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(Yeah, I didn’t post any stories yesterday. Long story short, Dark and Wil are cute, Anti is Annoyed™ and Lonely™, and Nobody died.)

(And now the story)

Dark’s neck and shoulders ached horribly. It was annoying. He rolled his neck, felt and heard several pops, and relaxed.

“Ya know, you look really sexy when you do that,” Wil said, giving Dark a hug from behind. Dark blushed and looked at him.


“What? It’s true!”

Dark sighed. “Just sit with me by the fire. Please?”

“Ok fine.” Wil pressed a kiss to Dark’s neck and moved with him over to the couch. They sat together, arms gently wrapped around each other, not really caring about the world at all. They just…existed.

The fire crackled quietly, sometimes throwing out a spark with a pop. It’s warmth radiated out and sank into Dark’s bones, easing every remaining ache he had.

Wil’s head rested on Dark’s shoulder. He was already asleep and snoring softly. Dark studied him, memorizing every detail.

How did I get here? Why did I fall for you? How did I fall for you? He thought. Absentmindedly, he ran his hands through Wil’s hair. It was soft.

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christian's the type to demand for attention, but he's never really been able to get it before? that's kinda how my interpretation goes. so when he does actually get the attention he was asking for, he gets a lil shy tho he'll never admit it ok im sry that's adorable so when seagull moves into his space and looks at him with his big doe eyes, responding to every small request for him to "come here", "look at me" like an obdedient puppy chris is always like "nvmd" (blushing but aggressively)

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You’d mentioned you know more than you’re sharing. Totally understood. With what you do know, do you think Bughead will be ok moving forward?

i’ve shared everything that i know about bughead, it’s bigger plot stuff i’m keeping to myself, so your guess is as good as mine. they’re definitely together at the end of 14  

Famdom i love you

Switchfoot: after 20 years we are taking a break

Fandom: …okay….we’ll miss you….*cries like 1 hour*…*moves on with life*

I love how ok we are about it, it’s hard to accept it but we know they need it so we can’t protest saying they haven’t given us everything when they’ve given us more than we deserve as a fan base and family.

It’s not a goodbye quite yet but we know it’ll get there eventually, it is what it is.

I’m proud of all they’ve accomplished and happy to be a witness of how they’ve changed people for the world to become a better place.

I’ve been in this for 10 years and they’ll get my next 10 and more. Know that whatever stage of their journey you got to know them, they made music to get to you and to help you through your struggles and you’re not alone, as a fam we all got each others backs. I love you guys!