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Jin singing B1A4 Sandeul’s “Stay as you are” in a Bangtan Bomb 

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To Mark: Why are you such a slut?! Seriously. You were like, flirting with that mundane girl with the lettuce, and then you were almost kissing Cristina, but then Kieran came and you kissed him (all of this with a five pages intervals) and then you're asking Emma "why lie" and calling Diego "handsome and hot" and like, seriously dude... Don't you control yourself.

Kieran and Cristina: exCUSE ME—

Kieran: in all seriousness, this isnt a good thing to say. 

Cristina: men and women who flirt and kiss people shouldn’t be called ‘sluts’

Kieran: also, a man or a woman who engages in romance with both men and woman—

Cristina: a bisexual man or woman

Kieran: —shouldn’t be categorised as ‘sluts’, just because they love more than one gender. 

Cristina: also, it’s literally none of your business who Mark like’s or not? Seriously? Dru and everyone else thinks Diego is hot, I bet you would if you saw him, and so since Mark likes men and woman he’s immediately classified as a ‘slut’ once he thinks someone’s hot?

Cristina and Kieran: 

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saw your zendaya and tom being similar sizes post- im p sure zendaya is actually an inch or 2 taller than tom so. yeah. also i really really love your writing and have read all of your posted works! if you're working on another one i'm looking forward to it! you're a very good writer!

Are you suggesting MJ’s clothes would be BIG on Peter

hey i’m sorry i haven’t been active lately…….i’m like. dead. metaphorically speaking. i’m so tired and stressed, even for conversation (if u think i’m ghosting u i’m not i’m just too tired to respond half the time). i’m v chronically ill and just haven’t been my best lately so i am having trouble coming up w my own content. in addition, my notifications are swamped bc one of my posts took off big time for some reason and all i see are notifs for ppl reblogging it and nothing else i’m so dead inside. so if u want to @ me in smth, i probably wont see it. blease message it to me instead bc u know i always want to reblog ur GLaDOS/chelldos posts. i love u all!! i’m still here, i just won’t be as active for a little bit

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Hi! INFP here to say something about INTP x INFP for the other anon. I've had a really good relationship with him for around two and a half years. We take things at our own pace and respect each other. The most frustrating thing is that both of us are VERY indecisive so when we go out, it's like, what do you want to do? No, what do YOU want to do? We have a lot of "arguments" in which he sends whale puns and I send awful asexual puns, maybe these things are just us but we're stable, good luck

This is good and pure. I wish I had any advice, but my INTJ and I do the same thing. Posting for the anon.

- (Also ace) INFP Mod