ok and nolan

Nolan is such a blushy bab, can you imagine if he’s drafted by Philly or Dallas?? (I know the Devils get first pick but I only know hallsy there really) but like imagine G taking in another rookie and this ones almost too sweet and looks like a raspberry and he becomes buds with TK who’s got a crush that’s a mile wide and Ivan and him get along really great or sharpy just teasing him good naturedly all the time to see him turn pink and seggy loves getting him to smile and he gravitates towards bish and wants to be so good for jams and ugh I can’t believe how much I like this kid.

Ok but can you picture Nolan having to film Harry’s scenes at least twice because he’s always swearing? “CUT!! Harry watch your mouth please, don’t say ‘fuck’ here we only get two and you’ve already used them”

just a quick lil oc thing i thought of 

their starter pokemon 

wes usually changes up what starter he gets, but his favorite type is water and his favorite water starter is popplio 

aaron always gets fire. always. his favorite fire starter is torchic (because torchic is so damn adorable but he constantly denies that that’s why it’s his fav) 

rose’s starter types always change, but her favorite starter as a whole is piplup. pokemon diamond was her first game and piplup has always been her fuckin bABY 

ronnie always gets grass types, their favorite starter is bulbasaur

I never realised how suspicious and wary I have become of people until I started working in my new office where people are actually NICE and FRIENDLY and everyone seems to HELP EACH OTHER and maybe CARE for each other (???). When people pay me a compliment or say nice things, I smile and thank them but inside I’m panicking if it means something else or if they have another motive or that they are lying and trying to be nice and nothing is true. I’m so used to people saying one thing and meaning another. It’s so hard to be more casual and relaxed. I keep wondering how to behave and I keep smiling and trying to seem really engaged. I even walk differently unconsciously because I’m trying to project a “good impression” and I always forget all my words and I struggle so hard to speak. I need to chill. I’m going to try and walk casually tomorrow. I’m gonna try and be more casual. But the effort that it takes…kinda defies what “casual” even means gdi.

In the Air - Nolan Patrick

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Here we are! A super cute and fluffy imagine with the cutie that is Nolan Patrick!! Hopefully you guys like this and let me know what you think!! Much love pals! <3

Word count: 780

Warnings: all fluffy!!

Request: “ok so i have a request for you and its totally ok if you don’t write it or whatever but i love your stuff and saw you were taking request. so i was wondering if you’d do a Nolan Patrick imagine that’s just super fluffy and cute. i have no real other guidelines but i love him and i love you and i love fluff so i figured i’d ask. thanks!! ❤️” - @jaschhen-7

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“Babe we’re gunna miss our flight!” Nolan yelled from the front door, impatiently looking at his phone.

“Ok, ok, I’m coming!” you threw a couple last minute items into your suitcase, zipping it up and grabbing your purse.  You looked around the room once more, making sure you hadn’t forgotten anything and then made your way to the front door.

“Good?” Nolan smiled at you.

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OUAT logic

*brings back zelena*

*doesn’t bring back peter pan*

*Doesn’t bring back neal, graham, or any other worthy characters*

Ok about this whole Nolan Patrick drama, I read some of the ig comments on his pic that he posted at the draft and all the people being shits were not flyers fans. But whoever they are are actual pieces of shit and if there are flyer fans saying this stuff then they need to find a new team to like because they dont deserve to be flyers fans