ok anyways brb gonna go eat

Tryna Get to You (Part 7)







About a half an hour later you’re awakened by Gilinsky shifting underneath you. You lift your head off his shoulder and apologetically –albeit sleepily– look up at him. “Sorry.” You say, “I’m a party pooper.”

“Don’t worry about it,” he chuckles at you, “it’s time to go in now though.”

You smile and stand up. “Woah. Yep I’m still high.” Everyone laughs and begins walking back. Cam catches up to you and says, “Thanks for today (Y/N). I haven’t been able to be that real with someone in a while.”

You look over at him and you can’t help but link your arm through his and respond, “Any time you need to talk I’m here.”

Cam escorts you all the way back to your hotel room and then repeats his hand kiss from two days ago before he says goodbye. Except this time he pulls you in closer and leans his face close to yours. Your eyes widen and your heart starts beating faster. Your brain can only think of one thing… Nash. But Cam doesn’t do what you thought he was going to. He simply kisses your cheek and whispers goodnight before turning to go back to his room.

You enter your room completely confused and conflicted. I don’t even know these guys. You think. But I feel like I do… And Cam understands me and is so open with me. But Nash… Nash makes my heart beat faster everytime he smiles. UGH. This was supposed to be a relaxing two weeks.

As you change into your PJs and climb in bed you wait for sleep to come. After all you literally just fell asleep on Gilinsky’s shoulder… Ugh that’s another issue. Gilinsky is literally the definition of my perfect guy. Your mind won’t stop working. He smokes, he’s funny, he’s attractive… Jesus (Y/N) why don’t you just date all of them. Why is it so hard to find a decent boy when I’m at home but all of a sudden I have 9 living right down my hall.

—-3 hours later—-
You’re still up. Your mind’s working too hard to let any sort of sleep come. And you have to be up in 4 hours… You grab your phone and start scrolling through twitter but your feed is dead because everyone’s asleep. You decide to go look up the boys and hit follow on every single one’s profile. No less than 30 seconds later you get a text from Nash.

Why are you still up?
I can’t sleep. Idk why.
You looked like you were sleeping fine at the bonfire…
Jealous much?
I’m not going to stay up and argue with you.
So don’t.
Ok then bye.

Another 30 seconds later you hear a soft knock on your door. What the hell. You think. As you open the door you see Nash standing there, tugging his hair like always. “Hey.” He said shyly.

“You literally just told me to go to bed.” You say, a little annoyed, but step aside so he can come in.

“Well you said you couldn’t sleep so I figured I could come help.” Nash climbs into your bed, sort of slouching against the headboard.

“How?” You ask, curious.

“Come here.” He says and opens the covers for you to climb in.

You hesitate and then think, fuck it. And climb into your bed. You then decide to take it one step further and snuggle your face into his side. His arm comes around you and pulls you close. Then his hand slips up and starts stroking your hair. Before you know it your eyes are drooping and you’re drifting off. You hear him whisper, “Told you I could help.” And you smile because, with him, you’re learning everything is a competition.

—-4 hours later—-

Your alarm goes off and you struggle to sit up. You’re a little surprised because Nash and you are completely entangled under the sheets. Somewhere in the night he had taken off his t shirt. If you didn’t know better you would have thought something obscene happened. But it was just cuddling, you smile to yourself and get out of bed.

10 minutes later you’re getting out of the shower wrapped in a towel and dancing to a song in your head. “That’s hot.” You hear a raspy voice say. As you turn around Nash is smirking at you. And you can’t help but wish he’d talk to you again because damn that morning voice was hot. “Hey.” You say smiling.

“When do you have to leave?” He asks.

“8:30. I go down and eat breakfast and stuff though. OH SH—” You suddenly realize you’re standing in front of Nash with only a towel on. “Uhhh… Brb.”

You come back dressed professionally and begin getting your make up on. “I like that you don’t wear a lot of make up.” Nash appears behind you and wraps his arms around your waist.

You tense up and he removes them. “I’m gonna go down and eat.” You say quietly.

“Ok. Well I should get back anyways before the other guys wake up. This will just cause unneeded drama.” He says resignedly.

You both walk out of the room together but head opposite directions, not saying another word. When you get to the elevator you look back and see Nash wave at you before going back into his room.