lots did not believe it) and the build-up leading to his ultimate death in 05x08. And even though I am not a Tom fan, I actually felt something for him at the end when he fought like heck to try to protect Liz. Honestly I was surprised at how TBL made me - a non-Tom fan - feel. And I liked the cliffhanger of Liz waking up from a coma 10 months later. That surprised me for sure.  So yes I am glad Tom is gone and I thought it was handled very well in 5A. And according to the ratings, TBL drew more fans in 05x09 so it looks like the audience was good with the arc and its result.

Thanks for the question #anon and Happy New Year to you too!